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  1. People here used the term to justify his play, I thought it was for real. Oops my bad then.
  2. Did anybody catch Matt Nichols interview after from Toronto..... it was sometime in February as I caught it on CJOB while driving back from HSC all of February ( wife had a second brain bleed ).... anyways he commented about not liking the " game manager " moniker he acquired while he was in Winnipeg. I thought that was pretty interesting, maybe he didn't like Lapos play calling either.
  3. You might want to collect a few...... if the project fails, and nobody wants them, then the few that survive could become a collectible.
  4. Just doing my daily Bomber reading and I am beginning to notice Big Chris is being viewed as being really valuable to the team moving forward. It refreshing compared to when many want to stick with the status quo at the position.
  5. So Big Chris is the top QB in the eyes of some now....... very interesting....
  6. Teams all ready have a reason to develop the best players they can find..... win a cup for the team, and win for the fans who help to pay their wages.
  7. No matter ...you gotta like BigChris and what he has done for this club. If he goes...let's see what the next guy has if he doesn't go.....
  8. It's not the tunnels or underpasses that might be a problem.... it's the availability of obtaining a DWI
  9. I see your perplexed look Bigblue204.......but what some are saying here about ratios and developing players etc etc.. these are some of the reasons I have to listen to from people who like to argue how much better the NFL is compared to the CFL.....
  10. The CFL needs to do more to show that they are a pro league, would help get more fans.
  11. O'Shea pretty much says the same thing every time about every player.
  12. Jus saying your 100 list would beat a Seinfeld related post every time no problem.
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