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    a Lake Winnipeg beach
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    Blue Bombers.........snowmobiling......having some laughs

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  1. It made me think of the riders.....and the goofy fans on riderfans.com
  2. Yer still waiting for that call eh.......😆
  3. What is the point of that ? An how does it work ?
  4. Exactly.....why would a burger company want to associate the colour green with their hamburger meat..... or their fake meat....
  5. Y'all must have seen the rider fans falling for the fake a&w burger on the commercial by now.......... too real or what eh, they will fall for anything fake and pretend it's the greatest thing ever
  6. I have always hated the retiring of numbers in sports....., mainly because kids grow idolizing players and naturally want to wear the numbers of their heros.... so once the number is retired that number is no longer used nor remembered like that.
  7. Bombers did the same withNichols.... they should be just as scared of the Bombers.
  8. What was that sideline ref doing with DICKenson ?...... looked like and sounded like he was letting him change something on a paper he handed in earlier
  9. A Saskatchewan hold ......????????? Wtf lol
  10. Adams 337 yards passing..... I hope they can hang on for the win.
  11. Were they " hot " today, I couldn't watch still at HSC, cause to me 19 points doesn't make me think hot
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