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    Blue Bombers.........snowmobiling......having some laughs

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  1. Yeh, I'm just sayin to the casual fan the timing of the QB situation and the playoff win and all of a sudden the Bombers are exciting to some more people..... we all have been waiting for this to unfold.
  2. It was boring with Nichols in there..... but then it became exciting with Big Chris.... and then the last two games it became even more exciting with Zak.... and they still have the same team built for the playoffs like you say....
  3. Treat them fairly I don't see why some wouldn't.
  4. I never meant I hope his career is over.... I just meant that I hope this is the last we have to listen to how bo is the best all the time.... I hope he plays another ten years, just as a regular QB who we beat regularely for years to come....
  5. Starting a season is easier than finishing a season..... which was ridiculously proven this past season for QBs in the league.
  6. You need to take your predictions over to riderfans this week.....
  7. Does Zak get the W for yesterday because he was the starter ?.....
  8. Sorry if I upset you tonight, if I can make it right I will. But, I wish people would say exactly what it is I say wrong when they get mad...... and not just throw insults and other crap at me....
  9. He doesn't have a choice lol...... sorry. Fact. 😂
  10. I would appreciate it. Thank you. The people here seem very fair.
  11. Like I just said to the zipp...... if you could give me examples of what I post that is so different from what others post..... I will listen, I may have a question after I listen to what you feel is so annoying, but I would expect a dialogue about it after and not just a banning.
  12. I asked mods for specific examples of when I did anything like you just mentioned ..... and all I got was crickets. How is that fair for a banning ?
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