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  1. No surprise here but I am going to be watching to see which QB wants to be the leader of the team. Does Big Chris emerge and create an amazing story line for the season, or does Matt create the story line an take total ownership of the direction of the team ....... that and I hope none of the QB's need to rely on dumping the ball off too much to Harris and they end up wearing him out prematurely...
  2. Did you read any of the comments before mine ?.... ....
  3. And it is not just me questioning Nichols abilities to lead the Bombers to the promise land. Jus sayin.
  4. Was it a " lucky break " that we have Big Chris..... or was it due to management and scouting doing a good/great job ?
  5. I was thinking exactly the same thing.... but no way in heck I was going to post it . 😆
  6. I promise to up the "likes" when it's warranted after reading your comments Atomic. 👍
  7. I tipped so good in a casino lounge last week the waitress tried to give some of the tip back. As for coming back here I love reading all the updated stuff about the team and the players etc etc....
  8. I never said most of the people made excuses... I said some did. I was saying some blamed the receivers when defending Nichols. I hope they were right.
  9. Does cheering for the team for over forty years, supporting the team by buying tickets and merchandise, supporting charities the team supports.... and being positive before games around here.... does that count for anything ?
  10. If you guys want to block everyone that doesn't agree with your opinions you might not have enough people left to do a circle you know what........LOL
  11. I only mention things when Nichols IS off the mark.... just like any other people do about all kinds of players when they aren't playing well.
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