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    Northern Manitoba.. maybe Ste Anne MB soon
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    Blue Bombers.........snowmobiling......having some laughs

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  1. Still going hard on the sleds way up here.....but that will all change soon as I bought a home north east of Winnipeg... I will be able to see more Bomber games this summer and still go sledding next winter ....
  2. Would Clint not be representing the USA (NFL) in a picture joke like this ?....... cause we all know how this movie turns out
  3. 81 laughing faces say otherwise ....... lol
  4. I find it funny when sarcastic people are ignored lol.
  5. No grey cup in 30 years is no joke either..... might as well get a bit of humour out of the situation....
  6. The bigger a sense of humour a person has, the more jokes they will get. It is something that a person can work on as well, so it's all good.
  7. It's jus a joke there fanwest..... I am gettin antsy for the season to start. No need for such rude comments.
  8. If the bombers moved to this new league would we be closer to a championship ?
  9. If the bombers are in the grey cup in 2020.. I think some posters here might change their tune and go .......
  10. So they built five new hotels..... and one was a slum right away ?....... too funny
  11. I was just curious if maybe he had added some new stuff while working out so he would be better.
  12. Is it the same work out he has always used to get to where he is ?
  13. Davis to Lankford for the grey cup winning TD in 2019..... over the Bombers. That would suck eh.....lol
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