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    jus outside the perimeter....
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    Blue Bombers.........snowmobiling......having some laughs

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  1. Ticket money ain't a problem.... it's the beer money that causes issues
  2. wow..... first game for me watching on tv tonight.... and now I want to go see this team play live..... I'm getting tickets
  3. Big Chris definitly runs better than matt lol
  4. The refs aren't managing the game.... they are changing the game. We learned that from a hockey scout, he told us they hate it when refs change a game.
  5. Half his body was across... and the # 31 ref was right there.... who is that ref.... I want to yell at him this season if I get a chance
  6. TSN sure shows the empty seats in the Bomber stadium more than they do in other cities....
  7. Matty on pace for an easy three hundred and then they can clean up the game with some garbage Big Chris time practising...... Bombers are dominating this season.... the whole team
  8. How long has matt been working on that arm tattoo ?..... it gets a tiny bit bigger each year.
  9. White out probably doing a diaper change during the game 😜
  10. Since I have been here I have never seen anyone say they " hate " Nichols....
  11. And Nichols and lawler get it straight.... grey cup guys ...here we come
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