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  1. Recommend the first few comments in this thread. Don’t see a way around this for the republicans. Trump might yet be charged.
  2. Marketing scheme set up by the original editorial.
  3. Do not understand why he bothers with this kind of comment. What is the point being made?
  4. What's this fault thing you're referring to? I heard that the team is doing great, and weather permitting has as good a chance as any team!
  5. whatever they do, it isn't working out. playing resume guarantees nothing. All kinds of examples. And there are all kinds of highly successful coaches who played badly, at low levels, or not at all.
  6. Have a look at navy seal Admiral McRaven editorial New York Times. He's no commie pinko. basically calls Trump the greatest threat to the Republic.
  7. Does anyone seriously think that the Bombers are going to do anything in the playoffs? come on. imagine O'Shea job interview for head coach of another team. Q. How long were you head coach of the Bombers? A. six years Q How many playoff games was the team in over that time? A. three. Q Did you win any playoff games? A. one. in six years. Mike: I'd like to submit this letter of recommendation from someone who goes by the bomber forum handle 17 to 85! Interviewer: thanks very helpful! I see he's listed many reasons why this lack of success is in no way related to you! And that's all I know to know, you're hired! I think people here like O'Shea cause he's a Canadian head coach, and they desperately want to see that work. All the other stuff is just word play, stat jumbling, and excuse making. Nothing is ever on O'Shea for some people. silly.
  8. took the foot off the gas after the first half stomping in Montreal, and it's been mainly downhill since then. This team does not look like a playoff winner at all. Worst thing for me is sending a clearly beaten up Chris Streveller. sure, let O'Shea go to one of the many teams that are clamouring and lining up to have him as their head coach.
  9. You know, "he wanted to go in there" and "he's a tough guy" same as what they said about Drew Willie. This is not the team to go to if you hope to have a career as a quarterback.
  10. Do you have to be an ******* to play for the Stamps?
  11. another qb destroyed playing for wpg blue bombers
  12. streveller not going to make to the end of this game
  13. anyone know why our Blitzing is so useless?
  14. I don;t know what bighill is supposed to be doing, but he doesn't look great to me.
  15. Medlock has a few problems earlier this season, but he's back.
  16. strevller can't survive this kind of thing, they'e willieing him
  17. cant see the point of the two yard passes, every D knows that's one of our five plays.
  18. our O line has been doing some holding too
  19. Dkickensen has trained stamps receivers to wave their hands in the air, anytime there's the slightest chance of a pi call.
  20. Litre weight 230 wilson flung him down easily
  21. bombers secondary always seems to have one guy who really isn't good enough
  22. yeah, if Rios had looked back, that would have been an easy int instead of a td.
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