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  1. I think this is a big moment. "Democratic leaders on the U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee sent letters Thursday inviting the heads of key fossil fuel companies and lobbying groups to testify before the panel about the industry's contributions to climate disinformation in recent decades. We are also concerned that to protect those profits, the industry has reportedly led a coordinated effort to spread disinformation to mislead the public and prevent crucial action to address climate change," the pair continued. They also expressed concern that such "strategies of obfuscation and distraction continue today," noting that "fossil fuel companies increasingly outsource lobbying to trade groups, obscuring their own roles in disinformation efforts." common dreams https://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/09/16/dems-call-fossil-fuel-ceos-lobbyists-testify-about-climate-disinformation
  2. remarkable fact..... one in every five hundred muricans has died from covid 19.
  3. Liberal ,party, conservative party, on this at least, not a dimes worth of difference. not sure the ndp would be any better. Trudeau is all in on oil. early on, after becoming Prime minister, he actually got an award from the oil imdustry "The world leader who just this year talked about “phasing out the oil sands,” a massive petroleum exploration project in northern Alberta, will be receiving a major energy award in Houston Thursday night. At what’s known as CERAWeek, event organizers will be honoring Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his self-proclaimed ability to balance an energy-driven economy with environmental messages. Trudeau is also slated to give the keynote address Thursday night and will be the first Canadian prime minister to do so. Trudeau has run afoul of some of his closest environmental supporters in Canada when he approved two major oil pipelines within the last six months — including the cross-border Keystone XL line." might as well have stephen harper, at least he was up front about it. the worlds leaders cower before the oil industry.
  4. not really possble to explan what the shield is like to people who have not been there.
  5. I my family went to big whiteshell lake in the early sixties..... I was a child.... not one cottage on the lake. except big whiteshell lodge. and boy scout camp. stayed at a private resort that had no road, ( and no running water or electricity) refrigeration was ice, that the owner cut out of the lake. big icehouse full of wood shavings. picked us up in a boat. I went fishing down the little whiteshell river to I think it was called loon lake. caught jackfish. wilderness. amazing place in those days. I loved being there.
  6. The Russians might not get the Beatles.
  7. I actually think that strevellation is partly why there are so many young fans going to the games. great thread.
  8. speed, what was the play against calgary where they were kicking it back and forth at the end of the game, I think a single wins it for one or the other? western final or semi final..... damn, cant remember the players names... super exciting. edit.... Harvey Wylie was calgarymguy booting it out of the end zone feel better @Noeller? 😅 back later got to go have my nap.
  9. yet, hard to run it seems, the bombers dont do it very well.
  10. it would be nice if christians would stop following the Old testament, which is full of violent acts committed by God. the flood, for example. drown every human except for two. maybe Its the violence that appeals to them.
  11. it would be nice if christians would stop following the Old testament, which is full of violent acts committed by God. the flood, for example. drown every human except for two. maybe Its the violence that appeals to them.
  12. yeah, wilkie was lunch bucket. with that record, he desrves to be mentioned. I could never understand how their four yard pass across the middle was unstoppable. to tom scott.
  13. tell me why Wilkie is never mentioned in greatest qb discussion. Grey Cup champion (1975, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981) CFL All-Star 1974, 1978, 1979 CFL West All-Star 1974, 1978, 1979 Awards 1974 CFL MOP 1974 Jeff Nicklin Memorial Trophy 1978 Grey Cup MVP (Offence) 1978 Jeff Nicklin Memorial Trophy
  14. lol, wouldnhave voted against the civil rights act. so he is a black white supremacist. what a maroon.
  15. to clarify my comment.....I was not doubting your post. if he did send some kind of request, about a play, I am surprised. but he is currying favour with sask fans. I always mute any games he broadcasts.
  16. where is this reported? seems improbable.
  17. we dont want to change anything. letting argo problems affect us? nope
  18. two multi millionaires..... "we the people" lol maybe the dupes gave all of their cash to Trump. sheisters .
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