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The Day Early Game Day Thread BC @ WPG

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IGF will be lit tomorrow!  🔥🔥🔥

Sat, 7 Jul Sunny. A mix of sun and cloud late in the afternoon with 30 percent chance of showers. Risk of a thunderstorm late in the afternoon. Wind south 40 km/h gusting to 60 becoming west 30 late in the afternoon. High 35. Humidex 45. UV index 9 or very high.
Night Clear. Low 20.


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41 minutes ago, johnzo said:

Speaking of Lulay, seems weird that he's been #3 on the Lions depth chart for a couple weeks now.  Healthy enough to be rostered, but not healthy enough to be at least the #2 guy?


He was taking second team reps this week so who knows whats going on there.

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Ed Tait:

The Bomber defence wants to continue with its ball-hawking ways – their four turnovers is tied for second – and then cut back on the yards allowed. Earlier this week we asked Fenner what his crew on defence wanted to establish as their defensive identity.

“Adapting. We want to focus on having an adaptive gameplan,” he said. “What I mean by that is we need our defence to be a living, breathing thing… a living, breathing organism that moves, that never has a tendency because it is reacting to what it’s seeing.

“I really started focusing on that after the Hamilton game because their offence was reading us. Watching the TV copy (of the game), you can hear them talking about how they are going to attack us on the next play, what they’re running and what they’re planning on running based on what they see. I’m stealing that. I want that for our defence. I want our defence to have that communication to the point that no matter what we see or no matter what our initial gameplan was, we can adjust it to win. That’s what I want our identity to be, because we’re already physical, we’re already fast, we already have really intelligent guys on the entire defence.

“There’s always an answer,” added Fenner. “So if something happens to you on a play, it’s a matter of absorbing it and then using it to your advantage. You might get hit with a play, but the defence is so connected and there is so much communication… it’s like hitting water – as soon as you make a dent it’s going to fill back up again.”


I am betting that outside giving up 2 or 3 long bombs our D will do a reasonable lob of contain against BC

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could this be the last game of the Richie Hall era??   I have to think that the Bomber brass has got a backup plan in mind.   If they're struggling this badly against middle of the road teams, it's time to move on.   Getting a new D coordinator in place early in the season, and not "after labour day" like so many other teams have done in the past, gives us the best chance to get things turned around with lots of time left in the season!

I obviously want the Bombers to win, but if it's another beatdown of our secondary, I just think it's time to go in another direction, which is what they should have done in the offseason anyways!

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Morning Blue! I'm in the Peg today for my niece's wedding. While I'm here, where's the best place to pick up some much needed Bomber gear?

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