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  1. Yeah, Ottawa didn't think the Bombers had anything of value available in the expansion draft. My, how things have changed.
  2. Something to keep an eye on as the Lions play the Bombers next week.
  3. QB's new nick-name is Cornel-Incomplete-erson.
  4. Wow, a kick off to the 4 yard line. Me likey.
  5. His favorite word is discombobulated. Waiting for Matt to say the word is like watching Diff'rent Strokes waiting for Arnold to say whatcha talking about Willis?
  6. Yup, everyone sings from the same songbook. On that note, I hope the Bombers are 1-0 this week.
  7. Which is the more pathetic team right now? The Riders or Elks? Elks' coach calls out the character of released players, player lying that he got vaxxed, team not disclosing Harris' injury yesterday.
  8. Yeah, injuries are a part of that football. How many more Grey Cups would the Bombers have if Dunigan and Glenn didn't get injured.
  9. Its possible Ottawa releases Nichols. They just signed another QB. They now have 5 QBs under contract.
  10. He left practice early yesterday. He shud have been on Weds injury report.
  11. Any Siddeeq Shabazz fans out there? Didnt he make the news a few years ago for impersonating a college player or did I dream it?
  12. Normy was one of my favorite comedians. So glad I got see his show a few years back at Rumors. It was supposed to be about 50 minutes or so but he wanted to keep on going and ended up performing for an extra 45 minutes. I watch his clips on YouTube everyday. There is one site - I'm not Norm - that posts something everything day, so that normally sends me down another Norm rabbit hole. A few of my favorite Norm stuff is his visits with Conan and his interactions with Super Dave.
  13. Man, after each game I walk through the Rum Hut area. Lot of young, drunk kids having fun. It's like last call at Zaxx.
  14. Matt walks the line with his language when he's sober. Imagine what he'd be like after few beers.
  15. Yup, looks like a DT. I looked it up and he was in camp in 2009. That camp also had kick returner Ramonce Taylor. Wasn't Taylor released after bringing a gun to the Bomber's locker room?
  16. Speaking of big players.... Who was that huge QB that was in camp about 10-15 years ago? Came in with a bunch of fanfare but never made the team.
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