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  1. No doubt Rider management is dumb, but trading Collaros to their desperate rivals on the eve of the 2019 playoffs is not happening.
  2. I thought I read somewhere that the Argo draft pick they received turned out to be Schaffer-Baker.
  3. We'll see it Agudosi has the patience to wait around until next year for his opportunity, unless he comes in as an injury replacement this season he probably won't be getting many reps. I don't know if he will be a F.A. this off-season as he was cut after TC and brought back, does that restart his ELC? If he goes to F.A., I could see a number of teams interested in stealing him away, which would be disappointing as he would be a good replacement for Schoen if he leaves for the NFL.
  4. Well the reality is these people are here to stay, they've always hung around the fringes but now they have a stronger voice so they feel more empowered. All we can hope is they remain a shameful minority in the background and don't swell in popularity as they have in the US were idiocy freely abounds, as we have a clear window to the ****-show people of that ilk have been able to create. Could happen here if we don't hang on tighter to our unique Canadian identity and scream back f*ck no!
  5. I saw a gaggle outside of Kamloops last weekend as well, can't imagine what they're protesting now other than their unified hate for Trudeau.
  6. Have they ever elevated a S.T. coordinator to H.C. in the NFL? O'Shea's resume looks pretty weak with no offensive or defensive specialization and never having coached on either side of the ball.
  7. Amazing, on Riderfans they've folded on most other accounts, Fajardo, Dickie 2, O'Day, Duke, all have lost significant support, but they've decided to make their stand universally behind thug Garrett Marino. Big Stupid Dunce leading the defence by attacking Mazoli.
  8. Ya know that's probably a temporary inconvenience for him at his age right? He may not want to spend the rest of his life in Headingly, or living in his parent's basement, swanky as it may be.
  9. Best thing is Lawson is still only 23, Jake's a grizzled old man at 31.
  10. Saw that, also found this, maybe he's starting his first year in Guelph. https://www.gryphonfootball.com/michael-oshea
  11. I believe one of his sons is playing receiver for the Guelph Gryphons.
  12. I can see O'Shea going to T.O. if he wants to take on the GM role and build his own team, Pinball probably has the latitude to slide up into VP of something or other.
  13. This game is a mundane display of incompetence from both sides, they take turns screwing up and will undoubtedly continue back and forth until all life-force is sucked from the eye sockets of unfortunate spectators. Looking forward to 3 more of these adventures!
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