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  1. Watching that game Pat Neufeld was the best olineman in that game. He was pretty dominate.
  2. I was sober watching them intoxicated now it’s great!
  3. Pat Nuefelds Grey Cup will always be under appreciated.
  4. After Hamilton’s TD they try to kick it short on kick off Thomas Miles recognized it quick and catches it. Looked like no one else in that range sees it. If Hamilton recovers kick and scores may have turned the game.
  5. Andrew Harris’s head butt of Simoni Lawrence in hindsight probably game over at that point
  6. We are also taking 15 years from now. I am sure they will continue to make upgrades and the technology wont remain static.
  7. The team with the lowest payroll this year was in the World Series and had the best record in the Majors this year.
  8. Is Reilly not a FA this winter
  9. Did not know that thanks.
  10. If everyone would download the tracing app it would seem like it would be easier to do contract tracing.
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