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  1. I am sure they also have to hold some back for anyone between 17-12 since that's the only approved shot for them.
  2. I think Bomber for Life members will get priority
  3. Who cares who we are playing and how many times, all I care is they are playing.
  4. I don't care about peoples motivation to get vaccinated as long as they do.
  5. Schedules are hard to put together in a normal year so I can only image what went into this one with every franchise nearly having to adopt to different rules with different timelines.
  6. Banjo Bowl could also be Championship celebration day if we are fully reopened by then.
  7. Booked 2nd shot for July 12th will be ready for kick off
  8. But if we reach August vaccination goals it could be 50% just under 17 k would would get most of season ticket holders in building.
  9. Just saw the Pfizer CEO talking and he said they are hopping to get approval by the end of the year for a oral treatment for Covid-19. This will be probably the thing that gets us total back to normal.
  10. Along with the ratio is the nice rotation they can have keep all the guys fresh.
  11. I know you can download the app if you have apple tv
  12. I got AZ originally
  13. In everything I read today that should wait till 8-12 weeks to get a second dose.
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