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  1. I am sure it will never happen because I don't think Walby would want to travel but that would be awesome to get him back in the booth.
  2. Raiders in the 70's a lot of the guys wore cast like pads even though they did not have any broken bones. The refs would check the guys in pre game warm ups and they would not have them on but after that the trainers used to be able to get them on before the game.
  3. Yeah lets keep this to football if you have something to say about the health care system take it to the general forum
  4. Results will be up later Place picks below No Strikes Bblink Bubba Zanetti Mike Marshall One Strike WBBWestFan MOBomberFan StudentSection AtlanticRiderFan WinnipegGordo BOOCH MOAB Jcon Sard Wideleft R0BERTS Noeller IC Khari Jpan Alpaca Jacquie BomberBug Cam Two Strikes Tracker DoubleZero Throwlongbannatyne SPUDS TBurgess biggjay Nash00 Piggy1 17to85 TrueBlue4Ever GCJenks KelownaBomberfan Firekid 3rdand1.5 BlueandGold O2L Dickey Atomic Jimmy Pop Mark F wanna-b-fanboy Big Blue204 rebusrank Mark H USABomberFan Zontar
  5. I’ll keep picking them if they keep losing them
  6. Not just CFL that has reduced attendance people would rather stay at home and watch than go to games theses days.
  7. See how Edmonton does when they can’t run the ball.
  8. It was because he strained his hamstring the first game he started.
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