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  1. Bombers game plan is basically we are bigger and badder than you up front and we will physically man handle you for 60 minutes. Grind you down
  2. It’s great he is his own agent so give him fair money and you think he signs.
  3. The position coaches need some credit what they are teaching is working everting one that is suiting up on game day is ready to make a contribution. We all laugh when O’Shea has said in the past that they are all starters but you could say that this year.
  4. Richardson in the middle too
  5. Willie is going to get a pass yet on fake field he is the perfect target
  6. 1. Willie 2. Jefferson 3. Come on down to Winnipeg HH he double their sacks given up this year by him self.
  7. Did they not during the Don Coryell days with Conrad Dobler and Dan Dierdorf
  8. If you win LA though you are a hot ticket. Good thing the Rams are one of the best teams in the league.
  9. Seems like if you get fined for a certain number of head hits you need a automatic suspension
  10. That or the Bombers knew what they were doing with the patch and the NFL did not.
  11. First time all year real underdog in a game. Think this might maybe good. Nobody around the league gives us a chance tonight.
  12. They have played two CFL games with same patches
  13. Since no one got a correct pick I gave no one strikes.
  14. Wonder if Edmonton sits back in coverage with a LB QB spying him and makes Streveler beat him with his arm instead of bringing a lot of pressure.
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