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  1. They are painful and if he did get them removed it takes a bit for it to heal up.
  2. Bombers 18-0 Lions 0-3-15 Stamps 0-3-15 Elks 0-3-15 Riders 0-3-15 Ottawa 0-1-17 Hamilton 0-2-16 Toronto 0-2-16 Montreal 0-2-16
  3. Parker is in a walking boot apparently
  4. https://twitter.com/king_kongbo/status/1665770554362585089?s=61&t=baW2TXp0bnUmTIpSkeJyzA
  5. Alrighty with the preseason done and the regular season only a few short days away its time to start the Lock of the Week contest. Rules are pretty simple. 1. Every week you must pick a player that will score a touchdown. Passing touchdowns don't count. Receiving, rushing, return (interception, fumble, punt and kick) count as a TD 2. There is no limit to the amount you can pick a player. If you want to pick Dalton Schoen every week then you can. 3. If you fail to correctly pick then you acquire a strike. If you correctly pick you do not pick up a strike. 4. If you miss making a pick for the week you will acquire a strike. 5. All picks must be made before kickoff of the team that your selected player is playing in. 6. 5 strikes and you are out of the game. 7. Last one remaining or the one with the least strikes at the end of the year wins. 8. In the highly unlikelihood that players are tied at the end of the year - the winner will be the player who has selected the most different players thought the year. Prize for winner is $50 Bomber Store Gift Card Place your picks for week one below.
  6. It’s preseason he is going to throw instead of taking a hit.
  7. After the picks against Lions he was really good. The Lions had their starters in and where playing to secure second.
  8. Construction on University was the same last year and it was not bad.
  9. Riders would have given Lawler a pat on the back and a raise.
  10. He will be on the game-day roster especially if they go with the K, KR, DL LB or DB as DI. He would be the backup receiver.
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