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  1. It was also rumored that they were very selective in who they contacted.
  2. An MP has been campaigning for the name change
  3. If they can change their name so to can Edmonton https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/20/business/dreyers-eskimo-pie-name-change.html
  4. Lincoln project is a good follow these days. They are pretty vicious in a good way.
  5. Ricky threw for 30 TDs once in his career AC did it 7 times. Ray threw for 5000 yards 4 times AC threw for 5000 tyards seven times . 6000 yards once only one of five guys to do that.
  6. Anthony Calvillo is right up there with the best of the QB's that have played in the CFL. Only a couple seasons where he did not shred the Bombers defense.
  7. A more credible source lol
  8. I appreciated it too. As younger person mid 30's its good to have some perspective form people about guys from different era's.
  9. Jpan85


    Actually 1919 pandemic young people were hit the worst.
  10. Was watching 2008 West Final and Nik Lewis hands down is my favourite CFL player that never was with the Bombers
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