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  1. He did not. Miles stepped in and was able to make it through the game with no major mistakes.
  2. Actually the chain has a story within the locker room. At the beginning of the year all the defensive plays got one link. Meaning they are only one link in the chain together all the links in the chain are where their strength comes from. So a couple weeks ago they put the links together. When someone makes a good play it’s often because of all the links in that chain worked together. Marcus Sayles explained this on the post game show.
  3. Has been practicing for a couple weeks.
  4. I would expect they have monthly board or quarterly board meetings where the CEO would be attendance.
  5. I am guessing that would be a Jordan Younger suggestion
  6. I really think it would be Lapolice. He has a connection with MLSE through TSN.
  7. Just don't see him leaving this stable roster to go through what he did here when he first arrived again.
  8. The new Tesla charging station can get you a 500 mile charge in about 18 min.
  9. It was done on purpose to end where they did. He did the same thing for the baseball documentary then about 15 years later did a new episode. Also these documentaries take about a decade to do.
  10. Jpan85


    It’s 2019 wonder how many people watched both as in watch one PVR one. Feel like ratings numbers and how they are collected have not caught up for today’s new technology.
  11. I’ll just leave this here. Watch the first five minutes.
  12. I can tell you from going to his coach talk a couple weeks ago it was a different Mike O’Shea that night than you hear when he is in front of the media.
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