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  1. You clearly dont watch they are using the vets to build up the kids very nicely. You never see a old guy vs old guy. Sting was used to bring up Darby Allin, Brian Cage, Ricky Starks. Jerhico surrounds himself in inner circle with all young guys Santana and Ortiz, MJF, Sammy Guvera. Matt Hardy with private party. Shaq comes in to give a rub to Cargil. Building young talent by having them with known names has been done for years.
  2. Don’t care how they do it as long as they win.
  3. That was Medlock too that was kicking for the Argos must of been his first season.
  4. Along with this opening which needs to be brought
  5. My favorite line always from Schultz was who ever scores points more in this one will be the winner.
  6. It's funny because I have noticed that more and more they are putting the star receiver in certain plays at that boundary spot creating a big miss match.
  7. Its super dry right now. It would be nice to get some more snow in March or some early April rain.
  8. I would say no to that Schulman is great but Buck is not that great.
  9. Chris Van Zeyl has played OT his whole career
  10. Plus even though its 60 some percent that you may get sick its virtually eliminated death and hospitalization from Covid.
  11. Dubios Scheifele and Wheeler is a line that is built for the playoffs. Big, strong, skilled max effort over a seven game series they will wear down the opposition.
  12. And they picked up Jameer Thurman this offseason
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