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  1. Jpan85


    Looked like AJ Styles messed up his shoulder pretty good.
  2. Its being run by the league.
  3. Co-offensive coordinator and QB coach at the university of Purdue
  4. Jpan85


    Watching Dynamite the past few weeks Hangman is about to the most over thing wrestling in the next year. Goldkobra how was Fozzy love all their music interested in seeing them live next through Winnipeg
  5. Early prediction here Grant takes 5+ back to the house next year.
  6. Very positive guy. He was just thankful to finally get a chance to be on the field.
  7. It's been a group effort even with Lapo there. I know that I have heard that O'shea say that Costello and Bourgoin have big inputs in the running game. Really think that's what makes this staff great is O'shea has fostered a group responsibility for the success of the team.
  8. Bryant should have 3 most outstanding lineman awards was robbed this year.
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