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  1. Jpan85


    Wonder how many people actually watch in different ways other than traditional tv. It would seem like their audience would be made up of a lot of cord cutters.
  2. They could sign with nfl anytime even when they were playing
  3. Jpan85


    Really well spoken and smart guy too that has never been featured in WWE
  4. Jpan85


    Sasha is not a throwback to the divas era at all. She is just lost behind 4 or 5 serious contenders right now. She can go with the best of them.
  5. Why do we have to pick sides I get both the leagues and players position no need to villafy(sec) either side.
  6. If the season is cancelled teams pay for bonus not earned how stupid do they look?
  7. If it’s a Quebec based ownership they will do everything in their power to get Danny Machocia to leave the University of Montreal.
  8. Jpan85


    No flips just fists
  9. Jpan85


    Somebody rushed the stage during Brett’s speech tackled him then it looked like got lit up by few of the boys.
  10. The Global players will benefit teams league not now but future years 2-3 years, When they can get guys out of college that’s when it pays off.
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