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  1. Jpan85


    It’s funny for someone who was called Trump of the North Doug Ford has been a real leader for his province.
  2. Your going to be left with Fox News yes men at that point and Trump would love that
  3. Yeah it never got quite it was so loud for a good five minutes.
  4. Jpan85


    Bit of levity is him and his brother on CNN funny compilation of him and his brother kidding with each other.
  5. Jpan85


    I would say they might be a little more prepared for this. Swine flu hit them really hard and they have experience in dealing with high volumes of sick people.
  6. Where were sitting Noeller, I was Section O row 7 seat 1? Also right in front of me.
  7. No they stopped the game and Brian Williams and a CFL member came out.
  8. Still at work. We are 3-4 people each have our own room to work out of. Going to do this as long as we can then will be able to work from home. Problem is most what we need to work is on network that we can't access from home so to be productive need to be in office.
  9. Juron Bolden's Pick 6 in the 2001 Eastern Final is up there. 2016 LCD Medlocks game winning kick in the last LDC at old Mosaic.
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