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  1. Strip this judge and people like them of any future authority and influence.
  2. On top of that even when she uses the most misused term when she starts her sentence with ‘’Albertans want’, no it’s not what the majority of Albertans want, it’s want a kooky group of knuckle draggers want.
  3. To that point where Mr. Stegall had a nice long career in the CFL all with the WBB's, a nice Christmas present would be hearing that Schoen wants to carve out a career in the CFL and wants to spend it with the WBB duly compensated of course.
  4. Sorry but a spade is really a spade here. DS thinks she's way smarter than she really is. She's a kooky radio host with absurd thoughts that thinks will fly with the majority of Albertans (1 percent voted for her) by using her soft tone, her gentle smile, her good body posture and being well spoken with this absurdity like she knows what she is talking about spending like a drunken sailor to distract us. I still hold hope the majority of Albertans from many different backgrounds, with many differing views will see right thru this and ensure she is told loud and clear come election time to pound sand.
  5. Yup my point is regardless of where they live and what their nationality is, based on this behaviour, that’s the type of person who would vote for Boebert alcohol in their system or not.
  6. My guess, these are the types of Colorado people who voted in Boebert.
  7. From the Washington Examiner: "I think our campaign was a big shot across the bow for less extremism and less 'angertainment,'" Frisch added. Whatever. Regardless, LB still won. Embarrassing. Colorado people who voted this thing in again can't explain their way out of this one. In this case, you are who you vote.
  8. Imo the Calgary Flames are a good example of simply putting together highly skilled individuals doesn't mean they will operate as a high performing team. Hey they may turn things around yet but I have a feeling their GM needs help in this area of what it takes to create a winning culture.
  9. Exactly. White noise. Click bait. Similar to ‘Trump thinks this, Trump thinks that, Trump has a melt down’ blah blah blah
  10. From hero to goat with the flick of his wrist.
  11. And it wasn't like it was a bang bang play ie Helle's mask comes off, puck instantly goes to shooter, score. There was like a 3 second lapse. CC strikes again. There should be a video of CC people discussing the challenge for all to see after the fact on weird decisions they make for all to see just for continuous improvement reasons of course.
  12. And it’s not disagreeing with you. It’s disagreeing with facts and science. You’re just the messenger.
  13. Yes they are set up presently to complement health care coverage not replace it.
  14. Excerpt taken from a piece by Brandon Gage: "They're dragging their feet. They don't want to give us this information so we're asking the courts to force them to give us information," Lake said. "This is not our main case. When our main case drops, they will hear it. Trust me. They will hear it. And they better think really hard before Ducey and Hobbs sign their John Hancock to that certification. They better think long and hard about what they know about what happened in this election. Because when we drop our lawsuit, they will hear it. We have whistleblowers coming forward and at least one smoking gun in it. And we will not stand here and make a mockery of our sacred vote." This is Kari Lake he's quoting. Her and people like her of influence who continue to make these claims and threats should be immediately brought before a committee (or whatever) and instructed they provide concrete evidence right here and now and if they can't, or they deflect or they stall, they should be met with immediate severe punitive damages payable now. Jail time would be nice as well. Yea I know. And then I woke up.
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