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  1. “Not the brightest crew advising Trump.” Captain Obvious
  2. Doesn’t matter. Pedestrian crosswalks telling them to stop and go only when it’s safe is against their freedoms.
  3. Nope. They are way past the point of no return. The ending will be more like the ending of what happened in Waco Texas some years back.
  4. Nice. Another great analogy.
  5. Great reminder. You're not born with the 'ideals' of a deranged idiot (insert these multiple 'ideals' here). Deranged idiots influence others to become deranged idiots.
  6. To your point my guess is he scores very low on his EQ and quite high on his IQ. It’s been shown a persons EQ is a much better indicator for their behaviour than their IQ. That’s why high performing organizations place more emphasis on EQ than IQ. A certain level of IQ is needed but high performing workplaces hire more on attitude. As John Maxwell put it. ‘People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.’
  7. How about we turn that frown upside down and call it flushing this deranged idiot and his ilk down the drain. It's taking longer than we like, but it will happen. Nope they are not separate. That's not how this works. People way smarter than me would agree they aren't separate. We will agree to disagree.
  8. Tucker Carlson is promoting violence. At some point down the road my hope is he and others of his ilk are held accountable for their actions and words. For all you vocal and non vocal MAGAts out there, there will be a day you will have to crawl back under the rock you came from that was temporary lifted up by this deranged idiot and his deranged administration. It’s coming. Take your hate and racism dressed up in religion and freedom and gtfo.
  9. Deranged idiot is facilitating this with his bluster about total domination.
  10. Or at least change the name of this thread to anti-racist protests.
  11. Well said. Sort of like the the Spurs basketball coach calling him a deranged idiot.
  12. Not to be dramatic but most important for humankind history.
  13. This poster you responded to smells like make white great again.
  14. I feel bad for the sane people who lean slight or moderate right. There’s no way you are falling hard right therefore you have no where to go other than leaning back to the middle. I miss the days of debating our political differences, ultimately agreeing to disagree but high fiving each other when the Jets and Bombers do well.
  15. At this stage in this sh**ty world game of ours the people that can f right off in my books are the ‘yea Trump can be off at times but all the rest are crap’. F off. Stop hiding behind your fake ‘I just look at things objectively unlike you’ and have the balls to take a stance and show your true colours on which side you land on. The issue is not debating differing political platforms, the issue is are you with sane or are you with insane, there is no middle ground.
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