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  1. Too general in how you use the word whole. For some BB posters here (not all) it’s not low tolerance for other team fans, it’s low tolerance for absurd trolling and/or sometimes lacking skill in how they present their ‘thoughts’. That low tolerance is applied to anyone here BB fan or not. We all are located along this spectrum somewhere.
  2. Means nothing to you cuz you’re on the wrong end of it. Anyways, thanks for stopping by.
  3. So basically O'Day wants a yes man for the HC position. Cool. That will turn out well. I smell another 3 year extension coming.
  4. To me he's a poser. Get someone in there that will get their hands dirty and do the work.
  5. Or another way of putting it: You must be new here, let me show you around.
  6. The bigger issue here is it exemplifies once again the current climate we find ourselves in. Back in the day this kind of behaviour was quickly, immediately and swiftly condoned and put back under the rock where it belonged. Nowadays, posturing and blithering absurdness is a strategy to get likes and grift money off/build a coalition of people who share similar approaches of what presenting other viewpoints looks like.
  7. We've been shutout 5 of the last 6 periods of hockey. Time to turn the tap on full and chase Skinner from the crease please and thank you.
  8. Like I said CD was the least of their worries. And I'm not even defending CD. He did and said many head scratching things but this goes beyond a head coach matter.
  9. Not possible cuz O'Day must have pictures on someone to have received an extension for failing miserably, but the Riders needed to kick O'Day to the curb, demolish the whole system and build new. Craig Dickenson was the least of their worries. Yuk.
  10. When I read your posts, I'm getting a more fulsome understanding of where your threshold is when it comes to actions/words come with consequences.
  11. Would prefer he stay in the Broadcast booth, I really like him there but if he is considered just based on my observations on Lapo over the years please: Call plays to win not call plays to not lose. Be more open to adjusting when needed based on other people's feedback. In fact, just be more open to feedback. You don't have all the answers. Have a team of trusted advisors that can help you with your blind spots. We all have them, recognize that.
  12. Following my normal pattern on the football threads, I’ll keep true to my well researched analysis of any non Jet non Blue Bomber teams and remind everyone, regardless of the w/l records and where they maybe trending, Oilers suck and will always suck. Fact.
  13. Must win simply because a hardcore Jet fan living in Oiler land said so and doesn't want to come into the office the next day and face a barrage of shots if we are unsuccessful.
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