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  1. Nope. Toronto finds new ways at losing every week. Ottawa's defense is much better than Torontos. RedBlacks D were gassed being on the field all night.
  2. Curious what team he couldn't start for after that performance?
  3. Whose our third string QB again? Cause that's who should be taking the next O reps. CS has had his share already.
  4. Please stop this interview. Yes we know the process continues. Jeez.
  5. Crockett is taking a beating on every run. Ice bath coming for that man.
  6. Looked like CS broke the plain from my couch.
  7. Have an extension contract ready for Jefferson on his stall when he gets back to the dressing room please.
  8. Because he knows it would blow up Morning Big Blue?
  9. And Wilder Jr needs to better focus on the little things in football before he pulls out his strongman pose. Drives me crazy when he does it when the score isn't flattering the Argo's. Act like you've done it before and go get another one for the team.
  10. I'm trying to envision the 'brainstorming' meeting that came up with this 10 cent beer masterpiece. Only thing missing to this promo was free replica baseball bats given to the first thousand fans.
  11. I'm not justifying hits on Harris but I've always wondered how tight he wears his helmet the amount of times it comes off.
  12. I really enjoyed when Benevides and Lapo were on together. Two coordinators from both sides of the ball going at it incorporating the game situation scenarios. When does Kavis Reed join the panel?
  13. Imho, based on the game, I didn't really see a player stand out for the goat award. In the heat of the moment I can understand what Lawler did after making that superb catch. He won't do it again.
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