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  1. Need that men in black memory forgetter stick applied on this one. Ugh.
  2. There's actually a lot of sound research on this that supports this sentiment (pushes glasses up to nose).
  3. Not sure how force them to work will land with some. Obviously my hope is not well.
  4. Had a thought where it would be interesting to track thru the season ugly wins versus good wins knowing that comes with many complexities and elements of subjectivity. You hear constantly a win is a win but from a coaches standpoint that doesn’t necessarily land well at times.
  5. Off topic a bit but still with our D units, Kevin Bieksa poured shade all over Niku for not responding to being cross checked to the head by a Montreal forward. He’s got a point plus no response from any other Jet. Niku was being lined up all night for the big hit. This is where we miss the presence of A guy like Buff.
  6. I’m beginning to think Jack Eichel might indeed be a coach killer.
  7. Don't think so. Calgary with Horse's reference to Hufnagel.
  8. Wheeler looks off tonight. Lots of lost puck battles and timing off. I assume he’ll score the winner now.
  9. Oh forgot one thing. While Ehlers is flipping his hat trick puck to Perry, Ehlers says he hopes Perry enjoyed his seven minutes of ice time today.
  10. Or ideally even better Ehlers can retrieve the puck from the net, flip it to Perry after scoring his third goal of the game.
  11. Trouba's agent should get agent of the whatever year that contract was offered award.
  12. I find it interesting that we currently live in an era where it's normal for a sitting US member of congress to spew and/or support lies, hatred, wild conspiracies, have this verbal diarrhea predictably challenged, then they yell back cancel culture, freedom of speech, liberty! We just go round and round with this like it's a case of differing perspectives when if fact it's sane versus insane, crazy versus non crazy. Professional liars are trying to take over.
  13. Montreal charges out of the gate, slows down and now sputtering. Coaches get fired. Ruthless business.
  14. The US house and senate have work environments where one has guaranteed time with a very large audience to professionally spew half baked theories, blatant lies, misinformation, skewed half truths, slander etc etc etc to sow doubt and distract from the real issues. The cherry on top is this comes with absolutely no real resistance/countering nor consequential accountability for these types of behavior outside of pearl clutching and social media shaming. It's maddening.
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