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  1. It really feels that Darren Dreger is Mitch Marner's (and other Leaf players) press agent. I'm sure DD is a great guy but never been a fan of him as a broadcaster.
  2. At some point you would think the Jane and Joe blow fans of the world will be completely priced out of the market.
  3. I'm absolutely all for player safety and minimizing flagrant hits but it sure is getting more difficult to play defense in football without being flagged for something. Advantage offense.
  4. I know and it's not just the salary amount but the gobs of money professional sport makes for a small percentage of the population(Owners, shareholders, corporations etc). If I think about it too much it can sometimes dull the shine of enjoying the true nature of sport. I don't know if it started out with this intention in mind. Anyway, Go Sports.
  5. We've come to that moment that this amount of money to play hockey is considered a bargain for the organization. Yeesh. It's been reported that Marner and company are haggling a 11 million dollar a year over X number of years offer to play hockey. Yeesh I don't begrudge anyonel specific and I know professional sport is a business but c'mon jeez louise.
  6. Oh my gosh, what's the latest on the Mitch Marner situation? Puke. I hope to goodness by game 20 of this upcoming season we see the usual 'What's wrong with the Leafs?' headline.
  7. Just make the playoffs, then win out.
  8. Can he throw? I think that's Edmonton's not only but biggest issue right now.
  9. What Gainey did yesterday was a new level of stupid. I'm guaranteeing there are a few of his teammates and coaches who are embarrassed by his behaviour.
  10. Never looked back after the opening two plays (flag and sack) of the game.
  11. Not suggesting we take touches away from Harris, just suggesting JA has given us some food for thought in adding some wrinkles to keep the opposing D off balance.
  12. With respect, I think you might be underestimating JA's potential based on his body of work to date.
  13. Giving them some looks together might be a nice wrinkle to add on O.
  14. Any chance or does it make sense to keepJA and AH together in the backfield?
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