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  1. I'm slow on the uptake here which is nothing new. I don't get it. It's funny because they lost game 1 or something to do with the player or?
  2. Interesting, I'm wondering what the science is behind that.
  3. Whatever, black voters are way smarter than whatever Kanye West and Jared Kushner are cooking up.
  4. Just as corrupt but won’t embarrass. Amazing insight.
  5. I wish she could also pinch hit for Biden to speak and debate on his behalf. His strategy needs to be don’t talk, just smile thru your mask and wave.
  6. Oiler fanbase being chocked if they don't get the #1 pick? If so, I don't think they would get too far into their whining before a throatpunch happened.
  7. The disappointment of losing in this weird pandemic qualifying round has quickly dissipated and has been replaced with we’re due for a number 1 draft pick.
  8. 'He makes dog-whistle calls to racists, science deniers, conspiracy theorists, the uninformed and those filled with arrogant hatred so often it is damn near impossible to keep up'. Brian Karem George Conway, one of the leaders of the Lincoln Project, penned a recent opinion piece for The Washington Post in which he said of Trump: “For the sake of our constitutional republic, he must lose, and lose badly. Yet that should be just a start: We should only honor former presidents who uphold and sustain our nation’s enduring democratic values. There should be no schools, bridges or statues devoted to Trump. His name should live in infamy, and he should be remembered, if at all, for precisely what he was—not a president, but a blundering cheat.”
  9. Ah yes Paul Ryan. We have not forgotten about Paul Ryan. His name is on the list.
  10. When I think about it, I'm hoping the same for the Oilers even tho I'd like them to lose now. Seeing the Oilers win another lottery for the #1 draft pick would be maddening.
  11. Yea he probably does have an idea because I'm sure he reviewed the footage over and over again and watched MT skate come up and clip MS from behind. Yes he can't read MT mind to get at intent but he's basing on MT's track record and he's backing his player. As far as I know historically PM does not go off every time and say 100% intentional when one of his players gets hurt by another player.
  12. No it doesn't make Maurice look like a fool. He lost one of his best players on a reckless play by a known agitator. He's pissed. Flames suck.
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