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  1. Based on players body of work I'm not seeing what you're seeing. Wheeler arguably is our best player to date if one had to pick. Schief is a very close second.
  2. Two years in the league and the success they are enjoying is highly annoying. You're waiting for the bottom to fall out and its not. They'll probably swing a trade for McDavid next.
  3. I hope we find someone to push him though. He needs to take his game to the next level this year.
  4. Unless they tighten up and both goalies control their rebounds, this has high scoring game written all over it.
  5. Made Ovi a non factor that's for sure. I'm more concerned with our PK than our PP especially heading into crunch time.
  6. Yup, just make the damn playoffs then do some damage.
  7. If Ehlers finishes we win this game. Can't believe how quickly they reviewed the coach's challenge on the disallowed goal.
  8. Where"s Buff when you need him to crush Hagelin. Cheap hit close to the boards.
  9. Dave Ellett sure looks gòod. 2nd period will probably be the refs evening up the penalty calls.
  10. Listening to Kelly Hrudey fawn over Stone last night and saying Calgary and Winnipeg might want to sit back and see what might have been. No thanks, we're fine. Vegas sucks.
  11. NHL Tsn 41m ago ''Great is an understatement'': Tireless Tavares delivering despite the pressure Seriously. Gag. I almost want to become a New York Islander fan.
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