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  1. Don't see it, I think the game has passed him by but hey who knows, maybe another team takes a gamble on him. But I do know the Oilers are not in a position of strength to get good value in return for him. I think Holland knows he takes a hit on this one.
  2. I think the bigger problem for Lucic is no one wants him.
  3. Not sure it's worthy of its own thread so I'm posting it here. I'm really curious to know what others think the Executive/Management team/Coaching staff /Scouting department have to accomplish with this team this year to keep their jobs? Grey Cup or bust? Or something different per area and/or does it differ by what title you hold? I'm not sure what to think other than overall playoffs for sure and get to the show. Need to finish close to top in O and D categories. Is that a reasonable expectation from a lifelong Bomber fan who is a bit thirsty?
  4. Looking forward to seeing Willie Jefferson in Blue and Gold with lucky right behind.
  5. 17 years playing qb at the pro level. wow. Hats off.
  6. I agree, great signing, especially for Nichols with his style of play and skill set.
  7. And we're off for season 2019! 🙂
  8. And can Edmonton afford that?
  9. Once the Jets are out, the playoffs are dead to me. Go Blue.
  10. Balance has been restored. The Leafs are out yet again. All hail the hockey Gods. Got the below JD B tweet from an Oiler fan friend and thought it was shade funny: How long before Matthews asks for a trade? Leafs can’t win a playoff series, haven’t won a cup for 50+ years. Time to blow up the team and rebuild. Am I doing this right Leafs fans? This is the exact **** ya’ll say about McDavid. Sounds ridiculous now doesn’t it?
  11. Ehlers has the Jordan Eberle syndrome, i.e soft perimeter player. Note Eberle has since shooked this syndrome since joing the Islanders.
  12. Hmmmmm heartbreak kids. Yup, you're onto something.
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