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  1. This is what they will all say: We don't, its our friends on the other side who are trying to rig the election. And with that non-reality based drivel , they will freely be able to blither on with little counter other than a few huffs and puffs from the Dems. Pathetic and embarrassing as a fellow human being.
  2. Hey headline writers and ‘journalists’, quit labelling anti-science drivel as ‘controversial beliefs’. Call it what it is. Stupidity in a vicious cycle of creation and sharing driven by entitlement and no sense of social responsibility.
  3. C’mon ZC let’s make it a 3 peat. Need you here. You’ll never get as much love as you get from us BB diehards.
  4. So AB has come and stipulated there is nothing wrong with his mental health. You don't joke about people's mental health challenges period however I ask those who have criticized others who have not shamed his mental health issues but have criticized his antics, now what?
  5. A system we thought had a rigorous set of checks and balances was always just smoke and mirrors. The higher up you are, the more free wheeling you can do with limited consequences.
  6. It’s like the porters at hospitals being blamed for executive level bad decisions.
  7. You’re being way too kind calling them babies. I’m starting to question whether we are indeed the most advanced species.
  8. Then there’s non Covid unvaccinated dummies who are flooding the internet with really really dumb anti-science ‘I told you so’ comments because vaccinated people are testing positive. Sigh.
  9. Football being the ultimate team sport, I would exhaust all options before any consideration given to picking up TH.
  10. Took me a few times reading it until I went ahhhhh funny. My knuckles drag for a reason people.
  11. Stop using the term conspiracy theories and just call them stupid absurd nonsensical words coming out of mouths. They are not theories they are just dumb random words spewed together eloquently or not eloquently out of mouths onto the keyboards with no rational reality based thought attached to them.
  12. Apparently there is a huge demand for dumbness, stupidity, drivel that is being supplied by certain people and as a result they are making gobs of money.
  13. Isn't this like saying seatbelts kill you sheep (although there is a mountain of evidence that clearly shows seatbelts save lives), stop making seatbelts mandatory because my uncle's sister's friend's cousin knew somebody who drowned because their seatbelt malfunctioned and as a result couldn't get their seatbelt off in time to get out of their car that plunged into a riverbank.
  14. And get your Debit/Visa card out, you’re going to need it.
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