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  1. Yup fair enough but I do think he needs to own some of the responsibility for the team being in extreme danger of not making the playoffs this year. For example our current crop of D-men. I for one don't think our Head Coach is the primary reason for our current predicament. However I do recognize that sometimes a coaching change can be the jolt that is needed whether coaching is the primary problem or not.
  2. Sharks GM Doug Wilson given a vote of confidence and Gerard Gallant fired on a feeling. Two different positions I know but fascinating how teams take different approaches to hiring and firing.
  3. I’m beginning to think the Jet’s mom’s may be bad luck.
  4. Or no one really knew/knows what was/is happening other than the people directly involved the day we signed Collaros.
  5. RB's better hope Arbuckle doesn't contract the Willy virus (with no disrespect to Drew Willy, I'm sure he's a great human being)
  6. I find it interesting that some posters here claimed pretty confidently that Collaros was just a rental and he was good as gone to the Argoblows at season end. My guess is Collaros has a warm spot for our organization in giving him the shot he needed that is competing with Pinball's smile and motivational speeches.
  7. Recent winning having a negative effect there?
  8. If the Jets end up missing the playoffs this year and knowing that players, coaches and injuries will share the blame, how much can be distributed to Chevy?
  9. I'm also thinking the firing of Gallant will make some existing coaches nervous not in general but specifically that Gallant will replace them.
  10. it could also mean McCrimmon has overestimated the talent he has amassed.
  11. TSN: 'Golden Knights GM Kelly McCrimmon says that it was tough to let Gerard Gallant go, but something didn't feel right, and that it wasn't 'something we did in haste.' Riiiiight, nothing to see here folks. Edit: Oh how I hope they sink like a rock in the standings.
  12. Right which may support my premise when you really think about it.
  13. There is obviously more going on here behind the scenes, i.e personality differences that may have nothing to do with hockey directly.
  14. Ridiculous. Makes me hate Vegas even more. Gallant is the scapegoat here.
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