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  1. Yea I agree I really love that word. Oh, tmi?
  2. And treat them like any other business and what that comes along with.
  3. Cool, let them beat each other into oblivion before playing us. 🙂
  4. You'd be a joy to sit beside in the stands.
  5. I’ll state the obvious, but the Jets never scoring the first goal in the Mtl series was key as evident by Peter DeBoer’s point of Montreal being uncomfortable trailing on the scoreboard, i.e reading between the lines their whole system of boring yet effective hockey when leading on the scoreboard breaks down.
  6. Hiding behind a faith he customizes for his personal gain and greasy motives with absolutely no intention of following its actual teachings is what’s really maddening here and some people buy this grift hook line and sinker.
  7. Another way someone said it on Twitter, stop threatening and just do it.
  8. I just like the way MS defended Winnipeg. That's what I want to hear from a player wearing our colours. 🙂
  9. This is a perfect example that supports the argument we need more mandatory requirements to run for office other than a beating heart with money.
  10. Yup Ducharme sat his team down and showed them tapes of the 95 New Jersey devils. Booooorrrrrrringgggg but effective.
  11. Even though a sweep maybe the Edm series took more out of the Jets than we thought.
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