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  1. Although appropriate I find the word hypocrite much to soft a term to apply in certain situations. I don’t care who you are and what political stripe you wear, everything is transactional for extreme hypocrites. Other than Twitter shaming, they never feel pain for this behaviour. It’s exhausting, maddening, frustrating, suffocating etc etc.
  2. Update: an asterisk was added to state this does not apply to Donald J Trump as obviously evidence was planted, he’s being framed if he is ever accused of this.
  3. Actually I’m more in the camp that speech is free, lies you pay for. Enough with offer me proof. You say outlandish things just to seed doubt, you need to pay for it immediately. I f’ing hate that anyone can have a social media platform to lie with no consequences.
  4. No, no, no, this is different. This is Trump. He loves this Country. He fights the establishment, the Swamp, it fears him. He's being persecuted. Bannon says they are going to assassinate him. Hannity says this has been a bogus raid. TC has insights none of us could possibly understand. MTG knows what she's saying when she says Defund the FBI. She and others are fighting for us, for our rights, our freedoms, our liberties.. He's taken the fifth because they planted stuff on him because Trump would not lie to us. I can hardly wait until all these people pay for what they have done to us and to him. We are Patriots and we will not back down. This is our Country. Facts matter. God is on our side. The day of reckoning is near. Totally sane argument sane people have never said.
  5. Now there is a guy who constantly plays angry. Nice element to have in your O.
  6. It really is true what Trump said a while back. To paraphrase what he said, he could shoot someone on 35 avenue and get away with it. None of the above matters to the hardened cult supporters. None of it. They just froth at the mouth, yell persecution and rabidly yell wait until we get all the power you all going to pay for this.
  7. Yup I was taking about ones with influence and power.
  8. It’s because he’s their money train. Most know he’s throw them under the bus in a nano second but the smell of money is intoxicating to them. Drunk with greed and status.
  9. Law and Order only on libtards, Wokestors, Antifa, Immigrants. Anyone else, it's obviously persecution. Wake Up!
  10. A death threat to a family that lost a child in a brutal way. It's excruciating to try to understand what lead someone thru the trajectory of their life that they find themselves in that moment picking up a phone to do this to other human beings who lost their beautiful innocent children to evil.
  11. Yup but if I had to choose please more on the criminal side and less on the civil side as he is a master at clogging up the courts and it will drag on well after he's dead. He needs to feel punishment while his little Grinch heart is beating.
  12. I love the line I believe came from one of the Lawyers: Speech is free, lies you pay for.
  13. I'm going to use this line on my Oiler friends. 🙂
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