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  1. HardCoreBlue

    Movin' on to take on the Calgary Stampeders!!!!

    I would hope we are not that one dimensional if they happen to minimize Harris's production. If they do early I hope Lapo remains patient and doesn't go away from the run. We aren't really a big play type team, lets just grind them into the ground. Field position, field position, field position I say my man Dressler comes up big today to help out my other man Harris. Go Blue.
  2. HardCoreBlue

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    Well they already have his reincarnation but unfortunately for them McJesus can't play 60 minutes and can't play all positions. Overheard on the Oilers bench after McDavid trying to come off after his 15 minute shift , 'Hey what are you doing McDavid, get back out there'.
  3. HardCoreBlue

    Sign Ideas for Sunday!

    Have one ready if we're winning: 'The horse must be cold' (I can't stand the way they run their horse when they score so something to give that tradition a shot - there is a lot of creative people on this board, I'd love to read what they could come up with about that horse) Have one ready if we're losing: 'Who cares, Riders suck.'
  4. HardCoreBlue

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    I'm wondering if the Oilers would like Eberle back.
  5. HardCoreBlue

    Regular Season Bomber News & Discussion

    ZC sure wouldn't have beaten that outside containment like BB did a few times against us.
  6. What doesn't correlate with me regardless of either interpretation is expects player to be fined but defends it.
  7. HardCoreBlue

    Movin' on to take on the Calgary Stampeders!!!!

    Said every ultra competitive athlete with injury ever known. :-)
  8. HardCoreBlue

    Would you do this?

    Again I'm not suggesting trading for Nylander and keeping him. I'm suggesting that maybe the Jets are in a better position than the leafs to flip him to another team (this requires the third team involved in these discussions prior to any trade completed) as Trouba maybe the Leafs number 1 choice but Nylander isn't our first choice. The moons would have to align here for sure for all three teams to benefit.
  9. HardCoreBlue

    Would you do this?

    True but I'm thinking the Jets would make Trouba more available than Morrissey. In fact my guess is Morrissey isn't available at all to discuss where as Trouba is.
  10. HardCoreBlue

    Would you do this?

    Because Trouba may be the best on the available market and his style of play fits nice with the other skill sets on that team.
  11. HardCoreBlue

    Would you do this?

    We just need a cup before he retires so he can erase the one he won with the Hawks. :-)
  12. HardCoreBlue

    Would you do this?

    I'm suggesting the Jets could flip Nylander for someone. A three way deal that benefits all. I'm not sure who that third team would be, but a team willing to take Nylander for a D man.
  13. HardCoreBlue

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    I didn't realize salary cap included support staff. Is that common across other professional sports?