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  1. I see the liquor intake is going well.
  2. First and last game as a Bomber? Or because we’re winning a reprieve to live another game?
  3. Yea great practice player is what we are seeing here.
  4. O’Shea just sent a message about our kicking going for the 2 point conversion.
  5. Worst timing post if you’re a Bomber fan. Cmon man. Why defend Wilder? Jeez.
  6. I’m thinking Wilder practices that flex in front of a mirror.
  7. Hey that’s the one I drive over every day. I’m defending a bridge. Lol
  8. Important half time talk. Back to 0-0. Time to go back to business.
  9. So far feeling better about the kicking.
  10. Of course she’s a warrior. All good soon we hope.
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