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  1. Demski proved his mettle yesterday for sure, just seems a waste of talent having Petermann watch from the sidelines.
  2. You guys follow this way more than I do, what's the stock quality for draft picks this coming year?
  3. Hope not because I really don't want to watch his gf and dad all game.
  4. Fajardo's calling up Chris Streveler's doctor right about now. Nice to know the story line CAN'T be Brothers's coaching against each other. 🙂
  5. Medlock was money today. I'm really happy for ZC. Suitor could have more evenly distributed the warrior and working thru adversity theme to include more ZC mention.
  6. I remember not so long ago how some thought a two qb system couldn't work in today's game. Today imo proved that inaccurate.
  7. Said by Suitor 732 times during the game. Ugh.
  8. Two yard run by Jackson apparently is a big thing for him.
  9. I'll state the obvious we lose the line of scrimmage against BLM, we lose the game.
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