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  1. How do you figure this was intended to "let LaPo off the hook?". I don't believe that any one person is to blame for TEAM play. I was simply stating that in that game, Nichols was awful and seemed shell shocked the entire game, not being able to find anyone down field, or make any accurate throws. The numbers support this. To place square blame on LaPo for stalling out drives one after another... I'm sorry, but LaPo isn't behind centre. If the Stamps were taking away Harris, there are typically 5 other capable players out there ready to make a play, and if the QB can't find any of them and make a throw, that's not on the OC. If he's calling bad plays, that's one thing, but to routinely not be able to find anyone open, or run an audible to make a play happen, at some point the QB has to have some accountability, which you guys don't seen to want to pin any of on him!
  2. and is the QB not allowed to call an audible if they see something at the line that they don't like!?? surely you can't blame the play call in every single case!
  3. in an earlier post he blamed the West Final result squarely on LaPo.... that's a joke. Nichols was awful that game, and they had every opportunity to take control of that game had his play even been average. Anyways.... beating the dead cow again. Let's see how he continues to perform in the coming weeks, especially with some bigger challenges looming in Hamilton & Calgary!
  4. your dislike for LaPo is laughable. the ball is in the QB's hands, and it's up to him to make a play. I'm sure players make adjustments to routes all the time to try and get open, and it's up to the QB to find that seam. To blame LaPo for not being able to find a receiver open in an intermediate route?? The QB has to make the play happen!
  5. Nichols played his best game in well over 2 years and was on his way to a big game stats wise.... what I'd like to see is consistency though! He's shown that he can do this over the years, but never consistently. If he's under centre on Friday against Toronto, I can see him having similar success. Hopefully the injury is nothing serious and he can build on this! Streveler did kinda have happy feet, but we're still talking about a guy with less than 5 starts in his pro career and who hasn't been in a consistent basis. Can't just look at this game and say 'see, he's not the saviour!'. He needs more development time for sure!
  6. maybe a poll for how many passing yards Nichols will have tomorrow night is in order!
  7. well if you're going to go down that road, then you might as well include 2 and outs. I'd have to think that Nichols is up there amongst the league worst when it comes to quantity of two and outs!
  8. One of the Top Dogs, on a list where only 3 QBs have been the starter for those past 3 seasons. You'd have to look at individual seasons, and bring Burris, Glenn & Ray into the picture. In fact, one could argue that the Bombers might have been better off with Kevin Glenn under centre last season! 2017 GLENN, Kevin SSK 17 318 468 67.9 4038 25 14 100.0 3.0 8.6 2018 NICHOLS, Matt WPG 14 254 392 64.8 3146 18 13 91.0 3.3 8.0
  9. very reasonable compared to Bo-Levi and Reilly's new salaries? I believe at least year's rates (and Nichols signed the contract with this year's salary back in 2016) he would be a top 3 guy. Bo-Levi & Reilly both got overpaid, I don't think anyone is going to dispute that. A top QB in this league should be making $550 - 600K tops if they want to keep talent around them. At the current rate, there's no way we'd be able to keep Nichols & Streveller next season, as I would think some other team would be willing to take a chance on Streveller and pay him north of 300-350K. Something will have to give... and unless Nichols goes lights out this season and gets us a Grey Cup, I can't see how you stand by and let the young guy walk!
  10. Justin Goltz, Alex Brink, Drew Willy, Robert Marve, Joey Elliott.... do I keep going!? all were thought to have potential to be the "next" guy.... one half does not earn you a starting spot (unless you were playing for the Als last season!)
  11. But at $475K per season, are overpaying big time for the production we get out of him.
  12. there have been plenty of times over the last year where Nichols has had open receivers downfield, but panics and throws it away or dumps it off 2 yards. It's been happening for a long time. Anyways... let's see how he plays the next few weeks, it's not like O'Shea is going to pull the plug on him anytime soon.
  13. and has nothing to do with Andrew Harris having been the best back in the league for the last 3 years?? I point back to Nichols best season, in 2017. 105 receptions by Harris. Lots of QB's could be successful throwing dump passes to a workhorse like Harris! Once teams started to key in on that type of a play, Nichols play has dropped off, and so has Harris' receiving yards. With the weapons we have on the squad today, you need a Quarterback that is able to extend plays with his legs and allow time for our deep threats to get open. That's how this team will become a dominant force in 2019 in my opinion!
  14. It's statements like this that I have a problem with.... "He" took us to the Western Finals?? No.... that win in Regina was a lot of good defensive play, and adequate offensive production against a team that couldn't put up any points. What did "He" proceed to do in the Western Final?? Have about 75 yards passing through 3 quarters of play, and show that when the chips are on the table, he couldn't get it done.
  15. I'm talking strictly about Nichols play over the last 1 1/2 + seasons now.... not team play. There is nothing wrong with the team play. I just feel that this team isn't going to reach it's full potential with Nichols behind centre if he continues the way he's been playing the last 30 or so games.
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