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  1. can patrons just steal liquor at will without punishment!?
  2. they don't want to under value them... but at this point, you've probably got a whack of angry season ticket holders who just want to offload them, and aren't allowed to! Patience may be a virtue here.... too bad my friends are worried this will sell out and want to buy NOW!! lol
  3. is there a site (like a Kijiji) for Calgary where we'd find some of these tickets trying to be sold? I was told by the Stamps office yesterday that they won't activate their Ticket Exchange site until it's an official sell out.
  4. With those Boeing planes getting taken out of service this year, airlines have been scrambling to keep up with demand as is, so I can't see them adding flights. Would be nice though!
  5. I was looking up fly out Saturday back Monday, $950 on Westjet. Looks like making the drive with a few guys is gonna be what's happening. Not looking forward to the drive home Monday. Today's was bad enough, now it's going to be twice as long! haha
  6. where are you guys seeing these cheaper tickets? A group of us are wanting to go, just working on some logistics and accommodations. I called the Stamps office today, and they say their "Ticket Exchange" system won't activate to help season ticket holders unload their tickets until the game is officially sold out.
  7. Al Bundy would give the most inspiring pre-game speech this Sunday with 2 simple words..... "Let's Rock!"
  8. oh, you missed the perfect opportunity to finish that off right! Precipitation: 50-100mm of Rider Fan tears
  9. wasn't Sinnopoli the 3rd stringer in Calgary before switching to receiver in Ottawa??
  10. O'Shea also didn't rule out Nichols in the 5th week of his stint on the 6-game, right before he finally underwent surgery!
  11. WTF coach.... gimmie back my smokes!
  12. what do you consider reasonably priced? I'm booked in a 10 minute walk from the stadium at what I would say is a pretty reasonable priced. I guess if you're going to complain about places being busy, then really really not going for the atmosphere of an event such as this. Do you expect places to be empty? I probably wouldn't want to go there anyways... we're in 142!
  13. Tickets purchased this morning.... Bombers side, 23 rows up just like we have at IGF! Gonna be a great time! Heading out Saturday to take in some extra festivities, and hopefully another Jets/Bombers winning weekend!!
  14. you going? Buddy I went with last year just told me he's in!
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