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  1. you should have heard the excuse I got from the Bomber store early in the season why my brand new jersey wasn't "Wear what the Players Wear". Was then told that I could buy one of the players game worn jerseys at the end of the season if I wanted the one with the Blue shoulders.
  2. get Willie that WWE title belt for the press conference! And some front row seats for RAW in a couple weeks!!
  3. isn't Bobby Gorgeous on Khari's coaching staff in Montreal?
  4. especially given he's getting up there in age! his game is still there, but if he's going to play most of the XFL season, and then a full CFL season, I would have to expect a tail off in production in the last 1/3 of the season! If he's going back to Toronto though, they'll be out of the running by then anyways!
  5. My guess is they went in there thinking the Argos were going to throw gobs of money at them, and instead got a base offer + performance bonus targets. Balked, and they said "fine, MBT has more upside anyways". He definitely has a better arm, and is more mobile. Not surprised they'd roll the dice on him over Nichols!
  6. I was just editing my post realizing who said that and that it was sarcasm.... you're too quick! haha Would be surprised if Willie fled for a few extra bucks to go to the Argos. Don't see them making the playoffs next year, and you'd think he'd want to be a part of the quest for a repeat!
  7. why is there a mentality that there's extra money lying around because Nichols is gone. Collaros just got relatively the same type of money that Nichols did last season. It's a wash, and we're in a very similar spot to last season cap space wise.
  8. hopefully he doesn't want to stick around on a practice roster and actually wants to play and winds up back here in late September, ready for another playoff run!!
  9. My thought since LaPo signed in Ottawa was, we'll see if he really wants Nichols as his guy, and we'll find out if he becomes a free agent. I imagine they talked to Nichols agent, and elected to go with the young buck with upside. Not surprised. Nichols has zero leverage now in negotiations with Toronto. Either sign what they offer, or go play the field for a backup contract. If the Argos make an offer, it will be performance based bonuses. Doing anything but would be foolish for them business wise!
  10. when healthy, I'd say Buck was better, and also led them to a Grey Cup appearance, which Matt wasn't able to do! EDIT: just looked up Buck's stats from 2011, and they weren't that great. So I guess Nichols was the better QB. I just found Buck more exciting to watch! good luck to him! He definitely helped improve things, but you can't dispute that he owes Andrew Harris a big thanks for the juicy contract extension he was given. Without Harris, no way Nichols stats look as good as they did in 2017 and beyond!
  11. there's no way Nichols would accept a backup role with the Bombers. He very well could wind up a backup elsewhere, but there's no way he signs back here. That bridge is burned at this point, and there's no way he's not bitter. If no one offers him legit starter money, I won't be surprised. If I'm Ottawa or Toronto, he's getting a performance bonus laden contract offer based on past performance and the unknown of his throwing arm. If he's going to balk at lowball offers + bonuses and expect a Collaros like payday, he's in for a rude awakening!
  12. no one is offering Matt anywhere near what he made last year. At this point, if you're Ottawa or Toronto, there's no need to make a knee-jerk signing. If Ottawa can't land Arbuckle, then you have to wait and see where he goes before you do anything on the Nichols front. And to think Nichols could even ask for top starter money, that's his agent wishing now. Teams have leverage over him in negotiations. Will be interesting to see if he can accept that he's not the superstar QB he thinks he is. He sure made it known a couple weeks ago that he wasn't happy he wasn't the Bombers priority, and other teams will look at Walters assessment of the talent, electing to sign an injury prone QB with upside over an injury prone QB who I believes best days are behind him. Matt was a good team guy, but I don't see him coming back here. To paraphrase Paul Maurice, there are some ruffled feathers now!
  13. now chalk this one up to "believe what you want to believe" but when I was in Calgary for GC, our Uber driver on the way to the convention centre Saturday night (his vehicle decked top to bottom in Flames & Stamps swag) was telling me that in order to get Bo Levi to stick with the Stamps after the Argos offered him more money, that they guaranteed his contract for 3 years. Even if he were to get cut, the money is guaranteed. I've never heard of such a thing in the CFL, and again, believe what you want... but he was pretty passionately talking about how that pissed a lot of fans off. Has anyone else heard of this being the case with Mitchell??
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