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  1. *Throws meat into a pit of angry internet dogs* OR Tequila: Just do shots all night, yeah, we dance and internet debate so sexy, the ladies love it.
  2. I usually think of ripper about two hours after I eat mall sushi. His posts = mall sushi aftermath
  3. We need a "yuck" reaction for this
  4. If I understand, by the laws of the internet, anyone who points out my errors is now my sworn enemy until death...right?
  5. Their general lack of basic intelligence, absurd levels of ignorance and overall appearance make them look srupid. He just puts an exclamation point on it.
  6. Man, I don't get all the Lankford hate... Lol
  7. Thank god a rider fan is here to keep this thread in line, heaven forbid his blessed pure soul is ever accused of trolling.... Ripper, touting your internet virtue and acting as a BS mod here is weak. Go back to your circle jerk site and crying about the cup being stolen from you in week one. Your QB could barely remember his own name at the start of the season and now he's wearing a helmet around the house and drinking from a sippy cup for the rest of his days. He's alright sometimes, but he reeks of jealousy and his sister/wife right now, and that's stinky combo.
  8. Love when ripper talks about doing quite well in math... in Saskatchewan 🙄. Most complex math they work out is how many branches away their wife is on the family tree.
  9. I wish your mother-wife didn't give you the internet password so often. You can get your porn in the family photo albums. Go back to your misspelled, self-indulgent P.O.S. site, inbred goof.
  10. Folks, generally I love this site and fire out all the likes I possibly can just show my appreciation for all your insight/hilarity/squabbling, but y'all are going overboard on the political jabs and lowest common denominator insults. I live in SK (and hate it for all the obvious reasons) and it's beginning to feel a little too Sasky in here. Could we just chill? I don't wanna know your politics other than locker room stuff or how Weston Dressler looks so small he might be an ambassador from the fairy people or when y'all debated how big that guy's junk was. Anyone notice Poop Johnson is with the Riders now or did we talk about that and I missed it? Thought he was going home to make more money...? Fire away on how much I suck........ NOW!
  11. Apologies to both sides of this debate for my .... uh.... robust response to this guy. I lived in SK for far too long and react pretty strongly to this faux intellect bs that's so prevalent there. I'll go back to lurking and liking now, friends.
  12. I sure "can tell when I'm discussing a football topic with adults." An adult brings a viewpoint to the conversation rather than poorly parroting back a weak summary of hundreds of pages of ....mostly ... adult discourse. You're right, I do "know the kind." Surprise junior, it's you. I'm not certain of your age but it's particularly easy to surmise your mental age. Don't come to a community with some weak sugary words and expect you can assert your flimsy assessment of respect. Take your little voice back to the children's table because not many here are willing to participate in your garbage. Shake the grain dust outta your ears son, go home home and tell pappy about the mean people on the interwebs and keep your located to the farm or that toilet bowl called Regina. I've always been one for education being the means to developing a better world. Then I lived in Saskatchewan. Yes, with significant difficulty, they're eventually able to read and write but they never drop the willing ignorance, gain rational thought or really just develop critical thinking to level where they can be taken seriously. Ah yeah, I'm not going to bother correcting the bulk of the poster's weak spelling or grammar, but if you come to this forum, spell the team's name correctly. That's the start of some respect there.
  13. How about we Thanos the entire team? Randomly cut/fire half the players and staff. We'll get better. More playing time and work for everyone. We'll be a football paradise....
  14. If we get to pick when we fire Hall can also to vote ban this weiner?
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