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  1. My level of respect for you has gone through the roof. I sold my soul for a couple bucks and a pension and they scoop it out with a real tiny sharp green spoon, but I'll always be blue and gold.
  2. Well, yeah. Compared to Regina it's paradise though. Compared to anything else, it's a hole.
  3. In summary, don't punch down. They know it, we know it, everyone knows it; they're garbage.
  4. This is spot on. Having lived here long enough, I've learned how they work. Saskatoon seems to be partly exempt, but the massive insecurity the rest of this province has manifests in a pretty classic way. They're insecure because their weakness is apparent. They're saddled massively with inbred stupidity, where schooling or intelligence is considered a weakness. They have literally nothing going here other than a CFL team, a WHL team and a disgusting shallow lake filled with various types of feces (mostly avian and human). Everything else in this province is done on the small and is pretty much a backwoods parody of what real cities have. They know they're low tier so they're loud. about. everything. ALWAYS. There's this general hatred of Winnipeg but nobody has traveled there. They rarely travel anywhere. They're loud and proud about... well...not really much, but they're too dumb to know it. Having lived amongst them for so long, I guess you could say I'm like their version of Jane Goodall, except these gorillas are less civilized and aren't nearly as intelligent....and they'll fling their poo anywhere.
  5. For what it's worth, I drove past their stadium tonight and it was barely 3/4 full. The upper decks were a ghost town. Made me smile that the "best fans" in the CFL were also at Costco with me, a Bomber fan.
  6. This just confused me further... but there's no way I'm not using it at work tomorrow
  7. Wha....what?!? Is this phrasing gone horribly wrong or is our team suddenly weirder than the sk mascot sodomizing a stuffed lion at center field for the amusement of those inbred melon fetishists?
  8. Mad because the refs didn't hand them another win? Best choice you could make is to unfollow that mentally handicapped jackalope in a rider polo.
  9. Good hard fought battle today. I'm real proud of the Blue for nailing this one to those green bastards. I used to only hate their fans, coach and most of their team, but now I can add the whole team, watermelons, all shades of green, gophers and rectangles. F@ck you SK. F@ck you so much. I apologize for being rude on the internet 😬
  10. What a gong show the CFL is to protect the riders and their fans
  11. Now, admittedly AND sadly, I'm usually the first person to start screaming fire when I get the slightest whiff of smoke, but I'm not worried in the slightest. We don't have our starting QB or MOP RB and we barely lose to a team that by all rights should have blown us out of the water. I've lived in this godawful wheatermelon (feel free to use it, but only in the derogative) province to hate them like aids, hitler and mosquitos, and not many things bring me a smirk like watching those fools run off the field like this was the Grey Cup. This might've been their Grey Cup but it's one game and they squeaked by a crippled team. The only game against them that matters this year is our last one. Don't worry, have a drink, joint, **** or eat some paint chips, it's gonna be fine. I promise.
  12. Not much time to read the site until later but I gotta go on record as saying, I'm not expecting a W, nor am I expecting Streveler to be lights out, but I hope he shows well enough for is to build off and develop his skills over the next month or so while we don't have Nichols. Go Blue
  13. I'm gonna go ahead and not look at this thread for the rest of the night after this comment: It's not Lapolice, it's Nichols. Lapolice is calling a game based on lack of trust in Nichols. He's either hurt or got something going on, but I'd rather have Bethel-Mcburgler throwing the ball for us than Nichols. I think he might mentally lose his composure, gets too high and then way too low. I'll admit I want Nichols to win, seems like a good guy and a good family man, but he's not leading this team well. This was a real bad game. I don't know if we were sniffing our own farts, but this was not good at all. I'm out, I'll attend to the vitriol the internet has for my internet opinion tomorrow.
  14. Too bad your cop friend doesn't know his "friend" is running off to tell strangers on the internet his words imparted in confidence, so his "friend" can collect all the internet points. I get the point of a forum and sharing info and all, but what those guys see and have to do is some hard stuff that messes people up. It'd be nice if the outlet they chose to share, had some class and decorum and didn't do what you did.
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