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  1. Haven't waded through the thread yet so forgive any rehashing pls. Wasn't a big fan of Collaros coming on board, but I must admit, he made plays Nichols just couldn't the last year and a bit. He hit receivers in the hands and they actually turned up field. He extended plays and looked for receivers. He didn't throw 80% of his passes to Harris. The guy had VERY limited time with our team, hasn't played football in over a year, and put up numbers as good as Nichols against arguably the team to beat in the CFL who needed that win. Hats off to Collaros. I didn't expect much, and I certainly didn't expect to win yesterday. Also, eff the Calgary for the over the top outright shows of disrespect. Need a special teamer to put Mitchell or Rogers in the gutter after that garbage.
  2. Not to besmirch your points, but fact doesn't mean what you think it does... the word you're looking for is opinion, my friend.
  3. This guy, amiright? Bet he's the highlight at the Thanksgiving table, telling aunt/sister Becky how she put too much nutmeg in the yams, and there's too much salt in the gravy, but all he showed up with is a litre of Mountain Dew Code Red for himself so he can be constantly alert for Booch posts. Interrupts Uncle Grandpa talking about his time during the Gopher wars to yell at the 3-armed shuffling hairy thing he's been told to call Sister (soon to be wife) the correct pronunciation of acai and floutist just because it's sure to make him look smart. Imagine how sad this sock puppet of a human being must be to go to this trouble. Best advice, my sense little sasky moron, think about why you are who you are, then change literally every. single. painfully. stupid. thing.
  4. Thrashing around in the water while you're drowning is doing something. Buying gas station herbal rogaine while you look like Friar Tuck is doing something. Grinding around with severe whiskey **** is doing something. Having that diet coke is doing something... More often than not, doing something for the sake of doing something ends with wasted money, fleeting gratification, a steep drop into sadness, followed by cancer. I'm not saying a football team can collectively get cancer and heaven forbid, but this cup drought is metaphorical football cancer. I hate Saskatchewan.
  5. No better way to prove you're a massive unbearable loser who's a burden to your family, the people you think are your friends, community and world as a whole, than by going onto another team's fan forum in the late hours of a Saturday night, reading back at least two weeks to find a point you can mildly contend with, dusting off the Cheetos grit from your fat sausage-like fingers and pounding away on your filthy semen encrusted keyboard, hoping your autocorrect can somehow translate the mishmash of half-thoughts and basic low IQ into English coherent enough to make you relevant for a moment. You're relevant now, champ, for about as long as it takes to read this and laugh at you for thinking Hughes is worth half that contract.
  6. My level of respect for you has gone through the roof. I sold my soul for a couple bucks and a pension and they scoop it out with a real tiny sharp green spoon, but I'll always be blue and gold.
  7. Well, yeah. Compared to Regina it's paradise though. Compared to anything else, it's a hole.
  8. In summary, don't punch down. They know it, we know it, everyone knows it; they're garbage.
  9. This is spot on. Having lived here long enough, I've learned how they work. Saskatoon seems to be partly exempt, but the massive insecurity the rest of this province has manifests in a pretty classic way. They're insecure because their weakness is apparent. They're saddled massively with inbred stupidity, where schooling or intelligence is considered a weakness. They have literally nothing going here other than a CFL team, a WHL team and a disgusting shallow lake filled with various types of feces (mostly avian and human). Everything else in this province is done on the small and is pretty much a backwoods parody of what real cities have. They know they're low tier so they're loud. about. everything. ALWAYS. There's this general hatred of Winnipeg but nobody has traveled there. They rarely travel anywhere. They're loud and proud about... well...not really much, but they're too dumb to know it. Having lived amongst them for so long, I guess you could say I'm like their version of Jane Goodall, except these gorillas are less civilized and aren't nearly as intelligent....and they'll fling their poo anywhere.
  10. For what it's worth, I drove past their stadium tonight and it was barely 3/4 full. The upper decks were a ghost town. Made me smile that the "best fans" in the CFL were also at Costco with me, a Bomber fan.
  11. This just confused me further... but there's no way I'm not using it at work tomorrow
  12. Wha....what?!? Is this phrasing gone horribly wrong or is our team suddenly weirder than the sk mascot sodomizing a stuffed lion at center field for the amusement of those inbred melon fetishists?
  13. Mad because the refs didn't hand them another win? Best choice you could make is to unfollow that mentally handicapped jackalope in a rider polo.
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