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  1. If I need one guy to win one game, I take Matt dunigan. He could will you to win dominate like few else the league has seen. His health isn't reliable over the long term though. Have a contender with a window of 2-3 years and want to be a champion once or more in that span? Give me Tom clements. Took the place of a hall of fame elite qb and took the same team to the next level. He's a team elevator not just an individual dominator. Need to start a franchise or rebuild? A guy to be there in thin times and develop a team around to contend and win? Brock and jack brings In the fans but Kenny ploen brings every thing. Including the rings. Doing what ever it takes and exceling at it. He's my vote for goat.
  2. Iirc wasnt he listed at 5'9 and like 350? Human bowling ball for sure. Yeah you could have played a couple guys from the first 3 rounds of the NFL draft down to guys brought in off the street to play in a pinch who wouldn't cut it in d2. It's a huge jump to the pros. Size and athleticism alone can dominate in college. At the pro level you need the technique and consistancy plus you go from one of the best big athletes in the league to maybe one of the better big athletes on the field that day. If he can take the next step like branding Bryant was showing look out. I would love to see a dl with Richardson branding Bryant Jeffcoat and Jefferson on the field at the same time. Even in the pre season. That level of size and athleticism acoss the dl would be insane.
  3. QFT x2 Itd be cool if 1290 /cjob had a podcast that was done at the TC where they talk about the goings on of they day, players etc.
  4. Saw this on the twitter feed (which is awesome to have integrated) pretty good interview with bryant. Love his classic OL mentality. Credit to all his teammates, humble, and confident. Loved the "who?" part.
  5. I dont think any lber is gonna look bad playing next to bighill at the wil spot.
  6. I think hes closer to ending up a DT then a olb, but yeah any of the ends could rush from a jack spot. Being NI only makes it easier to get him on the roster and use him in a package. I like mccalister in that role as he isnt as big as the other des. 6'6 240. Its also a handy use for getting young guys into good positions to make plays. The adjustment to the yard off the ball isnt easy for most guys. And imo, the cfl targets more athletic smaller tackles that can really move more then the nfl.
  7. Yeah the only spot that really needs sorting is Wil. And playing next to bighill its a gift job for one lucky Lber. I wouldnt mind seeing mccalister get some wil reps actually. Or generally rotate the extra DEs through as a jack spot instead of sending bighill who is soo much more valuable over the middle.
  8. Could put him on the 2 man in active list. Or hidden on the IR.
  9. Yep. Just like bighill. talent > height. Love DTs who can collapse the pocket and flush the qb. This D line is gonna be some thing else to watch.
  10. Richardson and brandin bryant up the middle would be an insane mix of athleticism and speed in side. This is the big difference in modern athletes imo. The fast guys are way stronger and the big guys are way faster then they used to be.
  11. I feel the same way about him and in general the RB fans. This will be the real test for the RB franchise, im sure itll be ok though. Iirc it was some thing along the lines of we want to build things right and not do things like the bombers. haha, same. The guy is talented, but a real ******. I wouldnt like him as a bomber. Thats it, thanks.
  12. Compound that for the first 3 days of the last 8-10 years. I love a bunch of the guys who cover the bombers, but when it comes to camp they are long in the tooth. They made light of it a few years back then were supposed to crack down and be less of a boys club talking to each other and do more reporting, but it never happened. They start camp slow every year with the reports.
  13. The games always mean a lot more then practise imo, but then weve seen guys play great in the games and not make it or disapear. I expect we will keep both around till atleast mid season. Between PR and IR. I dont see other teams jumping to grab augustine. But teams play will be key for a bunch of position battles. The guy is a freight train on cleats. His skill set really projects well long term in our system.
  14. 1 Cgy. They have always found new ways to win and new talent to replace old. Won it all last year and they are the kings until proven otherwise. 2 wpg. Feels like the year cgy slips. But that could be every year. Outside of everyone else, this is as deep and strong a blue team as we've seen in years. 3 ham. Continuity on the field. The coaches off the field turned over, were the future guys anyway. Steady winners, don't see them being spectacular. Just really good. 4 bc. Took the biggest swing for the fences. Will struggle with consistency early, but they have some impressive talent. 5 edm. Big flash moves arent always the best. These 3 spots will be up for grabs. 6 ssk. Ol, and qb will hurt the riders. Plus the heavy management and coaching turn over. A lot better then usual rebuilding teams though. 7 mtl. Finally some traction? I think they end up just missing the play offs but are no longer the free spot on the bingo card. If one of the qbs step up, they could be a play off team. 8 tor. I see continued turmoil at qb, poor OL and mediocrity. 9 ott. I see a lot of shakey retreads, and some serious roster holes. Ott built a strong team fast, based around the offense. Now I see a lot of old vets and guys We wouldnt want for free.
  15. I dont see how every one agrees to have a stark on every throne. Or why they split the north off while putting a stark (the one who would be entitled to winterfel no less) in the role as king. Sansas bit still feels very forced.
  16. And macniel was 260. Walby was a monster. And what really stands out is that OL isnt flabby. Those guys could all pancake you then get to the second level and do it again.
  17. Really excited to see what he can do up here with a full camp. All the potential in the world could be a T or a G. Also, love the idea of Desjarlais and Gray both playing first-team reps at guard. Head to head battle for a guard/reserve spot while shoulder to shoulder in the trenches. That's just great coaching.
  18. Wonder what the record is for more punt yards in a season...
  19. Teams have been diving on our PR guys and TC cuts the last couple of years. Some of the best rookies in camp (Montgomery last year) didn't make the team. Instead of our depth ranks being filled with airlifts, and guys who have been cut by half the league they are filled with young hungry guys who have been groomed to take spots under excellent vets. Those raw guys battling for spots on the OL with little experience, if we cut all but our projected 5 (bryant, hardrick, foketi, nuefeld, and couture) all the rest of the guys would be instantly snapped up by other teams. Atleast half of them would be active roster guys this year on other teams as well. A few of those guys would start for a decent chunk of teams trying to develop the OL this year. DB is one of the easiest positions to recruit, Jones has played S and corner and is easily ready to go into camp as the incumbent.
  20. Spooner didnt have a chance here. The leos wanted to scoop him off our PR too but he declined to go. Spooners the better prospect imo. Former highly regarded draft picks tend to ping pong around the league a lot before diying out. Nis, especially linemen get every chance in the world to make a go of it.
  21. Glad they got the whole draft class wrapped up. Sucks about richards, if he can get healthy though they may bring him back in for a look on the PR. Signing kongbo so he can get coached up and be at TC even if not training is great. Im sure he is gonna be chomping at the bit to get on the field when he finally can after watching the epic battle that will be on both sides of the line in TC.
  22. That depth chart looks gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!
  23. Yep Ol isnt a position of concern, it will be very interesting though. Steel sharpens steel, and who ever wins the spot will have had a fantastic camp and pre season.
  24. He doesnt just play them, he excels at them.
  25. Putting guys on the game day roster that would not other wise ever get a TC sniff, combined with all this off season draft n combine stuff for the world players yeah. Forcing them into the ratio.
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