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  1. I feel like this is a move to bolster ni teams depth and an ni who could in a pinch back up at s. He's kind of an undersized wil dime tweener.
  2. Nice to hear Harris was back taking reps today. I'm sure at this rate he will be ready to start for the season. But I'm sure we are gonna see less reliance on Harris and more split carries than ever. Wish we could see dru brown in a pre season game.
  3. Kills me. Schedule maker pooped the bed on that one. It sounded like Harris was doing more again today so who knows. I sure would like to see one of those nfl style injury reports on the walking wounded now. Sounds like Eli is off an running at c in camp. Wish I could see it he has the potential to be a friggin monster.
  4. I'd say he was average for most of his time here. One season was much better in the middle. I think they are very much the same tier of quality. He shouldn't. At worst he can have a long career between media and being an oc. He can party with Marcus Crandall in the career under achievers with rings room. Does any one see lapo in ott going well? I think he's gone half way through next year.
  5. Sub sub topic goltz, Michna, martin etc was way better than the rest and just didn't get a good chance.
  6. Hope for the best. The fact he's running and cutting is good news though. If it was threatening the year that wouldn't happen.
  7. The longer a qb is in a system the better they will get at it but also the system and play calling will play to their strengths. Plop isn't a genius and Nichols was not a top tier qb. And the combination of the two accentuated their weaknesses. Willy got shell shocked from constant pressure and ruined. Nichols decay imo stems in part from his injury and playing hurt and was amplified by the play off hump and treatment when the offense struggled. The booing really seemed to mess with him and I think it was totally acceptable that if we won the performance was good enough.
  8. This is a fantastic move by the NFL. The hc and management shouldn't get paid either. I'm hoping for a normal year next year.
  9. We can't know what would've happened that far back. If we signed ac instead of Reggie slack he may never have become a hof qb. Or we may have won a bunch of gcs under reinbold. I don't think we'd a won any of the play off games with Nichols though. No tc news so far today is killing me.
  10. I've never been able to get behind soccer. I'd rather watch billiards or poker. With in 2 years they will probably have half as many teams as they do now.
  11. Meanwhile MLS is in more trouble than the cfl despite its TV deal.
  12. It's true collaros wasn't Mike Reilly of old in our run. If Harris didn't get MOP in the gc a couple defenders would've been next on the list. We don't know for sure what to expect from collaros. But his basement imop is Nichols out side of his best year here. And his up side is MOP calibre. It's been a long time since we've seen it but collaros has been the guy who can drop 400 and 5 tds on any one. What bugs me most about plop isn't that he gets away from what works It's that he never used the successful plays to set up his progression. That's what great play calling is. It's like the only situation he's never prepared for is his game plan working. You mean when Hardrick and bond came in and got put into their successful position. We didn't become a proficient down field passing team or consistent first down grinder. It was more of the same. Just more of it. But with some of the best blocking in the league.
  13. He had the reputation in Edmonton as a guy who couldn't win you games but a guy you could carry to a win. Go back and look at their response to finding out he was dealt. His 15 to 16 numbers are nearly the same per rep. Collaros didn't come in and go all Dunnigan out there. But he did create on his own and made plays to win games and a championship. And has been the guy to put up dominant stats in the past. It's possible though I don't think likely that we will see negatives to buck that plop didn't bring. But we will also see dramatically better situational play calls. You should look back at all the field goals we kicked inside the 15. And how many of those series didn't have a running play in the red zone. Plop constantly out thought him self.
  14. Nice. We need fresh blood In the pbp booth.
  15. No he wasn't. Thats why edm pretty much gave him away.
  16. The cops are out at the intersections 2 hours before game time. And Pembina is a major provincial land line. I don't see any chance of them just doing nothing.
  17. Yeah offense is over rated. All about that punting. Though it is far more effective when you have medlock hitting 6 field goals a game and some of the best directional punting in football.
  18. I'm by no means a plop supporter. I think we will be better off with buck. But people are soo quick to forget the plop run offense in 2002 where blink and sellers combined for some thing like 3000 yards while milt had the greatest year a wr has ever had and Bruce had a great year. The buck plop era was ravaged by injuries but we saw tons of success with wrs. And lived and died by the deep ball.
  19. That and every defense knowing on 2nd down any pass is going to he well short of a first down.
  20. It's a good point I don't listen to the coaches show under Mos any more either. I used to love those. I'd rather listen to Walter's talk. If this is the cost of the success the mafia has brought us I'm ok with it. I'm glad the injury report will change though.
  21. I think we really deep at wr if every one else stays healthy. Filling one spot with grant meredith and Nelson doesn't worry me in the short term.
  22. I thought we had a db with crap in the name too. We have seen some all time great tcf names over the years. 100 percent. The return of kenny Stafford lol
  23. Was he a wr or db? I am extremely confident in Lawler Bailey demski and woli. But man Adam's brings soo much leadership blocking and could benefit in a big way from a year of buck and collaros. Hope he's OK. He would be a good pick up. Could always try to talk Bryant out of retirement. But agudosi has seemed like he had a good camp. Grant could get more reps but I think if healthy cam meridith will have the spot.
  24. I think it's almost certain that he will start on the ir at this point. Idk if borsa is ready to supplant augustine or will be this year. I think that really depends on if he can contribute on teams and catching the ball. It's probably most likely that assuming Harris is ok that when augustine gets healthy he would take borsas spot unless borsa is lighting it up. Man I hope Darvin Adams is ok. He's one of the most underrated under used vet wrs in the league.
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