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  1. He heavily implied it though. It's a big improvement from him but still scummy. Implying that the calls had a negative impact on edm is inane. We easily had the worst of the bad reffing. Plus had 8 starters out.
  2. If we focus on the zone read option more we won't need much more then screen and short dumps. When we used it last night it tore edm to pieces.
  3. I'd love it if we swung a deal and got BB back as our back up qb
  4. The entire offense seemed to struggle with the wet ball early. But we clearly saw a training wheels playbook too. No jet sweep, minimal demski stuff etc. Jbr has made some excellent points about his 3/4 arm slot and the way he Tuck's the ball as soon as he moves the pocket and doesn't keep the ball in a live position to throw when behind the line. Stuff he can learn and over come with technique and practise. He doesn't need to switch to an over head release point but he has to adjust his ball placement and targeting more.
  5. Or trying to justify why a Down field helmet to helmet hit is legal
  6. I had him with two deflections too.
  7. The Rios pick 6 is an honorable mention
  8. 1 WJ. Beast mode tnite. Sacks kds pressure and a huge tip on the on side kick. 2 the rest of the DL. Tons of pressure pass kds great play. 3 harris and streveler running. Tons of big first down runs from both. Hard night of running. Hh Medlock with the 52 yarder at the half just getting over. And the 50 to seal it.
  9. So if he succeeds its a decision on if it was him or plop, but if struggles it was plop all along...
  10. By that logic if streveler has a good game then it was all nichols? 🤣 QFT
  11. Idk this is a meteorite kinda year for qbs. 😆
  12. Even with the starters nfl pre season is the worst. with out it, id rather watch Arena football.
  13. Some one is gonna get played off the roster one way or another. Though its possible that as some one gets healthy some one else gets hurt. Or is atleast hid on the IR. Im pretty hyped mcCallister is back, but he has to be the first guy out the door in all likelihood.
  14. If we win a play off game I can easily see him being a hot commodity.
  15. Wish I thought of that 😛 Id be willing to give a second rounder, if he wasnt a pending FA and was on a reasonable contract.
  16. Yeah im not sure what to make of that. I dont trust either as far as i could throw them. All I know is disney made two awesome spiderman movies and I want more. Soo much money is involved Im sure they will get their stink together and make it work.
  17. apparently sony took 95% of the profit on the first two spiderman movies and disney was trying to get a 50/50 split. I have trouble believing that disney would lose money like that though. Tbh idc as long as disney keeps making the spiderman movies. I think the target demographic was the older millenials. And it seems to have worked for them.
  18. From what i understand its a middle man not the nfl thats bungled this up. might be wrong.
  19. It would have been atleast interesting if they played on the cfl field.
  20. If he was healthy probably darvin adams. Beyond that, dont even want to imagine.
  21. Thats true it should. But for it to come out like that after and when the RBs werent doing poorly over all it kind of speaks for it self imo.
  22. Over the last few years you can toss up nichols n harris. id lean towards harris as well. But BLM and Reilly have been much better then harris. Thats the elite tier. Masoli, nichols and harris have all had flashes of elite play but none have come close to maintaining that level of play for nearly long enough to unseat those two. I just dont see him taking a spot like that. Hes had a lot of weapons to work with, strong defences at his back, and too often has struggled in the red zone.
  23. At the same time, a better qb was available in FA, and better WRs. Harris seems like he was a pretty big cancer I can get replacing a guy like that. But you gotta get better. Not settle for junk.
  24. It all depends on the qb. Most qbs are far more pro ready now then they used to be. Plus more ncaa and nfl teams are running schemes similar to what we do up here. Weve seen this year lots of guys go from zero to winning starter. Its all about the player and how pro ready they are.
  25. 100%. Its about leverage and not over paying. Every penny we pinch could come up huge after nfl cuts go out.
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