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  1. For sure, and I dont think they will have trouble retaining the core guys at all. And we have a few really good young guys ready to step up plus walters n co have shown they can find guys to step in and contribute. Next years roster could look very different than this one, but I bet it will still be very much the same kind of team.
  2. QFT. The 1 game is almost entirely for guys who wouldnt play if they were 100%. Any regular contributor who isnt a rookie goes right to the 6 game. Putting a guy like harris on the 1 game vs the 6 game provides nothing at all. Putting him on the 6 game gives us a worse case scenario of saving 6 weeks of his salary cap hit. Thats pretty good value for costing nothing.
  3. Hes on the PR too. But I think he wants to play out east and be close to his family.
  4. Given the short nature of CFL deals, and the covid year with several renegotiated deals, I suspect every team is going to end the year with a record number of FAs. I expect nearly all the vets in the league to be playing the final year right now. The front offices are gonna be real busy bringing guys back.
  5. Idk whats funnier, him picking us to be last, or how every one picked alberta to finish 1 and 2.
  6. Honestly I dont think any thing changes at all. I 100% believe they will go out and play the same aggressive tough smart football that they've played to this point of the year. I think these guys are trap proof.
  7. Ocs dream of having the kind of versatility that you can get between those 2 guys. Them both being NI makes it about as good as you can hope for. I dont ever remember a team having such an abundance of talented runners as demski, augustine and brady. Little on that being your 2-4 options at rb. Buck can put in some plays that involve 2 of those guys that cfl teams have no chance of preparing for or coming up with an answer to.
  8. I believe thats the case yes, and I dont blame him for declining that option. They were a potential 1 hit wonder with unstable ownership at that point. If I was him I wouldnt take that job either. Ottawa is worse, but at the same time its low expectations. He'd get a chance to build his own team, and coaching staff, and get a good amount of time to make it work. Honestly Id take the RBs over the elks job. The RBs suck out loud. But atleast it isnt a toxic cesspool in the middle of antivaxx outbreak land. Taryn christion is a guy worth developing. They have a couple guys on D worth a look, Obviously leone and ward are valuable. Mulumba is a decent teams depth / developmental NI. Auclair is even better. Delance looks like he belongs in the league. Id take petey back in a heart beat. Behar, coombs, davis, and harris Id take in a heart beat. Coombs and behar would back up woli in a n instant. Id take davis and harris over darvin at this point. Devonte dedmon? Yep, id take him too. Id take more guys from ottawa than from the riders right now tbh. Of course some of those guys might not fit FIFO, but I cant really speak to that on either end. And any wr that plays for this bomber team has to be willing to give 100% to their blocking.
  9. He struggled with blocking in his games replacing Harris in 19. No one can really know where he is at now. Chances that he is better than Brady now in pass pro is slim. But both could end up being great at it. Vs judging him as superior based on 1 run late in a blow out where he wasn't touched till past first down yardage? Lmao. He's never played a great or even good run d. And he's never carried the ball 20 19 18 or 17 times in a game. Both guys combined have maybe one third of a year's worth of carries. But we have seen Brady vs tough running as the feature back. Augustine should get a good number of reps the rest of the way. Both guys could close to double their career touches before the play offs. But in no way is Augustine ahead of Brady right now.
  10. Yeah I think director of Canadian scouting is more realistic to start with. I wouldn't put him ahead of dyce or Ted here. Might be better if he worked for the league even.
  11. I dont think mac leaves. The schedule and flexibility is most important to him from what I understand. Goveia though, yeah I think thats pretty likely. Unless for some reason they give plop the GM title too lol.
  12. Yeah I really like borsa too. He has rare speed and quickness. Could be a good one. And the great thing is he won't need to rush at all. He will get lots of time to learn the pro game. I think one of bailey and demskis runs got charted as a pass ala shovel, but we did have a great stretch of even when you knew we were running you had no idea who was gonna get the touch. Bailey looks really good on the sweeps too. Being able to mix 4 guys through carries with many various looks is a tremendous threat. I hope buck continues to harness that. Also, I really wish we'd get grant in on some offensive touches. Thats the most dangerous guy on the team with the ball in his hands imo. The big difference too, was that plop just ran fly sweeps. It wasnt till late 18 when demski had started actually doing damage with the sweeps that we saw jet motion used to pull defenders and stretch them out of the box on runs to harris. That motion is really what made our offense work, as we especially saw with out demski early this year. Suddenly you have 2 viable ball carriers running in different directions and the defense has to be patient and stay at home, wait for the hand off and carefully watch to go for the right guy. That also has opened up some pretty good quick screens, especially in the first half of the first elk game. But also in the last game we saw play action, a fake pump to a screener and a brilliant timing route at the seam to darvin adams for a huge gain. Fajardo at his best in 19 carved up those timing routes, add in PA / sweep motion / and or the screen that the sweep opens and good luck defending that. Dressler was great, and got us some good gains with that screen, but man plop really knocked a couple years off his career with those runs.
  13. I think argos or maybe the als make for the best grey cup. The argos dont have consistent qbing, or dedication to the run game other wise they would be a serious threat at no2.
  14. I think its more about being careful with his health and making sure we have the best and healthiest harris possible in the play offs. QFT
  15. Yep. I think he's a decent player coach too. But man he's not good at making the best of his weapons.
  16. His hands and blocking have been tremendous. But augustine has made big strides on teams this year too. I hope we work both in. One thing is for sure we are in a great situation long term for ni rb
  17. Bcs front made good adjustments for the run but gave up any chance of pressure.
  18. To be fair if you watch it again you could drive a truck through that hole and he wasn't touched in the first 10 plus yards. Did look fast though. They are. But at this point augustine and Brady both need regular reps to improve technically as backs. Both guys should get 10 ish carries a game till the play offs.
  19. He sure did. On cjob he talked about how he spent the off year working on speed and getting faster and quicker and playing quicker. It sure seems to have paid off. With Harris out for probably the next game at least I'd love to see a fairly close split in carries between the two. Especially some 2 back stuff we've talked about for years. Fake a dive to Brady then power toss go Augustine. Soo much that we could do with both.
  20. Or augustines 55 yard run the whole secondary and kongbo sprinting down field behind him on the side line waving towels and cheering.
  21. They were totally OK with it going into the ldc. When they had convinced them self Fajardo was a MOP candidate and that they were destined host the wf Soo true. Watching the highlight of Augustines 55 yarder you just see the bc front destroyed as he hits the hole. I think it was Couture who was looking for a lion to lay out and no one wanted any part of it. This team sets the physical tone in every aspect and dials it up to 11 as soon as we kick off. From augustine with a smashing on teams to Bailey laying a guy out on a block in the first drive to ba passing out crocodile arms to every wr. This team plays much harder than other teams are comfortable with. Even grants td run. He didn't have a seam he made a seam.
  22. At this point I think it's a matter of time till the mafia have statues and names up on the ring. IIRC he's already 2nd most for coaching wins.
  23. Sayles is a tremendous player and athlete. But at this point, nichols is as good a player at worst, (not as good an athlete) and dramatically cheaper. That type of change is how great teams become dynasties. Knowing you are letting go a good player but that you have the ability to replace them with a good player who is cheaper.
  24. Other teams got 3 or 4 games vs ottawa. We got 0. Other teams started out with like 5 home games in a row, we had a balanced home away schedule. Other teams didnt have to play 4 home n home back to backs, and other teams didnt have to replay every team save twice, with in 2 weeks. Every time we beat a team we'd have to turn around and play them again the next week or the following week. That is stupid hard in football. The schedule sucks. Badly. But it sucks soo bad its fairly balanced. Also, toronto did fine in their short week 3 game stint. That week took them from one of the bottom teams in the east to the top team. Adversity is an opportunity to be great. Losers try to blame other teams lack of adversity for their success.
  25. Watching him lay motionless in the background of the play was horrible. It took forever for the booth to mention it too. If he had been an offensive player that would've been called for spearing.
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