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  1. Nope. Dee Alford was an nfl talent and didn’t get a whiff. Lots of guys fall between the cracks. That’d be nice to get kongbo back.
  2. Woods is a tall lean 3-4 4i/end tweener. That projects as a regular cfl dt not a nose. I didn’t see any snaps with him lined up on the nose in college. Remember stove was a 300lbs nose at like 5’10. Woods is 4-5 inches taller and slim for his weight. He could twist into the nose some but I don’t think he’s gonna be a cfl nose. He does have great mobility for a dt though. He’s like a heavier Ricky walker.
  3. Toronto rotates every one in their front. Including the best lber in the league for two years. Oakman is a top tier nfl talent, you don’t end up in the cfl being a guy like him or Willy with out knocks.
  4. We did, but we did not generate consistent pressures, and we didn’t do it with out sending extra guys. Willy j hit the wall hard last year, jj missed most of the year, Thomas was completely burned out, etc. those numbers also take into count db and lber pressures, coverage sacks etc. our west final was almost all coverage sacks.
  5. Good for him gonna be a nice pay day. And bring him closer to pension. I’m sure he will have atleast partial pension next year.
  6. Really all dl need to actively rotate in the modern cfl. You don’t gain much by sending 1/2 and playing cover 1, since teams will just chip WRs, roll, throw at the gap and with the narrow hash marks it’s really easy to throw to the gap. Cover 0 and playing dbs back by the first down marker gives you a chance but you’re still real susceptible to yac plays. The key to consistent pressure is mixing looks. 3 and 4 man fronts, layering pass rush lanes, twisting, running cheetah, then showing and dropping from blitz looks. Doing all that requires guys to constantly be as fresh as possible so they can really get after it. When you try and do that stuff with out rotating especially if they other team runs with some balance the dl just gets beat up.
  7. I would go ni at lber. And or if ford came back at field corner maybe. We started 3 ni on d last year and that was often with 8 starting. We can easily drop one. He did. He isn’t Casey sayles but he’s way cheaper. Nose/oakman at the other dt spot is a game changer. The problem with that is we need another quality dt to rotate and back him up.
  8. Yeah long time guy. Is he ready? Yes. In his reps over the last couple years he’s been very good both pre season and late season. The question is will he physically hold up to starting every game. Don’t and won’t know till he’s in the fire. yep, holly is the First Lady of Winnipeg. They’ve lived here full time for a couple years now iirc. He might be a candidate for coaching down the road too. I 100% think the answer is flipping the dt ratio spot and running full imp starters on the dl. Sign oakman, bring in noses to rotate with walker and oakman use Lawson to bring in an imp db/ rotate guys.
  9. During that 20 years the riders were a strong market for little more than a blip. They also had save the riders rallies yearly 20 years ago. And are tanking hard again. Bandwagons emptying riders aren’t the back bone of any thing but the basement these days. Best of the worst. Do you honestly believe Zach would suggest going to ssk? First advice from any qb to an upstart in fa is if you can, pick a team with an ol.
  10. I don’t think ssk will actually go after brown. I think they are gonna run it back with dole fine and Harris.
  11. Says the guy posting on his teams rivals fan forum lol.
  12. I don’t think those guys will be back in tc. We used to do that.
  13. He’s clearly talking about the mcknights types that we keep cycling through repeatedly. Also we haven’t used the pr expansion as a tc try out since the xfl/usfl started up. It just isn’t viable any more.
  14. It’s almost always the guys we’ve had an extended look at already, and not the guys who sit on our nl for a year then sign and are cut from the pr with in a month.
  15. Certainly we’ve seen the last of Davis locksley arbuckle and poopkup right? No? $&@%! Hope none of em end up here.
  16. Much as I don’t want to lose brown, teams should be more worried about us replacing in with strevler. That package spelling Zach is deadly. We also have the ability to develop guys right now. Where did mbt come from? Our pr. Where did Zach resurrect his career and find his pinnacle? Here. Where did strevy jump off from into a multi year multi million dollar nfl career with pension? Here. Where did brown go from a shell shocked kid scared to hold a football to the hottest next qb in years? Here. Spring league took poopkup and the RBs pounced on pigrome. We are the new Buono qb mill team. Zach is a known entity. I wouldn’t pine for him to get hurt as other teams fans. What we bring off the bench is probably better than half of what the league starts. Even if a possible brown replacement isn’t under contract.
  17. Mace is a good hire. But nothing matters unless that ol is fixed first and foremost. And oday has proven he can’t scout ol worth a damn. we actually have two. Brown isn’t a free agent currently. 2024 fa is a ways off. Yeah The fandom doesn’t have scars currently. We’ve been to 4 gcs in a row and won 2. We have our coaching staff and front office back in tact. No one’s hurt or sad or w/e. Some pissed that we didn’t squeeze out the victory but no team is better poised than us to be in contention next year.
  18. Comedy is trying to compare the wear and tear of a rb whose Carried the ball over 1100 times in his career and been hit nearly every one of those Carries some times more than once with a qb who was hit less in two years than one busy game for Harris. Not to mention that Harris used to have less injury concerns. In the last 3 years he’s missed more games than he’s played. Zach we missed 1 due to injury. Those, are facts. Rb years is completely in comparable to qb years. You think hardrick and Cole are due big raises? We don’t pay dbs big bucks. Never have. The most ba has made here is under 90k. We have lots of varied povs here. Check literally any thread with posts this week and you’ll see that clearly.
  19. 100%. Scouting really needs to be separate. I think each coaching position should have an individual cap too. No Chris jones deals.
  20. he certainly couldnt have prevented it. Though I bet he wouldn't have tried to go hard against the government and get very little money when more was on the table. The cap has created a league where the same disciples spread and the same experienced guys keep floating back to the top. It certainly wouldn't be fixed, but I think it would be a lot better bringing new blood into the league. Maybe not, but I think it'd be better. Cohon was the last commish with actual power. The BOG trusted him and empowered him to dig them out of the trouble he came into and he did. I wonder if perhaps part of him leaving involved the BOG wanting to peel back some of that power. Cohon era remember edmonton was pulling massive attendance. While we were far lower I feel the average team was much higher. Has the cap increase beaten inflation though? I bet that would be real interesting to see, though the recent massive surge in inflation would certainly skew those numbers. Is it? The stuff I follow I don't seem to see that. I could believe that attendance is dropping though. Especially post covid. The nature of entertainment has changed A LOT. Yeah, We need the NI rule, and I like some of the thought process behind globals. But it has basically just filled out punters and the odd kick cover guy. 100%, an expansion/rebuilding team just needs to buck the popular trend and do things differently. It could be a huge boon as teams try to catch up and involve new wrinkles. Increase in NFL PR size has certainly been an issue, as well as xfl/usfl. I think long term more talent circulating will improve quality of player for every league though. Another 3-5 years and I think all leagues left standing will see benefit of this. It is, but, the FA thing has created events like lawler, where a guy leaves gets an insane deal that messes up the market, and then it doesn't lead to any thing.
  21. I’d say, Attendance, league wide team stability, league wide venue quality, leagues ability to Scout/develop/ and retain talent, the games rules have become more convoluted than ever, challenges barely serve a purpose with the in consistency of enforcement/calls, 80% of the league is a free agent every year, the game on offence and defence is as stagnant as ever with every one running small variations of the same stuff, league wide debt levels, I mean it’s honestly a lot of different areas. Some are hard to quantify but in deniably worse. For sure the leagues BOG is as much to blame as any one. Since cohon all they’ve had is fall guys/patsys. Would any one argue that the league would be worse off or not better off if we had kept cohon this whole time? I very much doubt it. Maybe I’ve crazy, some of that stuff maybe happens any way for sure, but I feel like it all would’ve been dealt with better with cohon.
  22. One bottle of grey goose per team courtesy of jones/ambrosie. Despite a bigger tsn deal, the biggest us tv deal ever, and the gambling revenue, I’d say the league is in a worse spot than it was when cohon left. Am I out to lunch?
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