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  1. They gonna try a 52 yarder Did mtl have an on side man for that punt?
  2. Needed another second to make that connection. Bucks gotta roll him out.
  3. The plop play call Did get away with a little one ya
  4. Miller with the murder. Another crunch of the game candidate.
  5. Bombers are not happy at half time. I promise that. It’s not the best ol in the league this year.
  6. Least they caught this one. I think he was gonna throw it didn’t think he’d get it off then did
  7. Missing the best guard in the league and a centre who was excellent at helping now we have a centre whose a negative that has to be helped and Bryant struggling with bull rushes.
  8. Slow screen passes to Bailey. The worst play in our book.
  9. Ellingson almost pulled it out too Yeah. Good gain considering.
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