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  1. Couple of quick thoughts: While it would be nice to have Leggs do all the kicking, and have an open spot for another player to fill, I completely agree that we should let him concentrate on the punting, and have someone else do the place-kicking ( Mourtada ). I like our chances very much in Edmonton this week. Not too worried about covid for them, just follow the damn rules and they'll be fine!! If we can get big Stove into the line-up this week look out Elks.
  2. I'm pretty concerned about Leggs. I want the kid to do well, and he seems to have all the talent in the world....but man he needs a shrink. First half awful, second half much improved but still. If we really need him to help us win, is he going to come through?? I dunno. If this continues I don't think he's going to make it. Very impressed with the defence. Biggie is everywhere out there, and plays a clean, tough game.
  3. Is there a video of the brawl?? I was busy celebrating the touchdown and then all hell broke loose. Don't think I've ever seen every ref on the field throw a flag!
  4. I love the Banjo Bowl. The atmosphere and volume is amazing. My ears are still ringing!! 1. Collaros. He can play. How many years has it been since we had a qb as good as him? 2. Willy J. Beast mode. 3. Mike Miller Mr. everything....offence, special teams monster. HH Hansen. Need to see more of him.Sack today and great on specials
  5. I agree Nelson could do better with respect to yards gained. Totally agree with your sentence that " catching the punt is a skill all unto itself". Nelson seems to be very reliable in the catching the ball department. I have no doubt the coaches are working with him on the return part. I think the potential is there, but the confidence and decision-making is questionable right now.
  6. I saw a couple of guys talking about the return game. We need a new guy back there, it's just not working. I don't mind the kicking game, he left a 56 yarder short, and then gassed a makeable one. Made everything after that, and I think that's the growing pains we're going to have with him. Our kick cover team also had a lousy game, but our guy Miller is just a beast out there. I've been doing pretty good at the pick 'ems, don't mind getting this one wrong!
  7. So I gotta confess that in the pick 'ems for this week I took the green team. I drank the TSN cool aid. Needless to say I'll be picking the blue team next week!
  8. 1. D line. Controlled the line and Fajardo 2. Harris. Beast mode tonight. 3. Collaros. Great game. HH. Biggie was everywhere tonight
  9. I gotta say these drops by our receivers are horrifying. 4 tonight by my count. I remember years ago at the old stadium we had a team with the dropsies. Gotta work through it. I'm thrilled for our kicker....Leggs ( because I can't spell his name ). This could very well be a career-making game for him. Missing either the long one or the game winner would've been a disaster for him. Anyway, if he keeps this up Crapinga will be out of a job. Like many have said, this vanilla defence is just awful.
  10. You guys have gotten away from this thread....it's 3 stars and Happy Honker! 1. Leggs....not sure what went wrong with the convert kick, but after that he was solid. Which kick was more important for his head...the long one or the game winner?? I'm thrilled for the kid. 2. Harris. I think the offence plays with more confidence when he's got the ball. 3. Miller. Plays tight end, defence, and special teams. He's very very good. HH. Hardrick. I just love his enthusiasm and attitude. Sadly no hops this year, but running around with Leghio on his shoulder tonight is just awesome. He did the same thing in the Toronto game, can't remember who he carried around then. Also honourable mention to Mike Benson ( long snapper ) and the holder #12. ( brain cramp can't think of his name)
  11. so do we get an automatic point from the toronto edmonton game??
  12. Yes the hit was penalized, and yes he's probably getting a fine. I don't believe it was premeditated at all.
  13. I might walk back my earlier comments a little bit, but it's sure easy to look at slow motion and make or unmake a penalty call. I don't like that part at all. Let the refs do their thing. The command centre is far too involved IMO. 3 stars: Miller for the record; Jackson; Willy. HH: Hansen for his special teams work. I think this game exposed some weaknesses. We had to know that they were going to come hard on D, and they did. We didn't adjust for that. I like it when we go heavy on the o'line. I think they're trying to shelter Leggs by having him punt and do kick-offs, but Crapinga needed to make those 2 field goals, not only for the team, but to save his job. I don't think he survives many more misses. Leggs is our future kicker, as long as he gets some solid mentoring. Westwood?? MIller #25 has got to go.
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