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  1. That's what's really important imo for the Bombers. No huge upfront bonus to hurt our cap. And if he gets a serious injury ( God forbid its another bad concussion ) then he goes on the 6 game and his $$ doesn't go against the cap. Bombers are protected!
  2. would you mind deleting a few of my posts as well please? Sure didn't think we had a chance in the Collaros sweapstakes. Really didn't think we'd give up the draft pick.
  3. I'm glad that Rose and Kongbo have landed at least the possibility of full-time employment down south. Good for them, and bad for us. I just hope that they remember Winnipeg if things don't work out. Especially Kongbo. Has there been any news on Streveler? Him putting on a shirt isn't what I'm asking about!
  4. exactly....the injury to his throwing shoulder is major, in terms of potentially threatening his career.
  5. Merry Christmas and all the best for a happy and healthy New Year!
  6. glad this has been sorted out....don't think it was really ever in doubt
  7. Glad Neufeld's back,I thought he might pack it in after getting the cup.
  8. Totally agree. Nichols went on the 6 game, and whatever salary had to be paid from that point forward didn't apply to the cap. So yes there should be some cash in the bank to cover a couple of extra 2019 signing bonuses. I hadn't thought of this!
  9. I think the biggest dilemma is at the QB position....and the hardest choices. I won't be surprised if Nichols is gone, nor will it be a shock if we keep him. I think we gotta keep Streveler for sure. For Nichols everything will depend on his shoulder healing. Obviously this injury is career threatening IMO.
  10. walked around outside in the rain wearing my Death Roh shirt and didn't care! May have been the beverages.....but I don't think so. So happy and excited for our city and the team!!
  11. Thanks for all these Odds and Sods posts man....as always, fantastic and bang on
  12. My 3 stars are in no particular order, because really, they're all first stars! Harris....not going to be denied. MOP and MOC. Historic. O'line and D'line. Dominated in the trenches. Entire coaching staff for putting together a tremendous game plan and having the boys beyond ready to go. HH Thiadric Hansen and his bone-crushing destruction of 2 players on that return. No doubt the team totally took it up 10 notches after that!
  13. After the two beatings Hamilton put on us earlier this year, I really wasn't sure that we could win this game. But we had made changes, especially at the QB position. From the moment this game began, you could see our team was more than ready. The D line...the O line.....special teams....and of course the man who would not be stopped, Andrew Harris. I couldn't be prouder today of the whole organization.
  14. ddanger


    My thoughts on our qb situation into next year......Collaros is gone. Too much risk with an injury to justify a 1st round draft choice. Nichols I'm on the fence over. And it has to do with his shoulder. That could possibly be a career threatening injury. Streveler is getting significant raise and he's back. I really don't think he gets an NFL look. Mcguire is back because he's under contract.
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