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  1. As we all know the draft is a crap-shoot. Always sounds so good. That being said, I like what we have done, and I can see us having 3 NI starters on our o'line pretty fast. This year fast?? Yes i think so.
  2. IMO there were more problems with our offence than the QB. Specifically, our lack of imagination and predictability really hurt. I also thought our o'line didn't play very well. At the end of the day, it was a defensive battle all afternoon, and a play or two going our way instead of theirs, and we win. No I'm not giving the keys to Streveler, but I most certainly want to increase his work-load, and start a transition at the QB position.
  3. Calgary rarely rushed more than 4...against our 5....and was flushing out Nichols over and over again. So the answer for me is no, our o'line lost the trench battle no doubt.
  4. I can't remember the last camp battle at a primary spot like RB or QB. Hell even at OL for that matter. I'm not ready to give Streveler the reins, but my leash on Nichols is getting shorter.
  5. If it's Black/Forde I'm gonna smash my new TV. Man I can't stand Black
  6. I'm a little late to the party but here we go.... 1. Streveler. Great legs when he needed them, and he's just getting better and better. 2. Lankford. Don't think he's kicked a field goal since high school. 3. Augustine. I think he's much better than LaFrance.
  7. ddanger


    Blocking is a huge part of kick returns. Pretty confident there's not many of us here that would trade places with Kevin and try to field punts. Personally, I like what he does on punt return...he catches the ball, makes the first guy or two miss virtually every time, and gets what he can. I think this whole thread is barking up the wrong tree.
  8. I don't care what flag our players carry. All I want out of a receiver is for him to catch the ball, and block when he doesn't have the ball. 81 and 82 are dependable, possession receivers who just happen to be Canucks. I'm a Darvin Adams fan, and I must say I was rather disappointed with his game.
  9. great summary again, thanks very much! Where has that kind of D been all year??
  10. Medlock had a couple of bad punts in the 2nd half, but people ragging on him is mind-blowing. He's the best kicker in the league IMO, and has been in that position for years. I loved watching him kick before we had the good fortune to acquire him. Those 2 punts in the first half, and the long-range field goal were things of beauty. I agree we need to think about a replacement, because his contract is up after this year I think and I believe he was talking about retirement before this season.
  11. I don't think there's anyone arguing that we simply aren't very good this year. I really thought we'd be better, especially with the addition of Bighill. Injuries are part of the game, and losing 3 of our upper echelon players on Friday night will have an effect. Let's hope they're not as bad as the seemed ( for Bighill in particular ). One thing we haven't talked about at all is the green hoard. So I took a look at their schedule.....without looking at the standings. I think we will be 10-8 at the end, and sadly I think Sask will also be 10-8. I have them losing to Montreal, Bombers, and Calgary. Their last game of the year is at home against BC, sure would be nice if they could do us a favour there. So, we gotta finish, at worst, 4th in the west. I really think we can do it. 4th that is.
  12. Agreed. So we go back to the other heavily flogged point......we got out-coached again.
  13. Totally agree with this. Whether Nicholls is injured or not, there's something mentally wrong as well. He's simply not the same. The coaches must know and recognize this, and yet on we go. Managing this situation has been very poor. And not at least planning as a contingency for 17 to come in, and having a package ready for him, seems incredibly mismanaged.
  14. I'm very very disappointed in the game today. Horrified at the performance of Nichols. As a lot of posters have stated, it certainly appeared like we didn't have a play package for Streveler. We need to have a play package set up ASAP for Streveler. We have some serious coaching issues on offence. Far too much predictability. I don't agree with people criticizing Neufeld. He's been starting left guard for close to a season. ( 17 and 18 ) Now he's been asked to play right tackle. Very different position, coupled with having to completely change his footwork. Yes there's some pain with him out there, but this isn't an easy transition. The plays I watched him he did just fine. We lost yet another trench battle today. On both sides. Sure didn't see much blitzing. I really feel the Riders should be thanking their lucky stars. They should've lost both of those games.
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