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  1. We have big issues on offence. This game was a classic " offence can't stay on the field" and " defence can't get off". Trying to replace 5 guys from offence isn't easy and clearly we have some work to do, especially on the O'line. I'd sure love to see the film in the O'line room. I'm worried that Yoshi is going to be unable to play in BC and I sure hope I'm wrong.
  2. I thought for sure that you would've gone for 2. I am too. I'm a Twitter doctor but I can't provide a diagnosis on this thread.
  3. I thought his kicking took a huge leap forward last week. Is he Justin Medlock?? Nope. But he's really improved this season no doubt.
  4. Normally I hardly ever watch the other teams play, but I watched most of both games yesterday. Toronto was unbelievably bad, especially the secondary and O'line. Rourke is good no doubt, but when he plays against a real team we shall see. Calgary and Edmonton play 4 times against each other?? Nice travel schedule there.
  5. I'm late but here we go. 1. Leggs....thrilled with his play last night. A couple of booming punts, and all good on the field goals. 2. Whole defence. 1 touchdown given up in 3 games. Willy, Jackson, Biggie, Kyrie just awesome. 3. Zack. Calm and cool under pressure. Woulda liked to see him get rid of the ball a little faster. HH. Houston had a great game. Also glad for the return of Hansen, and awesome to see him taking some reps on the d line.
  6. Is it going to rain?? The seats in section 232 are always dry! I agree....but I don't know how long we can wait. And right now, if the game is on the line....I'm very nervous.
  7. It was a defensive gem. And everybody loves one of those!
  8. #1 Wilson #2 Dru Brown #3 Ellingson HH Schoen
  9. section 232 was doing lots of LOL'ing at the half when they ran outta time. Incredibly poor clock management. Agreed. Brown looked confident and played confidently. Gotta have a #2 that can play, and I think we got one!
  10. Man you've basically summed up my thoughts on the game. I liked our young safety all through pre-season, and I still like him. But it's different when the games matter.
  11. No way TSN should be breaking away from a CFL game to cover the NBA. Just my opinion. Wondering if the lack of pressure on Massoli could be us missing Jeffcoat. Lot easier for them to deal with Willy when Jeffcoat isn't there.
  12. I thought that Oliviera would be better than what he showed last night. Slowing down to search for a hole and then trying to accelerate was not working. I get the limited reps that the starters had together in the exhibition season, but our running game needs to be better.
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