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  1. Pretty risky running with only 2 qb's. Gotta think Walters is burning up the phone lines. Imagine the chaos if Streveler gets hurt.......
  2. It's generally considered to be bad form if the patient croaks.
  3. I disagree. IMO we finally did something unpredictable...we put in our running qb. Football is a team game, and they have to work together to make it happen. Putting in Streveler created confusion, and diverted a portion of their attention away from Harris. I've been bashing LaPo repeatedly, and now I get to praise him.
  4. I think I might know.....
  5. I've read every comment on this thread, and really folks, nothing is going to change. Nichols is our starter, end of story. Our offence is far too predictable, and when we didn't do the predictable thing at the end and put in Streveler we moved the ball. Why?? Because Calgary now had to divide their attention between Harris and Streveler. I blame a lot of our troubles on coaching. And like someone said, if two of those deep balls get caught, everything changes.
  6. Grant.....speed and great vision Harris....if he's not there we're toast Sayles....tremendous game HH.....that sweet kick from 55 by Medlock was amazing
  7. If it comes down to having to trade one of the two, I'm going to trade Nichols and keep the young guy. I like our current qb tandem, but would like to see Streveler utilized more. Especially when the offence is struggling.
  8. that's right....when Hardrick got hurt and Speller ( I think ) was moved from left guard to right tackle he wasn't good....the footwork is totally different and that's a huge change even for a seasoned vet
  9. exactly.....the line seems to have run-blocking down pretty good, but pass-block and blitz protection are suspect. Must remember we have 3 interior guys with extremely limited experience
  10. It's a long season, and we were never going to go 18-0. Every team deals with injuries, and now it's our turn. Mathews probably gets in next week ( unless he goes clubbin in TO ), and as I said earlier maybe we need to give Yoshi a game off to heal up. We have a very inexperienced interior o'line, and they had a teachable moment last night. I like our defence, and doesn't defence win championships?? Can't expect to win a game with 5 turnovers. And yes the qb takes the blame for the whole offence, kind of like Helly taking the blame when the puck goes in. Did receivers run the wrong routes?? Did the o'line not block properly?? Gotta check the film, sort things out and move on.
  11. Yoshi is playing hurt. I agree with some other comments that we give him a game on IR and let our other American OL play
  12. You're exactly right. I'm so frustrated by the brutal lack of sports coverage on the evening news. But let's run the weather 3 times in 30 minutes🤬 Personally I hardly watch the news anymore, I spend many hours listening to TSN1290.
  13. Thanks again for doing this. I was worried Jennings might go crazy on us, but the D shut them right down last night.
  14. And Randle was clearly pleased with that tribute. So was Ian Wild. Classy.
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