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  1. So Collaros took first team reps at practice today ( Tuesday ) and Streveler wasn't on the field. Guess the question has been answered. If we go with the experienced guy we absolutely have to get him into game action. I hope the kid retires after the season, there's too much long-term risk for him to keep playing. I also want to see McGuire get some reps. And finally, Trevor Harris is going to play this weekend, could Edmonton throw a wrinkle into this weekend's games?
  2. It is absolutely stunning.....we all are outsiders looking in, but we start so strong,, and then the other team makes some changes to their plan, and we fall apart. Time and time again. I just don't see us making in-game adjustments. Can we steal the game in Riderville? I don't believe we would steal it, I really believe we are the better team.
  3. And it's not Streveler's job ( for the most part ) to be a running back. I still feel he's a dynamite back-up qb,
  4. Today my stars are going to the leaders and warriors.. 1. Streveler....full marks to him for leadership and tenacity. If we had a few more like him we could go all the way. 2. Harris. 3. Hardrick. HH. Sayles. Honourable mention to Lucky....great game
  5. don't agree about biggie, but the rest I'm totally with you
  6. we scored enough points to win....Calgary's defense isn't setting the world on fire today either...rushing 3 didn't work every time we did it, and yet we continued with that and our soft secondary coverages. I'm blaming the coaching staff on defense for this
  7. 1. Harris.....another great game from 33 2. Hardrick....setting the tone on the line and clearly a leader on the team 3. Secondary...lots of picks and played them tough HH. Jefferson was in full beast mode
  8. I had lots on my roof near my front door. Didn't want to lose the evestrough. Used the roof rake, and then had to move some of the snow, and the plastic shovel broke.
  9. I'm looking for some imagination and creativity on offence, and some tight coverage on D. I'm not asking too much am I ??
  10. Power here not an issue, but I've broken 2 shovels moving this crap
  11. Pretty sure we swapped draft picks with Toronto, and if we sign him we give them a 1st as well. No way we give up that. I'm glad we did something, and personally I hope he never sees the field. And that's got everything to do with his head, not his ability.
  12. Almost regardless how this season turns out I think we need to make some changes. It's not going to be an easy decision, but I agree with this that Lapo and Hall should move on. I want to keep O'Shea, but we gotta make some changes.
  13. I understand what you are saying here. Back in the old days most teams would pull their starting qb when the game was no longer in doubt. The crazy thing in the CFL is that many leads simply aren't safe even late in the 4th quarter. I totally share your concerns that should Streveler get hurt ( and we all know his style of play lends itself to him getting hurt ) we will be forced into playing Mcguire. I'd like to see him get some 2nd and short, 3rd and short reps to at least get some feel, like we did with Streveler.
  14. really well-written. As I just wrote in another thread, if I was to change anything it would be the OC. And I hear this all the time...why can't we find a qb? I thought we found one in Streveler, and while I haven't given up, I'm not convinced he's the answer.
  15. I completely agree with this....I watch the game and can call the play when the offence is out there. If I was going to change anything on the team it would be our OC.
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