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  1. any news on Streveler? Only thing I've heard about him lately is that Lapo wants him as the Ottawa QB1. I dunno about this ... not a lot of evidence for it. Seems like when a CFL team goes into the season without an established QB, that team generally craps the bed. Good rookie starters come along only about once a decade ... Allen, Flutie, Ray, Evans .. can't think of any others. None of the current crop of CFL QBs made waves as rookies, tho VAJ started and won three games in his first CFL season.
  2. Top Three Worst Knees in Bomber History: Robert Marve Reggie Slack Nolby (get well soon, dude! enjoy yr time off)
  3. dragging this thread out of the mouth of the Sarlaac to ask: Anyone watching the Boba Fett show?
  4. mmm, eggnog. Peace, health and happiness to all my football friends!
  5. "has committed to staying for the full tenure of the contract." lol. if you have to say it out loud, how true can it be?
  6. Bobby Gorgeous won't be coaching the Als receivers next year: https://3downnation.com/2021/12/21/alouettes-receivers-coach-robert-gordon-wont-be-back-in-2022/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=alouettes-receivers-coach-robert-gordon-wont-be-back-in-2022 whoah, TIL
  7. Vince Ferragamo too! tho poor Vince could never figure out how to deal with the extra man in coverage. Threw a lot of picks and I don't think he ever won a start. a TJ Rubleyish performance from a big-deal NFL star.
  8. agreed but worst-to-first turnarounds are not unheard of in the CFL and with everyone on one-year deals the league basically gets a talent reset every offseason. that said I would be super surprised if Ottawa manages to do so, you look at the trouble they've had retaining free agents and wonder if firing Desjardins is enough to remedy the talent issues there ... and I don't think of Lapo as a guy who can coach up an undertalented roster like C-**** or Mass have shown. (I know nothing about coaching football)
  9. I was thinking that Richie Hall would get a look at the HC job in Edmonton, given the ludicrous D he's coached up for us. Then I remembered he's already been fired as a head coach in Edmonton, tho that was a decade ago. I suspect Ottawa is too cheap to pay Lapo to sit on his couch so they'll wait and then fire him in a panicky midseason move next year.
  10. There was a training camp QB who had an ... uncle? ... on here ... IIRC the QB made a splash in a preseason game and was very briefly the next big thing, but I think he got cut...wish I could remember his name. I think this was early in the Canadian Mafia era... Edit: Justin Holland. It was his dad, not his uncle. That was in freaking 2007. Fourteen years ago. good lord I'm old.
  11. astonishing thing about Fajardo is that he's .750 as a starter and he showed in the western final he's got a lot of ability to rescue broken plays. Gotta respect that. Think he's a good match for a team whose QB is going to be under duress a lot. A pocket passer would get killed behind that green OL. Long as your line is so leaky, you might as well roll with Fajardo.
  12. such a headsup play, and decisive. A pick there and we lose, I think.
  13. love Collaros but they got it wrong; Castillo is the MVP today.
  14. doing great here, man. full remission and a championship to celebrate!
  15. holy crap you guys, I couldn't sit down, I was standing and pacing in front of the TV for the entire fourth quarter. Good job Hamilton, you gave us a hell of a game. Castillo MVP.
  16. I felt that too! right after the missed FG, I was like, okay, we got 'em now, and we scored right away. but then there was that fluky bad-traction TD by spitty mceyegouge ... I'm thinking holy cow we are in for a nutty 2019-style Western Final finish that's gonna put me in the heart ward. But no, the fourth quarter started and, like we do, we ground em up like calzone sauce. 11:15 time of possession in the fourth! That's a freaking ludicrous level of ball control. No team in my 35+ years of following this goofy league has been able to ground and pound like the bombers. hilarious that the big turnaround rider play happened at exactly 0:00 of the third, the last possible moment before the iron gate was scheduled to slam shut.
  17. did Jones play in the WF? I see he was on the gameday roster but he doesn't appear on the stats sheet... pretty sure I heard one bomber yell "Don't touch that!" at another bomber during the presentation.
  18. The Neufeld trade was the first move towards creating the modern, dominant Bombers.
  19. Thought it was a pretty textbook play by the Riders, first man in wraps up, second man goes for the ball. Bailey doesn't help by struggling so hard for an extra six inches or so. I kinda hate seeing receivers petermanning like that, sometimes it works out like on Bailey's TD, but most times it's just giving the DBs time to rally for a fumble.
  20. I gotta say that outside of his complete miss to Williams and the strip sack, Fajardo played better than I expected him to. His wide-side out to Williams was a great throw, one I didn't think he could make, and he had some nice point guard passes under duress and he got up and kept going after taking some nasty shots. Our first sack seemed to hurt him pretty bad but he shook it off.
  21. block of the game: Adams sealing the corner on Harris' 20-yard run. Completely erased his damn man from the play.
  22. from the Ed Tait recap: Holding the ball for eleven minutes and five seconds while coming from behind in the 4Q. Awesome.
  23. Did they expand Tim Horton's for the Grey Cup? Or is it still 24K?
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