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  1. I can't have been the only one thinking of this:
  2. Week 7 Bombers at Antlers (guest poet: James Wilder, Jr) flex flex flex flex flex: flex flex flex flex, flex flex flex! oh ****, did we lose? Bombers at Antlers (regular idiot) Athletic QB lays trap for Blue! Alas, he's no Rocky Butler.
  3. Sees the speedflex name, goes into flexxing frenzzy! flexflexflexflexflexflexflexflex
  4. Biggie blew up Wilder in the first quarter for a loss or a very short gain and did a little bitty flex afterwards that is gif-worthy.
  5. gotta give Bailey some love, ppl here were lumping him in with Nelson as a guy who should be cut or benched but the dude balled tonight.
  6. is it just me or is tackling bad across the whole league this year? istr people saying that no-contact practices would lead to bad tackling...
  7. Biggie clowning Wilder. love 2 see it
  8. remember remember the bombers of November .. 1987. Best team Cal Murphy ever coached, according to the man himself. Laid an egg in the playoffs. so many teams win the Grey Cup after indifferent regular seasons.
  9. 450 yards and no TDs. That's such a CFL 2021 stat. there's the Lucky sweep! #lapoball
  10. "start the process of decertifying the election, or whatever the correct legal remedy is." that is some sterling work by trump's attorney there.
  11. that reminds me of what my dad told me on my wedding day ... "son, don't toss ugly floaters off your back foot into the middle of the field," he said.
  12. Panel is lit like they've been hitting the laughing gas. Can't blame em after having to pump the tires on yesterday's snoozefests.
  13. good crisp drive for a FG. Can't be that casual in the final minutes, Lions. More entertainment in this game so far than in both games yesterday.
  14. Nice to see Andre Bolduc doing good work in the league. when I was a Rough Rider season ticket holder in 1996 the RRs had to start him at RB because they were down their two regular RBs and couldn't afford to bring in anyone else. He had not played RB since high school. They won two games with him at RB, averaging about three yards a carry. Good times. Some days I can't believe the CFL still exists.
  15. good lord Mike Reilly throws a nice deep ball. hit Lucky perfectly in stride.
  16. Forde and Smith not a great pair to call this game ... like both these guys but they're too sedate to pair well with each other. need a Neilson or a Dunigan in there. good job on Smith and TSN getting the clarification out there.
  17. Week 7 Stamps @ Hamilton Huffer, D!ck and Bo exiled from football heaven; Stamps' paradise lost. Week 7 Argos @ Saskatchewan Dear coach Dickenson: Please put Jamal Morrow in, -- signed, Suitor's boner.
  18. Kate Beirness is all out of lipstick apparently. Lovin how she calls it the way it is.
  19. ouch, that was a pretty feeble attempt at a lead block by Hamilton #20. Could've sprung his QB for a first down, there was all kinds of room there.
  20. naw, they really lean into the violence. there is some brutal brutal stuff in that show. the thing that made me say uncle was
  21. hey, I'm just watching Boardwalk Empire now, finished the second season last night. It is peak **** and gore HBO, with lots of really grisly violence, esp in the second season. I'm taking a break from it because really it's too much. It's much more casual about violence than Breaking Bad ever was. The plotting and cast are top-notch tho. It's gripping to watch.
  22. I wish I had time and data to run the numbers on the winning percentage of CFL teams in games where their starter is making their first start. Whatever it is, I bet it is not great.
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