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  1. Lots of reasons for why attendance is down and most have been touched on. One I'd highlight is some fans are tired of watching the Bombers lose (especially the first few years at IGF when the team played boring football). With the Bombers' start I see momentum building and I can see attendance rising every game from here on out. Fans want to cheer on guys that get them out of their seat. We had good crowds when guys like Charlie and Milt entertained us. Now we have Andrew, Lucky and crew to get us excited.
  2. There is an article on 3Down that indicates it was the league that fired Sherman and they didn't tell Reed about it ahead of time.
  3. Lucky was at practice and was running around a bit. Given the team's record and roster depth the Bombers can afford to cautious with their injured players. If this was a playoff game I'm sure Biggie, Hardrick and Lucky would all be playing.
  4. It actually switched to Vernon Adams and how they shouldn't have let him go.
  5. To fly with the best, sometimes you have to leave the nest
  6. The two dudes that used to play at Strawberries.
  7. I'd go with Bennett as the 3rd string. I'm not sure if it will play into the decision but Bennett would be a FA next year if he's not extended while McGuire is signed for next year.
  8. Nichols has very similar numbers to Collaros and a lot of Bomber fans are saying he had a bad game.
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