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  1. You can do it online. BET365 is site I've used.
  2. Lyles was released on Dec 18th. Bombers just never announced the transaction. 2020-12-18 NEAL, Tyrone LB N Delete From Active 2020-12-18 MCCANTS, Tyre WR N Delete From Active 2020-12-18 CARPENTER, Shane OL N Delete From Active 2020-12-18 LYLES, Chris DB A Delete From Active 2020-12-18 KOLOAMATANGI, Meffy DL A Delete From Active 2020-12-18 LAFRANCE, Royce DL N Delete From Active
  3. 3Down reports Zach took a 40K reduction in salary.
  4. Zach is due to make 450 grand plus up to 50 grand more in playing time bonuses. We should be hearing soon that he restructured his contract as he is due an off-season bonus.
  5. Wasn't that the guy that looked like a body builder?
  6. Yeah, I went back to Ed's article and he no longer shows Josh as being retired.
  7. While there is nothing official on the CFL site, Ed Tait indicates Josh Johnson has retired.
  8. The Bombers have lost 6 guys that weren't even issued jersey numbers yet.
  9. Nope, and with Covid 19, it's very likely teams are going to roster 3 QBs.
  10. Quebec has banned all sporting events until Aug 31st. I can't see the regular season starting before Labour Day.
  11. When was the last time that Irving was the first to report the salary of any player?
  12. Bauming and Hamilton also make an effort to follow the team closely. Bauming is more in tune with what's going on with the Bombers than Irving. I like listening to Bob but he talks about the team in generalities while Bauming knows more about the current status of players, etc.
  13. Wasn't it Wheeler and Hal that would call Coach Don Matthew's hotel at 7am and wake him up?
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