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  1. Because that is not the topic
  2. If you were watching Collaros yesterday, he throws far too often into coverage down the middle. that's his history. He should have had at least two interceptions if Calgary did not have butter fingers.
  3. Yes, but you said Walters sits on his ass and does nothing...now you want to backpedal?
  4. Obviously that's not true enough. If it were O'Shea would have insisted on having a much more capable returner on the field before now. That is an area that has been badly ignored, and having Fogg play who is only good at punt returns, and not so much in the defensive backfield is not the answer!
  5. Pretty sure he will tell you he graded very well, and they had a great time on their date!
  6. O'Shea keeps saying that Nichols continues to grade well, and describes all the things he did last year...getting rid of the ball fast, making good decisions etc. What a joke! If that is the result of their grading system they need a new one. If they keep grading Fogg well enough to stay on the field despite his poor play lately, can't tackle worth shi*T...again they are in need of a new system!
  7. No way....in a split second he is going to try and catch it, even if it is a high throw or slightly behind...to expect him to just let it go is ridiculous!
  8. You think I don't know that? But a lot of the moaning and groaning is overdone at this point
  9. Boy all the moaning and gnashing of teeth on here. I am as mad as anyone about yesterday. It's not that they lost, it's how they lost....but take away the gift 14 points to Riders, we have a win, and the tone for most on here is completely different. For many it is always about what have you done for me in the last minute or two.
  10. and leave us with no draft picks and in poor financial position
  11. That's not the same as having a chip on his shoulder for not getting respect...not even close.
  12. He's always had a chip on his shoulder about not getting respect? What a joke! There was one instance game before this and that's it!
  13. That's not what you said though...you didn't say anything about the 2nd or 3rd quarters or falling behind... "Lapo has rarely committed to the run in his career as a play caller. That’s one of his faults IMO. He makes his offences one dimensional and he’s rarely had the talent to get away with it, and it’s rare to have that talent. Like even BLM and Reilly stall out without some run complement." which is not true...as I pointed out Harris nearly set records for rushing and receiving last year, and has a bundle of rushing yards this year.
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