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  1. blue_gold_84

    Game 59 : Big Joe Mufferaw

    There is something wrong with the Jets right now, IMO. Getting outworked by a bottom-feeder again.
  2. blue_gold_84

    Game 59 : Big Joe Mufferaw

    5v5, the Jets are no playing well at all lately. Very inconsistent. Who else is sick of that atrocious Rogers commercial with Tavares?
  3. blue_gold_84

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Okay, Ricky Foley.
  4. blue_gold_84

    Game 58 : Mile High Feeling

    What an ugly performance.
  5. blue_gold_84

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Yeah, and the fact is the current regime is only responsible for 5 years of it (roughly 18% of the drought). It is not at all responsible for the remaining and far larger percentage. And a comparison to the Jets... Good grief. What a ridiculous false equivalency.
  6. blue_gold_84

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Of course. And in your defense, it had to do with the dumpster fire a province over. It's easy to overlook/forget/laugh at - perhaps in that order.
  7. blue_gold_84

    Free Agent Frenzy

    He did win COTY. He's an excellent defensive coach. It's his roster management skills that are absolute trash. And now O'Day gets the privilege of cleaning up that mess.
  8. blue_gold_84

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Yikes. And then his reply in the thread... "Sustained success?"
  9. blue_gold_84

    Free Agent Frenzy

    To anyone outside of the rectangle province, yes.
  10. blue_gold_84

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Jonesy leaving town has absolutely destroyed the Riders' 2019 aspirations... And perhaps longer.
  11. blue_gold_84

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    I just wish Marcel would get his stories straight.
  12. blue_gold_84

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Jee-zus... Did Marcel consult with his coaching staff on this?
  13. blue_gold_84

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    91 on offense, 26 on special teams. (http://cflstats.ca/player/8148/nic-demski) Does he need to improve his N-S movement and ball security? Yes. Do fans need to cringe whenever he touches the ball? Hell nah.