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  1. You can't honestly believe the QB alone is the one and only player holding back this team... That's simply a ridiculous and ignorant comment to make. Watching eight games of this regular season would easily demonstrate that what ails this team goes beyond who's behind centre. I get it: the offense the last three games has been nauseating to watch - and Nichols' play has been a significant part of that. But it's not just on him. Unless you expect a QB to play DB and defend/pick off a pass, play LB and not whiff on a tackle, play tailback and not fumble, play receiver and hold on to a catchable pass, play returner and not fumble twice in a game... On Thursday, special teams basically won that game for the home team. Rose's late INT helped seal the deal. This notion the 2019 Blue Bombers live and die based on the play of a single player is patently false and very irrational. Other players have made mistakes this past season, on offense, on defense, and on special teams. Hell, the coaching staff continues to make mistakes, too. There's ample blame to go around and fall at the feet of many. A truly, consistently dominant team is one that limits its mistakes - across the board. That has yet to happen with this team. Even at 6-2, there is so much room for improvement here. And that starts with the coaches and trickles down the roster in all three phases of this team.
  2. And how did Streveler move the ball? With his feet. Big deal.
  3. Weird how that never happened. You started trolling the Jets subsection during last year's playoffs. Everyone there saw through your BS and you couldn't handle it - so you ran away and joined this forum. Much to the chagrin of many.
  4. Odd trade. But I guess this is Popp grasping at straws. It's not like he gave up much... Then again, he didn't get much.
  5. Friday's game reminded me of the Banjo Bowl last season. Nothing was working on offense and no adjustments seemed to be made. And like last year's Banjo Bowl, a QB would've not made a difference, IMO. Streveler still doesn't seem to have his reads down, he rarely stays in the pocket, his passing needs a considerable amount of work, and with how poorly the O-line was playing in both run blocking and pass protection, it'd have likely been just him lowering his head and barreling down the middle for a gain of a few. I'm all for giving backups reps in-game, but I don't think Friday was the right opportunity for that.
  6. Are you trying to say Nichols should've asked to be benched? If so, that's a bit odd. No self-respecting athlete is going to ask to be replaced. And besides, it's the head coach who would decide to make the change, not the player. For whatever reason, the offense just didn't have it on Friday night. The QB, the O-line, some receivers (and one getting injured)... even Harris looked off. I'd also argue LaPolice's gameplan wasn't the right one for the opponent. And if history is any indication, I highly doubt a QB change would've been the answer.
  7. Bingo. Eliminate the turnovers (the fumbles were just as ugly as the picks, if not more costly due to field position surrendered), clean up the penalties (there were some uncharacteristic ones the other night), and execute better (not just the QB). The Bombers as a whole went into Hamilton seemingly underprepared, underestimated their opponent, and were promptly punched in the mouth by a fired up home team. That should serve as a wake-up call for them.
  8. Agreed. They got punched in the mouth and never recovered. Hopefully, some adversity is what they need to get their heads on straight.
  9. Not what I meant but at least you're perceptive... And it isn't a playoff game so I'm not going to entertain such a dumb hypothetical question.
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