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  1. Finally. Good riddance to you and your garbage posts.
  2. Yeah, your anecdotal evidence is sure-fire proof of anything. - Nobody Ever
  3. https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/16/18401209/sony-playstation-5-details-8k-graphics-ray-tracing-ssds-ps4-backward-compatibility
  4. Yeah, he's a good goalie. Some of those saves were just absurd, though. That one on Perreault with the stick? 9/10 times that's a goal. I think the Jets figured him out yesterday, so I'm hoping that carries over into game 4. This whole situation reminds me a lot of what Hammond did for the Senators a few years ago.
  5. This is exactly where I'm at right now, too. But I think I'd allot at least 40 points to Berube personally, who's taught his team to play greasy when they're losing. Brayden Schenn in particular is a real pile of turds.
  6. I'm just glad the horseshoe finally fell out of Binnington's ass. That was long overdue.
  7. The perfect Winnipeg story doesn't exis- https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2019/04/11/canadian-man-who-accidentally-stole-a-car-and-took-it-on-a-slurpee-run-21-years-ago-wants-to-apologize.html
  8. Is there a prize for best post in this thread? I think @TrueBlue4ever is running away with top spot. Bravo!
  9. Top line stunk tonight, especially in the third. Top 6 seemed pretty much invisible. Third period was rough to watch.
  10. The forum needs a love reaction for posts like this.
  11. This is absolutely incredible. What an amazing achievement!
  12. Why is neither not an option. Because that'd be mine: trade neither if it's possible.
  13. Prior to the regular season starting, I had this as my WCF matchup. I'm still confident in the Pacific representative but not so much for the Central one. I hope the Jets prove me wrong and end up there. They'll need to be way better than they have been the last 20-25 games, though.
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