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  1. blue_gold_84

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

  2. blue_gold_84

    Needs for next year

    More BS. Show me where I made excuses for his play or claimed he didn't have a mediocre season. My comment regarding his injury was strictly to do with how that physical issue could've affected him mentally. Again: I suggest you actually read what others post. I won't claim to know at what percentage he was but his play was obviously affected by what happened in TC in early June, whether physical, mental, or both. That was evident for the majority of the season save perhaps the final home game vs. CGY. Physical ailments and mental struggles are not mutually exclusive, especially for players at a crucial position like QB.
  3. blue_gold_84

    Needs for next year

    Seriously, it's just pathetic to see the lengths to which some go here to peddle their BS. Even when proven incorrect, it's just more BS, deflection, and goalpost-moving. There should be warnings and/or temporary bans handed out for that annoying garbage. All it does is clutter up threads and take away from actual worthwhile discussion here. It was broadcast everywhere back in early June what happened to Nichols and a simple open source internet search shows just that. One would have to be seriously unintelligent, ignorant, or flat out delusional to ignore/forget it.
  4. blue_gold_84

    Needs for next year

    https://www.cfl.ca/2018/06/06/report-nichols-leaves-practice-apparent-injury/ https://www.cfl.ca/2018/06/07/matt-nichols-miss-4-6-weeks/ https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/blue-bombers-matt-nichols-1.4696253 There are three of over a dozen sources on the ol' Google Machine indicating the injury he sustained in TC. Maybe try Google sometime.
  5. blue_gold_84

    Needs for next year

    You're speculating based on pure assumption and an obvious emotional bias. "Streveler starting to pick up some steam" (No, he wasn't. He was downright bad in that week 3 loss to the Ti-Cats) "...him telling the medical staff that he's ready to go, when he probably truly wasn't." (You know nothing, so don't make claims you can't substantiate) "I'm guessing Nichols wanted those easy W's next to his name and rushed back." (What nonsense) "Streveler would have picked up wins in those games as well, and he knew it. Probably would have put up better numbers too!" (More rampant speculation based on nothing more than your dislike of a player) I know it's fun for you to dump on #15 to your heart's content and blame him and only him for that WSF loss, but if you're going to "make a point" while doing so, at least be rational and objective about it. The fact is you made no point and you trumped absolutely nothing. And I didn't theorize anything, either. Do you know what a theory even is? It's like you didn't even my post and just blurted out a bunch of triggered, immature gibberish. Go back and read what I actually posted. I'd also suggest consulting a dictionary before you attempt to deride others and misuse words you clearly don't understand (see the bolded words highlighted for you).
  6. blue_gold_84

    Random News Items

    This is great news: https://winnipegsun.com/news/news-news/churchill-celebrates-return-of-passenger-trains
  7. blue_gold_84

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Yeah, a Twitter timeline is a clear indication of what happens behind closed doors. - Nobody Ever
  8. I mean, he did get some pretty nice production out of a young Jennings in 2015 and 2016. He's a better OC than some give him credit for, IMO. That doesn't necessarily mean I think he'd fit with the current personnel on offense here, though.
  9. blue_gold_84

    Needs for next year

    Streveler was picking up steam going into week 4...? His week 3 stat line: 17/30 (56.7%), 146 yards, 4.9 YPC. Hilarious revisionist history. Only to be followed up with hopelessly rampant speculation (Streveler would've won those games, he'd have put up better numbers). LOL
  10. blue_gold_84

    Game 26 : @ New York, New York

    Hell of a comeback (and character) win last night. Lundqvist was the only reason the Rangers got that extra point.
  11. blue_gold_84

    Game 25 : @ Devils & Dust

    Maurice hits the nail on the head, IMO:
  12. blue_gold_84

    Game 24 : Chicago

    He's his own worst critic, which isn't exactly a bad thing. He'll be better tomorrow.
  13. blue_gold_84

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    A few tidbits from Walters' year-end presser today: