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  1. When did the WFC abdicate its throne as defending champs? Oh, yeah... Never. Still champs! Methinks Taylor and Ferguson need to spend less time saying things and go consult a dictionary to learn what the word abdicate actually means.
  2. Celebrating your organization's abject ineptitude... only in the rectangle province. 4/107
  3. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/bakers-beaver-creek-vaccine-plea-1.6031121 Such lame punishment for these two selfish fucks.
  4. You'd think if Regina were the Grey Cup's rightful home, it'd have been there more than four times in 107 years of CFL campaigns.
  5. So glad to be 5G capable, which will help a ton at the lake! Anyone else who got the Pfizer second dose dealing with a pretty sore shoulder/arm the next day? Mine is considerably more tender than the first dose but I'm feeling great otherwise (Tylenol trick works wonders).
  6. He sounds like a real oxygen thief, IMO.
  7. Has the 5G kicked in yet? I've heard raising your arm that got the poke helps increase the range.
  8. Relentless forecheck, solid face-off prowess, and a really mobile blue line.
  9. Same! Tuesday at 16:20 at RBCCC! Can't wait to complete the 5G upgrade!!
  10. Nice to see things gaining some traction here as far as details and planning go. Fingers crossed it leads to confirmation of a 2021 season on Monday. It'd be great to see the champs defend their title!
  11. https://www.cbc.ca/news/science/oxygen-climate-lakes-1.6059334
  12. How utterly ******* disgraceful. The pox on the PCs.
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