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  1. That official was in a seriously lousy mood last night and made some awful calls. What a baby.
  2. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/measles-who-cdc-1.5385508
  3. Except... "And with the first overall selection in the 2016 CFL Draft, the Saskatchewan Roughriders select Josiah St. John." (be sure to read it out with Jones' southern drawl)
  4. Yeah, that whole MOA thing between him, the Riders, the league, and even the PA is some major bullshit. Couldn't the Bombers have, at least in theory, done the same?
  5. Are you referring to the situation with Jordan Williams-Lambert?
  6. Another convincing win would be alright, alright, alright.
  7. Exactly. There's a difference between being a hardass and being a douchenozzle. Treating players like trash undoubtedly falls in the latter category.
  8. Hard to say. It does make me wonder if there's more to story and if perhaps the injury he sustained influenced his decision to move on from football (he's missed a fair amount of time due to injuries), and not just whatever role change he was being asked to take on. And FWIW, he did play 24 games as a Bomber, one more than his 23 he did as a Lion.
  9. Amazing what can happen in just a couple of months - literally to the day.
  10. Seems weird to brag about being a champion when he chose to bail on the team. I won't take away from his contributions prior but he's the one who made the decision to quit on his coaches and teammates. edit: has anyone seen the IG post? I can't find anything where he says he's retiring, as a champion or otherwise.
  11. It speaks to the culture this organization has established since taking over back in 2013. I love it. And also, Bighill should probably get season tickets for the Jets:
  12. Awesome win last night. Honouring the Grey Cup Champs with a hard fought victory over a division rival is always good. This team has been playing some damn good hockey the last five or so weeks.
  13. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/nato-summit-leaders-candid-comments-1.5383451 What a bunch of goddamn losers.
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