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  1. So, his perceived lack of politeness is the issue...? That's quite a reach. I fail to understand how he operates differently than other coaches when dealing with the media. Do other CFL head coaches provide more information to their media members or the fans? I can't say I've seen anything to support that notion. I also fail to see how his methods hinder the organization. The call-in show is a joke and most of the press conferences aren't any better. I guess perhaps I just don't care enough about that minutia; what happens on the field is what matters. The radio shows and pressers are basically just background noise, anyway. And it sounds like some media members and fans feel like they're owed something by the WFC as far as information of its behind-the-scenes operations goes. That's a pretty poor attitude and maybe speaks to the entitlement complex rampant in society these days.
  2. League leader in points, dishing apples like an orchard, skating hard, making hits, playing with the top line, complimenting his teammates... Yeah, this thread has sure aged well.
  3. And? Does he owe them anything? Is anyone in the media or the fanbase entitled to know the inner workings of the team?
  4. Buffalo Chronicle: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/the-buffalo-chronicle/ CBC: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/cbc-news-canadian-broadcasting/ Not sure what "legit journalists" would send you such garbage but you may want to consider cutting ties with them. There is literally nothing trustworthy about the Buffalo Chronicle and it's been known to publish false information. Even The Rebel has a better reporting record, which isn't saying much when you consider the two bozos who founded it.
  5. Late November conditions in early October...? Tomorrow's going to be interesting to say the least. Run game is going to be critical, IMO. In any event, gonna need plenty of rye tomorrow!
  6. Or just admit you're a trash ass troll with no life. Be honest with yourself. Better yet: go away.
  7. Feel free to hit the bricks already. Your schtick here is tired and annoying.
  8. You're awfully obsessed with @Booch and his opinions. Bit of a crush you got there...?
  9. Pretty hilarious commentary coming from the guy who created a thread to **** on this entire team the other night and say the HC is done. This is a desperation move but the team had to do something. Unfortunately, I don't think it'll translate to more wins.
  10. I don't know if O'Shea is done. Calling the guy a loser is inaccurate and classless - that I do know. His commitment to retain shitty coordinators appears to be a major weakness for him. Hall should've been canned years ago, IMO. LaPolice needs to quit trying to fit square pegs into round holes, especially if he hopes to be a HC in this league again someday. What I also know is I'm done with this 2019 season. I wouldn't be shocked in the slightest if they lose on Saturday.
  11. https://www.tsn.ca/seravalli-winnipeg-jets-opening-loss-highlights-hellebuyck-s-slim-margin-for-error-1.1376195 Goalie needs to be better, team in front of him needs to be better. The two are not mutually exclusive if this team wants to compete for a playoff spot. Tonight was too pond hockey for my liking, even if it was entertaining. With all the changes to the back end I expect a steep learning curve but if things can get tightened up in the defensive zone and the run and gun is kept to a minimum, this team should be alright. It'd be nice if #33 could make a decision sooner than later, too.
  12. That's not even remotely close to what happened. You were the one who chose to respond to a post I made - and now you're apparently up in arms because I expanded on my initial commentary you misinterpreted. From what I can tell, you feel this regime should be shown the door if they go another year without winning a Grey Cup, so it wasn't some egregious thing to ask who you feel would be a good replacement. That's a valid question to ask because that likely means a retooling, if not a rebuild. I agree that the status quo isn't acceptable, particularly with regard to the 1-4 playoff record. However, the regular season record the last four years has been very good (42-25). But I also don't think it's simply a matter of canning everyone if the drought continues. It's not necessarily a black and white issue, which means there's probably merit to discussing the pros and cons of either side (retention or firing). I'll make my views clear on this, though: I'd like to see changes to the OC and the DC looking ahead to 2020 no matter what happens. Hall should've been shown the door after that 2016 playoff loss to the Lions, IMO. The histrionics are a bit much, BTW. Nobody said it was your job, nor did it have anything to do with a "magic answer"... It was simply a way to get a conversation going regarding the future of the WFC, as you seem to be over this regime based on the comments you've made here. There's certainly no reason to get worked up about it, though. Anyway, sorry for upsetting you. That wasn't my intention.
  13. Dude, it's a forum. The entire purpose of this place is to converse, discuss, and talk about things. I asked you a question and rather than answer it, you go on the defensive. No **** you don't make any decisions as far as the WFC's operations go. I posed the question to get your input in order to understand your view on the subject. You misinterpreted what I said, so I clarified my view in order for you to understand it better. So, I'll ask again: who's out you feel is a good replacement if a rebuild were to happen? It's not some unreasonable question and certainly not a reason for you to get upset by asking it. I don't think anyone in this fanbase would disagree about this regime's playoff record since 2016. It is pretty embarrassing but I don't know how that means said regime isn't committed to winning a championship. Nothing I've seen or heard from anyone in this organization would lead me to make such a conclusion. That being said, I wish Hall would've been let go after last season and I'm steadfast in that even now. And why does it matter what the media has to say on anything related to either this regime or the organization? Not one media member sees what happens behind closed doors.
  14. I'd like some clarification on that. Personally, I think Hall remains the main culprit. I've seen his body of work the last five years, and despite changes to his personnel and positional coaches, we see the same issues on the field. The common denominator remains.
  15. Re-read my post. I said I don't think it's reasonable to blow up this regime if they fall short this year, hence the "championship or bust" remark. Stability is a major key to success and that's what we're seeing now. This organization hasn't had four consecutive winning seasons in ages. FTR: I never said it shouldn't be about winning a championship. I'm sure the entire organization from top to bottom would agree with that notion. If you think the men in charge don't have high expectations, you're kidding yourself or don't know who they are. Anyway, if you're in the "Grey Cup or Blow It Up" camp, tell me who you'd like to see take the reins from this regime. Blowing things up means another rebuild. Do you have the stomach for that? I sure as hell don't.
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