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  1. Hey guys .. I'm going to prune this thread a little bit as it seems to have gotten a little off the rails here. If we can, let's keep this to Signings / Rumors?
  2. Maybe I missed something but where has it been mentioned Harris was offered less than 130K? I don't know how much more transparent they could be when you sit down with a guy and openly talk about his health, his commitment level and how that might translate to his contract. That's pretty ******* transparent to me.
  3. This. Let's be honest, the team knew what kind of shape he was in (injury wise) going into the Grey Cup so they may have reason to be cautious beyond the fact he's 35 years old. "Andrew, we want you here but let's see where you're at .." isn't a big ask from the team given that point of view.
  4. This. The organization - the players - built something great here in terms of accountability, culture and success. There's no denying Harris was a part of that, at least in terms of the success we realized on the field. However, how he chose to go out .. after the organization stood by and supported him after being popped for PED use .. it shows a little of his character and ego. I'll never begrudge any athlete the opportunity to earn the most they can over their playing careers - we know they are all too short and in the CFL, it can be shorter still - but the lack of respect isn't coming from Management or the Coaching staff.
  5. Back to back Grey Cup champs at that. We knew heading into this Free Agency period that other teams wouldn't be caught flat footed .. we also know that other teams likely had to pay a little more to pry a few guys away from this team .. they take that salary hit and we keep with our philosophy. It hurts to lose them but long term sustainability and success is what Walters and company have been building from day one.
  6. They might? I mean in the case of Jones, he took a backseat once Rose rejoined the team.
  7. Love Andrew Harris but as much as I hate to say it, RB is a largely disposable position (whether it be the NFL or CFL). From a cap management perspective, it doesn't make a lot of sense spending in this area.
  8. 200K for Lucky 165K for Burnham 250K for Lawler I guess they are "saving" with Rourke being on a somewhat friendly deal right now but the amount of money they'd have locked up in three receivers without ever addressing their offensive line (or any other aspect of their team) is questionable. It's great to have guys to catch the ball but if the guy throwing it to them is getting killed every play, I'm not sure how sustainable that is.
  9. Happy to see *our* guys getting a shot but **** the Patriots .. that is all.
  10. Or the defence could have made a stop and forced a FG .. make a play .. hell that game should have been over when Mahommes took over with 0:13 in regulation.
  11. Geebus .. if you have to spell out his level of commitment is he REALLY the man you want to pin your hopes on? I'm happy for us, we keep a quality individual and Edmonton, while they may be a bit tougher stop on the schedule, will continue to be a dumpster fire when it comes to accountability.
  12. For them, it's going to be a matter of them committing to rebuilding and staying the course. They aren't one or two pieces away. It's a fundamentally flawed team. The question is will the management have the fortitude to stick to that plan in the face of pressure.
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