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  1. Already being discussed in another thread. Closing this one.
  2. Not saying he’s a stud or any sort of saviour simply that he hasn’t been the worst guy we’ve trotted out there .. first game, limited practice reps, he faired better than some of the players we put on the field. I’ve been saying for weeks on end that that side of the defence is a disaster. Gauthier has no business being an every down player and it seems we’re just plugging in warm bodies at this point.
  3. Holm didn’t look out of place last game in the sense that he didn’t stand out in a negative way and the one play he did give up, he was right there in coverage - it was simply a great play by the offence. Parker on the other hand has been a liability since he stepped on the field.
  4. I'm not even thinking of this year but also going forward .. no guarantee Jeffcoat comes back for another season after this and we have to start planning for the gradual turnover of our core players. Bring people in. Immerse them in the team culture while we have those leaders here.
  5. Expect? No. I HOPE they do and will be passing the hat around to help make this happen .. haha
  6. Pruned a couple of posts and will simply ask that we keep the discussion on topic.
  7. The entire left side of the defence is a disaster … and we still can’t stop the run.
  8. He was in during the later stages of the Banjo Bowl .. both he and Cadwallader were getting some reps at WLB
  9. Not sure if this is sarcasm or not but that game was wild
  10. Not to derail this thread in anyway but Wilson has bust written all over him.
  11. Going out, establishing the run (and sticking to it) is the only way they realistically pull out a win. They are not going to win on the strength of Fajardo's arm.
  12. Hey guys .. I've pruned a couple of the recent posts that were unnecessary and would kindly ask that we keep the discussion on topic. Thanks.
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