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  1. voodoochylde

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Fogg is too much like Demond Washington for my taste and he's not a guy that I'd prioritize when looking at our free agent list.
  2. voodoochylde

    BOMBERS -Playoffs - ESKIMOS Out

    There were a number of games this season that were there for the taking and if one phase of the team (*cough* offense *cough*) had bothered to show up and play a full 60 minutes we'd likely have a win or two more under our belts. It's the bed we've made for ourselves and now we have to take care of business over the final two weeks of the season. I'm hopeful. It appears we're rounding into form. We can gripe all we want about Saskatchewan's luck, their record and the giant number of ****** nozzle's on their team but they've put themselves into the post season by taking care of business. In the end, it doesn't matter HOW you win, only that you did.
  3. voodoochylde

    Hervey Questions Jennings Work Ethic

    Given he’s a product of Wally’s system I can get behind that.
  4. voodoochylde

    Hervey Questions Jennings Work Ethic

    Michael Bishop 2.0? All the physical tools but questionable football IQ.
  5. voodoochylde

    Regular Season Bomber News & Discussion

    Alexander has been excellent this season and his play is really underrated. I’d argue he’s one of our best DBs and losing him would be a blow.
  6. 8-7 after starting the season with our starting QB on the shelf isn’t a terrible record (especially when you look league wide). Sure there are a few warts and I’m far from satisfied with the compete level, the consistency and performance week in, week out but I’ll take it. Just have to get to the dance. After that anything can happen.
  7. Playing not to lose and we piss away the win.
  8. voodoochylde

    Matt Nichols - YAY!!!!!!!!!

    Did he only play the first quarter?
  9. voodoochylde

    Matt Nichols - YAY!!!!!!!!!

    No. I said Nichols played it safe. LaPolice's play calling is always going to be what it is (generally conservative). And which drive are you referring to .. the one that lasted four plays before we had to punt? We started near midfield or on Edmonton's side of the field most of the game. The one long drive that DID start on our 34 ended in a Nichols turnover and took points OFF the board for us (drives and starting positions: E28, W6 (four plays, PUNT), E54, W55, W53, W53. E26, W20 (2 and out), E25, W34 (2 and out), W34 (Interception), E41.) By and large, the offense didn't do a whole helluva lot. They operated on a short field and were largely unimpressive when forced to come out of their own end.
  10. voodoochylde

    Matt Nichols - YAY!!!!!!!!!

    The defense played a great game. Nichols played a safe game and it was far from spectacular but it's all that was needed on Saturday. Let me just ask a simple question and this isn't about Nichols per se but was there *anything* about the way the offense played that made you believe that if Edmonton started to roll and started to score quickly that we'd be able to dial it up, change gears and keep pace? If you're honest with yourself, the answer is no.
  11. voodoochylde

    Darian Durant Retires

    Bombers hold his rights and I seem to recall reading something (in the last day or two) about him 'having options' and there being 'ways around it'. Take it for what it's worth.
  12. voodoochylde

    Regular Season Bomber News & Discussion

    Also .. Jets season is right around the corner .. push comes to shove, many Winnipeggers will decide to allocate their entertainment dollars toward a night at Bell MTS Place.
  13. voodoochylde

    Role of a CFL GM

    Not all targets are equal. Let's simply say that of the catchable balls Adams has had thrown his way, he's dropped more than he should have.
  14. voodoochylde

    Whatever Happened To....

    Hochuli retired from the NFL this past year .. no longer a referee.