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  1. I only wish Khari could have bounced back from the hits like Reilly seems to have .. we might not have wandered the wastelands for as long as we did if he'd stayed healthy.
  2. That's just the make-up of the man though. Khari had that gunslinger mentality and I'm sure his OCs (at times) weren't too thrilled with some of those chuck and duck plays but couldn't fault the results. One real difference between Strevs and Nichols is how they spread the ball around. Streveler didn't lock into a single guy (or no single guy dominated targets - for the most part) .. Each game, whether by accident or design, Nichols seems to .. "forget" about certain players.
  3. Not saying Thompkins IS that next guy but it’s awfully hard to make plays when you see two targets a game (if that). Between Nichols locking into particular players and LaPo’s tendency to feature specific guys .. certain roles are going to suffer from a lack of production.
  4. The problem with receiver (or at least enticing a quality receiver to sign here) is that this offense runs through Andrew Harris. Couple that with Nichols play style, no receiver is going to put up gaudy numbers. You want a stud receiver, you're going to have to feed him the ball (or at least sign someone who knows how to put the team first and play the role that's asked .. ego aside).
  5. Has he played yet? No. For as talented as he is .. he is still an unknown ..
  6. There's a cap and penalties in place. The organization can spend as they see fit .. they can also (hopefully) deal with the ramifications of that as well if they go over the cap. I don't think the league will simply "turn a blind eye" toward any team's cap situation.
  7. I going into this season would have loved to have rolled with Gray / Chungh (I like his style of nasty) because for as consistent as Neufeld was last year, he does have a bit of an injury history and our depth along the line is going to take a bit of a hit this year (in terms of guys ready to step in).
  8. Yeah, I don't get the the hard line on JSKs part to be honest. He played well last year and really did start to come into his own .. was also exposed a fair bit as well .. he had a great Sophomore year playing alongside one of the leagues best (if not best) middle linebacker. Would have loved to see him back in blue and gold, for the sake of continuity and to see this defensive unit continue to gel. Nature of the business though.
  9. Yeah .. I was just thinking this. What signal does that send to any prospective player (let alone coaching candidates) about the immediate future of that team .. of their potential future with that team? Hired to be a stop gap for a single year .. no thanks.
  10. As a moderator, I see no harm in speculating and if people want to share what they 'know' or what they've heard .. so be it .. like anything, take it with a grain of salt and don't treat it as gospel.
  11. I had to take a sick day after having Mexican draft once .. wait .. what?
  12. Fogg is too much like Demond Washington for my taste and he's not a guy that I'd prioritize when looking at our free agent list.
  13. There were a number of games this season that were there for the taking and if one phase of the team (*cough* offense *cough*) had bothered to show up and play a full 60 minutes we'd likely have a win or two more under our belts. It's the bed we've made for ourselves and now we have to take care of business over the final two weeks of the season. I'm hopeful. It appears we're rounding into form. We can gripe all we want about Saskatchewan's luck, their record and the giant number of ****** nozzle's on their team but they've put themselves into the post season by taking care of business. In the end, it doesn't matter HOW you win, only that you did.
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