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  1. Bah! Curling barely counts as a sport ... (cue the flames in three .. two .. one ...)
  2. I *think* you're talking about a Sissy Squat .. All quads, hip flexors and core.
  3. Based on how well they protected their QB last season .. DL should be the least of their priorities...
  4. Daniel is apparently out of the Esks price range as well .. SOME of these guys might find the money out there is less than what they were expecting (hoping for).
  5. Since the moment he stepped on the field I’ve said this guy reminds me so much of Jason Clermont. Why he hasn’t been lined up in the slot and used more is beyond me.
  6. No need to necro this thread (in addition to starting your own). Locking.
  7. Can drink gin because you enjoy it .. not to dull the pain! 😉
  8. My 10 year old son was with me at this game .. his question to me: Why do people have to be so greedy?
  9. One of the drawbacks of being a successful team with a lot of talented pieces. This offseason will be a real test for Walters (and team) to see how the fill they holes.
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