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  1. I'm simply hoping they allow him to be a bit of a gunslinger. Let him take his shots. There was a play last night after Strevs came in where he had a shot down the field to Matthews (if he wanted it), the throw was underneath and short of the first down. Matthews was wide open and he was none too happy when he came off the field. I say this because I pray to God they don't put Streveler in the same check down, ball control bullshit they have Nichols running week in week out. His talents are wasted there. You're going to get good and bad if you let him play but you brought in these receivers for a reason. Let them make plays on the ball .. let your athletes be athletes.
  2. Sayles, Harris and Jefferson all made huge impacts and are stars in this game .. I'm going to try and be a bit different and give reasons why. Three stars (in no particular order): Geoff Gray - he's in there mixing it up week in, week out. He was scrapping pretty good with 91 from BC last night and seeing how he (and the interior of our line plays) makes me smile. Janarion Grant - how long have we wanted a legitimate return threat? A guy who can rip the top of a coverage team, make people miss and find a seam. This guy is it. Dangerous every single time he touches the ball. The only time he touches the ball, he changed field position in a big way. Jake Thomas - people under-rate that guy. He's not flashy, he's not an all-star but he's a guy who brings it every single snap and is the type of rotational player every team needs (especially if they expect to compete in the post season). 3 tackles and 2 sacks. Not a bad night for FatBoi. Happy Honker: Thiadric Hansen - the guy is just a ball of intensity and focus and I had to laugh a couple of times when it looked like he wasn't sure if he should stay on the field or come off. Was fun to watch him get playing time. His contribution speaks to the thoughtfulness Walters et. al put in when evaluating these internationals.
  3. I normally wouldn't let this type of response stand but ...
  4. Offensive line depth .. what a nice problem to have.
  5. I don't think that's entirely true. Kongbo is a beast and will only improve as he continues to get his legs under him and acclimatize but the drop off isn't huge. With Roh, Kongbo and Jefferson off the edge with Nevis and Richardson / Thomas inside .. we have depth here and alignment on this front has been fairly fluid. If anything, our Ends are going to get a few more reps than they might normally (and in the case of Kongbo, that's not a bad thing) and there will be less substitutions.
  6. It's not unreasonable to suggest that Nichols didn't have a great game .. no matter how you slice it, he wasn't particularly sharp and he made a number of terrible throws. This is what you get with him though .. when he's on he's on, he takes advantage of those instances when a receiver has a step .. when he's not .. he's most definitely not. It is what it is. Is it all on him? No. The offensive line got out played; Hardrick and Speller both really struggled. Nichols never really looked comfortable back there. The defense got hit in the mouth early and never really responded. Sure they shut down Evans .. but how many reps did he get in the lead up to the game? The defense did what it had to when he came in but they weren't world beaters. The TiCat game was a collective shitting of the bed from all three phases of this team .. a game I will do my best to forget.
  7. I suspect that his loyalty is to his family and he will do what makes the most sense for them. O'Shea was an Argo. He bled for them on the field. He got his start in coaching as an Argo .. there's no denying his has history there. He made his mark in coaching here, in Winnipeg, and is on the cusp of something pretty damned special. This is the city that gave him a shot as a head coach, this is the organization that was steadfast in their support of him as he honed his craft and I suspect this will be the franchise he wins his first Championship with (as a head coach). At the end of the day though, family trumps all and he will go where his family needs him to be .. where it makes the most sense for him to be.
  8. Just lights out defensive play. I really think had Ottawa stayed with the run a little more and kept Davis in at quarterback, it would have been closer but .. Jennings is a hot mess and for every play he made, he ended up giving it right back.
  9. I got your back. https://3downnation.com/2018/06/29/faith-ekakitie-suffers-torn-achilles-will-miss-entire-2018-season/ https://3downnation.com/2019/07/16/former-first-overall-draft-pick-faith-ekakitie-announces-retirement/
  10. I've suffered both a hamstring tear and an Achilles rupture .. my hamstring tear took me longer to get right (I say this as someone who suffered a complete rupture of my Achilles and required surgery). Soft tissue injuries are no joke (and hamstrings can be a pain in the ass - literally - depending on WHERE within the muscle they occurred) and they become more common once you've suffered them.
  11. I wouldn't eat too much crow .. 'Being involved in a fight; expect his release' is much different than 'Guy was stabbed and went to / released from hospital; is practicing with team today'.
  12. Kind of curious about this myself as well. I know there was a home game (our first?) where he didn't appear happy while on the sidelines. Few targets. Those he saw were garbage. I sit more or less right behind our bench and realize this is just my perception but, he looked a little frustrated. Was funny though, after I noticed that they forced the next couple of throws his way. No receiver in this offence is going to dominate targets and there are games where guys just don't get looks and players really need to buy into that. I wonder if that's the rub.
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