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  1. He might make a good SAM. He’s pretty heavy as it is, no idea how good of a tackler he is though but he has the height and weight.
  2. Did Hamilton release him to pursue an NFL opportunity? Could be a good fit here. Great signing!
  3. We were the second winningest team in the league under Calgary from 2016-2019. We were always a piece or two away from making a big run any given year. In 2019 we had our best overall roster in the O’Shea/Walters era at that point but unfortunately Nichols never really recovered from his previous injury and once he got hurt again we went on a run. Collaros was exactly what we needed to get over the hump, we just needed someone who could move the pocket, make the smart throw, and occasionally keep them honest by going deep. I’m convinced the 2017 version of Nichols would have gotten it done as well. By no means was Collaros the saviour of the franchise although he was good in 2019, and very good in 2021.
  4. Yep can’t lose Alexander. Once he replaced Hecht at safety our D was completely different. He’s our most valuable piece of a really good secondary.
  5. Un popular opinion but if it saves us the money to shore up lol the big guns I am willing to go with Oliveria/Augustine. I love Harris and he is undoubtedly one of the best running backs to play this game but he has a lot of mileage and is starting to become injury prone.
  6. Alexander would be my number 2. Our defence changed completely when he was moved to safety. We need him. Not only for the big hits but the guy provides great coverage. Definitely my number 2 behind Collaros. I would still say Bryant would be my number third. He’s un doubt-idly the best tackle in the game by far.
  7. Funny thing about Sean Mcvay is he beat out Calvin Johnson who arguably is the most dominant receiver of all time for Georgia states player of the year back in high school.
  8. Love how supportive the boys are to each other on social media. You can tell it’s a tight knit crew. Love it!!
  9. Hell of a career loved watching him play. Still was putting up close to double digit sacks per season before he retired.
  10. Collaros’s knows his career was almost over before coming to Winnipeg. He knows the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. He has a great opportunity to add to a late career legacy on a well coached team, good offense and most importantly a well protected offense. I can’t see him taking the money and running to a place that won’t offer him those things.Winnipeg will give him a good offer, with a chance to three peat and a chance to keep him healthy again for 18 games.
  11. ZC has it good here. A chance to three peat, a chance to win another MOP award but most importantly a chance to continue to stay protected. This is the only time in his career he’s had an elite o-line keep him healthy. I don’t see a scenario of him leaving. Like Jefferson and Jeffcoat he will sign a little under market value but he’ll still get a nice pay day he realizes the importance this stage of his career of continuity, staying healthy for a life after football, and to continue to add rings and awards to his legacy.
  12. If Dinwiddie didn’t turn into dim-widdie and ran the ball for a first down there’s a chance we would have squeaked one out. Our D was actually very good that day.
  13. I don’t really blame the Lions. They are a bad team. Lucky was one of their standout players. Sometimes you need to over pay at the start to get that continuity.
  14. Another year of controlling the line of scrimmages on both sides of the ball! Keep em coming Walty.
  15. Perfect! Great Canadian vet who can play anywhere on the line. Much better as a guard but I digress if we can sign Biggie, Collaros, Alexander, and bring back 2/3 of our Canadian running backs I would be a very happy and satisfied man.
  16. Jackson at 175 is a bargain. Both combined for 200 I can live with. They’re absolutely worth it combined. Both could probably get easily an extra 25k somewhere else so glad to have them both locked in under market value.
  17. Ha! I was reading the rider board this morning. I was assured he was going to be making around 160 tops 😄
  18. Maybe they can give him a 100 thousand dollar bonus in his other “job”
  19. Weird. Looking at his stats. He had 400 yards, 4 tds, completed 66 percent of his passes and zero interceptions and never played football again after that season. Does anyone know why his career ended so abruptly? I was too young at the time I couldn’t tell you anything about those late 90’s teams haha
  20. Back to back champs. NFL is going to be looking at our young talent and giving them serious looks. This is to be expected. I won’t ever be upset to see guys chase their dream. Football is a short career go make your money if you can. If not come back to Winnipeg and win another ring. That simple 😉
  21. If Winnipeg had Joe Mack in charge and we were anything like that 2012-2013 club there’s absolutely no chance Harris would be coming home to play for us. People can say players wanted to come play for us and that’s absolutely true but that’s because we created a winning culture and winning organization.
  22. Yeah we kind of earned that reputation over time with team culture, and the eventual playoff success. We were nobodies number one option in 2014 or 2015.
  23. Wicker is an interesting signing. Had a good college career. He was up to 315 pounds while in the NFL. I’m thinking he’ll have to shed some weight since he only stands around 6’2.
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