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  1. No PBP would wear thin awfully quick. If you didn’t have Gifford, Howard and Dandy would have imploded.
  2. I'm certainly not offended. I am just curious as to why you would generalize a portion of your customers with the disparaging term - self-loathing. This is just a really odd statement for you to make publicly about your customers.
  3. As a tourism pro, I bet some of your success (if you have any) relies on the business of your out of touch, "self loathing" 40 + year olds. What a ridiculous statement to make.
  4. Nice trick, given that the book on Bishop was that he had to take off all his clothes in order to count to 21.
  5. Ah memories. After the 84 cup, I crawled into a kids snow igloo for a snooze. Fortunately it was a very small fort, so 75% of my body stuck out and I was easily found by friends.
  6. I think the sticking point would be W.O.’s interest in a one night rental. That’s a pretty tough ask.
  7. The “support your former teammates” award goes to Sergio Castillo for his glittering 26.5 punting avg.
  8. Listening to the dulcet tones of Bob Irving at 4 AM Dublin time is far superior to enduring Black, burger talk, and Quashquai. Plus... I got to watch a fight outside my window between two unbelievably drunk men....one of whom, had a dog with a protective cone. The dog kept trying to bite his owner's adversary, but ended up knocking him over into a puddle instead.
  9. I could get my Nana to make him one of her patchwork quilts for the induction ceremonies. (He could drape it over his Tim's t-shirt) A relevant and practical choice.
  10. I forgot about Montreal. Are you able to dig up his 2018 numbers? It's tough to gauge the last 3 years without that stat.
  11. He might physically be able to put a few series together, but for a QB who was notorious for folding with the yips when he was in his prime....well. I don't know of any athlete who becomes less anxious with age.
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