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  1. 2016. Rupert "Meat Cutter" Butcher. LOL
  2. "White Horses" for the BB OLine in the 80's.
  3. Among other reasons, Suitor and Black are terrible broadcasters for being unoriginal and repetitive. Air Canada (also used with Sasky receivers-Getzlaf & Fantuz), Speedy B, etc., are shite names because those two morons think they are clever when everyone can see that they aren't. Even Chris Cuthbert deserves a rap on the knuckles for referring to Milt as "Milt Stegall the Touchdown Beagle."
  4. Wade has been watching too much XFL.
  5. Hal Sigurdson was a calmer, more rational counter to Matheson's ranting.
  6. What is it that keeps him tied to the Hamilton area even when there's the possibility he could earn a job elsewhere?
  7. No thread is ever safe once the MBB legal team enters the discussion.
  8. This is the same league that (right or wrong) keeps Pete Rose out of the HOF for gambling. Total double standard.
  9. Let them go to their graves thinking they had a shot at winning the game. I love that it weighs heavily on their pea brains.
  10. I’m waiting for the “it’s for personal use” defence.
  11. Frankie Williams was the best though...threatening D. Adams. A real thug.
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