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  1. He is surgical in his shite disturbance.
  2. HH - Me, for resisting the urge to fill my ears with molten wax, the fourteenth time Suitor described the rationale for knock down vs. bat down.
  3. Happiest person I've seen all week was the Packer's fan at the downtown street market yesterday. Tim's cup in hand, jersey/beads, Logo shaved into head, cannabis leaf sneakers - talking to guys in Delta-9 t-shirts. Legal weed (for those inclined) + Canadian exchange rate = What's not to like?
  4. On a somewhat related note, last night I was watching Peyton Manning interview Joe Montana. The topic somehow got onto John Candy. Joe said that Candy was pressing him hard to sign with the Argos (Yes, Montana said Toronto Argonauts) when he was part owner. Joe didn't say whether it was ever a consideration.
  5. He's also our only experienced QB. I don't see Lapo taking those kind of liberties.
  6. Didn't he jump off the Tallahatchie Bridge up round Choctaw Ridge?
  7. I thought that he got tagged by a knee but since he was facing the other way, he assumed it was a helmet. Then the crying started.
  8. I know that it comes with the turf and that Nichols is a known commodity, but what a shitty set of circumstances for Matt and family if his injury is long term. In his heart of hearts, how much success does Nichols want Streveler to have if it means being replaced by him in the off-season without you having a chance to battle for your job through the playoffs?
  9. I’ve always been partial to German engineering.
  10. I'm sorry, but you need to leave now.
  11. That's why Anesthetists make the big buck.
  12. Propofol is an excellent med. Lol.
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