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  1. No way he is in the running, but I liked Nick Aragki's play in the 80s. He was a big dude in a hybrid TE position and only played for the BB for one or two years (well after his prime with Montreal). He did win the Pate award with us though.
  2. Write in vote for my boy Richard Crump. One three TD game in the '70s has to count for something. Ha.
  3. Drew's rancorous opinion toward the League has softened since he was expelled from the safety of the Ecuadorian embassy.
  4. In '83 I saw the L.A Express at Arizona Wranglers in Sun Devil Stadium. Even without an NFL team at the time, Phoenix drew poorly. Other memories included an interesting rule which allowed the scoring team to go for an optional 2 point convert after a TD. The concession also sold these weird thick chips with melted cheese and sliced hot peppers....I think they were called nachos.
  5. I would shudder when I saw his smarmy face on Sport Centre. He presented as giggly and excessive. I'm glad he's moved to a market where I don't have to watch him. He will fit like a glove.
  6. He did some fine colour commentary for the short lived CFL network and gave an Oscar worthy turn in Raising Arizona.
  7. The same could be said of us last year. You never know who could emerge if the situation calls for it.
  8. Three year standout for the BB (81-83)...Made 121 career tackles (91 solo) in a total of 41 games... Recorded 38 QB sacks and 7 fumble recoveries...Western All-Star & team defensive MVP in 1982 when he logged 55 tackles (44 solo) & 18 sacks...Selected twice in 82 as Player of the Week...Missed 5 games in '83 due to a knee injury. Started 11 of his 15 games with the Houston Gamblers (USFL) in 1984, missing the team's first-ever game because of contractual obligations with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers... Did not play in weeks 7 and 8 due to a left tricep injury... In 1984 Catan finished second in the USFL with 17 1/2 quarterback sacks and also logged two fumble recoveries. (http://www.houston-gamblers.com/id23.html)
  9. Having said that......Hanging the nickname "White Zombie" on Jim Daley still makes me smile.
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