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  1. Pete Catan's Ghost

    Blue Bomber Photos

    My corporeal self
  2. Pete Catan's Ghost

    The MBB All-Time Blue Bomber Team: Defensive Ends

    Three year standout for the BB (81-83)...Made 121 career tackles (91 solo) in a total of 41 games... Recorded 38 QB sacks and 7 fumble recoveries...Western All-Star & team defensive MVP in 1982 when he logged 55 tackles (44 solo) & 18 sacks...Selected twice in 82 as Player of the Week...Missed 5 games in '83 due to a knee injury. Started 11 of his 15 games with the Houston Gamblers (USFL) in 1984, missing the team's first-ever game because of contractual obligations with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers... Did not play in weeks 7 and 8 due to a left tricep injury... In 1984 Catan finished second in the USFL with 17 1/2 quarterback sacks and also logged two fumble recoveries. (http://www.houston-gamblers.com/id23.html)
  3. Pete Catan's Ghost

    This Regime

    Having said that......Hanging the nickname "White Zombie" on Jim Daley still makes me smile.
  4. Look for Lankford to attempt the quick kick sometime during the game.
  5. Pete Catan's Ghost

    Movin' on to take on the Calgary Stampeders!!!!

    What a great running back Rick Martel was.
  6. Pete Catan's Ghost

    3 stars +hh regular season finale

    HH - Drake Nevis
  7. Despite Riders being Riders, there's still no team I hate more than the Eskimos. After tonight, let's raise a glass to the memory of Cal Murphy; the last truly great Bomber coach, who lost his job after being cheated by those same "tacks in the shoes" b-astards in the '96 semis.
  8. A bodacious young Miss called Orlesky Cried, why is A. Singleton so pesky? I split time with the Jets and Bombers won tonight's bets He had to agree....more or less-ky
  9. Jake Gaudaur once told me that this could be called as a delay of game, only if it incorporates a sissonne fermee.
  10. Pete Catan's Ghost

    No More Anxiety Watching the Bombers?

    Mike "Mannix" Connors' birth name.
  11. Pete Catan's Ghost

    No More Anxiety Watching the Bombers?

    Krekor Ohanion is appreciative of the viewership.
  12. Pete Catan's Ghost

    Blue Bomber Photos

    My season's tix were exactly one row in front of my Pink Floyd concert seats.
  13. Pete Catan's Ghost

    Duron Carter Kicked Off The Farm

    Only a desperate GM hires a guy that publicly shitz on his prior coach. It sends a terrible message to your coaching staff.
  14. Pete Catan's Ghost

    Montreal @ Ottawa

    The Officejet Pro is great for length of print but not known for its hang time or directional printing.