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  1. I'm too lazy to check out Burke's roster changes over the course of the season but it seems to me that Richie was tweaking his, right to the cup. Gaitor, Fenner, Rios out-new guys in.
  2. Rewatched our home win against them. Our D was no screaming hell at the time and we still held them to 1. Jennings was atrocious.
  3. The thing is, who would have predicted the success that the 4 QBs you named would have? DE and NA were no names & CF and VA were retreads. Injury or poor play (of current starting QBs) could very well uncover a few new stars.
  4. No comment from me on whether Pierce should or shouldn’t be the new OC until the 2020 Head Coach is named.
  5. If anyone can still see a glimmer of hope in Dom Davis, it's Lapo. Otherwise buh bye
  6. Seems to be well stocked at the stadium store. Not too busy at 2:00 PM on Thursday either.
  7. Take this for what it's worth. While at the Bomber Store today, I noticed #17 - Streveler jerseys on prominent display. I asked the checkout girl if these were new because they aren't featured online. She said 17s are in "heavy printing". (Her words).
  8. Danny’s will both be with the Bombers.
  9. Reflecting on the win and wondering when the ring ceremony will take place. Would love to see a pic of Danny Mac sporting a 1990 and 2019 GC ring.
  10. Strev's contract will be announced as soon as his post GC swag is ready for purchase.
  11. A great OC for Strev could be right under their noses. Buck Pierce.
  12. If you see any UFA names on new merch, it's a good chance that they will be signed.
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