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  1. Didn’t they try to shoehorn him in as a tackle? Guess he didn’t make the transition from guard.
  2. At my age, the only ‘roids that bother me aren’t the injectables.
  3. Steve "The Baylor Bowling Ball" Beaird. Beaird was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the seventh round of the 1975 NFL Draft. When he felt like the Cardinals low-balled him with their offer, Beaird instead signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League. Twenty minutes after agreeing to sign with Winnipeg general manager Earl Lunsford for "quite a bit more on the signing bonus and a whole lot more on my regular contract" than the St. Louis offer, Beaird got a call from the Cardinals. "They said they were going to give me what I wanted, we think you're worth it," he said. "And I told them, 'No, sir, I gave my word, I can't go back on it. I'm going to Winnipeg.''' In two seasons with the Blue Bombers, Beaird rushed for 1,367 yards, caught 51 passes for 584 yards, scored 16 touchdowns and had another 1,372 yards in kick and punt returns. A CFL all-star after his second season, Beaird walked away from a three-year contract that would have paid him over $100,000. (https://baylorbears.com/news/2019/11/15/football-you-can-t-have-one-without-the-other.aspx ) Great player...horrible nicker.
  4. Regardless of origin, Hansen is a big time component of the last 2 championship seasons. As a valued teammate/team member, there is no way the league should be dictating his wage. It’s OK to throw a gazillion dollars at the Lawlers and Dukes of the league but Thiadric can’t get a bump? Bullshit!
  5. When Neuf spotted me wearing my #53 jersey at the 2019 parade, he looked incredibly touched as I'm guessing he probably doesn't see too many. "Nice jersey man", said he. "You're the greatest", said I. We both avoided a lot of discomfort when he didn't notice CATAN on the back.
  6. Bastaja did colour on some of the old CFN broadcasts. Very bright and knowledgeable. He also gets bonus marks for looking like Tex Cobb's character in Raising Arizona.
  7. If it was only determined through longevity with one team (mostly) and rushing yards, you need to go with Charles Roberts. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joe Pop get in either. (Canadian, longevity, skill, made his home in Wpg, immaculate reputation, etc)
  8. Does no one remember the angst that Charles Nelson caused on this board?
  9. You only need to take a look at the John Deere logo to see how similarly bad the antler look is.
  10. Just don’t bring your semi. They’re a little testy about those things these days.
  11. Hearing that it's between us and Elks for Castillo. Sergio only has to look to last season to see how well it worked out for him here on a short term contract with release clause, if he intends on trying the show again next year. Who would you rather trust in a handshake deal, Walters or Jones?
  12. You won't have to wait that long. His first game on air will be May 23.
  13. I wish him good luck and longevity. I’m not interested in panning him until I hear him on the job. He’s no rookie, so he should hit the ground running.
  14. Because he is incentivized by interceptions he will go for the pick more often than the safer knock down. I can see him being beaten a lot.
  15. I’ve heard Ball’s show. I’ll defer to Noeller here, but I’m guessing there are two distinctly different skill sets to show host vs. PBP. Having said that, he is podunk horrible.
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