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  1. Tighten up your laces Lucky. With BuckBuck and Collaros behind the wheel....the passing game is definitely going to look different.
  2. Instead of signing Nichols, that money is better used to re-up Willie and Drake. Besides, if he does sign with the NFL, I'm not convinced Strev will make it past training camp.
  3. If the BB still want him, this has got to be an incentive for Darvin to re-sign. He looked like a completely different receiver when catching passes from ZC....used much more effecctively.
  4. At least now, there's no need to fret over the draft (since we owe the Argos our first rounder for ZC). Where does this put us at...18th pick?
  5. This is the signing we needed. Anything else is gravy.
  6. Confirmed that he has signed a futures contract. As per Bleacher Report: Typically, futures contracts are minimum-salary deals with little or no signing bonus. Most players signed to futures contracts will be fighting for a spot in camp; teams aren't going to invest much into players who may well be cut the following autumn.
  7. Thinking of Clarence Denmark right now. I remember how he lit it up that first game he was pulled off the couch for a return to the team. ..Always a class act. I wonder what he's doing now?
  8. Nice. No turnarounds less than 6 days. I haven't checked to see if any other teams have short weeks.
  9. The coat belonged to his gf’s mom. If you listen to his off-season plans, on the South Dakota broadcast, you would hear that he is far from married.
  10. Gotta think that a new vision for how he was going to be used going forward was presented to him. Intriguing that he would sign before going to free agency, given there are no QBs under contract to entice him. It sure speaks to the BB culture as a selling feature.
  11. That sound you hear is Osh snapping to attention.
  12. I'm too lazy to check out Burke's roster changes over the course of the season but it seems to me that Richie was tweaking his, right to the cup. Gaitor, Fenner, Rios out-new guys in.
  13. Rewatched our home win against them. Our D was no screaming hell at the time and we still held them to 1. Jennings was atrocious.
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