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  1. However, the sadist in me would love to see the lotus eaters try and win a game here on the tundra. Without a running game, BC’s offense would be neutered.
  2. The only time I think of NN is when Jim "White Zombie" Daley's name comes up.
  3. If Dickey is able to tame Mike Rose, he will really have something. But, right now he's as much of a hinderance as a benefit. Wasn't he the guy who got 2 RTP penalties against us that helped seal our win?
  4. I could care less whether he is a homer or not. He is simply an inferior broadcaster who reflects negatively on the product we love.
  5. I stopped watching at the half.. Did Suitor the investigative journalist, reveal what the league told him about the Andrew Harris incident?
  6. All this from a dude that also took a massive financial haircut from his existing contract this year.
  7. As for street drugs, if his objective was to cover up the use of a major stimulant like cocaine or meth, his ploy to avoid the pissmaster would sort have worked. Those metabolites (as well as opiates) leave the system more quickly.
  8. Marino out for 6 games. That's a long time for post-brawl, hurt feelings.
  9. Awaiting the outcome of the league's decision today. No way a reputable league* would suspend him a full game since the other players (who threw actual punches) missed only a partial game. Maybe they will pull him after the 3rd quarter on Saturday to make things right. Ha.
  10. ...who was occasionally caught on camera with a cigar in his yap. Not a cigarello or some hipster smoke. A bigass, bonafide, bite the tip off and spit it on the floor- stogie.
  11. I think, on paper, we still had a pretty stout team that year. Probably the last decent season for many from the 84 Cup.
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