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  1. I hold enough dislike for each of these teams to happily watch either lose.
  2. You just want to see it so that you can watch a real nutlicker at work.
  3. Anyone who thinks that we have the market cornered on giving up game winning drives (Labour Day) should watch the final two minutes of last night’s MNF game.
  4. Tough to tell while in the stands, but when rewatching on tv, I saw Eli’s number show up repeatedly. I wonder how often he was subbed in? On another note, I noticed that Bailey was on the line for one of the goal-line pushes. Interesting spot for a receiver.
  5. When you have to work this hard to try and make a bad pun funny, it's time to stop.
  6. That old Mike Sellers vs. Regina video is starting to look pretty ordinary when it's compared to Streveler's recent body of work.
  7. The seething Menno anger embodied by Chad and Paddy is enough to defoliate trees.
  8. ....and then there was this. JR's interview at 1:05 is gold.
  9. At this time, coach of the year is down to Craig D and Khari. Two rookies that neither club wanted to lead their team..
  10. Did anyone else notice how long the refs held up play on the goal line plunge by Strev? Our O were chomping at the bit, wanting to run a play while two of them stood on the line of scrimmage gesturing madly. I'd be interested in knowing what was happening.
  11. So in a loss (by “sleeper hold”) which brother would wear the weasel costume?
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