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  1. just heard on TSN Radio that the Riders asked to speak to LaPo, were denied and he's not happy about it..... per Farhan Lahlji. Will be curious to see where this story goes! They did mention it was about the OC position though, so Bombers don't have to allow anything. If it was actually for HC and they denied, this is exactly the can of worms I mentioned they could be opening last week!
  2. I don't know that the Bombers can prevent the Riders from talking to him, can they? Because it's a step up in the coaching ranks, isn't there somewhat of an unwritten rule that you don't hold your coaches back? If they roadblock the conversation, there will be some bad blood / elephant in the room sorta scenario. If LaPo is happy and wants to stay here, there's nothing wrong with granting the Riders permission so he can politely decline their offer.
  3. This is a win win for both..... in Manitoba, Bighill and his family can afford a nice house, and if they choose to stay here, which it looks like the pieces are being set up for, can also buy/build a cabin for the same or similar price to what it would cost them for much less in the GVA. The upside outside of football, if Bighill is a big piece, which he certainly would be, of bringing a Grey Cup back to Winnipeg, he becomes an instant legend amongst the fan base, which makes his step into his off season/post season career that much easier! Not only do we get our most sought after free agent, a local business gets a huge piece to their business as well for the foreseeable future if that's infact what has happened!
  4. if there was anyone that was for some reason iffy on wanting to come here, this should just solidify things.... now go out and get a big time receiver and this team should be a Cup favourite!
  5. my honest belief is it's not going to take that long.... I think we're talking this upcoming season. It's not going to surprise me at all if Streveler takes over as starter by August. That is, of course if O'Shea can bring himself to make that move.
  6. should be able to re-structure Nichols contract and make it incentive based and drop 150K.... but that's just wishful thinking that won't happen!
  7. not "in the league" but, no mention of former Bomber alumni, and almost thought of at least once or twice in an act of desperation as a potential backup, ahh but maybe he just never got the right opportunity.... but was drafted ahead of Tom Brady. #1 in your hearts, and never quite made it to many programs..... Kliff Kingsbury! I know... you all thought I was talking about Stefan LeFors! sorry What a story! Never knew he went straight into coaching after his stint with the Blue & Gold. His time up here must have played into the style he chose to coach! Interesting stuff! https://3downnation.com/2019/01/08/kliff-kingsbury-goes-from-third-string-cfl-qb-to-nfl-head-coach/
  8. well, the defence displayed in that highlight pack was certainly worth a chuckle!
  9. and most importantly....... have a:
  10. just trying to fill the void left by Duron Carter!
  11. that was one play on a lighter note: @ 4:10 in
  12. scrambled and threw it to the sidelines maybe. if LaPo is calling such bad plays, how come Nichols never seems to challenge him on the sideline and get on the headset? You never see that. You also never see him change any plays at the line. LaPo may call certain plays, but the QB should have the wherewithal to change them if he reads something in the D he doesn't like. But when that's not happening, you have no one left to blame but the guy behind centre, because ultimately, the plays still need to be executed by him, and no one else. Just to say no one is getting open... I think you've listened to that post game press conference from the Calgary regular season game a few too many times.
  13. Nichols longest completion of the first half was 9 yds. He did that once. One other pass for 7, all others were 5 or less. He didn't actually complete a 10 yards pass (and it was only 10, on 2nd and 15) until 8:12 left in the 4th quarter. His first big play, a 26 yard pass didn't come until after the 3 minute warning. How the coaching staff stood by this for as long as they did was baffling. But if the game plan was in fact to dink & dunk the whole way through, when it wasn't working, Nichols should be having a chat with LaPo when on the sideline and talk about "opening it up" . This probably never happened because it takes him out of his comfort zone of 5 yard passes. He can't scramble, he can't stretch plays with his feet to let people get open downfield, he can't recognize when to call an audible or point out a weak spot a D is showing, and when even the slightest bit of pressure gets near him, he folds like a cheap camping chair. This, for the extremely low price of 450K in 2019! I can't wait!!
  14. Nichols himself in the post game press conference blamed the wind on the Adams play.... so what do you have to say about that!? He also said he "thought he played a pretty solid game". That's the thing that bugs me the most about the guy, is he can't just man up and admit he played like crap. At least he didn't throw his receivers under the bus again and say no one was open. his leash has to be short next season... to pay a guy 450K next season to watch him throw 4 yard passes and maybe 1 TD a game? That will get frustrating really quick. He had one good game all year.... not sure how you can say with a straight face that he was "great". If that's what we are going to consider great QB play, then this fan base has been brainwashed into believing mediocre QBing is acceptable. If he comes out of camp healthy and still looks she'll shocked and can't Pull the trigger when needed, then it's time to move on. Football is very much a "what have you done for me lately" business, and the fact is Matt Nichols has only had 2 good games in the last year and a half, one of them being the 2017 WSF in a losing effort (which I don't blame him for... it might have been one of his best games as a Bomber), the other the home win against Calgary to clinch a playoff spot!
  15. Nik Lewis was in essence a Phil Kessel type player.... turns it on when he needs to and is talented. But other times, looks completely useless. Was always an effective player though!
  16. events like these haven't happened for a long time.... it's more about festivals now, like a Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Coachella..... its easier on the bands to go one place and let the fans come to them. I doubt we see anything like an Edgefest / Summersault ever again, which is unfortunate. Its just the nature of the music business now though! As far as attendance / ticket sales.... if Wade is giving away tickets, that's his deal and will be up to him to explain & justify. To me, if he's "donating" to key corporate sponsors who are spending advertising dollars with the club every season, I'm fine with it. It's better to have more people coming through the building and spending money on concessions than it is to have empty seats. Now as a season ticket holder, I don't really like to see people getting free tickets, but they need to try and generate extra revenue somehow I guess.
  17. sounds like he would have been a great fit in the Bombers offence! would have been Nichols favourite target!
  18. I'm pretty sure with how the Bombers organization is structured, such a thing would be damn near impossible. Wade Miller is accountable to the 12 person Board of Directors, who's primary role I would think is to analyze the financial situation of the club, being publicly owned. Don't think such a thing would slip through the hands of these highly credible folks: https://www.bluebombers.com/board-of-directors/ What a crazy statement!
  19. Oh I get the premise, I just don't think the way 3downnation worded it is factual. There wouldn't be 2 contracts in place for next season, so you can't pay a value of something that's null & void. Call it what it is, it's a poaching penalty!
  20. If you're not first you're last! 😉
  21. by taking a promotion elsewhere, aren't you essentially backing out of your contract?? seems like there shouldn't be anything payable to Claybrooks from Calgary if he's waiving that contract. Doesn't make sense that he'd have a contract with Stamps and the Lions for 2019. Compensation should be there for sure, but it doesn't make sense that you'd be paying half a contract that would be voided. Isn't it usually compensation like a draft pick that teams would give up??
  22. was just mentioned on TSN radio that Claybrooks signed in BC, but not seeing anything official yet.
  23. But in 2016-17, Nichols was largely successful when defences weren't keying in on the dump pass to Harris. Teams have adjusted, which is proof based on this receiving production this season. When you take away that short pass, Nichols doesn't seem to have nearly the success. If the offence is built to run and play the short pass game, having a mobile QB is going to be essential. Nichols is a pocket passer, and he has lower than average completion % when going long. This is a problem. At least Harris & Massoli are a threat to connect on the deep balll. For that, my opinion is they both rank ahead of Nichols.
  24. Back at the old stadium in the Chairman's lounge, I once saw Bob Cameron chug a full beer, get up on the table and plank (I think thats what the kids called it), and hold himself up there for almost a minute. This wasn't more than 6-7 years ago, so he would have been in his late 50's. That was legendary stuff! Then he went and crushed another beer with Walby!
  25. Jesus... this is where things got confused. It was SpeedFlex who said 'Nichols is not mediocre' and then you commented on my response to that. Got the comments mixed up! My apologies.
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