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  1. Didn't he also state he wanted to be the best Quarterback in all of football, before he hadn't even made an NFL squad??
  2. there's also no reason for Ottawa to give up a pick, when they know the Bombers aren't going to pay that salary next season and more likely to release him. Bombers will be in a no win-scenario when it comes to that contract. No team is going to want to eat 475K with his production, and the most they would possibly get is similar to what we gave up to get him in the first place... something like a late round pick (was it 7th we traded??).
  3. As Streveler gets more time, and film to review his mistakes, he's only going to get better. You could tell When he missed that shot to Wolitarsky that he wanted it back as soon as it left his hand. Things that can be worked on over time with practice. They now have 2 weeks to prep for a good Montreal D, but someone said it in the other thread:. This offence is so much more dangerous when not stalling out for large parts of the game. You only have to look at time of possession yesterday to see how Streveler just brings an added element that makes him a better option than Nichols. At least that's my opinion!
  4. right up there had to be 2011 though.... 7-2 going into Labour Day was it? Only to drop both the LDC & BB. Hurt even more to lose both those games with a decent team!
  5. bringing back Weston Dressler for Labour Day!???
  6. kind of surprising, but not really..... news just broke on TSN radio VIA Jeff Hamilton. He hasn't really seemed engaged this year. Maybe being under-utilized. But if he was becoming a problem in the room, whining about not getting the ball, I'm fine with this move! Get someone in there who actually wants to play! I'm sure the salary saving isn't going to hurt us either!
  7. well... after listening to that press conference, I have to feel like there is more to come from this. Harris didn't once say "I'm looking forward to putting this behind me and getting back on the field in a couple weeks". Is there another failed test going to come to light shortly, consequently ending his season?? He sounded completely dejected.
  8. how many times have we heard the play by play guys this year say things like 'Harris just seem to be getting better with age', when RARELY does that ever happen in high performance sports....so... not totally shocking. My worry is that he's got 2-3 more tests after this that could come back with the same result. That would net him at the very least, with a second failed test, a 9 game suspension essentially ending his season! We have to hope that this is somehow a mistake..... better start combing the NFL roster cuts for a running back!
  9. I know we're riding the high of the big W last night, but I honestly think the coaching staff over the next several weeks is going to try and get McGuire some playing time too to really give a good evaluation. Not a knock on Streveler, but what a great opportunity to showcase and get an idea of how you want to look behind centre next season! If this is a good looking 1-2 punch, there's no way they're bringing back Nichols at his salary!
  10. I think it was -20 that day too out in Calgary... the players all looked uncomfortable and cold!
  11. If Streveler struggles, it will be unfortunate, as I do believe he's our future. But we won't know that after tonight! And I never "turned" on Nichols, I never believed him to be the answer... this offence turned around more when Harris arrived, it just so happened that Nichols was brought in shortly after him! If LaPo scales back the playbook and neuters Strev and doesn't allow him to take shots downfield, then absolutely, we've got play calling problems. I don't think that'll be the case though. It's the mid range throws (8-15 yards) that has been missing from Nichols arsenal, and I think that's where Streveler will hopefully be able to move the sticks more often hitting those throws on 2nd and long.
  12. So if the offence starts to thrive under Streveler, you'll be willing to admit that it was Nichols all along, and not LaPo?
  13. although I was excited to see a series from Streveler at that point....even I, Nichols biggest fan, was like 'why are they doing this right now??'
  14. they don't even need to use the stands.... there's enough room on the sidelines for all that bought tickets! Small field for a small crowd!!
  15. any word if Mike Kelly will be the OC for this squad??
  16. he got a pretty hefty payday from Nike, did he not??
  17. look, I'm not a big fan of Nichols, and have been calling for him to be replaced for a long time. But there's a difference between criticizing his play VS criticizing him as a person.
  18. wow.... classy post. There's no need to cut down the guy's manhood just because he suffered an injury.
  19. kinda surprised no one has brought up Drew Tate. Didn't he get signed late last season by the Riders? I'm sure he'd be open to returning!
  20. "He doesnt have the tools" - lots of people. He's currently sitting 17th in the league behind just about everyone in terms of pass attempts this season. Give the guy a little rope here... geez! Lots of QBs struggle in their first several games and go on to have great careers! I dont understand the panic.... Nichols was mediocre the bulk of the season so far. To think that isnt replaceable is pretty closed minded!
  21. I called it in the pre-season, that Streveler would be the starter by Mid-August. Just didnt think this would be how it would happen. As much of a team guy as Nichols is, it's going to be hard for him to hang around and play mentor in this situation. With the receiving corps weve got, I have no doubt that Streveler will find some success. Hes already got chemistry with Wolitarsky. Give him a few weeks with the full crew, and I think this offence is going to thrive. Will it happen on Friday? Quite possibly not. But the timing of this injury is a blessing in disguise because there's still half the season to go! I don't think theres reason for doom & gloom. Give these guys the chance to see what they can do! At the end of the day, what were trying to replace production wise was give or take 200 yards passing per game. I have to think that not only achievable but surpassable very quickly!
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