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  1. The 31-0 Shutout a couple weeks ago .... nothing comes closer for me
  2. Any news out of Bomber practice this week? Which starters took a day or two off? Who has been practicing kick returns? Any change in first team reps? Did we have a closed practice? Anybody been able to chip out any Gatoraid? Will Lapo change his cast-in-stone game plan? Will Hall blitz on 90% of the defensive downs? Please list all planned trick plays:
  3. I don't know what any of you have seen (or felt) but we have blown some leads this year. We find stuff that is working, we get a lead and then try and sit on it, often pounding Harris into an overloaded box ... leading to 2nd and long and then of course a punt... multiple 2 and out's allow the other teams' offence to finally find itself and get into high gear ... I guess we have blown good momentum and leads at least 3 times this year (maybe a lot more) ... I put this mainly on Lapo who despite his brilliance too often plays "not to lose" ... I am hoping we can correct this misjudgment even while making sure we don't make silly turnovers ... we can still play ball control offense with Nichols at the helm ... we just can't afford to give up what's working so well when we get momentum ... we are allowed to put the other team away when we are up a bit! Do you concur?
  4. "SO JUST STAND THERE, DON'T DO ANYTHING" ... THAT'S WHAT I MEAN ABOUT BEING PASSIVE INSTEAD OF CREATIVE AND PROACTIVE .. Bill Belichick keeps replacing his injured/failing no names with other no mames ... we set our feet in cement on opening day
  5. Well I have been cheering for the Blue since 1962 ... 2008 & 2011 we were total underdogs ... gotta go back to Kevin Glenn leadership to see a serious chance at the Cup .... I would like to see the Bombers hoist it before I die The Patriots have been great and don't cause emotionally induced illness for their cheering fans
  6. My first question is will the Bombers start Streveler against Montreal? My second question is what is MOS and Walters doing to right the ship? My third question is based on the answer to the second question: why are you doing what you are doing? It breaks down to management philosophy ... are we sticking to what we recruited in training camp? It sure seems that way ... I can't recall one newbie since camp (other than maybe replacing some Canadian special teamers) Hamilton have made trades and just signed Chad Owens ... BC has brought in more receivers, Toronto switched QBs and is rehabing Carter, Chris Jones doesn't sit on his hands ... top teams might be able to stand pat but those of us with losing records need to fix what is broken ... we have a long record of being passive even before MOS came to town ... are we being delusional by standing pat? In the very least can we develop Streveler into a starter and the leader needed to win a Grey Cup, finally ... winning Cups are not a statistical probability, they have to be soundly earned Cutting Bond was bad judgment as was not replacing Loffler and Ritchie Hall We are not even tinkering in our downward spiral ... even a couple of adjustments earlier may have led to a winning record I am very close to giving up on this club and focusing on The New England Patriots, perhaps the best coached team in the world
  7. Will the roster changes make any difference for the Blue? Can Matt Nichols pick up his game? Do they have Streveler prepared in waiting in case Nichols is flat again? Statistical probability favor the home team in back to back games ... Can Bob Irving or the crowd help us?
  8. If hamilton can beat edmonton we can beat calgary
  9. After wading through 13 pages of the "Sky is falling" (the Mat Nichols thread) and more of the same on the LaPolice thread, I saw a lot of grumbling and nonsensical blather. The " what a difference one game makes" sort of said it all in terms of a frustrated board of posters. But now that we have got that out of our system, let;s look at what we can do to be positive and to put our team in a position to win. It is possible to beat Calgary if we get a couple of non-offensive TDs like the Roughies were gifted at perfect times. Note too Regina replied to Calgary's attempted come back with more scoring of their own to really put them in their place, Assume that Lankford & Folketti start and that Chandler Fenner plays most of the gane What would you do as head coach/OC/DC to give the Bombers their best chance of winning?
  10. this is closer to what i see ... if we creep up and play tight or man-to-man we may get burned when a receiver breaks a tackle or bounces off a defender for a huge gain
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