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  1. Arnold_Palmer

    The MBB All-Time Blue Bomber team: (A) Punt Returners

    Keith Stokes was electrifying. Jovon was amazing for a short period of time as well.
  2. Arnold_Palmer

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Our top end talent was great! Too bad we had zero depth.
  3. Arnold_Palmer

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    JJ and Hefney were AMAZING back in their prime. All good things come to and end!! Happy retirement Jovon.
  4. Arnold_Palmer

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    We didn’t whif. We gave competitive offers but there was teams out there desperate enough to back the brink trucks. We’re a good team. We don’t need to over pay players, while I would have loved to get one of them, there’s still some decent receivers on the market.
  5. Arnold_Palmer

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Toronto.. 18 wins In the past theee seasons, one playoff appearance. Winnipeg.. 33 wins in the past three seasons, three playoff appearances. Whatever you say Darrin!
  6. Arnold_Palmer

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Bull. It’s through scouting, and drafting. You can add, heck a free agent signing may even put you over the top but you do not build through free agency.
  7. Arnold_Palmer

    Free Agent Frenzy

    200k for Posey is absolutely riddicious. Hard to imagine Chris Matthews getting less, but I’d rather have him anyways, he proved in Calgary he could still be a dangerous receiver.
  8. Arnold_Palmer

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Well in all fairness what is he going to do in Saskatchewan? Visit cousin Leroy’s Hardware store..
  9. Arnold_Palmer

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Nope! We were always a much better team with Dressler in our lineup. One of the key players that started the turn around of the culture change in Winnipeg.
  10. Arnold_Palmer

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Lulay, scrambles from the pocket, his receiver Watson with a great block on the linebacker coming in on the blitz.. he sees Dressler!!! FIRST DOWN Riders! No this isn’t 2009 it’s 2019 😂
  11. Arnold_Palmer

    Free Agent Frenzy

    I could see it.
  12. Arnold_Palmer

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Happy for their participation trophy! Good job Saskatchewan.
  13. Arnold_Palmer

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Typical Montreal move.
  14. Arnold_Palmer

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    I was ok with us moving on from Demski but having another quality Canadian threat in our arsenal is never a bad thing. I’m hoping he could continue to even get more touches in the backfield so he can take some of the load off from Harris.
  15. Arnold_Palmer

    QB situation Winnipeg

    Funny we have a good quarterback on a modest deal, and argueably the best young quarterback in the league, and a decent athletic QB in Bennett.. I think we have the best QB situation in the league. We don’t have to over pay for a guy Ike Harris.