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  1. The thing I noticed about Matt Nichols is he is DEFINITELY in better shape then he was last year. Not only more mobile which helped him for a couple or the touchdowns as he ran out of the pocket, but his arm strength is actually better. I’m not even talking about necessarily the deep ball in which there was just a few moments of miss communication but one play I believe was in the third quarter he threw an out on the far side field on a second and ten and he got it there with enough zip for us to pick up the first down. That’s a throw I do not think Matt Nichols makes last year. Very encouraging.
  2. Nichols and Hecht with the big plays after taking so much **** on this board. Love it
  3. Rider fans saying Harris (wishing) he declines this year. Not a chance.
  4. In Nichols defence. He threw a hell of a deep ball there. There will be timing issues with the new players. Let’s not write him off just yet.
  5. This should be a good game! Game of the week no question!
  6. I saw two bad teams duking it out tonight. Would have loved to see Khari win. But oh well.
  7. Always had a lot of respect for Kevin Glenn’s game. Possibly the quickest release in the decade of good to great quarterbacks out there! Happy retirement KG!
  8. Honestly. I’ve ventured onto their site from time to time and it’s like clockwork. Angry when they’re losing and then memory like gold fishes, they’re planning the parade again the next day.
  9. 0-2 in the preseason yet still the most arrogant/delusional fans. Go figure.
  10. Lankford can’t make a cut like that. Amazing speed and vision on that play.
  11. Could also be timing issues. Receivers he’s not comfortable with giving up on the route or running the wrong route. I have no worries about Nichols right now.
  12. Thousand from Germany? Nice! That’s a pleasant surprise.
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