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  1. I don’t think O’shea Is coming back regardless. He’s turned down several offers from the Bombers. I think it’s likely he ends up in Toronto closer to family, and with Pinball.
  2. All we need to do is win our playoff games and Collaros is better then any of those quarterbacks you mentioned.
  3. If it’s status quo I’d get rid of them all this offseason. Another year of not good enough.
  4. I’m not saying he’s Tom Brady but he’s a lot better then anything else available on the market right now. We don’t need a super star at QB to win. We just need someone who is competent.
  5. Trade for MBT the guy can at least sling the ball. See what happens when he doesn’t have a pathetic defense and non existent running game in front of him.
  6. It has nothing to do with other quarterbacks.. in 2016 he was 8-4, 2017, 12-6, and this year 7-2 I’m not sure what his record was last year but I know we were below 500 when he came back and finished 10-8. Simply put he’s won a lot of games when no one else has.
  7. We’ve been dreadful without him going back to 2016.
  8. It’s not. It’s a fact since he’s been here. Although be my guest.
  9. But he wins every year? And every year he’s out we lose. That’s not a coincidence.
  10. Good teams are getting better as we get closer to the playoffs. We’re being exposed as pretenders. Plus big Chris just simply isn’t that guy. You get a little pressure on him and instead of stepping up into the pocket he looks to dance around and he’s been exposed.
  11. I like Big Chris but this goes to show how underrated Matt Nichols is. All he does is win games! However the secondary was awful tonight. I can’t see how we win a Grey cup like this right now.
  12. Of course Hefney was set for life. Don’t be silly. ( if he was transferred to 1950 with all his money)
  13. Well we haven’t had one all season so I’d say the odds would be against it but if CS can be efficent, the running game gets going and we get the W then that’s all that really matters.
  14. Not since I was born! I was born in 91..
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