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  1. Apparently another employee told him to use the wheelchair to roll the luggage because they were out of trolleys. Anyways I agree once that guy put his hands on Langley he had every right to defend himself.
  2. Exactly, after losing a season due to the pandemic, the lack of quality QB’s, the bad broadcasts, terrible marketing, and the huge issue of not being able to attract new fans there’s a lot of issues that need to be fixed, and a strike is absolutely the last thing this league needs right now.
  3. Good to see Saunders making an impact. He had great chemistry with Collaros in Hamilton. My biggest worry was his injury history but it looks like he might have a spot on this team! This might just be Zach’s best group of weapons he’s had since he’s been here.
  4. It’s evident the speed of Kane and McDavid is too much for Calgary’s defence. They have a slow physical defence core and they’re getting abused by Edmonton’s speed.
  5. I grew up in River Heights. Beautiful area! My parents still have their home there.
  6. Yeah one thing to consider to is yes the housing market is crazy but in Vancouver a literal inhabitable shack is on the market for 1.5 million, meanwhile me and my girl friend were about to buy our first home before we were 30 for under 200 thousand in a safe neighbourhood so like I said pros and cons to each city, if I was living in Vancouver or a place like Toronto or Montreal the dream of owning a home would be just that.. a dream.
  7. The most underrated part of Winnipeg is the commute. No matter where you’re going it’s never more then 30 minutes away inside the city, that’s a luxury you’ll just never get in a big city.
  8. It’s funny I met a couple yesterday from Vancouver that absolutely love Winnipeg, the food, the culture, the architecture. I work with a marketing agency and we went out for drinks and dinner with some clients that are from Alberta and Toronto respectively.. they both loved Winnipeg too. They like how friendly Manitobans are, the cool restaurants, how attractive the women are lol! Anyways long story short there’s pros and cons to every city but Winnipeg does have a charm to it. Everything they say is absolutely 100 percent correct.
  9. Well if they plan on practising Thursday then it must be very close.. great news!
  10. Things have changed since the 90’s though. I read that out of the 5.9 million new jobs available in the US over 70 percent of them don’t require a 4 year degree. Heck my girl friend was a master student with an engineering degree and I took a few business courses and we make within 10 k of each other. Football players especially coming to the CFL know this is there last chance, they have a back up plan trust me.
  11. That’s what I like to hear. Let’s be completely honest right now. Both sides NEED each other. You can pull a bluff all you want but by not playing football you’re hurting both sides.
  12. A little disingenuous to assume these people are going be stocking shelves. A lot of people have a plan B after football including degrees and side ventures. Most of the players coming to the CFL know this is their last chance at “professional” football it really rubs me the wrong way when people refer to these people as Walmart greeters.
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