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  1. Arnold_Palmer

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    He can’t be any worse than Cousins was against New England.
  2. Arnold_Palmer

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    There should be a designed Brazilian.. Bomber Cheerleader! Now that I can get onboard with!
  3. Arnold_Palmer

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Plus hard to look good when the guy beside you isn’t doing his job. Our o-line will be excellent again next season.
  4. Arnold_Palmer

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    That’s a lot of washed up NFL coaches.
  5. I had three gin and juices. I owe my girl friend a bottle of wine now because I took Ottawa plus the 4 points. I would of loved a case of beer, I’m more disappointed Ottawa didn’t cover then I am them losing!
  6. Arnold_Palmer

    Who do you hate the most (Teams)

    Toronto is pretty bad. The sad thing is NO ONE cares about the CFL there. I work for a marketing company where the head office is out in Toronto. Met a lot of sports fans within the company. Huge fans of just about every sport and league except for the CFL. It’s really sad because it’s obvious the CFL catters towards a market that no one cares about.
  7. Arnold_Palmer

    Needs for next year

    This will be a big off season. A lot of our core will be looking for pay raises.. Like Calgary we need to know who to keep and find some replacements via recruiting. Can’t always live and die by free agency.
  8. Arnold_Palmer

    Bombers Free Agent List

    I’m not sure. He landed super awkwardly. It seemed to me to be a freak accident
  9. Arnold_Palmer

    Bombers Free Agent List

    I was so mad that game. We almost choked after being up a country mile against BC. It should never have come to an onside kick.
  10. Arnold_Palmer

    This Regime

    I like our young Canuck receivers. I’m not against Demski coming back but I’m thinking he’ll want a raise and there’s money better spent else where.
  11. Arnold_Palmer

    This Regime

    Adams, and our three young Canadian receivers is a good starting point. I would be ok moving on from Dressler and Demski. We need to sign another game breaking receiver and it’s importsnt to be able to recruit a game breaker this winter.
  12. Arnold_Palmer

    This Regime

    Middle of the pack team yet second most wins in the past three years? Get lost.
  13. Arnold_Palmer

    Bombers Free Agent List

    Sad, he was a great player in his day and obviously worked his ass off to play football again but he clearly wasn’t the same after his injury. Thanks for a great career for the blue and gold!
  14. Arnold_Palmer

    Demand for Compensation

    What exactly is your point? That was then.. this is now. Thinking of the past only kills us long term.
  15. Arnold_Palmer

    Demand for Compensation

    I’ve heard some pretty crazy suggestions... obviously we need to take that next step but I swear 1990 is in the back of everyone’s mind, and all that does is hurt this team long term.