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  1. Great job to Hamilton. Having two guys that buy into the team that are taking way less money to stay together and help the team win. This could have been a tricky situation for Hamilton but it was handled perfectly from the front office.
  2. Well earned!! The both of them. O’shea and Walters completely changed the culture of the organization. From one of the worst organizations in the league to one of the best if not the very best! This is great news.
  3. It’s a no contest this 2019 defence is arguably an all time historically good. 2011 was a nice run but we got exposed by BC in the Grey cup.
  4. The biggest ass hole coach in the league joins the biggest ass hole franchise in the league!
  5. You mean next years Grey Cup parade right?
  6. Look at what they’re doing in Baltimore with Lamar Jackson. A team that is playing to the strength of his athletic abilities. I believe CS could be that guy for us if he is given the chance and we built the right offensive game plan behind him.
  7. I love ZC for helping us to a championship but man oh man is he one hit away from being Buck Pierce. He has taken a beating and honestly can’t be counted on to be more than just a small stretch quarterback. Great guy to have as a back up who can win you a game. But you cannot put your eggs all in one basket with this guy.
  8. O’shea Must go.. see his agent and get his deal done and sign with the Blue Bombers 😁
  9. Without Nichols O’shea Would have been fired in 2016 and we would have no grey cup. Our defense is great this year and was pretty good last year but in 2016-2017 it was not good at all and it really was Nichols and Harris holding the glue together. Say what you want about the man but without Nichols there is no Grey cup period.
  10. Seeing Willy Jefferson apologize for ever playing with Saskatchewan was hilarious! It’s okay we all make mistakes. 😉
  11. I love me some matty ice but Collaros was able to move around in the pocket effortlessly.
  12. The last time a team got dominated like that in a grey cup was.. When Hamilton last played in it 😁
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