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  1. I actually believe the exact opposite. If Streveler is mediocre and were hovering around 500 we’ll realize how important Nichols really is. The man simply wins football games.
  2. He wouldn’t even sign a deal with Denver worth millions of dollars to fight for a starting position. The dude is pretentious. No way he comes to the CFL.
  3. True but we also didn’t allow 4 TD’s and nearly 400 yards to Arbuckle either!
  4. Uncle Rico could throw a pigskin a quarter of a mile. Not doubt in my mind.
  5. Guys I’m kidding! Get a sense of humour. However I’ll always appreciate KG for our 07 run
  6. If Nichols is out for an extended period of time, wouldn’t mind seeing one of my favourite Blue Bomber QB’s make a third appearance with the blue and gold. I’d be more then okay letting big Chris showcase what he has but having an experienced backup wouldn’t be the worst plan in the world. 😁
  7. I’m excited to see what we can cook up for Streveler next week. He should be able to help us open up the playbook a little more.
  8. 3 turnovers, lost our Q.B, and we still win by 16 points! I thik we’ll be just fine. 7-2 is 7-2!
  9. Didn’t get to watch the game because of work but how about a star/hm to Canadian ham and egger Jake Thomas for his two sacks!
  10. Everybody breathe.. 6-2 not 2-6, let’s go! In years past we would have 100 percent lost this game against Calgary. How many last minute games have we lost to them over the years? Let’s take care of business next week and we’re sitting pretty at 7-2!
  11. How a guy could go from potiental SB MVP to average receiver is beyond me.
  12. The issue is once the pressure is on he doesn’t go through his reads and will not take a unprotected hit in the pocket.
  13. I think I agree and look Matt has been a professional, he’s been a winner, and he is a big part of our team becoming one of the best franchises in the CFL but he has not been the same since his injury and I think most of it is mental. The second the pocket breaks down instead of stepping into the pocket, or getting rid of it then and there he will put the ball down and throw it Harris for minimal gain or take the sack. Also the sign of a strong quarterback is confidence. If you hate interceptions so bad you’re unable to take a risk or stretch the field then I think it’s about time to take a seat because a confident quarterback will forget about the interception and go back to business. Now I know Lapolice is partially to blame but if you’re going to go with a run heavy conservative game you might as well put Streveler in to keep the defense honest on the run option which gives us more flexibility.
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