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  1. Augustine looked FAST on that play. Would love to see him get a few carries as a change of pace back.
  2. They don’t want to play by the fourth quarter. Getting physically beat for 45 minutes takes a toll on the body and the psyche. That’s why we’re so dominant in the fourth. You can only take so much punishment.
  3. Always good to see the good guys win in both games! Rocking night in the peg.
  4. They are saying Montreal is going to be a test. Yeah a test to see if our backups can beat their starters. What a bunch of clowns
  5. These are the games where it’s hard to pick three people because so many people did their jobs and then some. Complete domination in all three facets of the game
  6. To be honest I don’t even care if you don’t like our team. That’s fine. I didn’t like every good team in the league there was some un likeable teams. But don’t act a different way depending on which forum you’re at. I can respect an opinion even if I don’t agree with it but I really don’t like two face behaviour
  7. No need to do damage control. Own your opinion. We don’t respect you trashing us on a rivals fan forum then doing a 180 here. Either respect us or don’t but do go back and fourth.
  8. In all fairness you would probably have to have a head injury to come up with a take like that.
  9. Too bad we won’t get the chance to humble them again this season after kicking their ass in a sweep this season. Don’t see them getting the chance to play us in the western finals but would love to see us win another western finals against them just to shut them up.
  10. Or team has the lowest PPG average in the CFL in 50 years but yet the weakness is our defence! Totally saw that. Honestly I try to look at things objectively and give other teams credit over the years when they have a solid team but a bunch of sore losers over there.
  11. Just to clarify it was the first time BC has been shut out in 50 years for anyone who was wondering!
  12. MVP! sorry I mean Mortada Vallet Parking. I’m sure he’s going to have a great career parking cars once Castillo joins our team 😁
  13. A home playoff game in December. Offff with how physical our d is.. I wouldn’t want to be our opponent.
  14. Saying he thinks we’re one and done in the playoffs. Used to have respect for him as a poster but i thought the way we beat the Lions all season he would start to respect our team instead of being a bad loser.
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