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  1. Ha! Mo was a great football player but I’ve heard some stories about him being “friendly” to multiple females in the city all while being engaged.
  2. To be honest 2006 was refreshing after 2004-2005 we were so bad. In 2006 we knew we were close.
  3. It’s hilarious seeing rider fans cry that we’re in the top 2 in a meaningless power ranking. One poster is adimate just because Calgary went 6-12 the year after they won in 2001 we don’t deserve to be number two. The delusion is real!
  4. Exactly it’s almost like the Grey cup champs, and the team with the second best record in the last four years knows what they’re doing. How about we give the champions the benefit of the doubt when it comes to roster management.
  5. I don’t take anyone who uses the word folks multiple times very seriously.
  6. The guy has like 800 receiving yards in the past 3 years.. he is toast.
  7. Fun fact. Armanti Edwards was the Qb for the school that had the greatest upset in college football history. Appalachian State over Michigan back in 2007. The fact he’s become a pretty good receiver in his late 20’s/early 30’s is a great story.
  8. Why doesn’t this have more thumbs up? We own Saskatchewan in their stadium.
  9. Walker is the guy we need. One of the very best receivers in the game. If Walters pulls this off it’s an A plus off season.
  10. He has really good accuracy, a decent arm and what I like that even when he’s moving around in the pocket he’s keeping his eyes down the field looking for a play, it’s a quality a lot of the great quarterbacks have. I think he does need to work on his release a little bit. It’s a little on the slow side, especially for the pro game but that’s something that mechanically he can work on. I think the future is bright for this kid.
  11. Actually I heard he’s not cheap at all. He tips extremely well!
  12. I’d have to imagine the Bombers feel really good about McGuire being the back seeing as we haven’t signed a guy like Franklin or Pipkin to battle it out for that back up spot.
  13. I’m confident that our scouting will be able to find another gem in the secondary but having a guy with experience like Johnson come in definitely doesn’t hurt. Not an area of concern to me.
  14. A lot of sour grapes on the Rider board. I love it.
  15. Because it’s a business and he took less already once before,but this is all hypothetical because I wouldn’t be surprised if he still signed here, I just wouldn’t blame him if he took the money. He did his job while he was here and helped bring us a cup.
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