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  1. Probably a good idea after what happened in Saskatchewan.
  2. I know this off season feels like it’s been 600 days long! 😉
  3. I thought being defending champs would change the glass half empty narrative from TB but some people wallow in misery.
  4. “Unfinished business” oh man those words haunt me. Glad O’Shea could bring it home for us. I was born in 91 this was the first Grey cup in my life time!
  5. I would rather us be the underdogs anyways. Let Hamilton have all the pre season accolades. Just more pressure on them down the stretch when it really counts.
  6. They certainly like their former NFL castaway quarterbacks hey? Seems like them and Toronto have one or two in camp every season.
  7. I met John Rush in the fall. Really nice guy. We chatted a little about football and his situation. I got the feeling from our discussion that he would love to come back if there was a contract offered but looks like they’re ready to move on.
  8. Brady looks fine actually, really good for 43. 25 touchdowns and 9 INT, and having Tampa relevant for the first time in over 15 years. He has started to slow down a bit and that was apparent last season, you put a 33 year old Brady, heck even a 40 year old Brady in Tampa and they’re likely undefeated at this point he has started to slow down a bit and that was apparent last season.
  9. I was watching the Eagles and the Browns play and I couldn’t help notice how good Alex Singleton looked. He was all over the field making plays.
  10. Hamilton also gets the first pick! Nothing like the champs and the runner ups snagging top three picks!
  11. Not yet.. give me two or three hours!
  12. Well if going without football for a year is someone’s worst experience of their entire life I guess it’s safe to say they’ve lived a pretty damn good life.
  13. I will have to re watch these playoffs games! I was extremely intoxicated during this whole run to the grey cup :)
  14. He had a really solid sophomore season and then had some injury problems ever since. 6’4 runs a 4.37 40 he’s big and fast and I think it’s a good pick in the fourth round. Could be a steal.
  15. Ha! Mo was a great football player but I’ve heard some stories about him being “friendly” to multiple females in the city all while being engaged.
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