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  1. And he did make a Grey Cup winning kick. I think a point to be made here is that pretty much all kickers have these games. Medlock had one against us in 09 and it’s the entire reason he was up here to start with because he blew it in KC and Carolina later on. Anyone got an idea of kickers that are available right now? I mean the NFL guys are hanging around waiting for someone to screw up to get another shot. Who’s been cut this year? Is Crapigna healthy?
  2. There’s basically one kicker I’d trust in the league right now and he’s in Calgary. Whyte is good but his range is getting shorter. I don’t know if bringing random Americans in solves the problem. I would have liked to see some guys in for training camp not Mourtada. Now anyone in and on the roster is going to be under a 1000x zoom microscope and every missed kick will be a call for their head. I don’t really want to pay Castillo more than what half our starting receivers make to kick 80%, although yeah he was big in the Grey Cup game. Liegghio gets to have this feeling and hopefully builds from it because I don’t see a white knight with a big leg in our future this year.
  3. Already have guys here. I'd certainly rather have an American who can block in the interior than Greg McCrae out there to flip the ball to Grant immediately if he touches it on kick return.
  4. Less worried about the OL and more worried about Buck's ability to scheme for pressure, and scheme in a way that Collaros will run it. Collaros has a lot of blame here too, he has a way he wants to run a pass game and it relies on having a lot of time to move the ball downfield. Have to adjust to the D a bit sooner than the 3rd quarter.
  5. Nobody's happy with it. But don't let it distract from the offensive dump that was taken on that field tonight for the most part.
  6. Only time it has to land in the field for a rouge is on a kickoff. Could also angle a kick to go out the side of the endzone, doesn't have to go out the back. Have seen Prefontaine, O'Shea's former teammate for the Argos, set up for a FG style kick to coffin corner a kick and once to push a single through the side of the endzone. Can kick it off the tee and put it out of bounds. Yeah I agree that they needed to bring someone in earlier. We have Mourtada on the PR. Should have brought in someone much better. Maybe could now, but I'm saying there's likely more value at this point in working through this with Liegghio than having a midseason kicker camp, putting guys out there and cutting them every time they miss a kick.
  7. Yeah. OL man to man got beat but Buck also got mollywhopped in this two game series by Thorpe. Really needs to figure out some ideas to handle pressure that aren't 4 yard hospital balls to Rasheed Bailey with his back to the defense. If Montreal had a halfway decent QB they'd have a chance to contend.
  8. God kickers in the 80s and 90s were like a coin flip. Westwood had lots of years well under 70% but also booted a 55 yarder to beat Sask in 03.
  9. Yeah who is that? The Als kicker put a 20 yarder into the upright. I groaned right away on that play at the end of the 4th cause the snap was about 1 yard and a half wide of Prukop and I knew it was going to screw it all up. But yeah just need to make sure we get the rouge there. I don't think on the whole we'll get anyone better than Liegghio off the street right now. So this happened in August and there's a chance to build from here so it doesn't happen again. There's not really anyone in the CFL save Whyte (who's not coming here), Paredes or Castillo who I'd take over Liegghio at this moment.
  10. Yeah it's a meaningless game in the standings but hopefully lots of fodder for improved scheming on offense to grow some consistency, score more points. D just needs to play faster and a bit more focused.
  11. That offside call is even more interesting since the ball isn't exactly on the 1, it's a bit behind. Interesting on rewatch. The yard to give isn't necessarily at the goal line.
  12. Tell me who you want. Trade for Castillo and pick a veteran starter to cut. Castillo is still lagging Liegghio in percentage but maybe more clutch. Who do you sign on the bye and throw on the field vs the Stamps?
  13. Paredes never played for us. Only in camp. Hajrullahu was broken. Was happy to let him walk and grab Medlock. One of the biggest moves that pushed the team into contention for Grey Cups, kicking and punting.
  14. Wish we had brought in a legit import kicker to at least compete maybe go on PR. Instead we have Mourtada who is demonstrably worse still hanging around.
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