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  1. Didn't take long for the new roster rules to bite the league in the ass.
  2. Nah because we do play the run pretty aggressively on first downs depending on game situation, just that we do this with a run blitz not leaving our linebackers 5 yards off the line. This is why it's kind of all or nothing, get stuffed or get 10 yards. We also rotate guys like Nichols and Alexander into the box depending on formation.
  3. I have no interest in trying to teach an American who is obviously pretty deficient in Mourtada how to kick in a Canadian fall. Yesterday was ideal conditions and he couldn't figure out how to get the ball 5 yards to the left. What's he going to do in a 50 km/h wind? If we're going to roll the dice, do it with Liegghio.
  4. I don't even really see us playing with linebackers in any sort of traditional sense, guys patrolling the second level. They either blitz (run or pass) or they drop way out covering zones with the DB's. Damn near every snap Bighill and Briggs are either rushing around an edge or dropped out covering a deep half.
  5. Once Bailey started catching the ball in the past 3 weeks he's established himself as a solid #3 option with maybe potential for more. That Toronto back to back him and Lawler dropped a ton of balls.
  6. Completion percentage from the pocket off his drop was under 30%. Most of his completions came when he had a clean path to step up and fire. When he rolled out he was in trouble, 2 picks and 1 fumble. Pick six was from the pocket. Game film will end his potential. Keep in mind the Bombers D was facing him completely blind, not even pre-season games to look at.
  7. Plus what is his counter to any wind, say the wind is blowing left to right? Like ok one kick, but there should be an adjustment so the same thing doesn’t happen three times. In the post-game O’Shea said his process is good but I’m not sure I can agree. He clearly can hit the ball left because he did on his best kickoff.
  8. I mean, the D has basically beat Edmonton's O on its own 15-14. I'm not going to fault them for giving up a TD when Edmonton started on our 8 yard line.
  9. Cornelius has done nothing from the pocket. Bombers gave away 22 points directly to unforced errors. This game easily could have been extremely ugly for Edmonton.
  10. Should have placed the ball on right hash for the convert.
  11. How is Betts allowed to wear his jersey wrapped around his shoulder pads? Is anyone officiating this game?
  12. Depth wise but it was quite a bit inside. Needed to be about 5 yards further outside.
  13. Kicker that's never played being dressed for first time would be observed and directed quite closely. Medlock probably not.
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