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  1. Thigpen brain fart. Guys been returning kicks for 10 years and doesn't know to let that ball sail into the endzone?
  2. Absolute must win for BC IMO if they want to make it a race for crossover. BC has 6 straight vs the East and they need to probably win 5 of them minimum.
  3. Next 3 vs Toronto and BC...Got 6 total left vs Toronto, BC and Montreal. 2nd in the East is within reach.
  4. Should be ejections coming here after the 3rd pick. McCray threw two bombs at McMillan.
  5. They let too much go right from the 1st quarter, and that's what happens, someone gets burned at a key time.
  6. Well if you saw the last two games you'd say he's pretty good at pass rushing.
  7. Cool watching the replay of the Streveler TD and how jacked guys like Whitehead and Lawler are, guys that are fairly new to the Bombers and didn't get the ball much but just pumped to contribute how they can.
  8. I think if Edmonton finishes 3rd or 4th in the West Harris could have 8000 yards passing and he shouldn't get any MOP votes for the league award, especially with how they are losing games so far by turning the ball over and not scoring TD's.
  9. There's a couple things to worry about. He holds the ball low, always. Haven't seen a ton of fumbles but scares me in the pocket, and a little when he gets running, the ball is at his waist. They don't need him to do a ton of straight drops into a regular pocket though, especially if they get more consistent in running Zone Read/RPO stuff testing the edge/contain of the D. Also when he scrambles he tucks the ball pretty immediately so there's not much chance he's going to get back into a position to make a throw. Good he's decisive but we're probably missing some plays downfield on those scrambles. To me this is the thing he/they need to figure out if he's going to be a legit starting level QB.
  10. Yeah. Fake tough works vs Ottawa, BC and Toronto. That'll get you 7-8 wins and 4th place. Guess the benefit for Edmonton is they'll get to go through the East.
  11. Really could have won all 10. Couple bad quarters.
  12. Yeah and turning the ball over. T Harris had 400 yards....1 TD...3 fumbles and a pick six....
  13. I don't know why they run the same idiots on the field week after week to take the same crippling penalties. Felt like some of their vets were getting pretty pissed off at their own team in that 4th Q, Sewell visibly on the sideline after the one fracas.
  14. Sean Whyte needs some MOP votes for Edmonton. He's got all the points.
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