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  1. Toronto looks real unstable to me. Co-GM's? WTF. Murphy is a very concrete personnel guy who most football people have not enjoyed working with. There's already rumours going around that he's telling agents that he's the real GM and Pinball is just a figurehead to sell tickets. Toronto means a lot to O'Shea but I imagine he'd be weary of leaving what he's built in Winnipeg to go to that situation.
  2. The key for the option running stuff is to actually have options that draw attention from the D. Don't motion everyone out of the backfield or leave Streveler alone (with Mike Miller counts as alone, he's received exactly one handoff in his entire CFL career) because it makes what is coming way too obvious. Get the Jet motion going, have Harris set back, run the pistol where Streveler is closer to LOS with Harris behind him, run some Ace and I looks, use running formations which allow power blocking and downhill running. Like seriously, if they want some help from a high school coach who works with QB's who can't pass consistently and has to develop a creative running game just ask. There are dozens of us.
  3. Yes they do a lot to disrupt passing lanes and on lots of plays Jefferson is barely trying to get to the QB, he's watching the QB's eyes and trying to disrupt the QB's reads and throwing lane. Jefferson is real feast or famine though. He ran by or flat out didn't finish a couple of huge plays in each playoff game so far, a couple sacks and what would have been a huge stop on Begelton in Calgary. He is what he is, a freak athlete who does not have a ton of experience playing defensive football and is quite deficient in some skills such as tackling and getting off blocks if he doesn't win off the snap. I can see why he doesn't last anywhere very long he'd give most coaches an aneurysm.
  4. Is that catches/targets? If so that’s a pretty useless stat with no context. A guy who gets 5 screen passes in a game will have hugely inflated numbers next to a guy like SJ Green who gets a lot of targets 20+ yards down the field.
  5. One guy we could really use on our roster is Roh. He is our best edge rusher. Jeffcoat makes plays all over the field and Jefferson is long and disruptive, but neither one of those guys have the repertoire of moves to beat blocks and get into the pocket that Roh does.
  6. Yeah the decoy aspect is there, but I don’t feel that Whitehead has the receiving skills to be a true threat. Lapo gets a rager for any guy that can take the top off the D so the fact Whitehead has been inactive says a lot. If he could field punts he likely would be on and Grant would still be waiting by his phone. We barely use guys who are really good receivers...Lawler, Bailey, Wolitarsky, Petermann. Christ even with an average QB you could run a real dynamic passing offense with those guys and Adams, Demski. Lapo gets real fixated on Demski for some reason and he is probably our 4th best receiver on the field any given snap.
  7. Anyone could be an excellent QB in the CFL, but will they ever get a chance?
  8. Would be nice to add some screen passes to our script. Personally I hate those 2 yard out patterns where you know the hope is for YAC but it takes the ball so long to get out there that the defenders are there to make the tackle right away. Plus we usually run that play for Demski and he is not a YAC guy unless he has open field.
  9. It depends on Harris being a threat. Our gameplan didn't make Harris a threat and on two of Streveler's designed runs Harris wasn't even in the backfield.
  10. Same story IMO. Force the most difficult throws. They are going to run a ton of max protect and be ready to beat the blitz. We need a better plan. We have sucked for years now against Hamilton running this same D. Come up with something a little outside the box or it won't be much of a game.
  11. And comes down to Lapo's biggest issue here for 4 seasons....the long stretches where managing even a first down becomes extremely difficult. Had so many opportunities on O to ice this game, basically the entire second half.
  12. Unbelievable how often the Bombers blitzed and left the DB's over top with nothing underneath the 3 routes they kept going to (dig, slant, cross). Fajardo barely hit any outside breaking routes, two miracle catches one by Powell, one by Moore that Sayles assisted on. Force Fajardo to win that game with his arm and it's not even close, gave him a lot of chances.
  13. They are mostly just bad, but the "Command Centre" stuff leaves the conspiracy stuff open.
  14. When the forward motion is continuous. Haven't seen that call made on a play like that one today since the NFL got rid of the tuck rule, and the CFL never had that rule. CFL rule says incomplete pass with opponent contact requires "ball moving forward." Once the motion stops and the ball remains in his hand it should be a fumble.
  15. My issue with it is that his throwing motion stops and he's still fully possessing the ball, then it comes out as the brunt of the contact is made. If the motion is continuous it's a pass, once it stops and he keeps the ball it's a fumble once it comes out. In real-time it's impossible to make that call but replay needs to get it right.
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