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  1. It didn't say who would be eligible based on territory, just that the league would compile a list. I'd hope they'd make the shift from the previous rules for junior players (who are now draft eligible) to a system based on where players played minor/high school football.
  2. What a load of BS. Weeks before a draft they change the format? I agree with territorial protections but it should apply equally. Should be a round prior to the draft where each team gets to claim a player from their territory. This system just rewards poorly managed teams. And there should be at least a one year period before any change of this magnitude is made.
  3. How would that even work? The AAF season was like 10 games. Buy the contract now they are playing 18 games? The contracts are also USD. The players would have no obligation to go along with it either. They aren't property.
  4. Here’s something the league needs to fix...making the playoffs and winning a playoff game COST the Bombers nearly $500,000. That’s absurd. Playing road playoff games is an expense for teams, it shouldn’t be.
  5. Filling the pipeline is a good idea. Making a deal like they did last year would be a good option as would picking guys that might take a NFL shot but could be back later this season or next. I personally don’t believe we are without holes in our roster. Our D needs bodies, guys like Briggs and Jones may only have a couple years left. We can use a OL, everyone is a free agent every season now too so not a bad idea to have some guys developing always.
  6. Ambrosie has cut the league staff (people who run the business, not faces) to a size not seen since the late 90s when the CFL was on the brink of folding every off-season and also taken on this CFL 2.0 crap in the face of CBA talks and crises in three markets, two essentially without ownership. It’s bad. There’s a very real possibility that veteran players aren’t in training camp, and a lot of management types will have a decision to make on whether or not they want to run a camp of rookies. It’s a complete joke to run a Euro draft at this time.
  7. They should all draft soccer stars. With the second pick in the CFL Euro draft the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are proud to select from Portugal and Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo. Maybe if they get that minimum salary up to $70,000 CAD they’ll come over!
  8. Comparing 200+ pound professional athletes to children is a new low. At least compare apples to oranges, not apples to F-18’s.
  9. Nah he’s a wannabe Winnipegger. From somewhere in Ontario, came here to work for A-Channel or maybe a radio station before that. I think his wife is in Saskatoon, she used to be on radio here too.
  10. Isn’t Dennis Parks also the name of the guy who sang O Canada in Vegas to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree?
  11. Based on what we know I venture a guess that this league is both way below the margin it needs to make ends meet on operations and severely under capitalized ($$$) to start with. Dundon said he is willing to kick in $250 million but that’s $250 million cash. I don’t think he’s interested in watching that money go away for good.
  12. Sounds like the NFL game would have been day before a Rider home game, so pretty much impossible to pull that off. Bombers don't have a home game until Banjo Bowl following the proposed date (August 23),
  13. Good revenue generator, maybe attract some tourism to the city as well, Packer fans who have no hope of setting foot in Lambeau. Logistics could be annoying mid-season, Bombers have home game August 15 then Banjo Bowl, so shouldn't be too bad.
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