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  1. Ridiculous to hold these drafts in season. If guys can’t get their **** together in time for Draft now that it’s literally a week before rookie camp they go in next years class.
  2. Ya forearm/elbow to helmet, lots of nerves there.
  3. Edmonton barely held on to beat Montreal in their home opener...Montreal is a horrendous and disorganized team that will be lucky to win 3 games this season.
  4. This is a big game for the secondary because Edmonton is a death by a thousand paper cuts style of offense, lots of screens, not much 15+ yards downfield, quite a bit different than Edmonton with Reilly. Harris will not hold the ball long if we're playing in passive coverages and worried about coming up to make tackles. Need some aggression to give the pass rush a chance to make an impact against that scheme, make the throws Harris likes more difficult and force them into a downfield passing game that he doesn't do well with.
  5. How is Reilly allowed to remain in the game after that direct headshot?
  6. For some reason they are only using him to return.
  7. One of those DB's completely blew zone assignment.
  8. Boyko frog splashes the pile of Eskimos on top of his QB. Low IQ.
  9. Stubler might run a faster 3 cone than Herdman.
  10. Shitty route by Carter, gotta help your QB under pressure and flatten that route out to keep separation, Carter just keeps strolling north-south and it's incomplete.
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