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  1. The point of the show was that he wasn't the boss.
  2. Johnson also played SAM for BC when they still had a pretty good D and that's a lot of what Walters talked about being attracted to in terms of targeting him in free agency. Not a word for word quote but the jist of what he said was he wants veteran guys for the halfback, SAM and safety spots and they'll run with the young guys at corner where the skills are more transferable from the American game to the Canadian game. I guess Hodge wasn't taking good notes. I think in terms of who is where it really will be whatever combo of those vet guys Hall likes heading into the season for both HB spots, safety, SAM between Maston, Taylor, Johnson and Alexander. Pending injury it's definitely a strong spot on the roster IMO, as strong as any secondary can be in a league that is structured to make it extremely difficult to defend the pass.
  3. It's pretty bad when you consider Walters literally spelled out the plan for the secondary in a press conference two weeks ago. If you're hoping to earn an income covering a sport and a team you should know that.
  4. **** I'm kicking myself for even clicking the link on Twitter to read that shitty Hodge article. Try not to enable that shitty garbage.
  5. According to John Hodge the Bombers remaining hole is boundary HB. Guess he missed Walter press conference on free agency day. Taylor and Johnson are our halfbacks. The open spots in the secondary are at corner. Mike Jones is likely to claim one, the other will be determined in camp. Johnson was signed to play inside, maybe even SAM but in that case Maston would move to half.
  6. And the big shot coaches like Marcel Rocque and Jones' coach are up their own asses about playing draws all the time and hitting less. See the downfall of that in all the late-game misses on straighter arena ice in the Scotties. They are trying to turn players like Einarson and Homan into drawers when they are quite good at the up-weight hit game. It's a simple game. Homan has not won anything major since they've tried to change her delivery.
  7. Einarson in the middle of an all-time choke. Knock out one red on her last in 10 and it's game over. Goes for a draw and whiffs, has 2 rocks she could have played a hit on for backing. Brutal, brutal, brutal.
  8. QB is not the scary part of the Hamilton roster. It's the depth of playmakers all over the D and the never ending ability to integrate and develop playmakers on O.
  9. Jones has such little confidence in her draw weight and ability to call sweeping this year that she's panicky and calling lots of weird raises and in-offs that are the kind of thing you mostly see in drunken Tuesday night leagues. I feel like in that game she came out right away thinking she had to try to beat Homan at the high weight hit game...the second end from Lawes shots on down were just bizarre calls that cost them the game.
  10. He left to operate 3DownNation full time and then sold the site to Justin Dunk.
  11. Yeah it wasn't random though. They scouted and drafted. This is a team he picked and now has coached for 2 months.
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