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  1. 3 year 300k hard money (at least 100k year 1 at signing) per year plus bonuses that push it to 400-450 based on performance and roster is the floor. Could get some guaranteed money to seal it with 3-4 bidders. So $1 million-$1.5 million over 3 years ball park. Edmonton, Calgary, Hamilton, Ottawa are for sure in running. Calgary has least flexibility until they trade Maier which would happen if they hooked Brown. Hamilton and Ottawa have tons of flexibility. One of them will end up with Brown or Maier for sure.
  2. The cap for the roster is only going up $75,000. There's no way the operations cap would go up that much.
  3. Yeah it's a shitty spot for sure. O'Day is probably on his last coach. If they aren't good this year O'Day and the coach probably both get canned. Anyone stepping in there has to determine if they want to tie their shot at being a head coach (Mace or Pierce) to O'Day's ability to find players. So far he hasn't built a functional OL. Drafting has been bad, personnel in general has been bad.
  4. I mean that's like a week. They are getting organized for sure. I doubt Schoen or Oliviera are going to sign 3 year deals if they don't know who the next OC is.
  5. Hype doesn't matter if the cash flows do not exist to operate teams. The league will be operating them or folding them as we've seen repeatedly in the history of this league. I'm not sure why seeking out a 10th market that would be in this position almost from the jump is celebrated by so many. BC, Montreal, Calgary, Hamilton, Toronto right now only exist as long as their owners accept negative cash flows....meaning the revenue possible from operations cannot cover the operation of the franchise currently. These franchises have spent 30+ years in this pool of red ink. Edmonton is there too right now although they historically have not been. There's a **** load of work to do in existing markets. It's laughable that a CFL commissioner with a league in the state it is currently would be spending a single minute thinking about expansion, particularly when there is no money behind it.
  6. Arbuckle was in Ottawa first for 2020 that didn't happen.
  7. But also...people who have been watching QB's forever as well as the numbers are saying this guy is special, and that's not based on the supporting cast because there are plenty of younger QB's who have been handed top teams in the league through the years. The sample size isn't really that small at this point. It's about the sample of 8 full games for a QB which is half a season. People were frothing over Reilly for half as much sample.
  8. Likely didn't want to risk any potential NFL interest for a handful of CFL game cheques on rookie deal.
  9. Not many comparables to Dru Brown's first 150 passes though historically. Collaros about 30 points lower in QBR and quadruple the turnovers...was playing on defending Grey Cup champs. Reilly had half as much playing time it his first go round with BC before he was the guy in Edmonton and was about 25 points lower in QBR, again playing on a Grey Cup team. Bo Levi almost 30 points lower through same point of his career, double the turnovers again playing on 12 and 14 win teams. So the "YEAH BUT THE BOMBERS ARE AWESOME SO DRU BROWN MEANS NOTHING" argument is kind of moot in these comparisons. We might be in a CFL type of Alex Smith - Pat Mahomes situation. Obviously a lot more variables in the CFL.
  10. This is going to be an ongoing issue with both the expansion of NFL PR's and drop of eligibility restrictions combined with CFL starting season earlier leaving fewer game cheques for guys who return. In Ford's case the amount he could have made joining the Bombers in mid-September would be dwarfed by a couple/3 weeks on a NFL PR. Plus the timing of the CFL offseason really hamstrings guys trying to stay in contention to make NFL teams for the next season. Really if he came back this season that's a career long decision not a 2023 decision. They have a lot of work to do to make navigating this more pleasant for guys to come back at the moment.
  11. Edmonton and Calgary are going to be flash points for the league very shortly. Disappointing how nonchalant Ambrosie is toward the strife in these markets. Facility issues there are huge. No use pining after a 10th market.
  12. Argument is rooted in 2024. Uncertainty vs known commodity with the point being the known commodity is potentially turning a bit of a wildcard week by week.
  13. Yeah but if you turn Augustine into a rookie with either passport there's your savings.
  14. You can't argue anything in the future of any quarterback at all with any evidence. Depth is important. Using the whole roster is important for sure. The past two years it's been kind of a "these are our day 1 guys" and we'll only deviate from this group if a limb is amputated. Montreal dominated the playoffs with a DB crew they basically built during the season, much like our team built a DB crew in 2019. We helped them significantly by playing 3 receivers who basically couldn't move.
  15. Collaros has had a lot less consistency as well as bursts this season. A few giant games and a lot of games with very mediocre production. And that's with an all-time season out of the tailback plus a guy like Schoen. I guess what they really have to drill down onto is what is him and what is the offense.
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