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  1. https://www.titlemax.com/discovery-center/money-finance/companies-disney-owns-worldwide/
  2. Games 1 and 2 going to sell-out? Just checked ticketmaster... seems like lots available. Eeesh. I've got Jets in 5... failing that... Blues in 5. I think she's a shorter series than many are thinking.
  3. Cheesecake Factory can’t be too far behind PF Chang’s eh?
  4. Now even the hockey gods against us. Pucks falling from the heavens
  5. Exactly what's been reported today. Well done.
  6. This would be the same sort of arrangement as the NHL had for Heritage Classic, no? How about FIFA with the Women's World Cup. I'd love to see the game in question come here... mostly just as a fan of Titletown, USA. And it's the 3rd game, not 1st. Aaron Rodgers throwing darts for 15-30 mins of gametime - - sign me the F up!
  7. Hoping the Leafs to win outright tonight... gross that feels so bad to type
  8. Training camp 8 days in already. Foreign players prob wishing they signed with the Pacific based team given our March weather so far. Interesting hire in the coaching dep't today. This guy is currently employed by ManU. Impressive find by Coach Gale. http://valourfc.canpl.ca/article/valour-fc-add-technical-consultant-to-coaching-staff
  9. We don't blow recent games vs Minny and SJ in the final minute & that record's virtually identical to last season.
  10. I'm still not over the SJ game. But will be in 324 as usual, giving Bruins fans a hard time.
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