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  1. Just enough going against us tonight.... feels exactly like a Jets W. 4-1 home side. Habs will be all piss & vinegar and not much substance.
  2. Just an honest attempt to slow him down would be a nice start. Make some sound personnel decisions. Don't watch him like fans do and let him skate circles, play the body. You can't stop the guy, but Jets can do far better at trying that's for sure. As much as McDavid dominated us this season, Tippet too did quite a number on Maurice. Yeah and watch us throw 81/55/26 out there against him again. Copp and Appleton are the only 2 FWs who come to mind who can even try that pest roll...
  3. Oh I'll be trying that Underdogs offering no doubt.... yummmmm
  4. On the bright side tonight we get to see Kulikov live again. 🙃
  5. There's that "abundance of caution" line again. Thinking we'll hear that a few more times this season.
  6. https://www.tmz.com/2020/12/10/maskless-cop-called-out-ticketed-canada-coronavirus/
  7. Count another in the minority, but I like the new jerseys. To me they look far better with the full "kit". That red mock up?!?! Yuck.
  8. Too bad the Jets missed out on Devon Toews. Two 2nd's for a legit top 4 who's 26 yrs old?! Sakic is just killing it in Denver.
  9. Congrats to everyone at MBB! WE DID IT. CHAMPS, baby!!! Now to work on that commemorative tattoo design...
  10. was in EDM for first time in ages last year. Ate here back-to-back nights. Too bad.
  11. First episode of The Watchmen aired Sunday. Oh boy what a premiere!! Very excited for the rest of the season.
  12. Damn that is helpful! I'm not sure why the Burger Week ppl haven't made a better website yet. I usually rely on Access Winnipeg's list. At least has a pic & description for each place. https://accesswinnipeg.com/2019/08/photo-le-burger-week-winnipeg-2019-participants/2/
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