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  1. Damn that is helpful! I'm not sure why the Burger Week ppl haven't made a better website yet. I usually rely on Access Winnipeg's list. At least has a pic & description for each place. https://accesswinnipeg.com/2019/08/photo-le-burger-week-winnipeg-2019-participants/2/
  2. Can it be appealed? Miller’s comments seem to suggest they won’t be, even if they could.
  3. I think you're arguing on the wrong side here hahaha. If we're to take that thread that seriously, I guess you did stab him? 😉 La Roca in english translates to The Rock. So either Dwayne Johnson is involved or everyone's getting locked up outside San Francisco when this is all over.
  4. Fireworks to start day 2... Marleau to Carolina, will be bought out. PK Subban on the move too.
  5. On my mind as well..Trouba as a rental hurt us big time.And I still don’t get the hurry, given the return now was garbage anyway. Why not qualify him - at only a few mill more than the unsigned Pionk btw - and deal with this all at the deadline when team’s are desperate? Couldn’t get a below avg defender and low 1st rounder then? Pffft. Whomever we take at 20 likely doesn’t make a big impact for several years. By that time we’ll be a lottery team at this rate.
  6. You get hosed on a Trouba deal so the follow-up move is dealing you’re best possession forward? That forward who’s signed for 1/2 of eternity at a reasonable cap hit? That forward who’s best friends with Laine? Christ almighty. Can we confirm the Kevin Cheveldayoff of 2011-2018 is still in fact employed by the Jets??
  7. ...Trouba wouldn’t talk extension before trade, so I guess Chevy’s hands were tied. Screw Overhardt..
  8. Well that’s an underwhelming return for Trouba. That feels like a deal that could have been done in panic late Thurs night, not the Monday before the draft. Sure doesn’t seem like we tried very hard to maximize return. Where’s Trouba’s long term extension, should have been agreed to as part of trade. A bottom pairing D and our own draft pick back? Hope they don’t strike out again and do that $6 x 6 for Myers. That combo would be Chia level bad. I feel like Jets fans are going to miss #8 more then they realize. I also feel like teams should stop drafting Overhardt clients.
  9. What’s Kevin Eiben up to these days anyway? Screw that guy. Congrats, KG! Hell of a career. Not a HOFer in my books.. but that’s OK.
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