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  1. Brandon Alexander is the most important DB he has basically become a coach on the field. Need that strong communication in the secondary.
  2. I want the best QB its the position where you overspend to get the best and right now Zach is the best. I don't care how good the defense is QB play is the best determinate on record.
  3. Bolded the ones that are signed for next year that you had in Italics Nichols is but if he gets a NFL shot they would release him.
  4. This is an amazing number not sure if CFL would ever be able to do something like this.
  5. How do you win in the CFL 1. QB 2. Oline 3. Canadians 4 Pass Rush Zack is 17-2 as the starter. He is not going to put up gaudy numbers in a Bomber system that when they are going only throw the ball 25-30 times a game. Watching him the past couple years he is so good at those throws outside of the pocket, throws where he can't get properly set. Don't want to go back to the QB days before him.
  6. This will only be his 3rd full season with the team is 27 think he is just getting into his prime.
  7. People forget he started 12 games in 2019 replacing Neufeld.
  8. 2014 Right when the new regime took over, they went after both him and Burris.
  9. Won't be able to compete at US open either all professional athletes competing in NY city must be vaccinated.
  10. Live in Steinbach; went to school here. My friends here are normal folk fully vaccinated. All Mennonite regular people non of us are religious.
  11. Should be term limits set
  12. In a world where we could only keep 2/3 of Biggie, Stove and BA. Biggie and BA would be the two to keep.
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