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  1. Jpan85


    Really well spoken and smart guy too that has never been featured in WWE
  2. Jpan85


    Sasha is not a throwback to the divas era at all. She is just lost behind 4 or 5 serious contenders right now. She can go with the best of them.
  3. Why do we have to pick sides I get both the leagues and players position no need to villafy(sec) either side.
  4. If the season is cancelled teams pay for bonus not earned how stupid do they look?
  5. If it’s a Quebec based ownership they will do everything in their power to get Danny Machocia to leave the University of Montreal.
  6. Jpan85


    No flips just fists
  7. Jpan85


    Somebody rushed the stage during Brett’s speech tackled him then it looked like got lit up by few of the boys.
  8. The Global players will benefit teams league not now but future years 2-3 years, When they can get guys out of college that’s when it pays off.
  9. Andrew Harris in two years despite overall numbers will be top of list but right now Roberts Lewis
  10. Jpan85


    My prediction a long night
  11. It was in front of section S in the north east corner.
  12. Going to be some really good football players available
  13. And just like that it’s over Remember when this league was going to ruin the CFL. Must be a lot of CFL media that feel silly with them selves today.
  14. Jpan85


    Really enjoyed the night. Don was the highlight for me. Felt bad for the championship match at the end that they had to go on after them. Room was really dead and a lot of people had left.
  15. He was born in Alberta went to school at Reyerson and then started his career in Winnipeg.
  16. If AAF goes under Mekale McKay is a guy I hope they can get up here.
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