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  1. What he posted was if anyone wanted someone to walk in to the hospital with the day of that the protest were going to happen he would walk them in a protect them from protesters.
  2. John Rush does a weekly thing here on the local radio station in Steinbach he has some interesting takes on the Riders amoungst other things. https://www.steinbachonline.com/country-107/bombs-away-former-blue-bomber-john-rush-talks-week-2-coach-o-shea-fighting-elks-preview-and-more
  3. The Vernon Adams incident of last year set precedent.
  4. Arland Bruce dragged two Eskimos about 30 yards for a touchdown I will always remember that play.
  5. My Favourite Norm MacDonald. The sub context is how dirty all the jokes where the hole night then Norm comes out.
  6. It started when Roger Ailes started to work with Nixon in the seventies.
  7. I was shocked that Collaros threw that TD to Lawler was expecting them to just hand off and salt the game away.
  8. Not here anymore but Chris Randel also was part of that culture change.
  9. Jones likes athletes over guys with technical abilities wonder how the talent on the Argos D meshes with what he wants to do.
  10. For sure he is the second leading rusher in club history, second in TD's, second in yards from scrimmage. The two people he is behind are Leo Lewis and Milt Stegall.
  11. Two Strikes Mike Marshall Three Strikes Mark H. MOAB Four Strikes KBF JCON Eliminated 17to85 Winnipeg Gordo GCJenks Noeller SpeedFlex27 bigg jay rebsrankin Tburgess Jcon Pete Canta's Ghost RagingIce Bigblue204 wanaa-b-fanboy Bubba Zanetti Jpan85 MOBomberFan Piggy 1 Sard ROBERTS johnzo Booch TrueBlue4ever y2c Cam coach17 Fox Creek AB Rider Fan alpaca Eternal Optimist Noby Nash00 Mark F Place picks below. Let me know if I screwed anything up.
  12. The biggest thing is plays that are made out of the pocket. Zack has been really good throwing on the run.
  13. Wilson was limited yesterday did not practice today. The healthy scratches are put on the injury report.
  14. Chances Calgary will have more wins than the Riders by the end of the year.
  15. But by your logic he should of not of made it past year 2 or 3
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