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  1. Is Jubilee still closed might be hard to get to BDI?
  2. I don't think Zack would have re-signed with the Riders he was not happy how they used him.
  3. I like them. They are different than anything you will see and being in for only a couple games they are a good look.
  4. I can't remember the last time Argo's won in Hamilton.
  5. Naylors post was about yards given up and gained not points
  6. Basically got Schoen and Ellignson for half of Adams and Lawler
  7. Results Four Strikes Mike SpeedFlex27 Arnold Palmer Mr. Perfect Goalie Eliminated Alpaca O2L TBURGESS Pete Catan's Ghost bigg jay Y2C wbbfan Cam WinnipegGordo BigBlueFanatic Marshall Bubba Zanetti Booch Jpan85 coach17 MOBomberFan Wilbur Fatty Liver Mark F Noller kelownabombefan GCJenks 17to85 Wideleft Jesse Mark H. Jcon Sard Piggy 1 Firekid Bigblue204 ROBERTS Atomic Tracker TrueBlue4ever Eternal optimist Place picks below
  8. Might want to ask a couple guys that were in pile with O’Shea I do believe there are some stories where he would do some things.
  9. I do have to say the attendance last night looked really good.
  10. Montreal and Hamilton play each other once the rest of the season
  11. Plus if they lose a game or two that reduces that number so very will could get to 24 points by Labour Day so its plausable.
  12. Its coaching. The coaching staff coaches every player like they are starter. It has led to a big advantage for the Bombers. Just look at the two global's Hansen and Muro both contribute on both SP and D every week.
  13. For all the great returners this year Grants was the first punt return TD of the year. The blocking unit on that play should get some credit on that play you could of driven a mack truck through that hole.
  14. I have been trying to figure out if they are still undefeated by Labour Day if its mathematically possible for them to clinch a play off game by beating the Riders.
  15. James Butler seems like the play this week but what do I know I was out week 6 lol
  16. Reminded me of the video where the teacher has personalized hand shakes for every student as they enter the class room lol
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