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  1. Its a long season. Don't want to be in a situation we were in during the 2017 where we made the playoffs but had no depth because of a ton of injuries.
  2. No reason to cut his salary his replacement is making league minimum.
  3. On Matthews. We are built to win the cup. There is no reason to release him. His replacement right now is making the league minimum or just above. While the only reason to trade him would be if you could maybe get a All-star DB or some major upgrade which on the Bombers there is not many right now.
  4. Its more Nelson is going to be out for awhile.
  5. There should be a box in the bottom that says post as plain text click that and the tweet appears when you are trying to post a tweet.
  6. Place picks below result up later. 1 Strike Marshall Bubba Zanetti 2 Strikes WBBWestFan WinnipegGordo BOOCH MOAB Wideleft Mike AtlanticRiderFan Tracker 17to85 Atomic 3 Strikes Jpan rebusrank MOBomberFan Noeller Jacquie Cam TBurgess Mark H DoubleZero SPUDS KelownaBomberfan Mark F 4 Strikes Bblink Jcon Sard R0BERTS Alpaca TrueBlue4Ever wanna-b-fanboy Throwlongbannatyne BomberBug Dickey biggjay Nash00 Big Blue204 Eliminated StudentSection IC Khari 3rdand1.5 GCJenks Firekid Piggy1 BlueandGold O2L Jimmy Pop USABomberFan Zontar
  7. Pretty sure you can practice after the fifth game when your on the 6 game. Weather they do or not is to be seen.
  8. Kongbo and Neufeld should be able to practice this week.
  9. Noel Thorpe is vastly over rated had one good season in Montreal.
  10. Can take 7 off that total to BC had a kick off return first game.
  11. Big Lou’s Hitman Man of the game Jeff Hecht forget about it. Man don’t go over the middle because he will snap you in have.
  12. Argos better team than Ottawa at this point now?
  13. It takes less than 10 minutes to get out of the gold lots on University Crescent. Coming from Steinbach takes between 50-60 to get to or from game.
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