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  1. Disagree. Receivers are much easier to replace than QBs
  2. Agreed. Plus boys played their best game in sunrise for bones and the Mrs It's just a few bad breaks. Helle was great, he let in a stinker but he was peppered. Stood on his head. Ups and downs all seasons... hills... valleys. We were on top the hill last week, this week we fell down the hill a bit. Tomorrow is a big game. Bedard in town
  3. It's not ideal developing our first qb in 40 50 years then having to lose him. Even worse when Zach gets hurt. I mean they gotta find a way here or else in 25 it's gonna be a disaster
  4. How old is Strev cuz we do need a QB if Zach goes down and Dru Is in Ottawa or Calgary or Hamilton or Edmonton or sask I mean $$$$ but buck turned them down so doubt brown would even want to go there Wonder If there's a chance Dru stays here? Probably slim
  5. Childhood memories It feels like Christmas... on cjob Basically only radio station we got at the lake
  6. Big debate online over the years... Curious If anyone remembers a movie called Shazam with Sinbad? Ppl swear they do but Sinbad said 10k to anyone with an actual vhs cassette of it and nobody has stepped up I remember a kazam believe Shaq was in it. Do any of you remember Shazam tho. I don't
  7. Brossoit has 1 good year then a down year. This is his down year. Helle plays, we win. How's the guy on the Moose looking cuz helle can't be starting 70 games again
  8. Punk shows up in Chicago at survivor series. Crazy moment there I feel the dirt sheets have no fn clue anymore and lost the plot a long long time ago
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