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  1. Goalie

    Portage & Main

    Wpg square structure is compromised. The cost to replace could be 30 plus million. They wont do that tho.. They will just take down the crumbling pieces of crap instead (barricades). Its a safety issue big time
  2. Goalie

    Portage & Main

    Polls mean ****.. Why? Because it doesn't reflect the reality. That reality being the wpg square roof and underground structure is so far gone from the excess weight of these crumbling pieces of crap barricades that to fix it will cost 25 30 million.. Structurally the barricades are going to have to come down. Plus with the whole equal rights initiatives, making it easier for those who are in wheelchairs to cross.. Looks like its just a matter of time b4 they come down. The vote will be irrelevant... Its going to be taken down. Time to accept it and deal with it... Cuz its gonna happen. As a person who wants it open, thank god for shitty construction practices that have compromised the underground roof structure. Reality.. It costs 30 to fix.. It costs 8 to take down... Winnipegers like to hear that I'm sure. 20 million dollar savings.
  3. Goalie

    Manitoba Moose

    2 bad Moose will suck
  4. I went to Dubai 2 years ago.. I saw a bomber jersey.. Old one.. Original Royal blues.. Spoke to the guy wearing it.. He was from London England. My sister lives in London now and says its shocking to see Winnipeg related merch so much.. Lots of Jets fans there. Lots.
  5. Goalie


    In the big picture a pro wrestling company going to Saudi Arabia and taking their money is nothing compared to how much the Saudis give the USA a year.
  6. Goalie

    US Politics

    They literally make it rain.
  7. Goalie

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    Choo choo. Fun job. I did it a few years back with CN. Tiring stuff. Good money but kills u after a while. Good luck man. I didnt last. 2 years then nope.. Started losing my mind. Needed to move on.
  8. Goalie


    Reed wants to be fired
  9. Goalie

    Thanksgiving Football

    I agree with you btw.. Its just all the other Qbs minus Nichols the last many years are awful. Basically we lose if Nichols dont play.
  10. Saw a bunch on BB saturday at the forks at 1030 am while waiting for my daughters dance class to end.. They were all very friendly and honestly... Not that young.
  11. Goalie


    We do have 2 first rd picks so... Not sure I'd give 1 up for a guy out there who is on Montreal or Toronto.. The only 2 teams officially eliminated
  12. Goalie

    Thanksgiving Football

    Prob cuz our record the last 5 years is riduculous without Nichols.
  13. Goalie


    I don't think it will be the bombers saying no.. I think other teams will. I just dont see it. Bauming suggested they are trying but isn't sure if other teams will agree.