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  1. One day you will learn in the end you just a fan who thinks he knows more.
  2. KC has been decent tho also. Kyle Connor has 15 goals, 17 assists and a plus-minus of -7 in 45 games in the playoffs More goals than Ehlers has points. Has a knack for scoring game winners.
  3. Wheatfall sounds more autumn to me. Dudes a gamer. ( I know he’s being cut next tho)
  4. Best draft for cfl might be going live to all the teams to make the picks. But doing it like super quick. Maybe after rd 1 we get a 10 minute breakdown of the 1 st rd picks then rapid fire the rest in 45 minutes. They all have lists. It doesn’t take 5 minutes to scratch guys names off
  5. No Zach on Friday and a few starters will be sitting also. Realistically we have a pr to develop receivers in case of injury. Keep the best 2 or 3 and put 2 on the PR if willing.
  6. You are misremembering. Nikolaj Ehlers has 4 goals, 10 assists and a plus-minus of -9 in 37 games in the playoffs in his career. 14 points in 37 games. In no way did he ever go beast mode in any playoff game. He’s one of the playoff problems. When the games get tough he folds. To put this into perspective here’s Scheifele Mark Scheifele has 21 goals, 17 assists and a plus-minus of -2 in 42 games in the playoffs in his career.
  7. Here’s some complaining. why the **** do we have 50000 db and receivers still.
  8. All teams need to do well but not all teams can win so hopefully the losers fans will still support them in tough times. As for Calgary. Move them to Halifax for all i really care.
  9. This forum exists to talk of the team. I’m part of said forum and community. I appreciate the forum and all its contributors. But if I’m Osh and Kyle and I do have a burner account. I think I lol lots reading most the comments. Perhaps they take some seriously but when it’s sellout after sellout after sellout after banger after banger after banger, they prob don’t. Don’t mind the complaining. I contribute to it at times. 4 straight cup appearances tho is quite an accomplishment and if I’m being honest it’s probably gonna be 5 in a row then we host so you know it better be 6 in a row. 2 outta 4 ain’t bad in sports. 4 outta 6 is unheard of. Bombers are the envy and class of the league. We are the CFL here in Winnipeg. We don’t need fifty cent to draw 30k. They doing alright. Remember the Mike Kelly Joe Mack era, man. Oh man.
  10. Walters and Osh have burner accounts on here obviously
  11. Thought Ariel’s presser was solid. Seems like a guy all the players went to bat for also. Scheifele morrissey Lowry Helle all did. That has to be a good thing. did people expect them to put up 110 points? I don’t think so. That’s a huge improvement from where we were before bones came in here. Huge. the playoffs are on the players. We will see if Chevy and crew make some moves. There’s a few guys who stood out positively like morrissey Scheifele Connor Lowry. A few who didn’t like pionk and Ehlers and Toffoli and even Monahan. the improvement comes from what Chevy does. Arniel in a tough spot tho. Pretty tough to duplicate 110 points. But if they get 96 and win round 1. Is that improvement? will be interesting to see who Arniel adds to our staff. Wonder if they sign a woman coach. Or a vet like Todd McLellan to run the PK.
  12. Lost in all this, jets fired Brad lauer.
  13. Yes they did. They just didn’t want to. I mean really. It’s pretty obvious at this point they decided to move on. If you believe that they didn’t have money to pay him, man cmon. Why so naive. Reality. He wasn’t a priority and is only a kick returner. How much you think the argos paying him signing him 10 days before the season
  14. Bigger question. Especially for you. Whatever happened to that number 85 at rookie camp.
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