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  1. Some rumors about Tkachuk and the flames room. The vets ain't pulling their weight. Sutter will force them to work.
  2. He's playing by himself tho cuz Beaulieu stops skating in the D zone. Demelo Is a bit underrated.. he's been playing with crap. Jets won because they were better in the first and third and OT... 2nd was a mess but Jets deserved the 2 points and got it.
  3. Big loss for the CFL on TSN panel.
  4. Think Harkins is hurt cuz if not and he's sitting so Lewis and Thompson can play.. why. Harkins Scheif Wheeler looked good when used together. Not playing Harkins if he's not hurt is just dumb.
  5. Back to back the 2nd in a 3 in 4 days set up here. Bro should play... Not knocking Helle.. he's our mvp. B2B tho.. play Bro. Thompson or and Lewis should be out... Put in VESA. Take out Beaulieu... He's our worst D man and get Stanley back in. Morrissey Demelo Niku Pionk Forbort Stanley. Don't think 2 30 plus yr olds playing top line minutes vs the other teams younger faster players is optimal either so yeah... Stastny is a Center.. keep him at center.. We have the talent to actually run 3 scoring lines and a checking line but also the talent to h
  6. 2 of the 3 worst teams in the League in this division tho.
  7. Who is Paul Wight? Sting didn't move the needle.. this guy won't either. Guess WWE didn't think he had much to offer outside the ring. Good for him tho. Big pay for not much work but he's 49 and hasn't draw much In over 10 years. My kid liked the big show show tho but has no idea who Paul Wight is. Kind of the problem. NJPW and TNA don't move the needle either for them cuz their base audience already watches that stuff too. I like AEW.. it's ok... I want in to be the WWE alternative not WWE 15 years ago... Can't wait for 50 yr old Show vs 50 year old Shaq tho.. it's happ
  8. Biggest problem by far is the differences in rules state to state hell county to county down there.
  9. Comrie back saves Jets money btw and opens a roster spot as right now Jets technically have 3 goalies on the active roster. Forsberg was never put on the taxi squad.
  10. I'd imagine beer sales wouldn't happen
  11. This isn't true at all. Ironically the last time the Habs fired a coach they played the Jets next and lost 3 1. What do you think? They brought in some new guy? They promoted an assistant.. Montreal is overrated. They were actually 24th overall last season and then went on some unsustainable run that is now ending because reality is... Montreal just isn't that good.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLnkGmrA0ja/?igshid=y36e0io6x9fi
  13. What up with Wheeler and Connor. I'm not big on plus minus but with wheels and Connor on ice Jets are minus 13. Jets tho have scored 10 more goals than they have allowed meaning when these 2 are on the ice 5 on 5 together..the other team scores way the **** more. Seperate them permanently. Do not go back to CSW. Wheeler isn't a first line guy 5 on 5.. he's not even a 2nd line guy 5 on 5 right now... he's a PP guy and honestly the pp dies on his stick more often now than it has. It's a problem. However I think this weird system they use where the D ba
  14. Our friends in the US are gonna get the season cancelled at this rate.
  15. Jets look just not ready to play yet again. It's been a pretty reoccurring theme.
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