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  1. He got the leg but his approach seems odd
  2. This might be the game kicking costs us.. Does Lewis Ward Punt?
  3. Poor Augustine... Nelson trying to **** on him. Bombers falling apart
  4. He was likely down tho Guess not
  5. I agree with the thoughts and track record. I feel Perfetti makes it impossible.
  6. Jeffcoat says Enough of this ****
  7. It's called depth. Not sure when that became a bad thing. Go Blue Elks look ok with the young buck
  8. Yeah he's just it's like your buddy being a color guy.. he's just unique different excitable refreshing calls it like he sees it.. his love for alcohol just makes Matt more loveable cuz he's not a ****.. he seems like a guy who would be fun to chill with And you know Matt cooks a mean BBQ Just personality wise.. he's relatable and fun
  9. Gotta wonder who the Trump supporters are. Dangelo in Carolina?
  10. Generally I don't mind the color guys... Forde is solid and smarter.. not quite Doug Brown I'm smarter than everyone else smart but just.. he is a good voice.. shows some love for ticats tho. But not like Suitor who Is a rider loving cousin ******. Dunigan is solid but he's seriously 1 shot of whiskey away from being done again.
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