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  1. 1,100,800 ratings are in. Outdrew MLS Cup, everything on Rogers and the Eastern Semi.
  2. Nope. Would love 2 but ill be honest.. Ive been to Sask twice this year for non football related things and that's enough.
  3. And despite what you are pretending to do, you dont tell me what I find offensive or not. I am the grandson of immigrants, my uncle is an immigrant. Im not offended by what he said, my grandparents wouldn't be, my uncle isnt... Why are the ppl who get most offended of the Caucasian variety? This is insane how PC we are becoming, when does it stop? Cuz i was on a trip a few weeks back and on the plane.. They didn't say welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen like they did 2 years ago, they now say welcome aboard everyone cuz god forbid someone who doesn't identify as a man or woman is on the flight. You people? You are offended by the words you people? WTF..
  4. So.. People didnt actually watch what he said did they? He didn't say "You people" he said "You new people to Canada" Oh and judging by Twitter.. The immigrants arent really offended by this but the White PC Police Sure are.
  5. Black Face? Dude dressed up as Aladdin 20 years ago. Don Cherry was 2 days ago. How can you possibly compare 20 years ago to 2 days ago. Guess what, 20 years ago... Both "blackface" and cherry were fine.
  6. Goalie


    Arbuckle plus Streveler works. Nichols and Collaros wont last a season. All this is really pointless tho as the O likely doesn't improve unless Lapo is gone.
  7. "You new people to Canada". I really dont see much of a problem with what he said as I've known for years hes a bat **** crazy racist old man... Honestly, of all the stuff hes said over the years this is what gets him fired? Seems pretty weak actually.
  8. Goalie


    Should have had 2 against both games so far.
  9. Hall deserves the aplology.. Lapo doesnt get any yet. The D showed up all game. The O showed up when Strev went in and made stuff happen.
  10. I gotta ask... Seriously.. Are you a bomber fan? For real. Cuz reading your posts.. I never actually see anything that suggests you are. Bombers just win in Calgary.. Could you imagine if? Seriously?
  11. Man Helle putting up Vezina like numbers sure are masking alot of the issues with this team.
  12. 1. Streveler - Bombers were spinning their wheels b4 he came in. 2. The D - BLM looked like he was running the lapo O. 3. Mother Nature - she played a role. HH to the players i didn't mention
  13. We might have won but damn it.. Nevermind Strev and his foot, Kamar Jordan with his 2 catches is a warrior.
  14. Keep The Warrior out there. Strev be inspirational
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