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  1. Goalie


    20 years ago today. RIP Owen Hart
  2. Jets sign RHD Leon Gawanake to 3 year ELC. Solid player. Strong season last year
  3. No. The building only holds 22 k or something. They will be fine
  4. 2 big for CFL LB. Kyrie Wilson looked good in the playoffs. He will be fine
  5. Its a football league that is going to have a very CFL like feel to it. People should check it out when its on.. It sounds like an Americanized version of the CFL. Former coaches and everything.. Taking the best rules of the CFL and NCAA and combining it. This might work.
  6. Its more about if they are at War he cant be removed as president
  7. Dont think they PR desjarlais. Also think Jones is safety
  8. Make no mistake about it.. Nichols is the man. My post was more of a what if hes hurt again scenario. But im not fooling myself in to thinking hes not the starting QB game 1.
  9. Yup. IMO i was somewhat surprised we even took a receiver at the draft
  10. 2 much $$$ for lack of production. See it every year. If this was 4 years ago.. Id say go get him but its not.
  11. It will be interesting to see what happens if Nichols gets injured again. I mean at some point, it would be time to move on. I dont look at Nichols as a guy who can win games on his own, i look at him as a field manager type.. Where he just needs to not make mistakes. If Nichols doesnt force balls or throw picks.. Hes solid. If he does, hes not so good. Matt isn't gonna put up 300 yards plus a game.. He isnt gonna throw 4 or 5 TDs a game. He isnt gonna run for 30 yards a game lol.. Hes a 200 220 yard a game QB who when on, limits the turnovers. Hes replaceable for sure. Not saying i want him replaced... Just saying hes not BLM or Reilly or a guy who will go out and win a game on his own Is Streveler? Hes prob more of a throw 200 220 a game but add 100 on the ground.. Id actually as a paying fan? Hes the more exciting QB of the 2 If Matt struggles like last season i hope they are quick to make the move to Streveler.. Hes likely gonna get a game or 2 anyways.. As Nichols seems to have injury concerns yearly. I will add... I think with Harris u dont need to throw for 300 and 4 or 5 TDs but.. Man why not.. Lol I think the conclusion i get with Nichols is when hes on hes one of the top QBs in the league.. When hes not.. Hes Near the bottom.. I do have to wonder how much Matty Ice and Streveler for that matter are sort of handcuffed by the OC. Lots of times we seem to run a square pegs round holes O. Look at Streveler in the Banjo Bowl.. That was not a game plan to take advantage of Strevelers strengths at all. Nichols strengths and Streveler are different.. Dual threat vs Game manager. The game plan tho was similar for both.
  12. Quite the thread but... Worth it.
  13. Where there was a huge weather delay and the game didn't end until like 1am right.
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