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  1. Much ado about nothing? https://www.tsn.ca/cfl-players-report-to-work-as-league-submits-new-cba-proposal-1.1803813 Simoni tho.. but maybe the 70 who did all voted no? So the extra 30 don't matter? Boiling over math
  2. It's Tuesday Oh nothing? Shocking Seriously fake news Could it happen still? Yes Should people believe online bloggers tho? No
  3. Kadri didn't really do anything tho. The guy did push him a bit and his skate toe picked. It Is what it is. Kadri getting harassed by morons then puts up a hatty Revenge is a dish best served cold and that's exactly what he did. Should have flipped the bird to the racist st Louis fans after scoring his third I'd sign Kadri as a ufa. Dude is a great player
  4. It's unfortunate that it likely will ruin his chances tho. It shouldn't but it will.
  5. I've been to Edmonton a few times and lived there for 2 years. It's an ok place but honestly it seemed like it was always colder there than here. Only thing they have that we don't is the big mall. I remember tho calling home *wpg and my mom asking me how the weather was and her telling me, oh really its not as cold here today. Honestly thought Edmonton winters were colder
  6. Lol. These Facebook fan page posts. Seriously just a waste of time. No way that is true, if it It's the first time one of these fake news sites are right
  7. St Louis Is a dark horse cup winner. They just look good as a team. Plus they been there and won it all before
  8. Great article. Show it to a few Jets players.
  9. There's an ** at the bottom It says Globals will now be known as punters or kickers
  10. Give him his props. He kinda noticed and made fun of himself a bit
  11. All it takes to win a series is good goaltender so U never know... markstrom is pretty good
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