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  1. Ya. Our 3rd game in 4 nights had no effect on that
  2. Vegas is in cap hell starting next season
  3. Complete and total bullshit. They are both valuable and u keep both. First line was flying also... The fact ud trade Ehlers over getting rid of useless vets like Perreault or Kulikov is just dumb AF. Draft Develop and trade? Ya. Nope.
  4. Well part of hockey is the ability to play D.. The forwards need to help... 55 and 26 have been floating. Watch a game from last year.. Its night and day. I suggest u follow murat yates on twitter and learn some things
  5. Laine had the most points on line 1 when he played there. Stastny? The guy who played all of 19 regular season games and had 4 goals and 9 assists in those 19 games? Perreault should likely be benched instead of Roslo. Connor on the top line was the worst one.. The goal differential with him on that line is ridiculous. He didn't do good at all. Scheif and Wheeler should be broken up.. Wheeler is what? 33 almost. He just can't keep up anymore. Its not a shot against him but hes almost 33.
  6. Ehlers was the only player 55 and 26 played with who resulted in a plus goal differential. This is a good thing. Laine with Hayes is what should have happened a week ago. Scheif and Wheeler need to pick up their games tho if this team wants to do well in the playoffs
  7. I think its funny ppl think it was only the liberals with this whole snc lavalin thing when its quite apparent this goes back to past fed govts aswell... Cons liberals.. They all were involved
  8. Lol. Wheeler is not a D man and rarely plays D in our zone anyways. Makes no difference. Good fight.. Good way to get guys going.. That first goal tho was community club hockey bad and totally killed the Jets confidence. Bro is an interesting goalie.. Hes either really good or bad and u can normally tell in the first 5 minutes
  9. Well we aren't clinching tonight. Im a chill tho cuz its our 3rd game in 4 nights and a back to back. But ya.. Morrow sucks.
  10. Bro wasnt good vs LA... I was hoping he would be better tonight but so far he looks shakey. Luckily Subban is too
  11. Jets clinch with 1 point. Dont get so worked up tho.. They will clinch a spot soon enough. I honestly think Vegas beats us tonight and we clinch Saturday Vs Nashville.
  12. Appleton Vesa replace Tanev and Perreault.. Saves you 3.5 million maybe more.
  13. Connor likely gets a bridge cuz with scheif and wheeler hes great but hes not a complete 2 way player like Ehlers is. Connor needs to show he can be a line driver like Ehlers is. Do ppl forget how bad we were when Ehlers was hurt? Vesa likely replaces Tanev who is pricing himself out of Winnipeg. Its crazy to me ppl would trade. Connor or Ehlers but... Perreault Kulikov etc..older guys on expiring contracts.. Kept around. Mind boggling.. Draft Develop then Trade? I dont think so... Jets move kulikov dont sign myers move Perreault.. Trouba likely goes in a trade.. Tanev is replaceable bottom 6 depth. These are the guys u move b4 moving parts of your young core group.
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