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  1. Goalie


    Terrible news. RIP to a great Canadian
  2. What moron on 1290 suggested that? Toth? Kevin O? Cuz aint no way.. That's so dumb. Why are we trading forwards for forwards when we need D? Roslo for Pulju? Is Edmonton adding anything cuz right now.. I don't think I'd do Ryan White from the Moose for Pulju.
  3. Maurice is also whether ppl accept it or not. The fact is since January of last season we have not been very good, that was with Buff Trouba Myers.. Take them away and we still have similar stats, bottom of the league in lots of categories.. This isnt just a this season thing. This is a since losing to Vegas thing.
  4. Maybe its as simple as McCrimmon didn't hire him.
  5. No chance. Doubt hes even nominated. Jets are 1 of the worst teams in the league in every category besides goaltending. If i didnt know how TN operates id say hes more likely to be fired. He wont be tho.. They just wont extend him this off season. Jets with Gallant would be sick tho.. Top 5 goaltending right now roughly.. Top 10 for sure but bottom 5 in every other category. Put it this way, with average goaltending Vegas is close to 1st in the league.. Gallant here with this talented group.. Man, jets would be killing it instead of relying on Helle to stand on his head to win.
  6. No. Their GM pretty much came out and said its cuz they feel they cant get better with him as coach. Its truly goaltending that is holding them back.
  7. Van hit like 15 posts and still had 40 shots on goal..the posts dont count as shots. Same story as always in a win.. Helle stands on his head. I personally dont think its sustainable what hes doing but he might stand on his head long enough to get us in to a wild card spot. We are now barely
  8. 3 points out of first... They are the opposite of the Jets All Vegas fancy stats are top 5. Their GAA tho is bottom 5 or 6.. 25th in the league.. Goaltending got him fired and goaltending is keeping Maurice from not being fired as Jets are bottom 5 or 6 in those same categories but top 5 or 6 in goaltending. Aka Helle is standing on his head every night
  9. The Jets got owned in reality. Rask was just off. When u give up 500000 high danger chances a game and take penalties and have the worst pk in the league.. U ain't gonna beat good teams like Boston
  10. JFC.. In the holy crap are we awful defensively category... Jets on the 4 game trip.. Created 14 high danger scoring chances... Gave up 54. They went 2 1 1. Thats insane. We are honestly getting it done directly due to goaltending. We are actually on pace to have the worst season giving up these high danger chances since the Sabres tanked to get McDavid or Eichel. They tanked on purpose
  11. Playing 4 minutes a night with AHL plugs? Check out what he did for Sweden at the WJC.. Named 1 of the top players. The guy is a defensively responsible center who is 19 years old.. D matters.. Especially if you are a center.
  12. Not if u are playing the Jets it isn't
  13. This aged well didn't it? Borque and kuli in.. The kids out.
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