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  1. Goalie

    That was painful...

    Its pretty close. Edmontons D is worse than ours. Eliminate or contain the duck and Chuck O and Edmonton i feel is over rated
  2. Goalie


    Feel like a broken record but Takeover was fire. ERA MM Ricochet Cole Dream Thomasso could all be big stars in the near future.
  3. Goalie

    Leos @ Argos / Als @ Esks

    Edmontons D is not good. Montreal and Edmontons D are both worse than ours.
  4. Goalie

    Is MOS Our Danny Barrett?

    I hope not. The last thing MOS should be doing is taking advice from raging lunatics
  5. Goalie

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    No. You need to do research on arbitration. Jets should have went 500k lower as Arbitrators tend to split the difference most times
  6. Goalie

    Leos @ Argos / Als @ Esks

    Parity is real in a 9 team league minus a couple eastern doormats
  7. Goalie

    Is MOS Our Danny Barrett?

    They likely sit him cuz hes 23 24 and green as goose **** and dont want to ruin him... Let him develop properly and you might have something there. Throw him to the Wolves and hes another QB in a long line of guys who fans wanted that turned out to be crap. Are you serious here. A QB controversy? Id suggest ppl go back and read the Hamilton loss thread.. Strevelers last start
  8. You are going on about a guy who walked out roughly 1 year ago. Im sorry that your point is irrelevant today. Thorpe makes zero difference last night. I mean do you have a flux capicator so we can go back in time 8 months to when this was relevant
  9. Goalie

    Paul Lapolice

    Yes. The experts are wrong and you are right. Bombers ARE loaded with O talent. Its just that our OC has no answer when our main one, 33, gets nothing. Our O is pretty 1 dimensional and predictable. You can accept it or not. Its the truth. You take out Harris and we suck... The talent is certainly there tho.
  10. He does need to toughen up. If a guy cant deal with fans booing then he's pretty soft. I like the pretending tho on twitter that we are the first team to boo the QB tho.
  11. Goalie

    Paul Lapolice

    Ill say this.. Its not happening anytime in the near future but when MOS moves on... I hope to god we don't recycle some guy who has had chances and failed as a coach. Thats Lapo.
  12. He walked out so its irrelevant. Petermann played last night. He deserves more opportunity
  13. 34 catches. 34 balls thrown his direction... Zero drops. Lankford had more drops last night than Collins has had all year.
  14. Goalie

    That was painful...

    1 and done likely in the playoffs.
  15. Your point is irrelevant tho. Thorpe left.. He walked out and now he's gone from the league. Ricky Collins is a better example. Not some guy who couldn't sit and wait for a week or 2. Guess what if he waited he'd have played and might still be in the league.. The guy did sweet eff all elsewhere.. So really don't think hes a good example at all. He wasn't cut.. He walked out.