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  1. Well when the only "star" to actually show up is Ehlers.. Yeah.. We done. Thats not a shot at Nik.. Hes played well. Problem is Connor and Wheeler are getting all the minutes but zero production. With a healthy scheif and Laine we win this series. Tonight? I'd be shocked if they showed up. This team tends to give up easily when things dont look like it goes their way. Calgary scores 1st? Its over.
  2. No. All eliminated teams have equal odss
  3. Ill take it. Weak call. Tkachuk should have got embellishment call for holding his knee after the hit.
  4. They play tomorrow. Blake needs to play less.
  5. Harkins Lowry and the 4th line.. Play them more. Less 26 and 81 until they decide to play both ends of the rink
  6. Kyle Connor needs to sit on the bench. Guy is a liability in our zone. Also Wheeler, 33 years old off 4 months.. Its showing.. Hes a step behind and Paul needs to notice this.
  7. Nice legal hit by Ehlers on Johnny Whiner. Huge crosscheck in return to him. Yeah.. Ok. Where's the call on the Flames D man. Seriously. Definition of crosscheck
  8. So the guy who falls on the ice first loses? Lol ok
  9. Why would they? Despite Maurices ability to deflect from the awful special teams play that cost us the game that hit wasn't dirty or intentional. FFS ppl Scheif and Tkachuk train together
  10. Tkachuk is in their heads. Its over. 0 for 7 on the PP. Shocking. Said nobody ever. Once again special teams cost us the game. Was very even 5 on 5. Jets just sucked on special teams.. Story of the year really
  11. Goalie


    Fun fact.. My gf is in the health care industry. She wears the n95 mask and goggles and... She had to get fitted for it. She reuses hers just like they all do. Only she uses hers tho. Its not shared. They all have their own they got fitted for. N95 isnt meant for non health care workers really tho. Cuz u need to be fitted for it. So if you see ppl wearing n95 masks.. Back away cuz they aint wearing them correctly
  12. Chayka quit after interviewing with Buffalo. Hes going there
  13. Jets? Lol. Man.. When i think racism i totally think airplanes and military for sure. Yup. Definitely dont think Cleveland Indians or Redskins or Eskimos or Browns or anything like that.. I think airplanes. Good god. More ppl showed up at the hugs over masks rally at birds hill. 4 ppl showed up btw.
  14. Borat showed us how racist the US south is a long time ago. I remember being ultra young.. 10 11..we drove down to texas for a wedding. Driving through some of those backwoods places scared the **** out of us and we are all white. Not scared of black ppl who were ultra friendly but the racist white ppl.. Yup. That's my memory of the southern US.. Racist white ppl.. Crosses and kkk crap.
  15. Ill play Pitt over MTL.. Comes down to special teams. Montreal is garbage. NYR over Carolina. ( gut over heart here.)Love the fun young canes but the Rags were the hottest team in the league when the covid hit. NYI over Florida. Florida used to playing with nobody in stands tho. Columbus over Toronto. Just because i think a host city gets eliminated first. West Jets over Flames. No chance in Helle for Calgary Hawks over Oilers. Call it a gut feeling but both bubble city teams home early Van over Minny. Minny is declining quick. Nash over Zona. Lots of off ice issues there with the Yotes. Their nerd GM just left.
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