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  1. PP coach out with back surgery. Dubois dad maybe in charge now
  2. Played well. Play this way here on out and good things should happen.
  3. Scheif showing some fire. Nino too. KC looks more engaged also. The "benching" helped But Hellebuck Hella sucks right now 2 0
  4. 55 has been pretty good this year all things considered. It's 81 that's been MIA for some time
  5. Big moment for Connor and Scheif coming up. Let's see how they react. Tonight will tell you lots about their character.
  6. Lol it's Windy AF tho lol. The Mexican guys definitely probably not used to this **** regularly lol. You can actually hear the wind today lol
  7. 79 points. 67 games. Gotta think 94 96 guarantees you a spot. So... 15 games. 30 potential points. Get them all? We really good. That's not gonna happen tho... Win 10 of last 15 = 99 points (in for sure) Win 9 = 97 points. (Probably should make it) Win 8 = 95 points.( its close but 96 would be better Win 7 = 93 (tough to say here) Less = Probably not 10 wins guarantee a spot Probably. Anything less? It's gonna be tight. To add to the Canes woes Andrei Svechnikov is done for the year with knee surgery.
  8. Cfl gonna own the team in Halifax? Seems somewhat plausible but a building would still be required.. wonder if we see what BC did when their currebt dome was being renod, and have a "pop up stadium" instead.
  9. A Ritter shutout would be something eh. Would love to see it
  10. Jets going streaking now. Jets beat the Jerks earlier so let's do it again but this time in North Cackalacki Line up looks strong. Don't like Wheeler tho. So slow. Wonder if Dubois ever comes back, they just bump wheels with Barron and Lowry. Connor Scheif Nino Ehlers namestnikov Dubois Barron Lowry Wheeler 4th line of 3 of the rest. Apples on the RW. So center and LW.
  11. Aew Dynamite tomorrow at Canada life. Bunch of aew trucks lined up beside true North Square downtown today. Since atleast 730 ish.
  12. Riders are counting on Harris to go 1 2 throw... 1 2 throw.. 1 2 throw... cuz with that oline he ain't getting to 3 Dude was a good QB in Toronto and has been capable but his oline in Saskatchewan looks to be the worst he's had. He knows it. They gotta know it.. 1 2 throw Kill em with 3 to 5 yard passes and hope for the YAC
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