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  1. For as bad as that series against Montreal was... 3 of 4 losses were by 1 goal... 2?.nah empty netters don't count really. 3 1 goal losses. Im guessing tho everyone had the Jets winning the cup at the start of the season tho? Cuz like it or not Nobody gave them a chance. Nobody. The fact they made round 2.. as far as Carolina the powerhouse got... Expectations were exceeded. By far.
  2. Poolman Forbort Benn and even Stanley. These guys minus big Stan's 1 period vs Montreal aren't good. Stan has some potential to be a good 3 LHD. Fact is we made the playoffs with Stanley Forbort poolman and Benn playing somewhat consistently. I'd say that's a reason to actually keep Maurice around. Do ppl realize how bad 1st pair Poolman and Forbort actually are? Can't clear the zone can't make a pass... Morrissey sucked? Well he didn't when he wasn't playing with Beaulieu or Poolman. Fix the D. Get 1 top 4 guy and give minutes to Heinola and Samberg. There is nothing wrong with a D gro
  3. Ppl think gallant would be different than Maurice. Lol. Ask Cole perfetti at the WHC about Gallant who benched him eventho he was the only plus player on the team. I mean **** Gallant.
  4. They get tested daily. Daily. Nobody steps in to that building without being tested.
  5. Don't get the elementary school reference when my kid right now is in the other room doing remote learning and she's 6. If ppl are pissed about 500 health care fully vaccinated health care workers being given a perk because a percentage of the Bible belt in Manitoba won't listen and keeps causing their jobs to be hell... **** them. With that said I have received 1 dose already and look forward to getting dose 2 so I can go to bomber games this season lol. But since this is Jets. I took Jets in 6 in my rd1 pool so I'll go Jets in 5 this time. Oh and Color
  6. I would think there was some pressure on them. I don't mind it. Don't care really cuz not a fan of said team but Edmonton Elks isn't the worst. I mean we got Bisons and Moose here.
  7. After almost 8 years Maurice and Huddy need to go. Like yesterday after the game even. It's either they aren't listening or he's not coaching them. Either way after almost 8 years and 1 1 1 year past round 1... Pretty obvious who the problems are.
  8. Helle hasn't quit... He's just out there by himself all the time. The assistant captain 55 certainly has.
  9. Ppl blaming hellebuyck are very uneducated. Listen to Stastny in the post game presser. This team has quit... Scheifele has quit.. Wheeler isn't a top 6 guy... He's actually the worst defensive forward in the League.. maybe 2nd worst ( look it up.. I hate plus minus but Wheeler is either worst or second worst. This team has either quit.. they don't listen or Maurice doesn't coach them. What's wrong with Helle? Turns out if you keep giving up 20 high Danger chances a game... You gonna lose more.Jets have been **** for 20 games plus now...listen to Stastny again.... We a
  10. Not true. Lots of teachers have got the vaccine already atleast at my daughter's school.
  11. Ps. Pallister is Manitoban also.
  12. Nope. Pretty much locked in at 2nd or 3rd
  13. It is Manitobans fault. About time ppl realised this. Those ppl at the rally are Manitobans.
  14. And Maurice gonna Maurice and Benn back In for Stanley. Is he trying to get fired?
  15. Ehlers out rest of regular season. We so screwed. Bawoosh... That's the sound of the Jets being flushed.
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