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  1. The police ahem some in the US i should say. Not all but certainly in some states they are more Gestapo like towards the black culture. And with Adolf Trump in charge it just escalates cuz he just eggs them on. The great divider Donald J Trump. Def white folks looting and causing most the damage. Lets be real here, when u think of us states with lots of black ppl.. Minny aint at top of the list so just by process of its mainly white and republican.. Obviously.
  2. The united States has become quite divided with this fool in charge. In reality they haven't been United States for quite some time but Trump is certainly not helping. Ive been watching Netflix a bit.. Some great history docs.. Hitler and his group. This is this all over again with Trump and the Republicans and in terms of some of the police down there just the way they are... Its a huge problem. Civil war coming in 5 4 3 2 1
  3. U can blame Trump for the media stuff as he has constantly said they are the enemy.
  4. Goalie


    Yeah. I feel tho this has been around longer than they say.. Like all winter and i think besides low testing numbers, i wonder if our very extreme weather plays a role in keeping this in check here.. We go from minus 40 to plus 40.. Our bodies are conditioned to deal with truly extreme temperatures. Honestly ive long thought that if we all got tested here it would show that most of us have this or have had it.. It just doesn't effect us as much as other places. Our small spread out population helps also
  5. Goalie


    To be fair, in Manitoba we have 4 Covid related deaths.. In Manitoba we also have 26 deaths related to the seasonal flu virus so.. Perhaps this has been a wee bit overblown. Im following the rules tho but man theres a whole lot of stuff here that makes you go hmmm. I kind of agree with King Trump about the WHO tho.. They really did do very little, and do seem to be very eastern world friendly.. U telling me the WHO thinks China is telling the truth tho about deaths? With that said, Trump is full of crap and has been for his entire life.. Fact is, in the US, its not Chinas Fault, its not the WHOs fault.. Its Trumps for not listening to the experts
  6. Goalie


    I figured this was the video. Someone tell trump that a virus isn't bacterial so antibiotics wouldn't work. Ill say this tho, it's smarter than Trump. The Americans are so ******.. So very very very ******.
  7. Goalie


    Lol. Im off to the lake 2. Weirdly enough we have lots of face masks and face shields there and since im essential gonna grab em today.
  8. Goalie


    Its just the flu tho right.. Tell that to these people who couldn't even say a proper goodbye to their loved ones.. These stupid America conspiracy theories are gonna get more ppl killed. https://www.wsj.com/articles/im-sorry-i-cant-kiss-youcoronavirus-victims-are-dying-alone-11586534526?redirect=amp#click=https://t.co/P4Ixykb0A5 Read it.. If you are human, have a Kleenex near by. U will need it.
  9. Yes. Always. Dude paid his own way to every Jets developmental camp since being drafted. He had 2 as a NCAA player.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if both Ville and the Sandman are in the A to start next season. I'd be shocked if they weren't. Logan Stanley.. Whens his contact up cuz theres a real chance they just let him go.
  11. Dude was a fighter and there's some talk this was all a result of a whooping he took a couple months back
  12. Goalie


    Prices have been slowly rising on veggies and meat for the past 2 years. This isnt new.. This is a thing that was happening prior to this pandemic. The only things that have raised prices due to the virus is TP Sanitizer( dont got none for the public tho) ( so stop asking) and stuff like lysol and things that ppl are literally buying way 2 much of. Are ppl hoarding food? Not as much as you think.. Produce doesnt last very long so it would be pretty dumb to buy 25 bananas. Most ppl come back every week or 2.. You get the odd prick who wants 25 of this or that but where i work there is now a limit on how much u can buy.. U can't grab 25 cans of chicken soup no more. Your wife must shop at some American based place like Walmart tho. Good luck to her and everyone else who is brave enough to go in to these coronavirus infested stores. I personally dread working between 7 and 8am as the store i work at is definitely pushing the limits of ppl allowed in. Here's a tip.. Store sell seeds.. So buy a bag of carrot seeds for 99 cents.. Plant them.. Water them take care of them and in a few months u will have 100 carrots for about 2 bucks.
  13. Goalie


    I work for a grocery store. Prices are raised on toilet paper and thats about it. The reason? Ppl are ******* hoarding
  14. Goalie


    BC Quebec Ontario Alberta are the big population areas here. No surprise to learn more dumb ppl.
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