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  1. Bombers have been good for a few years now... This year, they look really good.
  2. Ppl can talk crap about Matt but.. After last night's live mic game, dude is a true calm leader and that can never be questioned. I still think theres this misunderstanding here at times tho. I think we can all admit we would prefer games where our O is on the field the majority of the game.
  3. Im also gonna guess u got a generation or so of Bomber fans with young children now. As much as my 4 yr old wants to go see a game, she's 4. Lol. So that means i cant go as much as i did 5 6 years ago.
  4. Or give them away to kids and families who are less forunate. Good way to build future fans and a great gesture. What the Bombers have done with our Northern communities has not been given enough love in the papers.
  5. Price. Plus.. Lets be real... We are cottage country... If you got one, its been a great summer so far... Or spring really but... The lake has been nice. It plays a role... Cuz personally i have seen more bomber flags yard signs etc this year than every other recent year. Ppl at my work are def aware and the 2 things 95 percent of the ppl who dont go say are price and "im going to the beach" The other 5 percent are odd reasons like parking or u of m is 2 far or... Yeah... Its almost made up reasons.
  6. If im nitpicking... Missed tackles come to mind first.
  7. All i was wanting from the O was consistency and to stay on the field more.. About 37 minutes time of possession... Great job by Nichols. Just saying but even the TSN panel, who aren't the smartest group at the best of times gave Lapo more credit than Nichols last night. And coming from me, who has been a bit critical of the O's consistency this season, looked at the TV and said are you ******* kidding me. Nichols was on fire last night. Boring slow start but outstanding finish. 19 in a row says it all about last night's game. 37 minutes TOP is what I've been looking for. Ppl get all uppity on here cuz some of us wanted to see a dominating performance by the O. We got that last night. In my opinion, last week is irrelevant now, its in the past, gone, done, over... People gonna dwell tho cuz some have a hard time accepting other peoples opinions on here and gonna go on and on and on and refuse to actually move on. Just like last night is now irrelevant for next weeks game. Lets hope Matty and the O can keep it going. Cuz the D is special Sorry @USABomberfan you nor anyone elses opinions arent the final say. I can accept that you have a differing opinion, im not sure why u cant accept other peoples opinions tho.
  8. **** it. No members of your bottom 6 are core players.. Guys like Copp Perreault Tanev etc are guys you let go so you can keep your actual stars. The copps and tanevs are replaced by guys on ELCs. This is how the current NHL works. These bottom 6 guys are not part of the core group. If Copp wants to be here, he will be. If not, he will be replaced by a guy on his ELC in 2 years. And we move on.. Losing bottom 6 guys? Welcome to the new NHL where you are building around your stars, Jets have a few of them.
  9. Do you know how arbitration works tho. Apparently not. The 1 side goes ultra low the other goes high... Meet in middle. This is the arbitration number.. 2.9 for an RFA like Copp is a bit high. The arbitrator will come in around 2.3 ish. Jets will be fine with that. This going low in arbitration isnt new. It's how teams operate. Oh? Like who.. Who have we lost that we drafted and developed besides Trouba? Myers? Nope. Tanev? Nope. Chiarot? Atlanta took him. Lemieux? Nope he was part of the Myers trade. Who have we lost besides Trouba? And honestly... This is how u build a sustainable winner.. Non core players move on. Copp isn't good enough to be a core player.
  10. You take Lawler or Walker off for Matthews. Bighill is a beast. He replaces Miles? I think so
  11. 1. Nichols. - new Bomber completions record. Says it all. 2. DLine - The DEs (all 3) and Stove are unreal. Nevis is solid. 3 DE on field. Sack. Just Dominating. 3. Lawler - We got some mad receiver depth. HH - Petey. He made several big plays.. Niice blitz pickups and nice production.
  12. He is for sure. Lawler looks good tho. Matthews. Petey even. Bombers look deep at receiver
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