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  1. That madman (and the rest of them) are multimillionaires because they feed off the vulnerable, easily led and cognitively challenged people. Maddening and suffocating.
  2. I’m just more curious why you end some of your sentences with ha?
  3. Please don't punch a baby unless it uses the word media inappropriately then by all means.
  4. Not to mention the fact of how the word 'media' is used in such a general nebulous way, overlooking and/or ignoring the complexities of how media works.
  5. I'm usually with you on things. Not here. That's not the way I interpreted it, i.e., them treating the COVID as a slight delay to the season. I see this as a staged cancellation/postponement approach as new data comes in versus just cancel everything now. In two weeks, maybe they say August. Another month they say cancelled, who knows, but it does keep some of us hopeful that something can be salvaged this year knowing we may not be able to. I guess the ongoing discussion here is what's the threshold where the pin needs to be completely pulled on seasons that were paused and upcoming seasons to be played. Right now I still have a sliver of hope that something can happen where we can get sport back this summer/fall. No false hope just wait and see, hope for the best prepare for the worst.
  6. They'll use their goto card: thousands and thousands of jobs will be lost if you don't provide a 'stimulus'. They're too big to fail default that continues to buffer them when supply and demand works against them.
  7. Again, this is all we need to know. Full stop. No 'well you can argue this, you can argue that'. This is fact. Act on it. If you don't, you are being extremely irresponsible.
  8. That's all we need to know, right there. I heard something a while back that resonated with me. Don't change your behaviour to protect yourself from not getting it. Instead, change your behaviour like you have it.
  9. Obviously stabilizing the health and safety of all people is priority one but I did not realize how much my life revolved around sports until it was taken away. When times got tough my default coping resource was always humor and sport. I know there is way more things we need to focus on right now but having no sports is suffocating.
  10. And out from underneath a rock he comes.
  11. That’s Dr. Kardashian to you.
  12. The one of many things that fascinates me about supporters of this man is when they tweet out they will vote for him no matter what. I can’t think of one person I would say that for, key part of that sentence being ‘no matter what’.
  13. Fingers and toes crossed.
  14. But his popularity rises. Are they only polling people who have limited access to technology, love red hats and struggle with critical thinking? I’m trying to figure this out.
  15. But having it not touch your face.
  16. What if you don’t have any money? Do they take third party out of state cheques?
  17. It will be a good day when the mods put a lock on this thread and save it for posterity. Hope all are coping as well as can be. :-)
  18. Come on Debbie you can do better than that. We will see.
  19. Hope all are doing well my fave Winnipeg Jet and Bomber fan crew. Things like this bring out the true colours in people. Some great, some not so great. We are all anxious, concerned for own inner circles. However we can’t bail on the safety and well being of others. When this all stabilizes and we come out the other side and have a moment to reflect, the people who bailed on others and only thought of themselves and their inner circles will have some explaining to do. oh and I really miss sports.
  20. 'Yea but the economy'. Oh wait.
  21. Yea I hear you. Sorry to hear of your situation. Just trying to keep a positive vibe going so soon arrives for all of us especially those who are in very difficult situations right now.
  22. Sorry to hear. This must be tough and very unsettling for her. All will be good soon.
  23. Wish I was there. Always interesting to view and take part in a rousing debate
  24. And I desperately want the Oilers to lose tonight. Bonus them missing the playoffs by a point because the billboards around Edmonton are assuming they’re in already. xo
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