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  1. Reading again that Helle is pro choice on the covid vaccine. Is he also pro consequence for the choices people make in life ffs? Its not about pro choice it’s about consequence of those choices. Do whatever the f you want to do, at this stage of the pandemic that’s killed gobs of people, some of us are spending no energy on trying to coerce you or sway you, I don’t care what you do, what choices you make in life but I want these anti vax people who have no legitimate reason to not take it start to feel the pain whether it’s clamping down better on restricting their movements and/or hitting them directly and immediately financially. Patience, trying to sway and coddling for people who are gullible for the lies they’ve been fed is officially over.
  2. I’d suggest Marcel wear a mini Grey Cup around his neck with the year 2016 stencilled on it and point to it to answer any question/comment about his abilities as a GM.
  3. Ironically he's throwing his kick returner team sans Nelson under the bus.
  4. So I assume you’re not a huge MLB fan? Lol.
  5. Just the games I’ve watched him play this year the odd time he has broke containment but looking at what he seems to wear on both his legs under his pants he isn’t near what he use to be for mobility in my opinion. Way more of a pocket passer. He’s still an incredibly smart qb tho. I could be wrong but I just can’t see him breaking containment on Jefferson and Jeffcoat.
  6. Yup not a very mobile QB so you would think advantage our DL for containment.
  7. You're being gracious using the word ideas. They are not ideas nor opinions nor beliefs. They are falsehoods.
  8. Good critical thinking usually sways one to the necessary choice whether or not that aligns with one’s individual hopes and beliefs.
  9. I read where he was also quoted him feeling a bit forced to do this not that he’s an anti vaxxer or anything. Come again? No one forced him to take the vaccine. Choose to do anything you want but be prepared for the consequence of this choice, in this case financial repercussions.
  10. Now I read some Florida officials are considering rescinding mandatory vaccines for measles, mumps etc? I feel for the sane Public Health experts in that state. Wow.
  11. He is one of the most ghoulish politicians on planet earth.
  12. Yup it sure doesn't feel that way out here in Alberta (yet).
  13. Nicki Minaj swollen balls type research.
  14. I'm hoping this takes a much broader realization. Deniers of strongly evidenced facts will be left in the past and flushed away.
  15. What happens in those piles stays in those piles type mentality? lol
  16. Another example of it's not about one's freedom of choice, it's about we're not free of consequences of those choices we make. Consequences from the choices we make being good, bad or indifferent.
  17. The American playbook has been adopted. Rigggged! Hopefully it’s nonsense is ignored and washed away quickly.
  18. Might I suggest putting a RIDERS SUCK name plate on the back?
  19. I'm thinking Mr. Dinwiddie might be looking over his shoulder a bit.
  20. Does anyone know if the two argoblows coaches currently suspended is because they refuse to get vacced or do they hate CJ so much they don't want to be on the same coaching staff with him or both? I remember hearing something on a TSN broadcast but they were fairly vague on the details.
  21. I I’m guessing the hand is still touching cold viruses that then makes it way by hand to the mouth/eyes.
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