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Thiadric Hansen signs !!!

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29 minutes ago, voodoochylde said:

And he’s in no way a liability when he does rotate in.  He’s not a token out there, he’s demonstrated he can make an impact.

I have seen him absolutely push OL back into the pocket. That guy is an athlete with a good motor and seems to be a sponge with coaching exactly the guy the global program was supposed to target.

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16 hours ago, Jesse said:

Ok, settle down. 

He’s a fan favourite because he was a useful global, but he’s not even a starter. He’s a ST and occasional rotational piece.

I think the really great teams don't only have great all stars but very good " bits and pieces " that compliment them . Guys like Hansen, Miller.... are the icing on the cake that make this team special.

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13 hours ago, Engelwood said:

I remember hearing this hit at the game. I heard it from the 6th row behind the Hamilton bench. I also may have been a bit drunk and yelling at crybaby Lawrence

I was down at the far end of the stadium and couldn't really see the details, but yeah the reaction from the crowd you just knew it was something special.

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