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  1. Sees that post. Flex. Sees the poster’s name. Nods in approval. Then flex.
  2. Maybe since they are doing so well, we only have each other to complain about.
  3. Skies opened up in Edmonton shortly after the game ended.
  4. You know, if Mourtada doesn’t miss that 3rd field goal, then Edmonton would not have taken that holding call on the return. And then they would not have started on their own 4. And then the strip sack would not have resulted in the Bighill TD. So Mourtada for the Happy Honker!
  5. Is it just me or does it seem like Liegghio doesn’t do a full leg follow through on his punts?
  6. Not making any excuses for the guy. Just saying what I think I am seeing. And he absolutely should have corrected it after the first kick. How many kickers are left to themselves during practice? Or use the metal stick to pin the ball? Maybe it’s all on him. I don’t know. But looking at his practice tapes of his monster leg we saw on this site, every kick was from straight on. Just my theory.
  7. Not if he is kicking from inside the hash marks at practice.
  8. That last field goal attempt drifted wide right, but again was already wide from the moment it went off his foot. And all 3 converts have gone straight. I am more and more certain he just doesn’t know how to line up with these wider hash marks. Change my mind.
  9. Lucky to get away with that incompletion.
  10. But aren’t the hash marks in arena ball also lined up with the goal posts?
  11. Mourtada is not shanking them or hooking them. He is just kicking them off line. Again I wonder if the wider hash marks are throwing off his alignment?
  12. So who said Wilder was the most overrated player?
  13. So if anyone has ever kicked at a high level, how much different is it to kick in the CFL off the hash marks vs the NFL. Are the hash marks on the American field not in line with the goal posts, while they are well outside the goal posts on the CFL? Would that throw off American kickers?
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