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  1. This Parler movement to write in Trump for the Georgia senate race is the first thing the MAGA crowd has suggested that I agree with. Since Trump is not registered as a candidate, any write-in for him is simply a spoiled ballot, and since it will only eat away at Republican votes, both Senate swats could flip Democrat and result in a 50-50 Senate, with the VP being the tie-breaker as needed. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  2. We all miss it, or we would not be here posting on a Bomber fan site. But to say a missed season is the worst thing he has ever had happen to him is either laughably false, or he has led the most privileged life of all time, and has no business whining about anything. And to use that self-entitlement to justify bashing the commish for nothing more than the optimistic news of next year’s schedule coming out is totally off base in my opinion. 10 people are dying daily in this Province due to a modern plague and a lost football season is the most gutting thing ever? Give US a break, not him.
  3. Here’s my criticism of your stance. You ***** when he “hides on his cave” and says nothing, and then you ***** when he comes out and says something. You are pre-dispositioned to take anything he says or doesn’t say, does or doesn’t do, in a negative light. You have no objectivity when it comes to him and it has come off as some personal vendetta. You have even bitched about him wearing scarves, for God’s sake, when that is completely irrelevant. You expect him to have a massive plan laid out For CFL perfection when we are seeing that this pandemic has flummoxed governments around the world in
  4. If that is honestly true, then (and I will try to say this as nicely and respectfully as possible) you need to get a f***ing life, or at least a f***ing clue.
  5. A nice poker analogy from Edward Norton of all people to explain one theory of Trump’s mentality and how the hand needs to be played against him: Click on it to get the full thread. And thanks to Fred C. Dobbs for helping me finally figure out this twitter link stuff. Maybe next he can help me reach-program the clock on my VHS machine! 🤣
  6. Hutz had a better won-loss trial record than Jackie did, though.
  7. MBB counters with its own legal expert. It’s the Clarence Darrow vs. William Jennings Bryan 2020 re-match for our times.
  8. I see Trump at some point starting to pivot the narrative just like he did with the birtherism. After peddling lies for years about Obama and Kenya, he comes out and declares “Obama is from America, period. I helped show that so all those who spread this misinformation need to stop”, praising himself for reinforcing the truth to quash the conspiracy while conveniently ignoring that he is the source of the conspiracy. Now he will pivot the election fraud stuff to “I made sure this election was legit, because of my concerns the pollsters did a great job, and we exposed and corrected all the flaw
  9. Remember that all CFL contracts are not guaranteed, so common practice with veterans on the edge was to cut them before Labour Day to avoid them getting paid out for the balance of the season, or cutting a vet in March just before a bonus was due. Lousy optics and a shady way to handle contracts, but all legit in the CFL, so the Lions had the chance to do this with Reilly and did not, so I say they are on the hook for it. Bombers cut loose a bunch of their guys to free them up for NFL opportunities and avoid contract headaches when it was clear this year would not happen. All teams had that o
  10. That’s not how the law works. If he has a legit case, the courts won’t throw it out because specific performance (paying him out) can’t be met. The court could rule in his favour, but practically speaking he might still not get paid if they are bankrupt. He would just get in line with the rest of the creditors who are owed money. What you are suggesting is crazy. Imagine if I hired you to fix my fence for $10,000, and then did not pay you for services rendered under our agreed upon contract. You sue, I go to court and say, yeah, I don’t have any money to pay him so throw out his lawsuit and
  11. That’s a ridiculous comparison. Drew Brees has 758 rushing yards in a 20 year career. Kyler Murray has almost 1,100 in a season and a half. Streveler has one carry for 3 yards. Why would you take out the better QB whose run game is better or at least equal against NFL talent than his back-up has shown against only CFL talent. The Cards are not here to give the Bomber fan boys a reason to do a circle jerk. They are here to win games with the best option available.
  12. Those ICU numbers are getting beyond manageable. And Pallister has cut 20% of the Winnipeg ICU beds since taking over.
  13. Without going to any video to refresh my memory: Against Calgary- 1)although a scoring play, Medlock’s 52 yard FG at the end of the half. Ice cold ball, brought us to within 6 points in a half we were outplayed in 2) LaPo letting Streveler stay in for a series. On Demski’s TD run, Streveler held the ball a long time on the handoff and the defender bit on the QB sneak, allowing Nic to get through the hole untouched, then it was a foot race 3) The physicality Of the defensive backs. Those first half hits made the receivers skittish and it showed in the 3rd when they did n
  14. Hmmm......not sure but this might warrant an NSFW tag. It’s close.
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