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  1. Milt Stegall thought LaPo called a great game. Recognizing both Streveler’s strengths and weaknesses and devising a solid plan to lead to a win. I think Milt knows a little more about offensive game planning than you, so I’ll go with his assessment, thanks.
  2. If they botched that call, I was calling the league office.
  3. Jefferson hit it with both hands, one after the other.
  4. Edmonton is not the best offence in the league. This is Trevor Harris in a nutshell. Lots of big yards, can’t finish, and a .500 QB.
  5. So, which victory over Edmonton was uglier?
  6. Wow, those calls may make up for the missed holding.
  7. I think this will be a good challenge.
  8. So Wolitarsky flat out drops a pass on a nice roll out, and you blame the OC for that? Moronic.
  9. Well, the precedent has been set that a sitting President in an election year cannot choose a nominee because the American people should have a vote on who will be their leader to select one. Unless of the course the Republicans are complete hypocrites who care nothing about the American people and only about self-interest (NEWS FLASH - they are complete hypocrites). Sadly the Republicans won't even try to put a spin on this one. Hopefully Ginsburg can hang on at least until January.
  10. 8 games in we’ve scored less than 26 once, loss to Hamilton. Nobody should have any concerns about the O.
  11. Last year at home to Calgary in game 17, which got us into the playoffs,
  12. Rose - 2 picks and managed Banks pretty well Jeffcoat - despite some holds, still a force Wolitarsky - reliable making catches and knowing where the first down marker was, took a few hard hits well until the injury HH - Adams has a nice TD catch, but Sayles gets it as he made some nice open field tackles.
  13. Maybe, just maybe, circumstance had something to do with the play calls. Down by 14 early pushed us to a more pass happy game plan, the deep stuff was defended very well, so Nichols had to check down a lot, and the line gave him worse protection tonight than pretty much any game this year. And we lost our 2 wideouts, who were our best receivers early. And that 106 yard TD Drive was short pass ball control, so not stretching the field later was a product of many things. LaPos balances offence has scored 4 TDs a game up to now. Perhaps the knives can be put away just a bit longer.
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