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  1. Getting into these spats with Trump at his conferences doesn't help. Even if the question is legit, the pre-amble is set up to rile him "You have said ABC and it is contradicted by DEF, so my question is (irrelevant by then because it is simply masking the intent which is to draw out his hypocriscy/incompetence/goal post moving/failure, etc.). He gets to play the victim which plays to his base and validates his claim that the fake news media is just out to get him. So when his cronies says the Dems want deaths to go up just to spite Trump, his base buys in. The old adage "don't argue with an idiot, they'll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience" applies here. Unfortunately, the media, even in the guise of wanting the truth out there, still worry about ratings and costs, so they are happy to have panel discussions on the cheap rather than investigative journalism to fill their 24 hour news cycle. And Trump pressers are the new "if it bleeds it leads" car crash. People tune in to see the latest fight and be horrified by the latest Trump "how low can I sink" moment. States are not getting resources, and the trending on Twitter is about Trump's TV ratings and how the Royals may or may not want secret service protection and how dare Americans pay for it. A freeze out would be so much more healthy for the nation, but not for the networks, Trump, or the advertisers.
  2. Another presser, another attack on a reporter, not surprisingly a black female. Kudos to her colleague who handed her the mike after Trump cut her off her so she could ask her remaining question. Nice show of solidarity. Here is what I would love to see. Rather than boycott, show up and DIRECT ALL QUESTIONS to Dr. Fauci. Freeze Trump out. If (when) Trump tries to cut him off and answer the question himself, just re-direct back to Fauci and ask "Do you concur, or do you have a different answer?" Get the stats on back-to-work days, supply needs, and words of comfort to the nation from him, not Trump. I'd bet dollars to donuts Trump would be more flummoxed and bothered by being ignored than Fauci would be cowed or embarrassed by contradicting Trump in public when trying to get useful info out to the general populace. Then the next day when Trump returns, undoubtedly without Fauci in tow (which we already have precedent for), before he even gets started just ask "Will Dr. Fauci be present for questions today?" and when Trump says no, or says he'll take all questions, or floats out Birx, then the reporters should stand up en masse and walk out. Maybe even a parting shot of "Will he be back tomorrow?" as they are leaving. Repeat this walk-out every day as long as Fauci is blackballed, and repeat the questioning tactic every day when he is there. Let's face it, nothing of value will be missed if they walk out on a Trump-only press conference. And his precious ratings will take a dip as well if no one is covering him.
  3. But the President just assured me a few weeks ago that this was another type of flu, and we don't shut down the country for the flu, and it kills 12,000-61,000 Americans every year, so this was overblown hype. Where does this 100,000-200,000 come from now? Was he mistaken? Should I have actually been self-isolating instead of carrying on as normal because it was fake news stuff? Oops, sorry. I guess that was a nasty "gotcha" question.
  4. And Gary Larson is going to sue you for plagiarism.
  5. Well, this was a letdown. Here is the wrap-up of the regular season and playoffs simulation. I can't even...... https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/simulating-the-season-wrapping-up-the-regular-season-and-handing-out-the-stanley-cup
  6. Anyone want to tell those dead people and their relatives that these are just fake exaggerated numbers from the WHO and Johns Hopkins in a scheme to falsely induce panic and jack up pharma costs?
  7. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/simulating-the-season-capitals-close-in-on-clinching-metropolitan-panthers-maple-leafs-deadlocked-in-atlantic March 26 - Preds win to move into the #2 wild card spot, and the Wild lose to put a dent into their playoff chances. In the East, Washington wins and takes over top spot in the league. And a win over Detroit means the Philadelphia Flyers clinch a playoff spot. Apparently THN is going to finish off the whole sim thing tomorrow rather than drag it out for the next couple of months. Like they are so busy with other things?
  8. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/simulating-the-season-lightning-take-over-top-spot-in-the-nhl-kuemper-blanks-golden-knights March 25 - Slow night in the Western wild card chase. Canucks lose, Flames get an OT loss, and Oilers win. Coyotes also win to climb back into the hunt. In the East, Tampa has a big night, blanking the Leafs to move into top spot in the Atlantic, #1 overall in the NHL, and that also means the Tampa Bay Lightning have clinched a playoff spot.
  9. I did this already in the CFL thread when you started spouting off words like "hype" and "hyperbole". But here it is again (note that this was written last Saturday night): Here are numbers from Johns Hopkins’ website, which along with the WHO is a reputable site for accurate reporting (according to medical professionals and health experts who are on the front lines of dealing with this - full disclosure, I am married to one of those health professionals in this Province). Remember a couple of weeks back when Trump said they had 5 cases in the USA and would be at zero by April? Well four days ago they had 9,000 cases and 130 deaths. Three days ago it was 12,000 and 155 or so deaths. Two days ago it jumped to 14,250 and 205 deaths. Yesterday it was 19,000 and 260. As of now it is 25,500 cases and 307 deaths. That progression is the problem. Numbers are artificially low as well since there isn’t full testing yet. So cases are climbing at a rate of around 33% daily now and deaths are jumping at a rate of around 25%. Italy was at 3,000 deaths two days ago and are now at 4,800. That’s a 60% jump in two days. They had 41,000 cases yesterday and 58,000 today. So first of all, spare me the “flu has many more deaths than this in a year” BS. We are basically two weeks into the exponential growth stage. Extrapolate over a year without the “hype and overreaction” of locking down cities and guess where we end up? At a 30% progression rate, in one week from today the US has gone from 25,500 cases to 166,000. Fortunately the US death rate is about 1.3% of all cases, not the global rate of around 3.5-4 %, or Italy’s 8.5%, so we are talking “only” 2,150 dead next week, so yeah a 700% increase in one week. Canada is doing slightly better per capita, but the growth is similar. Or we can all quarantine and hope to slow those numbers. The video was posted on March 4, as has been pointed out. Of course the numbers were much lower then. What he was saying wasn't wrong on that day, but he was not factoring in the growth of the virus in his answer. Trump was saying in that week that they had 15 cases, soon to be zero, which seems to be the line of thinking you are following. We can see just how completely wrong he was saying that looking at where we are at today. My point was that the progression, left unchecked by ignoring social distancing recommendations, was going to overwhelm the system. You call it hyperbole to predict this massive influx of cases. Well, let's look at where the numbers have gone since last Saturday night. From Saturday night until last night, we have seen: Cases jump daily from 25,500 to 36,000 to 52,000 to 69,000 as of Wednesday night (all numbers from Johns Hopkins website if you want the source) Deaths jump from 307 to 424 to 700 to 932 as of Wednesday night. So my prediction of a daily 30% increase has held up. These are raw numbers. Not conjecture. Not hyperbole. And this despite people already taking some social distancing measures. The effects of it to flatten the curve won't be seen for a few weeks since the cases are already in the system and you can be symptom-free for a couple of days and have it and spread it. Trump wants to open up the US again in 2 weeks. That will negate any effect to socially distance, and the numbers will keep rising. If the numbers start to taper off from the 30% daily rate, my guess is that it won't solely be due to the virus slowing down but rather that the testing won't keep up. So if we fall short of the 166,000 cases reported by this coming Saturday night, I'd be more confident saying that it is because they just didn't do testing for every person who actually has it rather than the virus is dying off. As a comparison, here is the progression in Canada since March 12 up to yesterday: Are you starting to get the picture now?
  10. Have a ton of them, many memorable moments, was in Halifax when Milt broke the TD record so that one isn’t part of it. My favourite live game may now be last year’s West Final in Regina that I drove out for. But my best memory is October 9, 2005. My dad had turned 77 years old a few weeks earlier, and it was the Bombers’ 75th anniversary commemorative game. He had taken me to games for some two and a half decades, so I was just getting to the stage where I started to pay for the season ticket package to pay him back for all the years he had done it. We always wore our headsets to listen to the radio broadcast (I actually started doing it because I didn’t want to hear all the swearing around me as a young impressionable boy) from our East side seats, and he asked me on a few occasions where Bob and Bob (Irving and Cameron) broadcast from. So I thought a neat birthday present would be to show him. Called up Carol at the club offices, and asked if it would be possible to get a brief tour. She was wonderful as always and told us to get to the stadium an hour early and she would walk us through press row and the broadcast area. So we got a tour of the club offices and escorted up to media row, and down the hallway to where the CJOB booth was. Little did I know that she had made another request for my dad, one that she had hinted at to me but wasn’t sure could be pulled off since the pre-game broadcast was on when we arrived. As we got to the booth, we saw both Bobs and Mitch doing their pre-game thing, when they went to commercial, and Bob Irving came out and chatted up my dad for a few minutes, funnily enough more about family stuff rather than football, but Bob was as gracious as could be and giving of his time right in the middle of what was a broadcast session, and my dad was on cloud 9. My dad would pass away 12 years later to the day, so he never saw the drought end, but that was the best present I could ever give him and was the best memory I could ever have, thanks to the Bomber and CJOB staff. And yeah, everyone else knows that game as the Milt Stegall 4 catch, 4 TD game against BC, so it really put a bow on the day. Most magical memory of all for me.
  11. That was 1984. Lions had minus 50 yards of offence in the first half. Aaron Brown had 4 sacks too that game.
  12. Another interpretation could be that people are falsely saying they DID travel when they didn’t, because even with symptoms they won’t be tested if they haven’t travelled, so they lie to get the test done.
  13. Who (if pressed for the truth) says some don’t exist already?
  14. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/simulating-the-season-panthers-leapfrog-maple-leafs-in-atlantic-central-division-battle-heats-up After missing a day in quarantine, THN renewed its simulated season. March 23 - The Wild pulled off a big win to push for the final wild card spot, gaining on the Canucks who lose. Calgary also wins, beating San Jose, and with that loss California will not be represented in the playoffs as the San Jose Sharks are eliminated. Also of note, Toronto is now outside the playoff line as Florida leapfrogs them into 3rd in the Atlantic. March 24 - The Jets squander a chance to virtually guarantee a wild card spot, losing 6-2 to the Predators. Still, they hold a 4 point edge on the pack behind them. The only other game of consequence in the West has the Stars lose. Two other clubs settled their fate in the East, as a win over the Blues means the Washington Capitals have clinched a playoff spot, while a loss to Buffalo means the Montreal Canadiens are eliminated.
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