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  1. I will lean to the left, so my bias could show. I have no doubt there is some corruption with the Libs but I would like an itemized list to make a comparison to the former PC or other Liberal governments before declaring them the all-time champs. But I will surmise that when one talks about the disrespect of the public trust, how much is really corruption and how much is a simple expansion of the public distrust of government? Given how much our lives have been flooded with tales (true and false) of government corruption on both sides by the media machine, especially with our downstairs met
  2. Great news for Kerri Einerson’s team. Women’s Worlds is back on and will be held in Calgary along with the Men’s. https://globalnews.ca/news/7680473/curling-team-einarson-womens-worlds/?utm_source=GlobalWinnipeg&utm_medium=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1tyBxCGga84hLdooi0ZqVPuESsu3GYPtiCwPFhQYqfqtd_Js1-bhQDm4g
  3. I have looked into various web sources (Forbes, statista.com, packers.com, Blue Bomber financial statement) and here are some numbers to chew on for those who want to compare the NFL and CFL’s financial situations: In the NFL, the only public team is Green Bay, so all other financial projections are speculation unless the team reports it. The Bombers likewise out out a financial statement. So the numbers I found for the Dallas Cowboys, the Packers and the Bombers are as follows - Expenses in 2019: $32.8 million (Bombers), $439 million (Packers), $425 million (Cowboys) 2019 reven
  4. Thanks for that. Sometimes this list of deaths in the RIP thread comes across as just that - a list - and it is easy to overlook that each name carries with it a memory, an impact, an influence to many of us. Always important to remember the person and not just list the name. As for a deeper understanding, this particular analysis of dealing with death and grief has always stuck with me as a pretty accurate take on things: https://www.ofieldfuneralhome.com/grief-from-the-perspective-of-an-old-man
  5. Schultz’s death is gutting news to me. Always liked his approach on the TSN panel, and he was one of the originals who helped create the TSN football brand and build the Friday Night Football panel and phenomenon. Not a stretch to say that the success of that experiment went a long way to establishing the TSN CFL partnership and grew the popularity and exposure of the league in a big way. Was sorry to see him depart the airwaves, and very saddened by this news today.
  6. But if ever the phrase “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades” was to apply, it would be with these tests.
  7. Ok, first male to stand up and move to the right edge of the frame facing left with the squirting sanitizer at waist level mimicking, well you figure it out, wins my eternal respect, and likely the whole internet too.
  8. I guess some fans will never be satisfied with him and criticize his moves, his lines, which players play and which ones sit. But if he is winning with his strategy, then I don’t understand those fans who gripe about his methods. It’s not like he is “getting away” with something. It’s a results driven business and he is getting results, so I am prepared to defer to his decisions over the arm chair coaches out there. The proof is in the winning percentage.
  9. These two statements seem inconsistent, like you kind of are wishing, hinting at, or intimating (but not overtly advocating to cover yourself) for his removal. If you aren’t advocating for his dismissal, why even pose the initial question in the first place?
  10. I have never seen Schitt’s Creek and I am not a big binge watcher or streamer. The last episodic tv show I invested in on network TV was Big Bang Theory, and online it was Game of Thrones. So it got me wondering, what tv show (either network or online) have you never seen or barely watched that was seemingly very popular or that “everyone else” watched? I never had HBO so many of them I could only see later on Netflix and such and couldn’t be bothered to binge. My short list would include Sopranos (seen snippets but never even a full episode), Breaking Bad (quit after one season on
  11. Got to feel bad for Einerson in that she will have won the Scott twice and yet will again not get to go the World’s, as they have already cancelled this year in Switzerland (the men’s worlds in Canada is still a go though). I would be very happy if Curling Canada compensated her by giving her the Olympic berth now and skipped the trials. Not like she has’t earned it or that she isn’t the best women’s team we could send right now.
  12. Yep, there’s only so many times you can gut the front office and fire the coach before you have to look squarely at the players and conclude that the mix there just is not working, no matter the perceived talent. Or accept that it starts with the ownership not knowing how to build a front office, and then the fans are really screwed - see Senators, Ottawa.
  13. All fair points, but defence is more than just puck movement out of the zone (although I will concede that this has been a glaring issues at points in many games). Need a big body to clear out the net front, scrum in the corners, and be physical to provide the smaller partner time and space to move the puck. Trouba-Morrissey, Byfuglien-Enstrom worked that way with a bigger guy-smaller guy pairing. Our best pair now is Forbert (who is the next biggest guy after Stanley)-Pionk (who is the smallest height-wise and second lightest behind Niku), so not sure Heinola at 5’10” and 178 would be a good
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