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  1. Of course I am trolling a bit, but I am making a point of my own instead of missing it. To assume that anything spoiler-ish is fair game the second it has hit the public conscience is more than a bit presumptive. In the world of 3 TV networks and no VCRs, it was safer to assume that any major plot development would be seen by all at the same time, or those that missed it did not really care enough to watch the show in the first place. And spoilers were limited to word of mouth for the most part, so people could self-regulate what information they wanted to receive. But in today's world of "57 channels and nothing on" (more like 200), PVR and binge-watching, it is wrong to assume that everyone sees the episode right away (much like a movie that has so many sold-out showings that many won't get to see it until the second or third day, or maybe even the second or third week in this extreme case - hence my specific reference to it). And with the advent of instant gratification internet media like twitter, instagram, etc. and 24-hour streaming news/sports/entertainment, and the ability to cross over from one platform to another, the possibilities of being notified of a spoiler are much higher, despite one's best intentions to avoid being spoiled. So I can avoid all spoiler sites about "Avengers" diligently (moviespoiler.com and any Google search that takes me to "Avengers spoilers" websites would be the obvious ones to avoid) in an effort to not have the surprise ruined, but reading a generic Bomber fan website and being told about a big spoiler (plot-driven or not, it clearly is a big enough deal to hit CNN and obviously enough to warrant your mention of it, so you would have appreciated the sensitive nature of it to some) with no advance warning can be jarring - if you are so inclined to get worked up about such things in life. And to be fair, a CNN headline saying "actress thought GOT sex scene was a prank" that requires you to click on a link for more details is a lot less specific than "hey, I'll identify this person by name and say what happened out of the blue with no prior hint that the topic had changed". So my troll point was simply to say it's a bit frivolous to say "well if it's aired it's fair game and not a spoiler anymore because I've already seen it, so tough on anyone who missed the boat" as a justification for letting a spoiler slip, and used the extreme example of the biggest movie around to beat you over the head with my point. Not very subtle, no, but you get my drift, even if you want to debate the semantics of "movie" vs. "TV", where the lines are more blurred in the current day and age than in the past, IMO. Just my 2 cents. Personally, I'm not going to get bent out of shape about spoilers, but I am sensitive to those who do.
  2. Not a spoiler if the episode has aired. Especially when it's newsworthy, right?
  3. So we can spoil Avengers :Endgame since it has opened overseas?
  4. Just curious, if you don't mind sharing, what is your annual salary (before taxes)?
  5. Don’t blame him. I’ve been wanting to tell some select critics to f*ck off myself.
  6. I am of the belief that the team chose to rest up down the stretch as much as anything. Their first round play would indicate that they are not “fundamentally broken” like the nay-sayers would proclaim. Pushing hard to 114 points last year left us worn out by round 3 last year. It didn’t do Tampa or Calgary any good to pile on the points in the regular season. I see no indication based on their play in this series that Maurice has “lost the room” or that we are being outclassed by our opponent. The series had been remarkably tight, as it should be for two teams that each had 99 points. And it isn’t over yet. People need to stop firing the coach after each individual loss in a 7 game series.
  7. Big difference between Stanley Cup contender and “the guarantee” 4 years out. But that’s all anyone seems to see. We have SC caliber talent, but so do Tampa, Boston, Washington, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and now arguably NYI and Columbus (given their results in the first round) in the East, and Calgary, Nashville, Vegas in the West. San Jose, minus the goaltending woes no one saw at season’s start, have as much talent as anyone. And given their second half play, one could make an argument that St. Louis and Colorado have that caliber of talent too. And Dallas has the defence and goaltending that could carry them a long way. Point is, only one team can win - you don’t fire a coach just because you don’t make the conf. finals. 27 teams aren’t firing their coaches this year. We have not been outplayed in this series, we certainly have not had a lot of luck on our side. Even with talent, so much needs to happen to win a Cup. A lot more than a magazine article proclaiming it to be so a half decade ago.
  8. Have to revise my hate meter (told you it was a constantly shifting scale). Removing my Tortarella hate for now. Dude has been very entertaining in these playoffs, even smiled after he got beer dumped on him during a game. Now, we’ll see if Oscar the grouch returns if they start losing, but I also saw that he took in an abused and neglected horse and nursed it back to health on his farm, and also has 3 rescue dogs he took in. Can’t hate on him anymore. That leaves me an extra hate point, which I will add to the Winnipeg Jets fans, specifically he “Fire Maurice” brigade who disappear after a win but come roaring back after a loss, no matter the circumstances. This kind of blind idiocy is why I avoid message boards for 24 hours after a loss.
  9. This was the worst thing that happened to our fan base. Gave us completely unrealistic expectations. This team is not Cup or Bust yet. Firing Maurice right away because we lost to a hot goalie and a team that was tied with us in the standings will not propel us forward.
  10. Season should be 80 games. 8 Divisions of 4 teams into 2 Conferences. 2 games against teams in opposite conf, 3 against same conf non-divisional opponents, and 4 against divisional opponents. One division champ and 4 wild cards. Season runs from October 1-March 31. Playoff games every other day alternating conferences until the finals, season done by May 31 at her latest. But yhat won’t happen either.
  11. I am reminded of the movie “The Fugitive” where Tommy Lee Jones interviews the cop after the train crash: ”Care to revise your statement, sir?” ”What?” ”Do you want to change your bulls#it story, sir?”
  12. One man’s take: A very different position to judge in the 30’s-50’s era than today as run blocking and your two-way role on defence were so key as opposed to route running and catching on today’s role, and I won’t repeat the bios I posted. But Pitts was the best receiver of the group and was a two-way all-star multiple times, so he gets my vote. As my runner-up, Grant and Marquand were the receding leaders for the club when they each played, Funston was a key underrated cog in the dynasty years, and McCance’s 7 Cup appearances in 8 years will not be duplicated, but Jeff Nicklin earns my back-up spot for his play on the field (4 straight all-star nods) and his sacrifice off it. His bio says it all.
  13. Bud Grant beat out Cal Murphy to be the all-time head coach. Murphy was voted in as GM.
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