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  1. Broken arm, scheduled for surgery as early as today is what I heard.
  2. Chris Ike with the drop. Damien Jackson would have caught that.
  3. Well people complained last year that no new faces got training camp reps and the old boys were gifted spots. This training camp we had open competition for new guys and people unhappy the vets didn’t get reps. Pick your poison. Pre-season too short, need 4 games.
  4. 60-3? Winning “the hard way” again I see.
  5. Wow, good move to get more network eyeballs on the league, although since Bell owns both CTV and TSN, doubt there is an increase in TV rights payments. Still a step in the right direction. Keep this up and Speedflex will have to go back to complaining about Ambrosie’s scarves in lieu of anything substantive! (I kid, still plenty of legit gripes to make).
  6. LaPo 16-28 Osh 23-31 (but he was also 16-28 through the same number of games) Glenn was not the QB in 2011. He got hurt in 2007 when Doug Berry was the head coach.
  7. Didn’t help that he had an injured starting QB almost every year he coached. But one of his biggest flaws, self-admittedly, was that he was a micro manager as a head coach and did not put trust in his assistants to run their units, especially the offence. When he was simply the OC, whatever deficiencies with the play calling that people disliked, the results did quite often place the Bombers near the top of the league in offensive performance.
  8. I guess look at BC’s crowds with their concert game attendance for a possible answer. How many new fans would the Headstones draw, as a comparable? Or the Tragically Hip? This is about selling one game experience and bringing in advertising dollars, not creating a new football fan based on a concert performance.
  9. Remember when Justin Beiber played the halftime show and was booed mercilessly in stadium? That performance was the high point of the TV ratings that day, with 6.1 million eyeballs (the game itself drew 5.5 million). When Keith Urban played Calgary in 2019, the female audience at home (including all the wives at my Grey Cup party) suddenly started watching more in earnest (and they hung around for the cringe interview). As JCon noted, the show is meant to draw new eyeballs and boost ratings, which in turn means more advertising dollars.
  10. Yeah the cable is a bit annoying. Hear you on that.
  11. Lower deck or upper? Mine are upper deck and I love them, but now the field view is obstructed.
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