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  1. Sorry, all-time means all-time. One running back and one fullback.
  2. He would be in tough to make the top 5.
  3. TrueBlue4ever

    The MBB All-time Blue Bomber Team: cornerbacks

    Great thanks.
  4. And Ty Jones, Aaron Brown, Tony Norman, Elfrid Payton, Buddy Tinsley, etc.......but I digress. Linebackers are still a couple of weeks away.
  5. TrueBlue4ever

    The MBB All-time Blue Bomber Team: cornerbacks

    See my message just above yours for the explanation. I screwed up when I set up the poll and got the closing date wrong. Once I saw it was closed I tried to edit the post, but it won't let me change the closing date, so if anyone still wants to vote, just post on the thread with your 2 choices and I will add them to the results. UPDATE: I've tried editing it again and changing the closing date, so maybe it will work now. Someone let me know if you can still vote or not.
  6. I will have an extra linebacker (2 inside/middle, 2 outside) and will also have 4 linemen (2 outside, 2 inside) so as not to have to decide 4-3 or 3-4. Our defence will have an extra player (as will the offence, with a RB, FB, 2 slotbacks, 2 WR and a 5th receiver). And no, I'm not concerned about ratio.
  7. This begs the question of where Leggett should be listed. I'm inclined to put him with the defensive halfbacks, even though he was a linebacker half the time. Not sure he makes the cut in either position (certainly not as one of the 2 best outside linebackers all-time).
  8. I had him on my original list of people to consider, but his numbers seemed lacking (certainly if Heath and his 7 ints. with the Bombers over 2 seasons and 2 CFL all-star nods don’t make the grade, then equal results and lesser accolades over a longer period of time would be questionable, no?). But I will put him on the nominations list and let the people decide. Democracy in action!
  9. He won’t be. The question is which category, defensive halfback or linebacker?
  10. I am debating where to insert Gord Rowland. He was an all-star a couple of times as a defensive halfback and a couple more as a cover linebacker. He played in the 1960’s when players played multiple positions and the roles were a bit different. He had 34 ints. so his role seemed to be more in pass coverage, so any thoughts about including him in the halfback category?
  11. TrueBlue4ever

    The MBB All-time Blue Bomber Team: cornerbacks

    I have added Paul Brule to this list as an option and place his bio along with the others for your consideration, and I appear to have screwed up the closing date of the poll and can't seem to edit it now, so if you still want to vote, just reply in the thread with your 2 choices. I'll work out the kinks of this endeavour soon enough.
  12. Thanks for this. Fun fact, Dr. Casey graduated in the same medical class as my father at the U of M. I will add him.
  13. I think I’ve already said I will pull Heath from the list. As I said in an earlier post, I have seen Brule listed as a safety on a Bomber alumni site, so I was going to include him in the safety list. Positions for older players can be tricky to determine, so apologies if I am representing players in the wrong spots.
  14. No that’s all fair comment. I did not fully consider how much of his munbers came as an Argo in his first all-star season, so I can pull him from the voting list. But he could get bonus points for being part of one of the better trades the Bombers pulled off in recent memory (Heath,what would become a first overall draft pick in 2017, and what would become Daniel Petermann in the next draft all for Drew Willy).
  15. TrueBlue4ever

    The MBB All-time Blue Bomber Team: cornerbacks

    My favourite random fact about Shaw was that he had the coolest fan section ever at the old Winnipeg Stadium: “Dave’s Disciples”, who sat in row 1 in Swction A (goal line to the 10 yard line in the south west corner).