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  1. Although great news that the CFL is coming back, here is a big example of why this league is still in trouble. Went to TSN for their 5:00 pm Sportscentre show, and what do you think the lead story was for the official broadcaster of the CFL? The return of Canada’s biggest professional league? Nope. Ok, I guess the Habs in the final 4 of the Stanley Cup could rate as bigger. But that wasn’t it either. The lead story was Euro 2020. Then on the TSN website last evening they reported on the Stanley Cup, Euro, Blue Jays, NBA playoffs, rest of MLB, US Open golf, and the NFL. Two small opinion column
  2. Murat Ates did a piece in The Athletic about the Jets expansion draft. Says DeMelo has a modified no trade and therefore does not need to be protected. So do Morrissey (starts in 2025) and Scheifele. Only Wheeler with a full no move MUST be protected in that fashion. https://theathletic.com/2648101/2021/06/12/projecting-the-protected-list-whos-staying-with-the-winnipeg-jets-and-who-could-be-picked-by-the-seattle-kraken/
  3. Heard one media wag spitballing that Copp could be a 4x $4million range deal, and Pionk would be in line for a similar deal to Morrissey’s. The going rate for forwards now seems to be $100,000 per point. But I would see anything over $3-3.5 million as an overpay for Copp. I think this year’s offensive output was an outlier spurred by a contract year surge. He is not a 60 point/yr player as this year projected. Not close to that. As for Pionk, hoping we can keep him under $5.5 million, but he will get paid.
  4. One thing I did not factor in pondering the protected list for the expansion draft was queued up by Maurice in his exit interview when talking about the young defence. Pointed out that Samberg, Heinola, and Stanley are all lefties along with Morrissey so he does not want to pressure them into playing the off side at the start of their career. And we saw the success of Stanley playing 3rd line sheltered minutes. So with DeMelo being a righty, and with his contract locked in, I now feel he will be the 3rd defenceman protected over Stanley. This would leave Stanley or Appleton as the likely depar
  5. Manchin at least has explained his rationale, and it’s not entirely incorrect. He remembers when Harry Reid was Senate majority leader and changed the rules surrounding the 60 vote threshold using the nuclear option. Then when the GOP regained the Senate McConnell used it to help ram through Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, saying he was simply following precedent. Manchin fears that any new rule imposed by the Dems now could cause long term pain if the GOP gets a chance to abuse it once back in power. And considering that, even with all the nonsense that went on in the Senate during the Oba
  6. Both doses needed? And how about a mask requirement even if vaccinated?
  7. Open question: Would you be in favour or against the requirement of needing to prove your vaccination status to be allowed entry into the stadium?
  8. Shouldn’t be too hard to plan the parade route. Wait, they haven’t built a road in Regina yet, have they? Figured they’d just pick a field somewhere.
  9. If I read the rules correctly for goalies, only one is required to be under contract. So a UFA goalie could be left unprotected provided another goalie under contract is also exposed. And again erred with Morrissey, his modified NMC kicks in in 2025 (hmm, lots of inaccuracies and conflicting info out there in internet land - once more the universe has let me down!)
  10. Yep I was wrong about that. He is eligible. And I think Brossoit gets exposed even if he is a pending UFA (will still be under contract at thE time of the draft) He has a no-move clause, must be protected.
  11. I see Copp being protected. Wheeler (no trade), Scheifele, Connor, Ehlers, Dubois, Lowry and Copp up front, leaving Appleton exposed. Morrissey, Pionk, and one of DeMelo or Stanley on the back end. Plus one goalie (flip a coin, so long as it’s a two headed coin with Hellebuyck’s face on it). Berdin is exempt due to years played.
  12. You are actually agreeing with my point here despite trying to insult me and make judgements on my character. The comparison was made between the Bombers signing their guys and a team like Calgary signing “thugs, criminals, and cheaters” and then doubling down by pointing out a PED player on their team. My sole point was to say if you want to point a finger know that 3 more are pointed back at you, as the saying goes. And any Bomber fan who brings up PEDs to claim some moral high ground on another team should expect the name Harris to come up. Not a shot at Harris himself, or a condemnation of
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