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  1. no matter what happens tonight... Bombers still control their fate... 3-1 in the last 4 (as long as the 1 isn't against BC) is good for first... that said, starting with a win tonight would be preferred
  2. don't get me wrong... I have the same negative feelings you do... all the time... but I'm trying to stay positive as best I can!
  3. How about this... without trying to rile up the masses too much... Keep Haba on and dress Burtenshaw... scratch Jackson and Bennet... seems like a net positive to me counter point... Bombers haven't lost coming out of a bye in like 3 years... Bomber haven't lost back-to-back games since (I'm guessing) 2019
  4. He has 3 sacks in four games... so I'm sure it can't be that I know that everyone think O'Shea is officially tied to Jackson... but if Jeffcoat was totally healthy and we "had to" roster Haba... I'm sure it would be (Damien) Jackson coming off
  5. I still think getting a DE in the line up for Jackson would be very beneficial to the D... but after a 45 point blow out... chances are we'll see no changes
  6. I actually noticed when re-watching the game that Suitor mentions the Riders are last in the league in point allowed... somewhere around 27-28 points per game allowed... and that was BEFORE we hung 51 on them...
  7. Ballsy was suspiciously quiet during and after the game last weekend... can't imagine why... I guess he was still busy losing his mind about how Jeffcoat didn't get suspended for a hit on Brandon Bridge 6 years ago...
  8. I mean... we did just put up 51 against the best defense in the league...
  9. We've ONLY won TWO of the LAST THREE Grey Cups!!11!!1
  10. I believe Mtl is now 0-6 vs Wpg, BC and Tor and 6-0 against anyone else
  11. based specifically on the 2022 season... Playing in Hamilton before a bye is not necessarily going to be an easy win for the Blue and Gold
  12. Is it just me or does Brady seem like he’s running faster over the past few weeks… he’s always had the power but seemed to lack speed in the open field… recently he seems to be outrunning more guys
  13. Had a laugh about that… this dude disappeared real quick 🤣 3-2 down the stretch (as long as one win is against BC) guarantees first in the west… and that’s assuming BC goes 5-1
  14. don't need to be dressed to do that... there was a receiver last year (name slipping my mind... Tavaris Harrison??) who DI'd for two consecutive games and I don't think he played a single snap in any phase of the game I can't help but imagine what a 4th quarter Jeffcoat would look like when he's only played 60% of the snaps up to that point
  15. If he wasn't ready he would be staying on the IR... even just for 1-game... moving him to the PR says he's healthy but they aren't rostering him... I've said it before, I don't hate the roster decisions as much as others... but I absolutely cannot understand why we are not using more DL... our defense has been at it's best when we do that...
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