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  1. Nic Demski was a victim of too many good players on the Bombers this year... The voters were never going to give Bomber nods for almost all the awards... and Demski was the most "borderline" of the candidates so they gave it to Lokombo instead... under normal circumstances, Demski is - at least - the west nominee.
  2. Did you really make that list and forget to add Andrew Harris from 2019?? You know what's great about the East side and the West side?... either way, you're at a Bomber game!
  3. I mean... they couldn't just make the whole Bombers team the all-star squad... though it wouldn't have been inaccurate... Let's remember there were a lot of salty people when the Bombers had a few snubs in 2019... and we got the last laugh... I'm not concerned about it, but I hope our team ignores those individual accolades and focuses on the team goal... they can worry about all-star nominations when it comes to negotiating a new contract or collecting bonus money...
  4. not surprised... no one (outside of it's own fanbase) is cheering for the defending champs and most dominant team of the regular season... though I did enjoy his breakdown of the riders
  5. dumb (and kind of pathetic consider how many years have passed) comment... but he's not wrong...
  6. I agree that this probably could've warranted it's own thread... but most of the comments here are fairly light handed, good for a chuckle...
  7. it was embarrassing to the league that BC had to put Reilly back in the game when they were getting stomped by the Bombers... would've been a good chance for a rookie to get some time in...
  8. As much as I would love to see him come here and run for 75 yards a game, throw a couple TDs and truck a few linebackers… if that can’t happen, this is the next best thing… bombers could bring him in as a “special guest” for the day and just get the stadium in a frenzy!
  9. I love this comment... and now I really want to play Calgary in that game... I'm sure the Bombers will remember this...
  10. That's insane... it's like their just trying to get as far as possible while knowing they have no chance in the WF... a smart move would be to have moved on from those guys already and get the back ups ready to play...
  11. I know a lot of people are hoping for another Bombers vs riders beat down... but after that sour taste of a loss to Calgary, I would really like to show those guys what our full line up looks like... they celebrated like they won the cup... plus I would never, ever cheer for the riders, so in theory, I'll be cheering for Calgary next week... I'll be at the game Dec 5... and I'll be cheering loud for the blue no matter who shows up to lose...
  12. sometime people throw out rhetoric like "well we had 3rd and 4th stingers in the game"... which is impossible since CFL teams don't even have enough players for third stringers, nevermind fourth string... So that's why I was curious, exactly, who was in the game at that time.
  13. I was heavily critical of McGuire after the Montreal game... and I still stand by it... but I also added the caveat I that expect the coaching staff to stick with him and I have confidence he can recover from this... I (and all of us) still have no idea if he will actually be any good... but you don't stick with a QB that long just to throw him away after one bad start.
  14. Just out of curiosity… does anyone know which starters, specifically, were not playing on D at the end of the game?… I didn’t really get to watch much
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