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  1. Is there a player from Winnipeg that played on the 2015 Stamps... and possibly an alumni of this school?
  2. Tom Brady spends more money on his skin care routine the first five mins of every morning than Blanda did in his entire life 😂
  3. I wish you would stop making comments like this... yes he made a selfish decision and some people will never forgive him for it... but don't call the guy an idiot just because he made a different decision than you... you could have made exactly the same point (more effectively, in my opinion) while eliminating your first statement.
  4. Don't forget about Hewie the Moose.... RIP*... *I don't actually remember what happened to that moose that delayed the Banjo bowl a few years ago
  5. So basically Bryant has been the CFL’s MOOL for the past five years…
  6. when you're 6'6... your bones and organs weigh 200 lbs!
  7. Any time a Canadian OL is available at this time of year... I'm skeptical... anyone worth their salt is automatically scooped up by now... but we're one of the few teams that can be patient with an OL prospect... so to me this seems like a no risk, high reward move... I'll take it.
  8. If I could chose only one of Eli (assuming he's fully "cleared" to play all games) or Dobson... I'll take Eli all day... we hope Dobson will be a great player.... we KNOW Eli is a great player
  9. serious question... is it possible this could just be tongue-in-cheek and they're actually friends?...
  10. The new jerseys are ok, not great, not terrible... I agree with most that the large W on the front is kind of a turn off... I prefer numbers on front of a football jersey... I'm sure they'll look fine when we're kicking the Riders left, right, and center out of IG field....
  11. alternate jersey.... I'm curious to know what will make it unique... while still being royal blue... should be interesting
  12. crazy to think that if not for one special teams tackle... we might not have O'Shea, Walters and looking at a 30+ year drought... It can't be overstated how huge that tackle was
  13. I actually know the Jr Ernie... not that well, admittedly... more friend of a friend, but we've hung out in the past.
  14. Over an 18 game season that 4176 yards, 42-43 TDs and 12-13 picks... other than the slightly high int totals... that's a borderline MOP season in today's era.
  15. lol, this article literally says nothing that we don't already know... of course guys are disappointed the whole gang can't come back... that's business
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