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  1. I'm thinking from here on out if Stanley needs to rest instead of practice... I'd have no concerns with that
  2. He mentioned Charlie's grey cup no show so I assumed he meant 2007.
  3. don't get me wrong... the ending of that grey cup was unbelievably satisfying... second in enjoyability only to a Bomber win... but @greenrider55 is a good guy and I didn't want to kick him while he's down.
  4. I'm not sure if this is a real or verbatim quote... but I absolutely believe that Dickensen would grammatically say "a unstoppable"
  5. This obviously doesn't make any sense... but I have to admit, Ka'Deem Carey in a cold weather game does concern me... especially if we keep rolling without a true run plugger I mean... did Stove ever not look heavy?? 😄
  6. It's like their twitter account is actively trying to get made fun of... this Dan Clark tweet and the other one about "positives from the last game" are simply just laughable... if our teams were reversed, I'd be so embarrassed of my team
  7. Sorry, I'm genuinely not bringing this up to rub it in... but was the 2009 Als team the 13th man grey cup? @Fatty Liver beat me to it... but I was going to mention Barry Sanders... love Charlie as much as anyone but man was Sanders ever special.
  8. I hate to say this... but I kind of want BC to win this week (as well as us, obviously).... then let's put the nail in the coffin in their house the next week.... then we have a bye, prep game, bye, west final.
  9. Yeah... I mean where the hell was Kevin Glenn in that game... amirite?!?
  10. it made me laugh how a lot of the article was "the riders were in it for three quarters"... "they held the Bombes to 17 points... through 3 quarters".... last I checked, games are 4 quarters
  11. Stove would be out there blowing up double teams 😂
  12. This article is almost impressive... it's almost like a troll job... like he's saying "I'm going to write the most ridiculously optimistic article following another blow out loss and let's see if anyone laps it up"... and he knows his audience will 😂
  13. funny I was just thinking the same thing... IMO the best thing the riders need to do to ensure their future is sign O'Day, Dickensen, and Fajardo to long term extensions... as a Bomber fan, that would make me happy... they totally deserve it
  14. If someone like Bighill decided to hang em up after this year... either of those two would look nice in blue and gold... sometimes a "humbling" game can be a good thing in the long run... the fact that the boys came back with a decisive win the next game out... leaves me with no major concerns
  15. The end of that Calgary/Toronto showed the difference between a coach like Dickensen and O’Shea… I’ll preface this by saying I think dickensen is a great HC and one of the best offensive mind in the cfl in the past 20 years… in the CJOB post game show O’Shea explained that he went for it on 3rd and 5, thinking we could get the first and kneel out the clock… meanwhile, In Calgary, Carey picks up the first down with the team up 19 and 31 second left in the game… instead of kneeling out the clock, they run another play to try and score… for no reason other than to rub it in… if there was tie-breaker stuff in play, I would get it…. But otherwise, all you accomplish is running up the score and risk injury to your guys in all three phases since they had to run teams and defence out there for a couple plays.
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