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  1. Have to agree with Swervin Mervyn. I met him at the IGF Packers Raiders tilt last year. He is a very large guy and massive mitts. Said to him “nice to meet you Sir. But I have to say I hated your guts. You’d pick us apart and were unstoppable. It’s my pleasure to meet you”. Well he bust out laughing and responded, “you know how many people today have said they hated me (Lol)”. I really did hate this guy back then. “Granny” Liggins - quick off the line and teammates of the great Wayne Harris and John Helton. Granville had eye problems and had to wear shades while on the bench. Tom “Wilkie” Wilkinson. Too slow, too short, too swollen, couldn’t throw, though he won. Matt Dunigan, when ever he wasn’t a Bomber. Angelo “King Kong” Mosca. Because he was a wrassler too.
  2. I’m grateful that Nichols was an important part of the solution with year after year the bombers enjoyed improvements. The Cup. All the sold merchandise. He contributed.
  3. “The very capable” Kevin Glenn. the heel, Jeff Hecht.
  4. Who won the war anyways? The Germans started it. They invaded Poland.
  5. Good for LaPo. He gets a promotion after being on a championship squad. That has to be leaving on good terms.
  6. “I don’t need no stinkin’ badge” - Wade Miller.
  7. I’m saving this DoD post for the dark nights of the off season when in a gloomy moment this fan needs a Big Blue pick me up.
  8. 1. #33 Andrew Harris, over hundred yards total offence, two TD’s, player of the game, most outstanding Canadian of the game. 2. Medlock, third game in a row that he scores more points than the opposition. 3. Nick Demski, a surprise that got first downs to keep drives rolling. HH. Willie Jefferson. Knocking qb arms to create fumbles, constant pressure. Fans at Potage and main were fantastic! I’d say a couple thousand or so danced and cheered in the rain. Big thanks to wade miller for building a champion! I’d like to treat him to a buffet.
  9. Legends that many fans grew up watching, idolize and can remember such a rivalry for the crown. Two best teams in the league playing for the championship. Playing for the Cup against each other for the tenth time. Should the Bombers be designated the underdogs, I’m more than ok with that.
  10. It was pretty clear that Streveler wasn’t a factor to the extent we would have liked. Collaros was the man today. For a quarterback, that’s been with the team for a month, he’s had amazing success. and in other truths, Epstein didn’t kill himself.
  11. I feel bad for bomber fans that need to try and collect on bets placed with SK fans. SK fans never pay. AHoles.
  12. 1. Collaros - a seasoned vet that lifts the team. Cool under pressure. 2. Medlock - Because he’s money and scored more points than the entire other team. Second week in a row he’s done that. 3. Adams - big yac from deep in our own end on the two play 107 yard drive. HH. Bighill - stood out with a couple of timely tackles.
  13. I’d say you nailed it TLB in rapier like fashion. Strev’s reckless abandon could be sustainable with spinerama type moves and getting scintillating blocks. He could be helped with additional paraphenalia allowing a dipsy doodle for another glorious scoring opportunity sustaining canonading drives. Looking forward to his runs causing hair raising reaction to the enemy coach.
  14. Now that you ask. The scoreboard grabs lots of attention.
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