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  1. I’m reporting this post to Mike because it contains facts.
  2. You’ve picked a player that does’t help your point. Adam Bighill is the reigning Most Outstanding Defensive Player in the CFL. But your free to post what you like.
  3. I remember Cactus saying, “there’s Rick Shaw. The only Japanese player in the CFL”.
  4. Streveler run to the twelve in the 2nd. Can’t recall ever seeing a QB run over, around, through and breaking tackles like that. First and second drives looked like men playing boys. Awesome.
  5. Not an illegal post and he didn’t have intent to post it in the first place.
  6. I’ve always said it was entirely possible.
  7. Observations on Santiago from training camp back in May. Atomic- he was brought here by Oliviera, he can run back kicks as well. Had an insane freshman year in 2015 with 1459 rush yards and 16 tds. Geeber- Santiago explosive on returns. I expect him to rip a long one next week. Ran the ball well in drills. - Santiago is a dangerous returner. Better than Whitehead today Booch - ...and that Santiago has real good hands ...and once the ball is in his mitts you don’t know where he going. He super shifty and fast with ball. Me - Santiago made a terrific snag and a deceptive run on a screen play. Thinking with no film on the guy, he might be a real surprise on the bad guys.
  8. Love watching this vid before any game we play against the green gang.
  9. It’s time to hand the ball to Augustine.
  10. Those effen Russians have it in for the bombers: - Matthews out for for way too long without playing a game. Win first five games. - Bighill injured but “good to go” and still misses games. - Nichols, criticized for not throwing for more than 300 yards and team remains in first place. - Matthews stabbed in a Saturday night bar room brawl. He doesn’t bleed. - Nichols injured placed on 6 game IR. - Streveler starts in place of #15. Runs for more yards than passing yards. Team out scores first place contender to solely be in first place. Them russians cant figure the Blue out. Black Helicopters, Black Volga’s can’t make the Bombers rollover. This team is buildt with depth.
  11. A little levity, through Mr. Silverback finding a silver lining. Well done.
  12. Both those guys. WAY worse behaviour by far than what our guy is charged with.
  13. Let’s piss and moan about losing AH for a couple of games. Include how wrong he was to get caught. Add, he deserves it, the league is out to get him, or any other opinion that pops up. The way to get through this is handled as best it can by Wade Miller. As an organization, move on, nose to the grindstone next two weeks, focus on preparation for the opposition. Get a couple of wins, stay in first, and this gets behind the squad.
  14. Fans having a great time! Boatmen sink in the Atlantic.
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