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  1. A guy gets a 3 game suspension missing lots of scratch and he or the PA doesnt file a grievance?
  2. The word probably should have been - “Athletic” “Athletic”.
  3. The Suitor drinking game has real potential. Last night the word was - “Veteran”.
  4. The more I hear about that Hitler guy the more I don’t like him.
  5. I never thought of that. Your right.
  6. Respectfully…6’5” and ATHLETIC
  7. Terribly sorry. They said the kickers had busted legs.
  8. I’d be REALLY surprised that AH33 played the game with two broken legs.
  9. Mortadella - “ I kick…you ask for kick - I kick”.
  10. I just hope we kick the living **** out of BYE next week, who ever the **** they are.
  11. Adam Bighill interviews really well. He’s management material.
  12. 1. I’d say Demski 2. Adams… he is reliable 3. Harris would fit the bill. HH. Anybody that isn’t suppose to kick for a living
  13. How can he not. 6’5” and athletic.
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