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  1. Legends that many fans grew up watching, idolize and can remember such a rivalry for the crown. Two best teams in the league playing for the championship. Playing for the Cup against each other for the tenth time. Should the Bombers be designated the underdogs, I’m more than ok with that.
  2. It was pretty clear that Streveler wasn’t a factor to the extent we would have liked. Collaros was the man today. For a quarterback, that’s been with the team for a month, he’s had amazing success. and in other truths, Epstein didn’t kill himself.
  3. I feel bad for bomber fans that need to try and collect on bets placed with SK fans. SK fans never pay. AHoles.
  4. 1. Collaros - a seasoned vet that lifts the team. Cool under pressure. 2. Medlock - Because he’s money and scored more points than the entire other team. Second week in a row he’s done that. 3. Adams - big yac from deep in our own end on the two play 107 yard drive. HH. Bighill - stood out with a couple of timely tackles.
  5. I’d say you nailed it TLB in rapier like fashion. Strev’s reckless abandon could be sustainable with spinerama type moves and getting scintillating blocks. He could be helped with additional paraphenalia allowing a dipsy doodle for another glorious scoring opportunity sustaining canonading drives. Looking forward to his runs causing hair raising reaction to the enemy coach.
  6. Now that you ask. The scoreboard grabs lots of attention.
  7. I’m hoping the knowledge is an edge, maybe outcome altering on a couple plays, but advantage that the green bastards from parts unknown don’t have. No doubt SK may have to take valuable prep time to neutralize ZC’s expertise. They can’t change a whole lot. I can’t recall a comparable disadvantage that matches the magnitude of what ZC brings.
  8. I’m hopeful that Collaros concussions haven’t erased his intimate knowledge of the Regina offence and grasp of the defence.
  9. Lmao...that’s one dedicated muthafukka.
  10. Nope. New brand of diapers and not sure I trust them yet.
  11. And an old school rivalry. Bombers have won 10 (3rd) grey cups, Cats 8 (4th). Blue have played in 24 (1st) cups, Cats 20 (4th). Neither has hoisted the trophy in this century. However through history each team has played the other 9 occasions for the championship. I grew up with the Cats Bomber battling. For me, the cats and bombers is the patented Canadian Grey Cup match up. Wouldn’t mind seeing both make it to the dance again. Oops. I was in diapers when I first started watching the duel. Maybe it’s irony I could be watching in diapers again.
  12. I was sitting in a couch and I could smell Mitchell shitting his pants as that play unfolded. Well the dog blamed BLM, anyway.
  13. There has been plenty of acknowledgement for the win. I’d say most folks are real happy, but know how badly Plop can **** up.
  14. Not much of a chance that folks that don’t want to apologize to Lapolice are gonna change their mind because of a well earned win when Plop should thank the fans for enduring headaches, frustrations, and for patience while spending cash on season tickets, merch, and refreshments which help him get paid.
  15. I ain’t apologizing to Lapo what for he should have been doing every game, all year, and previous years. I appreciate the win. I’m not kissing his ass.
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