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  1. Until he misses a critical one. Pinball za trend setter.
  2. Great come back! I guess it doesn’t always work.
  3. Amateur. I yelled at the tv and Bede missed the p.a.
  4. It’s not the booze. Just wondering why I feel so shitty about the squad after a win.
  5. Doug Brown on the radio was going bonkers (a tiny exaggeration) and providing refreshing comments.
  6. The offence will change in many ways for the better if we can run for meaningful yardage in the first half. Maybe we’d have a few more cocky fans - which is always fun!
  7. Yup. Things to figure out. No one can say OShea is totally happy or even finds the play, the result yes, acceptable. Still, first place ain’t bad either. Next week would be a great time to have a bounce back game.
  8. Oh yeah. Forgot we were 4-0. Winning because the other teams poor execution is different than a dominating performance. We CAN get better but that is only words. The squad has real work to do in many areas. It’s NOT a guarantee we WILL get better. Being bold, it’s only the Jeff’s, and Biggie that scare the crap out of other teams.
  9. seems like these fans know enough to figure out the offensive (pun intended) problems. We have minimal rushing results and the passing game aint nearly fearsome enough.
  10. Hopefully our guys have a fire lit under them this week. At least the lions game is meaningful and better be taken seriously.
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