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  1. So they could be warned when their sisters were coming.
  2. Better brush up...I don’t see anyone getting cheated! That’s great!
  3. 13 plus 2, fourteen, fifteen...sorry, my guzinta’s don’t get the same answer. I’ll try again..13....lol
  4. We have found salvaschun-na in the land-a of the mighty Blue and Gold-a.
  5. Without an ounce of hyperbole, there is a grassroots movement to enshrine Matt Nichols achievements in a bronze statue, to the inclusion of monuments depicting remarkable performances of Dieter Brock, Matt Dunigan, and Khari Jones. Pivots Pathway extends out and beyond entrance 2, all beneath the view of Our God, Our Saviour, the Gate of Glory belonging to Mr. Kenny Ploen.
  6. Matt’s face, an open book, of a historic moment as the sunset cast rays of adulation upon the ardent and humble pilgrims.
  7. The flags, each neighbourhood is pretty nice. But Transcona’s is clearly the best.
  8. THAT’S the name that was out of grasp. Thanks! “Red, thanks for taking my call, Id like to send out a beef to Mike OShea, he didn’t keep Nichols in to get 300 yards.” “Red, thanks for taking my call, Id like to send out a beef to Mike OShea, he didn’t put Streveler in the game sooner.”
  9. Lou like in Luigi’s? What does Jeff Hecht receive for the accomplishment? “Big Lou’s proudly acknowledges the voice over for the announcement is provided by Clay Young”. The candidate for the Versatile Tractor award needs to be Darvin Adams who not only was a reliable receiver but demonstrated that he could complete to his third read. He was “Versatile, tractors when you need ‘em.”
  10. I like it. Hmm, who would sponsor such an award? Ha!
  11. Thats what he said yup. In the same segment Irving also commented on another MBB topic, factors that affect attendance. Play of the team, opponent and weather.
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