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  1. Of course you will make up your own mind about posting on the politics thread. I found it refreshing to see your posts that had a conservative view.
  2. The fans in the stands loved his performance! They loved his drives with noticeably louder cheers, longer screaming and standing ovulations.
  3. You might like to follow Norman Spector. https://twitter.com/nspector4/status/1578736993013747712?s=61&t=_stQ2xKaj3IiEFd7rNK7jg
  4. Your not alone. but there’s always the uplifting news a zippy new bar will he opening. And we darn well better appreciate it.
  5. The concept of an expiry date to a government is duly recognized by political scientists of many stripes. Unfortunately, confirmation bias causes individuals to grapple for stories to support a perspective. Evidence of that is in front of us when a poster is compelled to post an exhaustive list of true downfalls. Would an objective view produce the same result? The answer should be apparent. Politicians, and all politicians, are embarking on a road that punishes those that believe in democracy and will result in its demise.
  6. I was on my couch. Commenting to GCn20 about posts between he and TB. I had just pressed the save button, and a flash appeared from Jesse. I was shocked. Which turned to rage. When I confirmed my heart rate in the bathroom, cheeks were red and sweat had formed on my brow and lip.
  7. I will always remember where I was when I heard the news that Kenny Lawler has been suspended again.
  8. Seems very strange. I would think he saw it coming when he signed here.
  9. And it’s ok for you to be happy with the heart felt conclusion you have drawn. Your conviction or belief may provide you with motivation to discuss, but not everyone will and won’t buy it - which I can say with conviction. I wouldn’t speculate whether we get the whole story at all, because we’ve been told it’s private, maybe it’s a goofy story anyways, and many folks appear fine with the silence. What would a told you so prove anyway and what would you do if your wrong? Keep speculating! There’s fun in that. What? Impaired driving?
  10. And I missed the quote. Fair enough! No need to make a quick decision.
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