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  1. For the most part I can’t say that CFL football fans put much thought into what the Commish does or doesn’t do. His performance in the role is far down the list of fan priorities way behind, exciting players, controversial coaches, great stadiums, excessive price of refreshments, crappy weather/schedules and the list goes on. And anyone here can identify any concern they may have...so no ctiticism intended.
  2. Acceptable to rider fans. Ultra creepy to everyone else. Persistent, invasive, and i’ll throw in an assault charge.
  3. Also speaking of Rider fans. Just this week in a resort far far away while discussing the CFL a rider fan says to me, “ yup, we got the cup.” What? RB “you mean Regina is hosting the grey cup game...” RF, “huh.?” RB “the riders haven’t won a thing, the city is the host to an event..” RF, “oh, oh, I guess your right...”. Total misrepresentation, totally dim to understand the correction. Then the deflection, “wool, when was the last time the bombers won the cup? “ also in other not news but usual nonsense, Rider Dressler jersey seen at Jets Coyotes game......smh.
  4. I’d agree the concept of the employer delaying discussions is not a bad strategy for one side. Ambrosie hasn’t necessarily been all bad for the players so far with more bye’s and less gruelling practices. Should the players association buy into Ambrosie’s vision which includes a larger amount of the players longer term health, his goodwill to date could go a long way to everyone agreeing to a new C.A.
  5. He did so well and went on to have a successful career in comedy. Ffs, someone was going to say it.
  6. Does this mean the feed will be from TSN with Rod Black the commentator? “The venerable Rod Black, the world wide voice of the CFL”! Bwahahaha!
  7. According to Cactus Jack, David Shaw was related to the only Japanese player in the league at that time. Rick Shaw.
  8. A facking Collosus! Don’t see guys that big anymore.
  9. I was thinking the same thing about the Corney comment!! We also know that Leggett is done with this team. As far as compensation to a previous team for a coach that is under contract, that is normally discussed as part of the negotiations if discussions are above board. Tampering is verboten with sanctions which could include compensation. If Lapo has permission from the Bombers to talk to other teams, there should be no compensation unless that is what is agreed to by Lapos new bosses and the Blue. If there is no mention of it, no one gets the compensation. Anything is negotiable.
  10. Thanks for the update. Glad I didn’t have to experience the disappointment.
  11. I ate this huge effen pizza. Loaded with way too much cheese. I might not crap til Thursday.
  12. I gots a pretty good glow on right now. Can anyone share their fondest party memory from tonight?
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