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  1. Rod Black

    The MBB All-Time Blue Bomber team

    According to Cactus Jack, David Shaw was related to the only Japanese player in the league at that time. Rick Shaw.
  2. Rod Black

    Blue Bomber Photos

    They say he was big boned.
  3. Rod Black

    Blue Bomber Photos

    A facking Collosus! Don’t see guys that big anymore.
  4. Rod Black

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    I was thinking the same thing about the Corney comment!! We also know that Leggett is done with this team. As far as compensation to a previous team for a coach that is under contract, that is normally discussed as part of the negotiations if discussions are above board. Tampering is verboten with sanctions which could include compensation. If Lapo has permission from the Bombers to talk to other teams, there should be no compensation unless that is what is agreed to by Lapos new bosses and the Blue. If there is no mention of it, no one gets the compensation. Anything is negotiable.
  5. Rod Black

    Locker Room Sale

    Thanks for the update. Glad I didn’t have to experience the disappointment.
  6. I ate this huge effen pizza. Loaded with way too much cheese. I might not crap til Thursday.
  7. Once again, I didn’t soil my pantaloons.
  8. I gots a pretty good glow on right now. Can anyone share their fondest party memory from tonight?
  9. Rod Black

    Movin' on to take on the Calgary Stampeders!!!!

    We always win when I wear my lucky shirt.
  10. Rod Black

    Sign Ideas for Sunday!

    A sign like this, would get on the tv. I would have really liked your post, but **** wad posted and I don’t want to associate with dorkus boborkus. .
  11. Rod Black

    Sign Ideas for Sunday!

    “Great to be playing Calgary Riders suck”
  12. Rod Black

    Regular Season Bomber News & Discussion

    Some goof on Facebook broke a vein on his forehead about “the dirty bombers, dirty player culture, dirty O’Shea. He cheated as a player. The bombers cheat. That’s what a penalty proves, they cheat. Cheating cheaters.” Quite the ******* incredible rant.
  13. Rod Black

    Movin' on to take on the Calgary Stampeders!!!!

    Smells like appeasement and looks like ass covering.
  14. Rod Black

    3 stars plus hh saskacrushed

    1st star Andrew Harris. Pounded the ball for great rushing yards. 2nd star Matt Nichols. Controlled the offence. No mistakes. 6th games in a row with no ints. 3rd star Streveler. Does things that the opposition can’t plan for. A difference maker worth a least a couple first downs each game, is an understatement. Happy Honker. Weston Dressler. That guy makes plays. Makes yards. Makes first downs.
  15. Rod Black

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    Tasker looks good out there. If only he could bulk up just a little bit more...