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  1. Hey Rogers,Cbc why not make all Jets games at midnight so you can also fit in a 3 hour afterglow party for all Leafs victories!
  2. I can hear Maurice right now after this game. " I really liked parts of our game" ugh....
  3. Jets were awful defensively all day,deserved to lose. If we were playing a good team would not of been close. This team's positional play is scary to watch...
  4. To be really safe in this day of constant whining over nothing...to be totally politically correct the name has to be the Edmonton Blanks....
  5. Wheeler and Perrault yeah hey Maurice why not Lowry???🙄🙄
  6. Only good thing is no one threw money away watching this game live...ugh feel sorry for Helle only guy who showed up tonite.
  7. I would rather the Jets ride it out with Stanley see what he has, someone needs to tell him to get a mean streak if he wants to stick in the NHL. Poolman meh...we need more toughness and Poolman ain't it.
  8. Yes i get that, its a tough choice and ultimately its up to Wheeler but its looking a lot like a rebuild here so perhaps being the face of a new franchise might entice him or his loyalty and knowing he probably won't get picked he might do it to keep a good younger player here or we are screwed as usual when it comes to current expansion...another Vegas instant contender anyone?
  9. No need to protect Wheeler, who would shell out 6 mill a year for a 35 year old when your starting a new franchise?? No knock on Wheeler but that contract at his age? No way.
  10. Well i am going to be the contrarian here because well why not? It will be interesting to see now that Maurice has gotten rid of Laine and Roslo who will become his new whipping boys? If our powerplay stays like it is we are going nowhere,we have lost all our big guns. It is sad to see our team of 2017-18 become what it is....always be a Jets fan but i don't see us anywhere near as good as the team we were.Not blaming anyone for it all just saying we were so close.😔
  11. I remember being at the Bombers game and watching the Jets draft Laine, the elation i felt that day is now matched by the sorrow to see him go. We lost this deal just like when we traded Selanne. But we have to move on.....Go Jets!
  12. Demelo is gotta play with Morrissey is the only thing that makes sense.
  13. Really hate this,we could definitely use Hamonic here,but was not to be..
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