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  1. Yeah i wonder if Rick Campbell had any say on going into this year with Davis as their No1?
  2. Nope dead wrong...i can get pretty negative but man are you even a Bomber fan? How do you take a close loss and make it an easy sweep for the Riders?🙄🙄
  3. With the cutting of Mathews we are right back where we were at the end of last year reciever wise, so if we can get one more impact reciever and give Strev some more time to develop i am still hopeful that he can be our next one. I agree the jury is still out but more time is needed on this one.
  4. I think Kongbo if not injured definitely would of had NFL interest.
  5. I think he is a little better than solid you dont keep an international RB on the PR if he is just as good as Augustine...too many International RB to pick from...
  6. Look i like Augustine as well but he is no where near Harris level,we need a dynamic Rb to take the pressure off Strev... start Santiago and sub Augustine in...we have the Cdn depth to do this... as everyone has pointed out.
  7. Can't just go with Augustine, we don't have a CDN to back him up. Santiago is the way to go...maybe split the reps.
  8. We have to put this game in perspective, its the Riders Super Bowl and its always a tough win even with their crappiest teams vs our best in the past. I expect a tough game against a Sask team that seems to a found a decent although i agree not proven Qb. Does it mean anything? Bragging rights for a week.
  9. Saskatoon and Quebec city are no brainers for their respective provincial rivalries and already established CFL fans....plus no added additional travel costs...
  10. Maybe just call him King Kong..easier for people ( like Suitor) to remember.
  11. Tracy Ham, Damon Allen even Doug Flutie started out as running QBs before they rounded out their game and became more complete...i am not saying Strevler will become as good, just that it takes time for the game to slow down for young QBs. Got to give Strev at least 4 games in row before we see if he can be our next starting QB.
  12. Good win by the Blue, crazy bad reffing, what the hell is loose ball interference? The ability to stop a Td? Roughing the kicker when again???
  13. The guy had no warm up and the adrenaline was probably pumping, if your ready to write Streveler off based on such a small sample size , i am glad your just a fan....
  14. But its called patience with a young Qb,something thats definitely lacking around here. Lets give the guy some first team reps and at least a couple of games before we decide he is not the next one...
  15. This topic is moot because Mike O'shea will not sit Nichols for Streveler, not when we are 6 and 2. If we lost 4 in a row..maybe. If we are winning Nichols starts no matter how poorly he plays. I understand O'shea thinking on this,i just wish we could get Streveler in more....
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