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  1. The ONLY thing i would change is put day 1,2....training camp days but its not the end of the world either way...i think we can survive.
  2. Well personally you could bring back Scotty Bowman to coach the Sens and it aint gonna help,see if DJ can last long enough till some of their young players can grow and they finally add to that team instead of subtract.
  3. The guy never gets his due and always seems like he is looking over his shoulder. The old you can never measure the heart of player.
  4. The famous Bobby Orr flying goal...wow.
  5. Hmm idk unless i am reading it wrong too i think he is talking about the Blue Bombers.. forget see above post
  6. Yeah would take the sting out of losing to them a little easier to take,plus would be nice to see a first time Stanley Cup winner. But my pick if i had to lay money down would be the Bruins.
  7. Thnks for all the reports i am hoping Lachance can sneak in somewhere.
  8. If Mathews turns out to be their best QB...they won't win a game this year.
  9. Gavino Borquez@GavinoBorquez The Chargers may have gotten a hidden gem in former Minnesota DT Steven Richardson as an UDFA. At one point, I was a slightly high on him. Undersized, but motor always runs hot, decent counters, wins a lot with his natural low pad level.
  10. I believe it was a combo rating..our season and our prospects. Harsh but the way our last half of the season went, maybe not.
  11. Maybe but he has a point that Irving missed...why are these teams throwing that much at QBs when they are not making money? Its like the NHL when they have to basically shut down the league to keep the nutty owners in line. They overpay then blame the players....
  12. Early yet....but good point. And if you look at the Hockey news we are now rated 30 th for prospects and of course no picks in the first round. But if we are lucky we get to watch Maurice coddle most of his players for another year....my only hope is Chevy has something up his sleeve. We have only one year left with these players unless there is a big shake up coming.
  13. Having Daly as a coach definitely didn't help Tee... Daly was a nice guy. Terrible coach.
  14. Yep i was one of the people banging to get a Rec in free agency so this is definitely a solid signing by the Blue. I still think we need one more big play guy but perhaps we have that in one of our young cdn rec or new imp rec signed. Good job by Walters.
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