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  1. Especially with our defense , Mcguire does not have to be more than average,not turn the ball over and we can still win. But it is a question mark for the Blue just like any team with an inexperienced back up.
  2. While i agree for the most part, we are still not sure how Mcguire will do if needed. I know the Bomber staff have great confidence in him and Collaros said he thinks he has the stuff to be great in the CFL but it still is not proven ...yet.
  3. Funny thing when Lirim was here he had one bad year and some Posters were ready to hang him too,luckily for him he moved on stayed mentally strong and became a consistent kicker. I even remember Bob Cameron almost not making it, only the best punter in the wind ever. We gotta have patience with these young kickers....
  4. Probably because he was overshadowed by Moon. No knock on him but Moon was on a different level.
  5. I am going to killed but there is no way imo opinion Mark should be higher than Connor. Connor should be in the top 15...there is maybe one goalie better in the league than him.
  6. No i agree ,we need good Qbs around this league and Fajardo despite our blue tinted glasses has developed into a good one imo. This league needs more good Qbs to stay entertaining. Just watch a Red Blacks game and tell me different.
  7. Yes he had a six sense when it came to pocket pressure and would make more people miss and then he would scramble and find an open receiver. I have never seen ANY Qb do it as well. None.
  8. Wonder why we would have Ridder ? That guy is in the Heisman talk and probable first rounder he would have to fail big time before we could even get a sniff... on a side note just became an explorer! Is there going to be a Yoda achievement sometime a long time ago??? 😅
  9. Very tough to beat any team back to back so we have our work cut out for us. Let's go Blue!
  10. How do the refs screw up an offside?? This is a terrible game for these Refs..wow.
  11. Wonder how much input Zach had on this signing ? With them playing together back in Saskabush.
  12. Nelson just does not have that burst of speed, he is a reliable catcher but man there is no danger of him breaking one back there...
  13. Esp with all our injuries on D...definitely a testament in my book. Its called a bend but not break defense for a reason. A couple of breakdowns by rookie Dbs that if we fix might be a different game too...
  14. I think we might have to be patient cause they are grooming the Leg...
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