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  1. The same Dru Brown that could not hold a football? That was the ugliest start of a QB i have ever seen but who knows???? They still sell stick em??😉
  2. Yep have to agree , Schiefele looks like the shadow of the player he was,looks disinterested? Problem there i think.
  3. Matt Dunigan, wow what QB stable Edmonton had back then, crazy. I believe Damon Allen came later to as a backup to Dunigan..if my memory is right.( just saw last post forgot about Ham...)
  4. Really didn't think this would happen but i guess the loss to the Sabres was the last straw. Lasted a long time as a coach which is a testament to him. Hopefully this sparks the team.
  5. This game shows why we need an intimidating forward, someone to settle down the simmonds asshats of the NHL, love to see Reaves here...
  6. Little early...Wheeler with another dumbass penalty,though the fairy dust that causes the Leafs players to dive doesn't help....
  7. Why was the field is such poor shape? Don't we cover the field till game time? looks bush league... sorry for the rant but it might of cost us this game.
  8. The Leafs a team that is so easy to hate.....🤧🤧
  9. Lost 14 points still won, hats off to the Riders but man we were not getting the bounces in this game and we still won.... 🥳🥶🥶
  10. Well might as well be the one contrarian here...thought Fajardo played well using his legs and the short to intermediate pass is his game. Couple of bad picks that he overcame. I never like to underestimate an opponent and Sask will have no pressure on them. Tough game for us but i know MOS will have us as ready as we can be..
  11. Not Huddy, a bump up from the minors coach for this year? Boudreau? Hitchcock? I am just throwing out names, i don't think Maurice is a bad choice but throwing Wheeler or Schiefele on the ice no matter how they play was gonna blow up some day....
  12. Yeah, no doubt a bad deal, but i have to give Chevy a little room here because in our market we just don't have the options others do. If a guy wants to stay here and is productive we overpay.
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