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  1. I would take Collaros over Rourke and the whole Sask team if we are including the last 2 years. Potential is one thing. Without Collaros we don't have the the last 2 cups,nobody can take that away from us.
  2. Brady has really picked it up last 3 games as he mentioned he is not hesitating at the line and it shows. I think Brady and Leggio are 2 prime examples of MOS incredible patience with his young players. Another reason why he is a great coach.
  3. Ok the results are in thnks....crazy topic i know....🤯✌️
  4. I really like Rourke but i don't think he has NFL size for a QB down south. He is mobile but not elite for the NFL imo. We will see...
  5. Seemed like a nice guy put in a tough situation, nice to see him land on his feet in Kraken land.😊
  6. Man if we lose Bighill for any length of time we have a completely different Lb crew that was to come in this year...crazy.
  7. Well i said he had a stronger arm,probably the strongest arm to play in the CFL, but the head was definitely DD level.
  8. Dominique Davis rises from the dead again!This might be his one game i play decent before i tank again though. In the history of the CFL comparable look up Micheal Bishop only with a weaker arm.....
  9. Whew now we will be better! Really the way this summer is shaking out we should be selling and tanking Chicago style...
  10. I do not know if this was already discussed but Jeffcoat was tripped on that play going low on Harris, you can see the Montreal lineman turning his leg just before Jeffcoat goes down. I wish MOS would of challenged it but he probably wanted the game over already...
  11. Yeah i guess it will come out eventually what the reason is,right now it makes no sense. Cut your captain from a year ago?
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