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  1. No play no pay..... the rest of us common folk if we workin we risking...nature of the beast right now.
  2. Gotta feel a little for Detroit,terrible season and now picking 4th..ugh
  3. Yea i guess if watching football and listening to a female voice doing pbp just doesn't work for me that makes me a sexist and God only knows what else...i guess the women watching The View during the day need some male opinions too huh? The double standards never fail to amuse, but keep shining your light Noeller and show how sensitive and enlightened you are, i am tearing up just thinking about it.
  4. Cause maybe her pbp sucks? Name me some great pbp people who started on the sidelines???? Anyway you are looking to get a female pbp no matter what,and unfortunately its going to happen, in this day of bend over political correctness its mandatory.
  5. Yeah,no, or better yet make it just for Rider games and i can ignore your barrier busting. When their are women playing in the CFL then i will worry about them doing pbp, i know old school but i don't give a rats ass...
  6. I swear i saw Homer in that lineup...
  7. Wayne and Shuster was back when were lucky to get 3 clear channels,just to put this in proper perspective.🤣
  8. Yep your right.. but even 25 is still young and none of us at 25 is fully mature. We all make mistakes and how far do we go with people when they do? Lose their career? Jail time? Hell he is suffering more than some who have killed people. Over people being insulted by words.
  9. That's the point young guys don't and neither do young women, the kid was an a$$hole in a private conversation, anyone here above being an a$$hole once or twice in their life? We all **** up when we are young ,too bad this young adult was not allowed to learn and mature from his mistake.
  10. Guy is 25..who doesn't **** up at 25? Made a big mistake should be allowed to deal with it. Lots of young guys talk like this it just talk,bragging. **** i am an old fart and i see it was just guys shooting the **** with each other, it was wrong and he screwed up but to for a young guy at least give him another chance? Nope hopefully he learns from this but wow its not like the kid killed anyone...this society has become so thin skinned..scary.
  11. bb1


    Coronavirus: Monkeys given Oxford vaccine did not catch COVID-19 - Business Insider https://www.businessinsider.com/monkeys-given-new-oxford-vaccine-coronavirus-free-strong-exposure-encouraging-2020-4
  12. Have the game saved on my pvr,your gonna have to pry it out of my cold dead hands..😊
  13. bb1


    Yeah then why in Public was the WHO saying there was no need to stop international flights in February? Seems like everyone was right but yet here we are.🙄
  14. You can lead a horse to water..no just kidding we are just going to have to agree to disagree.😊
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