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  1. Probably not but maybe a second or third rounder for a rental..depends how close we are and if we have a chance to resign him..Pietrangelo would be nice..🤣 ah to dream.
  2. Maybe but Calgary's offense is better and we had answer's for it. We will see Sunday and i know the Bombers will be ready for the vaunted Sask D that you seem so high on....
  3. I am sure it was people who actually watch hockey and care about the game that were complaining the loudest. Just another example of our thin skinned society that has nothing better to do than show outrage over every little comment. Sad we are all gonna need a safe place to cry over this one too...
  4. We are getting better but we desperately need a top level offensive defenseman. Not sure how we get one, probably wait till the trading deadline to see how close we are.
  5. bb1


    Its still too early to write off Streveler as a running Qb only in my book, a lot of mobile QBs( Ham, Allen, even Flutie) started their careers as a running Qb before getting comfortable and getting enough experience to read defenses. Streveler is only 24 and with his drive i would not write him off....
  6. Man tough crowd, new Qb, hurt Qb , lost our starting center, we go in beat a team in Calgary that rarely loses at home and our coaches are only so - so? Wow not this fan, great game by all the coaches!!!
  7. What a feeling.... (sorry could not help myself) cue the 80' s music, could it be a sign for us?
  8. Ohhh it was glorious to see that smug face of Dickenson fall!!!
  9. Great job by Zac and Strev, great defense and i am in shock! 🤣 Regina here we come are you ready to ruuuumble???
  10. Fing global warming ,we are gonna warm up by 2 degrees!!!
  11. Stupid tweet..i think Pionk is definitely better offensively but defensively Trouba is a better shut down defender..plus we miss his size. Its way too early ethier way.
  12. Desjardins mess... hopefully for Ottawa's sake he follows...
  13. Go for 2 there, what difference is 4 or 5 points down? Get 2 your within a field goal...guess this is why Braley aint happy with Claybrooks...
  14. Same defense that got killed yesterday..and he drops one of our best player( Roslo) to the third line..breaking up him and Ethlers. SMH. Maurice is so damn stubborn. Poolman is a turnstile out there...Dahlstrom was not getting beat like a rented mule out there but he sits.
  15. Niku has more offensive upside than any d we have now... Beaulieu showed more last year on a vastly superior defense, but your right is it a guarantee? No but we have no choice cause with what we have right now we will be lucky to stay at .500...
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