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  1. I agree to a point...when Buff is back he gets that spot back and he is not necessarily a reliable d-man to counter - attack i think its more he doesn't trust Niku.
  2. Yeah too bad Maurice won't try Niku on the first PP over Trouba who just isn't a first PP Defensemen...his shot doesn't scare the opposition and his one time passing over to Laine is well...brutal? But Maurice will stick with Trouba no matter what.
  3. I am surprised that they have not put 2 teams in Toronto yet...think of it TWO TORONTO teams! TSN could then just broadcast those games and not have to worry about the rest of the league!🏒
  4. Alright Hoss.. just easily excited gotta learn to breath deep! but i will keep the button close just in case....🙂🙄
  5. No he sucked because he lacked an arm...
  6. Sheif and Wheeler not looking good..on the ice for the ot and not coming back hard.. Maurice of course will not break those 2 up for a change or shake up the lines. What gives. You bench Laine and cut his ice but keep throwing the same lines out time after time when the whole team lays an egg? Hopefully they pull out of this funk soon..or we will be lucky to get out of the first round.
  7. Yeah but why? My guess is because so much went into biggie..nothing left. On the other hand Edm is throwing cash around like they are drowning in it.....salary cap? What's that?
  8. Ugh is the only way i describe this game.
  9. CfL going crazy again...over 700k for Qbs and close to 300k for rec...last time i looked league revenue is not shooting through the roof...what gives? If the CFL is healthy great i have no problem with these guys getting paid but with fewer butts in the seats and tv viewership down last year this is a headscratcher...except i have seen in too many times in the CFL. Is Walters the only prudent GM left ? Or did he miss that the salary cap is going up?
  10. Last time i looked Biggie was on the other side of the ball. We need better personnel around Nichols and so far this FA round has not added at all to our offense from last year...not negative just a fact.
  11. So Walker signs with TO...so much for getting better, right now i would settle for signing any decent WR left....man we are looking thin on offense.
  12. IF we sign Walker ( and if he stays healthy)we are ahead rec wise...oline? Still a big question mark and right now way behind were we were last year....but if we do not sign Walker we are way behind on offense as a whole over last year. We needed to sign a couple of impact rec or at least with that potential to at least soften the blow of losing Chungh and Goossen retiring.
  13. Yea no one improves their team in the offseason or gets worse...🙄
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