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  1. Must be nervous playing in front of a "Sold Out" crowd
  2. No exactly showcase games for the CFL today
  3. Calgary better change their qb cause BLM flat out sucks
  4. Riders are going to run the ball and lose the game cause they know that Crapardo can't pass worth a lick
  5. Special teams TD and the empty seats erupt
  6. If you put on Green glasses the toilet bowl really does look "Sold Out"
  7. Sorry folks but the Toronto Saskatchewan Network said this game was sold out and we all know they have no bias when it comes to Toronto or Suitors beloved 4 stripes
  8. A "Sold Out" aerial shot of the toilet bowl
  9. Suitor really see's the game differently you might even say thru Green glasses
  10. I was just going to say that but that's impossible because the game is "Sold Out"
  11. I thought Kate said this was a sell out, either they are still parking their tractors or they don't know how to count
  12. I hoping both teams beat the **** out of each other, the winner will be sacrificed in Winnipeg
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