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  1. Don't forget Drew is not a small man. 6'2" and 220 LBS.
  2. More like the roughed-up riders
  3. How do you know they did not earn the spot in the first place. They may have decided to offer Chung certain dollar value contract because they knew what they had in the stable is a suitable replacement for him at a better dollar value. If someone out bid them it is not a big deal. In my book that is earning your spot.
  4. I think the interesting fight would be in southern Ontario where you are going to see Hamilton and Toronto fight over who get to claim from the Western Ontario Mustangs from London and the 2 Waterloo schools and with the Maritimes team getting all of that to pick from as well.
  5. I know at the time I was working at Great West Life and all the parties were right outside the door.
  6. I heard a report on the news that there is over 900 new hotels rooms in or around Regina since the last grey cup.
  7. Since the last **** show out here, there is 5 new larger hotels that have been built. And one burned down(but it was a slum)
  8. I am hoping we can grab Matthews. Another big body like that would do the trick.
  9. I don't think it was that simple. Burnham re-signed before FA, Ellingson followed his QB(they were a package), no TY to Carter and many of the others went south. There is still Walker and some 2nd tier Rec's but the crop thinned quick.
  10. Yes but him leaving the league makes him a non-available commodity. Of the WR's available on the market he would be target number one, Burnham number 2. They got the best available WR on the market.
  11. #1 WR, Safety, WLB, DB(could be CB or HB) and starting DT. And 2 of those need to be Canadian.
  12. With Sask not making changes and losing 3-4 big pieces and the head office changes. And We have lost major pieces and replaced none so far, as much as the optimism there are still major holes on our team that will need to be corrected. I can see them moving up the ladder and never count Calgary's ability to find players out.
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