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  1. Back then there was. My friend became one of the Lead Programmers at Manitoba Hydro in the 80's. More than a few of my high school chums got into programming as well. If you graduated from the U of M or Red River you had a job somewhere. Then the world changed.
  2. He probably had this season left on his contract. He'll get paid to not coach. I remember I used to call him Muchacho.
  3. I just remember going to the U of M. Then sitting at one of those terminals along with a couple of hundred other students punching in numbers & letters on my blank cards I had stacked up. Then standing in line giving my cards to a bored undergrad working the computer printer, Then getting the printout & combing over every line trying to find that one mistake I made. I was in grade 11 in 1972-73 & decided one year of computer science was enough for me.
  4. This is what Computer Science looked like when I was in HS back in 1973 & we had to go to the U of M to complete our assignments. Ha, ha. Those were the days.
  5. So much for player safety in the CFL. What TSN wants, TSN gets.
  6. Man, how sad was TSN when the Argos lost? Rod Smith & Duane Forde were almost whispering at the end there after that missed convert. Matty looked sad & talked quiet. Milt I think was happy. Sanchez looked surprised. Bierness, who knows?? Seeing Forde in shock was worth it for me as he hates Winnipeg at the best of times. Funniest moment for me was when Matty described what it was like having to cut players as a GM in Calgary. He turns to davis Sanchez & said he was on both ends as a player (feeling unappreciated by his former teams who did trade him) & then had to cut players himself as Stamps GM.... Anyway, he said to Sanchez. "I had to cut YOU!!" Sanchez just looked at him & said, "Matt, you traded me!" Didn't even phase Dunigan who then said (almost) enthusiastically, "We couldn't afford you!" Lol.
  7. We need a legit deep threat to stretch the field to keep defenses, especially secondaries honest. We need a much better run game than what we have now, If we can't establish the run then we can't establish the pass as they go hand in hand. Our OL is not playing well regarding the run. That has to improve greatly. We have suffered free agent losses & key injuries. We couldn't keep everyone together from 2021 because of salary cap issues. So, we definitely have holes to fill. Finding players now isn't easy as NFL camps will be opening next week. Some players may become available at the end of the month when first cuts are made. We may see some players then. However, the USFL & XFL will be going after them as well. Things are tight all around.
  8. Don't fault a kid who wants to play at the highest level he can because he has huge dreams. Playing HS ball in the US is a great opportunity. So, is college. He's still Canadian.
  9. Agreed however this will be Rourke's first big test. Hopefully, the Lions think they're better than they are.
  10. Think of that old chestnut, All plans seem great until you get punched in the nose. Then plans change.
  11. Winning hard games is a better situation than winning blow out games like BC has done.
  12. Well, he was better than the 2 who carried the ball for us tonite. I sense a change coming. There'll be a flip in the ratio at the running back position coming soon.
  13. What gets me are the posts wanting Buck outta here. Like, really??? C'mon to all those wanting him gone. Give your heads a shake.
  14. Plus the Argos were fighting one another on the sidelines. Just a L organization. The Principal Pinball Clemons had to come down from the press box & sit in on the class their teacher Dinwiddie lost. Just like back in Grade 7. There's a reason why Hamilton got rid of Banks. We saw it tonight. Just a cancer of a player. Toxic. I'd rather have him healthy than playing at 60% Or worse. If he needs to sit for awhile then so be it.
  15. Rose: Statement game. Collaros: Just a cool cucumber under pressure. Nothing seems to rattle him. Ellingson: Was underuti;lized tonite but is a rock for ZC. HH: Janarion Grant. Drew Wolitarsky
  16. Cue the funeral dirge on TSN, the hushed voices & the lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng faces
  17. Well **** you Toronto. **** you CFL **** you TSN.
  18. Oliveira goes down on the first hit. That's not running hard.
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