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  1. Not many Canadians can't play tackle at the CFL level. Coaches & GMs don't want their prize investment broken in two.
  2. Paying an offensive guard that kind of $$$ because he's Canadian is just all kinds of stupid. Canadian OL are always overpaid. That's the whole problem with the structure of the salary cap.
  3. She still has to deal with the eco terrorists that inhabit the federal NDP. With Jagmeet Singh & John Horgan & God knows who else is running that party federally. Don't get enamored with her. She was against Northern Gateway & against Energy East. She hasn't been vocal at all against Bill C-69. She needed the Trans Mountain pipeline to help her win the provincial election.
  4. She bought a home in Kelowna from what I heard. If she loses the AB election I think she'll resign her seat & retire.
  5. That's your opinion & you're entitled to it. A lot of Albertans are hurting financially as is the Oil Patch & other industries & they will vote accordingly. She promised a pipeline in exchange for a carbon tax & it never happened. She promised jobs & it never happened. So, she has to be held accountable. I don't think Notley is pragmatic at all. I think she is naïve & she trusted a snake in Trudeau. She's a dyed in the wool socialist. Always has been & always will be. She supported killing Northern Gateway. She was against Energy East. She supported Trans Mountain as it would be the only pipeline built. She has never opposed Bill C69 in the Senate & the moratorium on tankers carrying AB oil off the BC coast. She attended anti oil rallies before she was Premier as have others in her cabinet. She was naïve thinking an alliance with Trudeau would get things done. He knows he's lost Alberta so he doesn't care if we're Conservative or NDP. There are no seats waiting for him. So, he doesn't care what happens to her on election day.I have no doubt in the fall election that it will be a Conservative sweep here in Alberta.
  6. Whatever that means. I don't need your permission.
  7. Well, he'll win. He's no more of a bigot than Notley. Are there bigots in the UCP? Wouldn't doubt it just like there are progressives in the NDP that are bigots as well. If anyone is raping the middle class it's Notley with her carbon tax. To me, this is a Jeff Callaway campaign issue. Notley went to bed politically with Trudeau & he outsmarted her. You can't trust anyone with the last name of Trudeau.
  8. What's happening won't change my vote. Most people feel the same way. Bunch of bitter & disaffected Wild Rosers who are pissed they lost control of their party in the merger or candidates who didn't get the nomination so they're trying to destroy the UCP. It won't work as people see through this sham. He'll win the election. Time to sweep the NDP out.
  9. Ferguson needs 4 more tweets just to explain everything.
  10. iHeart, I don't know your age. You could be a HS student for all I know or someone in their 20's but if you want something & your parents don't want to pay for it then you need to pay for it yourself. They've earned the right to say no.
  11. Why don't you pay & get Netflix for yourself?
  12. How come I never had a job like that.
  13. Thanks for the info. If he likes Moose Jaw then more power to him. The comment about it being milder than Winnipeg is a bit puzzling.
  14. He can live anywhere he wants. Why Moose Jaw?
  15. Jagmeet Singh. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Well done, NDP.
  16. The CFL should have put money into research for better & safer helmets. Put $$$ back into grassroots football to develop the game here in Canada & not freaking Mexico.
  17. The Ambrosie CFL 2.0 is going to get him fired, I believe. Sooner rather than later.
  18. Like Alex Singleton. As Canadian as any Californian out there. His Mom is Canadian so he got a free pass
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