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  1. I'm 65. I told my wife that if I ever get to the point I need to be put in a personal care home I would rather die. I said if I'm forced to live in one that I will starve myself to death. No way I will live in one of those places of horror. My wife's father did that 3 years ago. He decided he had had enough & stopped eating. He had fallen & broken his hip. He was 90 in hospital. He knew that he would never be going back to his own home & decided to end it. It only took him less than two weeks.
  2. Cal Murphy was one of the all time greats as well.
  3. My Top Five All Time Best CFL Coaches: Wally Buono Don Matthews Bud Grant Frank Clair Hugh Campbell
  4. I remember the Riders having a telethon sometime in the late 80's & selling season tickets with farmers using wheat to pay for them. The Stamps had an SOS Telethon in November 1985 as thye team was about to fold & the City stepped up to save the team. The Bombers had some bleak times in the late 90's & early 00''s but we never had to have a telethon. And we always kept the team community owned. I think those are 2 things to be proud of as Bomber fans.
  5. If it's true that Winston took a punch at Payton, he just gave a chance to Hill who looked good out there.
  6. If those 2 teams could have played each other in their primes that would have been a helluva game. I love how Doug Flutie just cherished his time up here. He should have finished his career in the CFL. he was loved & appreciated up here. Not a freak show like he was treated in Buffalo & Chicago. Wade Phillips his HC in Buffalo was an idiot & a backstabber.
  7. I have no problem with Matthew Scianeti's crowning the 1981 Eskimo team as the All Time Greatest Grey Cup Team. That dynasty of 5 straight Grey Cups has never been matched. Although naming the 81 team The All Time Best is a bit of a head scratcher considering Edmonton found itself down 20-1 at halftime to an 8-10 Ottawa Rough Riders team that had no business even being there. The 82 Edmonton team may have been the better choice but what the hell? They won 5 straight. Just a strange choice for Best Ever. My issue with the list of the 8 Grey Cup Championship teams Scianeti gave us are some
  8. Grey Cup champs pick 3rd? I'll take it.
  9. I do as well. Winning 11 Championships is a big deal. We brought the Tiger Cats to their knees. It was an old fashioned **** kicking. Brandon Banks was shut down by the middle of the third quarter. They lost their most explosive player to injury but truth be told he quit before he got hurt when he told Steinhauer to stop giving him the ball. He was scared. Their qb Dane Evans was so far out of his mind from being hit every play that he was useless to them in the 2nd half. Remember how the Tiger Cats acted at the CFL Awards banquet the Thursday before the game? Man, they thought all they
  10. Losing that 100 lb chain around our necks as an organization meant everything. We're no longer the team with the longest GC losing streak. The other teams can go .... off! I said this the night we won a year ago & I still mean it. I'm absolutely thrilled that the younger fans here that never experienced a Grey Cup win & never knew the feeling that goes with winning a championship finally had that chance to experience what that win meant!!!! Even for an grizzled old fan like me it brings tears to my eyes still. Mike O'Shea got it.
  11. Rider fans would be creaming their jeans if they had 11 Grey Cup wins. I just want to live long enough for us to catch Edmonton at 14 & surpass them at 15. That would make me very happy.
  12. When you have a 22 year drought from 1962-84 & then a further 29 year drought from 1990-2019 as fans our heads get filled up with paranoid thoughts of doom & gloom because we've seen just about every bad thing happen to our Bombers in the playoffs. Hard to stay positive when winless championship droughts routinely last 2-3 decades. Meanwhile jack **** teams like the Argos win Grey Cups year after year. It is maddening. Yet, through it all we still are #3 in all time wins behind Edmonton & Toronto. Whenever I think of that I can stick my chest out a little further with pride.
  13. I don't get paid to make the CFL plans to play. He does. And so do the individual teams. Ambrosie ghosted US... the fans for months & continues to do so. He came out for a day this week announcing a schedule. Well, good for him. All dependent upon people being in the stands & a vaccine so there is no plan. I don't trust anything Ambrosie says. If the CFL has no money then tell us as we deserve to know. How will 2021 be different thatn 2020 financially so a season can go ahead. Don't string the fans & players along for the next 6 months. Have the courage to stand in the glare o
  14. I just hope they somehow get their **** together & have a season unless the entire world is locked down.
  15. I'm usually pretty good until the Bombers get to the Western final & then I just struggle the day of the game wishing it was over. I've had more disappointments over the years than successes as a fan.
  16. Why not just play a 48 game season? The NHL has a lot of experience with that number.
  17. Some of you posters have been very critical of me with my comments about Randy Ambrosie & the (lack of) leadership he brings to the table. I'm no fan of his & he needs replacing. He's nothing but a smiling, talking suit devoid of any substance. It's all talk with this guy. He only comes out of his Commissioner's Cave when he thinks there is good news. He always seems afraid to talk about the news when it's bad & he goes back into hiding. I agree with you, Noeller. It's typical Ambrosie speak. There is no real plan. It's all going to hinge on something that will never happen. Like m
  18. I wasn't intoxicated but extremely nervous.
  19. THE BOMBEROOSKIE: This play goes back to 1971 & it is named after the Blue Bombers because our OC at the time Dave Smith invented the play. It was originally called the "Slaglerooskie" in honour of Blue Bomber Guard Larry Slagle who was the ball carrier at the time. It would be copied by other teams in the years ahead, tweaked & would come to be known as the "Bomberooskie". Houston Oilers HC Bum Phillips back in the 70's when Earl Campbell could be used as a decoy loved the play & ran it a few times. He even called it the Bomberooskie. It was first used in Septembe
  20. That was John Ferguson. It was his design. He introduced them to the NHL as GM of the Rangers in 1977. Then when he was fired in New York before the 78-79 season he tweaked them & brought them to Winnipeg for the first season in the NHL.
  21. Someday that might be quite the trivia question.
  22. Too bad nurses can't go 'click'.
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