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  1. Why don't these companies use focus groups? STH's of different ages to get their feedback before they release their team's new uniforms. They obviously need help to get things right & knowledgeable fans would help in that process. Instead of some fashion designer who doesn't know the difference between football & soccer.
  2. Makes you wonder how Adidas got it right with our uniforms. It's obviously very hard for these companies.
  3. You need to put Don Jonas on that MVP list as well. Before he came to the Bombers from the Argos they were in the wilderness having missed the playoffs 4 seasons in a row. They were averaging about 14,000 fans a game in 1970. They won 3 games in 1969 & just 2 games in 1970. A year later under Jonas they won 7 games , tied 1 & finished in third place in the West. In 1972, they improved to first place in the West with 10 wins. Attendance doubled to 25,000 by 1972 with the addition of 5,000 new seats on the West Side. When Jonas got here in 1971, the team was broke. He made it into a money maker for the first time in years.
  4. When Dennis came back to Calgary he didn't have many nice things to say about the Riders, their coaches or Chris Jones.
  5. He started a bunch of games for the Riders in 2017 & was by far their worst OL. He eventually ended up back in Calgary where he became a West DivisionAll Star for the second time last season. If I was a Rider fan I'd be wondering what was going on.
  6. Derek Dennis struggled with the Riders as well. He was an all star tackle with the Stamps in 2016 & 2018.
  7. The only way Miller, Walters & O'Shea are broken up is if one or more of them leave to go elsewhere. They deserve the accolades as they have built this team up to be a Grey Cup contender. They are in no danger of being fired.
  8. From the sparseness of the tight end position to the glorious qb position. I voted for Ken Ploen as the man richly deserves to be recognized as GOAT but look at the other guys on that list. Some great ones are there for sure.
  9. Protecting the good citizens of Regina from Ethiopian thugs.
  10. Montreal & Toronto would love those numbers. So would the Lions.
  11. How sad is it that even with bad teams the Eastern Division teams can't fill 23-25,000 stadiums. Just tells you the support the Bombers get from this City. There's a real bond between the team & it's fans. Back in 2013 & 2014 when things were at it's worse & things looked totally bleak. When Marcel Desjardins laughed at us. When legit coaches & free agents refused to come here. Never once did I fear the team would fold or that attendance would crater. Can't say that about any team down east.
  12. I was going through the TE list & Paul Markle would have been good enough to make the list although he never would have won. Ernie Pitts was a great choice.
  13. Desjardins said there wasn't anyone on the Bomber roster they'd like or could help them. We were struggling to field a team in 2014 & the league gifted them a berth in the Grey Cup with the expansion draft. The RB GM was an entitled jerk who just laughed at our situation. Now, it's the other way around. The question now is, if the RedBlacks struggle will the fans disappear?
  14. Damn, those poor RedBlacks with all those holes to fill especially at qb. I just remember how smug Desjardins was when they came into the league & how he went out of his way during the Expansion Draft to mock the Bomber organization. As long as he remains the RB GM I'll never forget that. It's easy to kick a team when it's down & we definitely were at that time. However, now the shoe is on the other foot. LOL.
  15. We'll see how he does in Montreal. How he does this season may give us an idea of his ultimate longevity in the CFL.
  16. I think we're all amazed at the fact Taylor Loffler has lived off his reputation of 2016. I think he was among the worst starting safeties in the CFL last season yet he was given the All Star nod. With free agency, every team has holes to fill. We're fortunate to only have a few. I'm confident that we'll be just fine. Better than fine.
  17. Tides, Rockefeller Foundation & other US organizations are registered in Canada as partisan charitable organizations & have been funding much smaller Canadian organizations who are against oil sand development. They also influenced the last federal election by spending $$$ in selected ridings across Canada dedicated to defeating Conservative candidates. The scary part are Americans are influencing our politics across the country at the provincial & federal level. These organizations will try again to influence who gets elected & who doesn't. Forget the Russians & Chinese. These American organizations are much more dangerous & can't be allowed to influence our democratic institutions.
  18. What Zontar is saying... Oh, those evil Conservatives. Doing the exact same thing the left wing NDP, Liberals & Greens as well as US environmental groups & so called "charitable organizations" like Tides & the Rockefeller Foundation have been doing the past 10 years spreading lies & fears about Canada's energy sector.
  19. Meanwhile in Denver, Broncos starting qb Joe Flacco said it's not his job to mentor draft pick Drew Lock. It doesn't take much to offer advice & guidance to younger players & have them remember you as a reason for their future success, Joe. Maybe that is why you suck.
  20. So Skunk you actually like what I said about you? That just proves you are just an attention *****.
  21. I don't care what others say, It's you who won't stop bitching about Nichols. That's all you talk about.
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