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  1. Thye AFC has the more interesting option. They have the 2 Young Guns throwing The New Way. The NFC has the 2 Old Guys throwing The New Way as well . They have nostalgia on their side. Some fans want Brady to win an 8th Super Bowl. Others want Stafford to win a SB because of all the crap Lions teams he played on where no matter what he did they had little or no chance to win.
  2. How can a team like Green Bay keep having these phenomenal regular seasons yet continue to choke in the playoffs? Just have this feeling that Aaron Rodgers & the Packers will go their separate ways now. Lots of unhappy fans in GB who'll blame Rodgers. One Super Bowl ring for him. That's just incredible.
  3. Meanwhile on twitter, Lucious Pureifoy is sure getting the fans in Sasky all riled up by saying the Riders don't want to pay him.
  4. They're a contender at least. Imagine trying to get players to come to Ottawa with LaPo's putrid offense & no viable qb. Or the crap show in Edmonton.
  5. Yeah, he let them down. Luckily no injuries on the line during the GC. Happy that Jeff Gray is coming back. That signing has kinda gone under the radar here. I think it's huge for us. I anticipate that he start if Desjarlais signs with ah NFL team.
  6. Lost his chance to play in the Grey Cup as well as having his name engraved on the trophy. Huge price to pay.
  7. Just want to add that Discovery turned the Klingons more into disfigured monsters than warriors. Disregarded all the storylines from previous Star Trek series, like TNG & especially DS9 went through introducing us to the history & culture of the Klingons through Worf, Kang, Martok, The Duras Family & Gowron. Threw away half a century of Canon. I don't think it's a coincidence that we never see Klingons anymore even in the future because of the blowback from fans unhappy with the changes.... even the way they talk... on Discovery.
  8. Part of the FI in today's CFL is being vaxxed. If he isn't then he doesn't FI. It's his decision & his career. He won't be able to travel by air with federal regulations. No one will sign him to just play home games as teams hands are tied. Same with Massoli. I hope he does get vaxxed & he comes back. We need him.
  9. Chungh left for more money & to play at home. Other than the money he was exposed at just how bad a pass blocker he was with inferior line mates surrounding him in BC. He got thrown around like a turnstyle. LaPo's offense was always run first with AH33 so he could shine blocking for the run. Goes to Bc with Mike Reilly there in a pass happy offense & he is terrible. (Yet they still pay him big bucks. Why??) The question is, does Couture want more money elsewhere or play with his mates & perhaps win a third ring? Grey Cups don't grow on trees & he won't find the same culture on any other team.
  10. Pay him half that. He went from the Go To deep ball receiver at SFU to just a possession receiver running short & intermediate routes for the Stamps & Lions. Injury prone. No way he was ever worth that kind of money. They also believe we're ignoring the salary cap with our signings. On Facebook CFL Fans Only.
  11. Calgary did that with Bo, Bombers did it with Neufeld. All teams do it. That's how teams circumvent the salary cap with injuries. It's always been that way. I can remember teams using the "taxi squad" back in the 70's for that.
  12. If Durant is worth $200,000 because of his nationality then what is Kian Schaefer-Baker worth? Younger, healthier, way more upside... Riders have a problem.
  13. Letting the Rider fans know he's unhappy & he'll become a free agent Feb 8th. He was my son's teammate as well as his Go To guy at SFU but he hasn't played one season in the CFL where he didn't miss significant time with injuries. He should be coming in at $110-115 thousand & show the Lions he's worth more. That he can play a full 18 game sched & put up a thousand yards. That contract is ridiculous.
  14. In Season 1 they took the Klingons & totally screwed up their look & culture into something I don't know what they became. The reason they did it it was simply because they could. They screwed up so bad that the writers had to take Discovery a thousand years into the future so they couldn't screw up anymore. It's just a lousy series with lousy writing. Hard to follow & understand season long arcs & (I know I'm going to catch heat for this) virtue signalling.
  15. You know I love the guys from yesteryear as they never get their due. I'm one fan who tries to do that but yeah, I have to agree. Stanley Bryant is just that. The GOAT from any era on any CFL team. I defy anyone to prove me wrong.
  16. That was 1978 & album sales were massive.
  17. I certainly don't get the impression Harris wants to retire. There'd have been media stories already.
  18. I don't like Discovery. It's become the Sonequa Martin-Green Show as her character Michael Burnham is in every scene. The premise of Discovery was supposed to be from a bridge officer who wasn't the Captain. So, what happens? She becomes Captain. Instead of Saru who as Captain would have made for some interesting scenarios. The season long arcs the series uses doesn't work. Especially with a 6 week hiatus. It would be much better if it was an episodic series. More storylines & character development would happen.
  19. When the Riders lose in the playoffs again, Rocky will say that's something he knows we'll really like.
  20. Love to see Mullinder pissed off. He's thrown a lot of shade on the Bombers the past few years.
  21. Who are you referrring to? From what I read & heard, the Bombers spent close to the floor than the ceiling in 2021 so I'm sure Walters knows what he's doing.
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