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  1. Thanks, appreciate it. Yes, sometimes it's hard to get to sleep. However, I found a little trick that helps me. I have to make sure I have a couple of small pillows to prop up my left arm when I sleep on my right side or.... ooooh man, waking up is no fun. The stiffness & pain that thankfully subsides to a tolerable level in a few minutes after I get up.
  2. Yeah, agree 110%. Once you get into it, you're hooked.
  3. I don't think O'Shea will have the Bombers overconfident. At least I hope not. Of course, you're right.
  4. Thanks, appreciate it. I don't have to get up at 4:50 am anymore. That's a plus!
  5. Most of us here know better as we've been disappointed in the past.
  6. My left shoulder started bothering me last summer. First there was a dull ache & I thought it was just the way I slept as I always used to lay on my left side. So, I switched with my wife to the right side but it didn't help. I still woke up to a sore shoulder. The pain got progressively worse after & I've now lost about 50% function & strength in my shoulder. I can't raise my left arm past the top of my shoulder without using my right arm to lift it higher. When I shower, it hurts like hell to wash my hair. I have to use my fingers to crawl my left arm up the wall in order to raise it. I can't put my seatbelt on if I'm in the passenger seat of my wife's car without help. I can't use my left arm to reach sideways & behind. If I have something like a drink it can't be to my left. It has to be in front or on my right so my right hand can pick it up. The pain on some days is intense. Other days not so bad so I have good & bad days. However, the good days are becoming fewer & far between. Putting on & taking off a jacket or pullover shirt is no fun as it is painful all the time doing that. As I said some days are better than others. My neck stiffens up badly.... from the pain on my left side as it runs up my arm, shoulder & into my neck. I had an orthopedic surgeon look at my shoulder. Took xrays & I need a total left shoulder replacement. I have arthritis in my left shoulder joint. The cartillage is all gone so it's just bone on bone. I'm having a CT SCan on Monday & I'm on the list for surgery but Alberta belongs to Jason Kenney with elective surgeries cancelled & people dying of Covid so the wait time will be even longer than usual. I had planned on still working for a few more years since I first posted in January here. Now, with my arthritic shoulder, I decided on June 30th to officially retire. Physically at age 66, I can't do my job anymore. Besides with Covid, I don't feel safe anyway driving students so I'm done. So glad not being in a risky position health wise. I don't miss it at all & I feel bad for my former co workers still slugging it out everyday under (I think) very risky working conditions.
  7. Nah, just one poster who goes to great pains to try & correct us because we're always wrong.
  8. Why the frick do you like to argue so much? It's like you're trying to show us all that you're smarter than the rest of us here. I hate the Cryders. Plain & simple. No other explanation needed. I'm never happy when they win. You should also know that when I post something here, I never think of you or what you might say.
  9. What a drive by Fajardo? Who is Suitor kidding? The Lions gift wrapped this win.
  10. Wow, this game comes down to a shanked punt by a fricking punter. So, you're saying we should fear them?? I think it's the other way around. I doubt if other teams want to play us.
  11. Gainey's head isn't in the game. What an undisciplined team the Riders are.
  12. That ref wouldn't have called PI on Gainey but he, Marshall & Onyeka started yapping... So he threw it. I mean, you could see the official's reaction. One of these games Fajardo is going to get pancaked with that reverse pivot move.....
  13. What a difference between the East & West Division as far as level of play goes... Sask @ BC. Both qbs are slinging it. That RedBlack-Ti Cat game had to be an all time low for the CFL.
  14. I'll say this, Michael Reilly is one fearless & tough sumbitch.
  15. Happy for Lucky. We sure could use him for kick & punt returns. I like our receivers that we have.
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