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  1. Well, he did get his start here. A very successful one, too.
  2. Double huh?? Jones is like 17 years in Edmonton..Walters is barely that old. I guess he's got Moll on the brain.
  3. I just want the Bombers to win I want this tattooed across my back..... Noeller with a tramp stamp. Must ... claw ... eyes ... out ...
  4. The only dangers I see with Hamilton is peaking too early and Austin needlessly exposing his MVP QB to possible injury.
  5. This man speaks truths... Oh come on, MTL and their dirty defense is way more unlikeable than HAM. If you'd'a just stayed the **** out my boat......but you didn't.....so go **** yourself..... Sheesh none of those guys are on the team anymore. when was it 5 years ago ? The North (end) remembers . . .
  6. Why would the Als want him? Cato is already showing well at 23. He'll just keep getting better. I see Ray more likely ending up in Ottawa. Close to Toronto, and Burris is done.
  7. Just love how Willy doesn't try to force things so much anymore and just throws it away when in trouble. Big improvement over last year. Despite the weak start, best overall performance by the defence this year.
  8. Has any team in the NHL faced as many back breaking injuries as the Jets this year (aside from, perhaps, Columbus)? Byfuglien, Trouba, Bogosian, Enstrom, Perreault, Chiarot, Kane, Little, Stuart. I guess the hockey gods want no part of the Jets in the playoffs. With all the adversity the Jets have faced this year, making the playoffs would be a truly impressive feat.
  9. God, I hope this isn't the case. Talk about a momentum killer. Pavs is 5-9 in his career vs. Ottawa, with a 3.27 GAA and a .905 SV%. Don't fix what isn't broken. Start Hutch and continue to ride him like Minnesota's been doing with Dubnyk.
  10. I'm just happy that we'd back in the running for Alex Hall, if, or when he comes back to the CFL. No more of this, "doesn't fit in our system" BS.
  11. Good news. Had him blocked from day one, so haven't missed him one bit.
  12. Am I missing something here, or is this guy not a Bomber fan? An angry one at that, but still a Bomber fan.
  13. One of the best team games the Jets have ever produced. Hard to point to a single player that didn't give it his all in this game. Comparable to a game 7 in the playoffs. Jets deserved better, but win or lose, I believe this game was a real character builder for the team. If the Jets continue to produce this sort of effort consistently, a playoff spot will most certainly be in their future.
  14. Anyone who believes the Jets to be comparable to an AHL team after watching them give the Penguins all they could handle tonight, needs to get their head examined . . . and I mean this OBJECTIVELY.
  15. True, but all other factors being equal, you have a far better chance of being accurate with a short throw than a bomb.
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