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  1. The game plan was to run, and there were 4-5 drops that were on our our receivers. Edmonton either sent the heat, or left lanes open trying to contain both A. Harris and Streveler. Oh and it was raining. Trevor Harris got big yards on some bad busts, but the Edmonton O was left having to throw the ball because they couldn’t run for sh!t againt Mr.Drake & co.
  2. I'm still so buzzed this morning about the Bombers beating that classless, loudmouthed, dirty Maas team. All night long -while losing the game- the esks are beaking and shoving after the play, pulling schoolyard intimidation moves like walking through Bombers players just trying to get to the sidelines. About god@mned time they got called for spearing, and that clown money hunter shoving the ref was pure gold. As long as Maas is in charge, that team will never change when it comes to discipline. Oh and I live in Edmonton and will quietly relish the long faces and handwringing at work on Monday
  3. The prospect of not going out on your own terms is tough.
  4. Aaaaaand the joke goes whizzing past overhead
  5. League bailing the Als... League trying to win a game for the Argos 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Argos much better than the Lions, betrayed by their own non-standard end zone in BC’s only win. They aren’t good but they try. Bombers having a hard time living up to their high potential... psychological imho.
  7. Poor blitz schemes easily telegraphed, and used way too much.
  8. Such a shame there are only 75 people there to appreciate
  9. Kate Beirness trying to blow sunshine at the panel Kate “at least we can say there is HOPE!” Matty “uhhhh I think NOT... and here’s why...” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  10. More headshots from Edmonton D... my god these guys are dirty trash
  11. Agree that the refs were complete crap tonight. Strev robbed of a td, the cheap shots, one sided chincy holding calls, poor spots, etc... On the other hand it’s amazing how a short time ago this team didn’t have the horses to beat their opponent AND bad reffing. Now they’re just too talented, too deep, too well coached and too hardworking to let bad officiating ruin a game.
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