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  1. Zach needs to be paid, no one arguing that… will he pitch a fit if he is the highest paid qb in the land? I doubt it as the Bombers aren’t automatically going to low-ball him. I’m sure he gets at least north of $485k plus playoff money etc… The argument really seems to be how much of a factor that last $25-35k will be. The guy has two other requirements… staying healthy (i.e. oline) and winning. Bombers are still hands down his best shot of winning, and let’s be real he knows he’ll get paid and have a chance to be a part of a dynasty, in an era where dynasties just don’t happen anymore. His only chances of winning in the East are in Hamilton or Montreal and that would mean those teams cutting starters they just signed, and looking bad while doing it. Any other team in the East is destroying their roster building potential with a massive overpay.
  2. “Less than he’s worth” is debatable. No one’s trying to clip coupons for Collaros. At what point does wanting to see a championship team stay together equal cheap? All any one here has tried to point out is that it’s a 2-way street and both Zach and the team benefit from staying together at a reasonable (not necessarily cheap) deal. This isn’t 2014 where Zach is turning down 70+ sacks and even more hits that Willy endured.
  3. The only and significant blemish is how he mercilessly trashed AH33 in 2019.
  4. Media love this narrative like somehow Zach is some sort of mercenary where money is all that matters. He knows what it’s like to be cast off like damaged goods and already weighed his health vs his career. On top of that he’s got a young family to take care of, so bolting for a few more dollars at the risk of getting killed Reilly-style makes no sense. Throughout his time in Winnipeg all he’s talked about is his love for the game, his teammates and how good the organization is. The business side will take care of itself.
  5. In a wild scenario where Dane Evans is the Bombers’ qb, he’ll be behind the best OL in the league, he won’t be subjected to the wpg Jeffensive line, and he’ll be on team FIFO, not withering in the big game with a bunch of all-talk me-first quitters. So there’s that. Or, Collaros stays.
  6. There’s the hardcover book from the club aaaand Paul Friesen’s “Against All Odds” paperback. Bought both and both are fantastic. Eagerly awaiting the 2021 editions!
  7. Easy now, Mourtada actually made some of his field goals and converts... kickoffs were good Boltus and Brown had 99 percent of their plays range from ineffective to spectacularly bad.
  8. 7500 despite a mid-December Grey Cup, covid, weather, and a weeknight. Not bad at all and even though I was watching on my phone, 7500 people singing O’Shea was amazing. Imagine the home opener next season!!
  9. I saw a clip of that from both championships and it’s freakin awesome. Stuck in Alberta but I hope tomorrow night IGF belts out 🎶O’Sheaaa O’Shea O’Shea O’Sheaaaaa 🎶
  10. I loved when Marcus Sayles absolutely obliterated Spitty McEyeGouge at Commonwealth one year. I didn’t actively wish injury on the guy but the horrific scream he let out was him getting his due. The whole place went deathly quiet as he lay there with one arm pointed an totally unnatural angle…
  11. Awards or no, the talking heads want to make it sound like the Bombers championship was a fluke…. Only thing I liked was after the WF Jim Barker talked about how he was with the Ticats and how overwhelmingly physical the Bombers were (and still are). If anything the Bombers are even stronger without half the team on iv drips from flu like last time. Almost no one is talking about that. We got em right where we want em
  12. Ooh! What about “ The Optically Dysfunctional Non-Frontal Path of Approach” ? Too wordy?
  13. I’m pretty sure everyone who read Speedflex’s comment knew he meant thrown in anger/retaliatory. Please book the next available appointment at your local argument clinic…
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