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  1. I think that’s fair. In the 4th quarter I expected to see basic, totally telegraphed runs straight up the gut, but for the most part the play calling was much more varied. He let the ground game do what it was designed to do, and Montreal didn’t have any real answer for it.
  2. Why would they... the head ref was the same asshat gleefully chortling every melonhead first down at the LDC. Today he could barely contain his green joy anytime there was a Bomber penalty...it’s like he forgot where he was reffing, and remembered in the nick of time
  3. The drama surrounding this team and on this board is a bizarre tonic for this depressing 3 game losing streak. Been crazy busy IRL but managed to keep up with the reading by supplementing the bathroom breaks with lots of “being out in the shop” type tasks... IF, and this is a big if, O’Shea decides to bolt for TO and Pinball... agree with 17to85 that we woo Khari Jones and all his family and best friends to Winnipeg. Arguably held back by Buono in BC... he’s since shown he has what it takes to take a middling team to gross overachievement. What could he accomplish if he was allowed to manage a Kyle Walters supplied roster??? On a shallower note - what I wouldn’t give to see Khari on the sidelines, in Bomber blue doing his go-time give-em-hell dance...
  4. Three goals from our freshly minted defensive core... Scheif & Laine tied for assists. A fascinating start to our season of uncertainty!
  5. That was Glen Young, the DL LB coach. Thought he did a great job with the defence. Do we know if Alexander at safety was his call, or Hall’s decision before he took personal leave?
  6. If they did this... you’re saying there’s a chance they won’t empty the flats allll the time hmmmm
  7. This is how the pain of the lowest lows and the thrill of the highest highs of Blue Bomber fandom are achieved... when you know you could be better off not giving a sh!t, but you also know you just can’t help bleeding blue and gold.
  8. IMHO our best O-line production was with Gray and Speller at the guard positions. The play execution was pretty good, but missing of late is the agitator factor Gray brought to the line. In his starts he was living rent free in the opposing d-lines’ heads. A shame there is an issue keeping them from going back to that... be it injury or personnel management...
  9. Hwy 2 headed south from Edmonton... about a half a bag of chips’ drive and you’ll see the billboard for the Canadian Chapter of the Flat Earth Society...
  10. Not counting on Hamilton giving us anything either... I just expect our guys are gonna take care of business and not stop till the game is actually over.
  11. Ready to witness a full beatdown by the Bombers, and not just a half a beatdown. Also hoping like h3ll that asshat Simoni Lawrence does pull any crazy sh1t on our guys...
  12. Actually I think this offense is really quite good... but like in 1/4 mile drag racing you’re not supposed to take your foot off the gas halfway down the track 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. No kidding There’s already a copycat in Montreal who tried to break Streveler’s ankle...
  14. This right here... I keep telling myself the football gods are about to drop 30 years of glory and plentiful championships on the Bombers, just to keep the universe from imploding.
  15. I dunno, Hecht holding out his hands and shrugging could actually be a very diplomatic way of pointing fingers at no one in particular, and everyone at the same time. Even a shoot-from-the-hip guy like Hecht isn’t going to stick his chin out and go, “you know the f$cken stupid blitzes coach Hall calls just hang us out to dry over and over”. In some ways Deiter Fan, I agree that yes the progress isn’t as good as we fans would like it to be. The shortcomings of the coordinators’ philosophies are still there, while Kyle Walters has built a roster that went from just being happy to be there, to the kind team that makes us argue about why they aren’t 11-2 or 12-1. I also have to add that when O’Shea wants the O to run the ball, he probably envisioned the run plays that gashed Montreal in the 1st half, and Lapo just went full-Lapo...
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