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  1. Speaking for myself, being pissed off as a diehard fan doesn’t even remotely resemble jumping off the bandwagon. If you want to see the limping hordes and their busted ankles go to the Jets instagram feed!
  2. WHY JETS?!! WHY YOU MAKE ME SO MAD?!! The soft play to end games drives me insane. No attacking the puck, no skating, no physicality... and forget any sort of push back o-zone time. I’m house sitting and nearly owed my friend a new tv... and a window. At least the dogs joined me in my night howls 🤬
  3. Off Binnington’s face! Someone has to turn that into a repeating gif!
  4. Given everything else they let go, that was a weak call for sure.
  5. Ugh, is this some sort of deliberate strategy by the Jets? A season series-long rope-a-dope? They’ve sleepwalked through almost every Stars game this year. If this ends up being our first round match up, can we expect our team to ignite come playoff time?
  6. I fully expect a very surly Jets team ready to kick as$ and take names... nay, I demand it!
  7. This is it!!! Our time is nigh... First win in New Mosaic: Bombers First playoff win in New Mosaic: Bombers First Grey Cup in New Mosaic: B_____ers
  8. Didn’t he do that to the Argos and Stamps too?
  9. Bummed to hear about Randle being cut loose. Him coming over from a perennial contender was big when our franchise was still in shambles. I’m a big fan of his and sorry to see him go... was so sure he’d be a part of the next Blue Bomber championship roster 😢. Wish him nothing but happiness and success.
  10. Well yeah I know this - but many pundits/fans really spent a lot of time pointing out why the Bombers would win handily. In reality it was a hard fought win with both teams giving it everything. Our guys were just flat out better today!
  11. I can understand why it was such a hard call to make, but yeah I’m not complaining either. Thought this mic’d up game once again showed the vastly different character of each coach. Dickenson: screaming at the refs “he can’t do that! Hey he can’t do that!” O’shea: to his players “go get it - you go get it”
  12. Huge win and was it just me or was this almost a trap game in sheep’s clothing? Calgary has looked lost and on the decline (both sides of the ball actually) for a little while now. So on the one hand they come in snarly... while the Bombers are off a 4 game win streak, and a bye week to soak in that feeling where everything was going right. Flat/tight in the 1st quarter but you could see everyone start to wake up and come alive midway through the 2nd. I thought that if the Bombers could just keep it a one possession game, then they’d have a chance to gain all the momentum. Best 3rd quarter all season and what a game to watch! Soooo happy to see the Bombers put it all together in a meaningful, hyped up game in front of the hometown crowd.
  13. I honestly don’t know who’s more annoying, Leafs fans or Riders fans? They both pop up everywhere like a damned fungus and act like their fandom is better and worth more than others... playing like azz at home only makes it more insufferable really rips me up! Need more rye ~reaches for bottle~
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