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  1. I dunno, as mentioned the Bombers are unbeaten as playoff “visitors” at IGF West... AND, kicking green @ss in their barn while taking the high road is just so damned satisfying!
  2. Don’t worry, they just released some more championship shirts, and also a GC banner, GC beer steins, GC shot glasses, and mini Grey Cups with the team logo... Kind of frustrating because I still can’t find the wage garnishment consent form on bluebombers.com -sigh-
  3. I finally got to watching both the first and second halves of the GC Wired Up feature. Having the highlights edited with field level footage was awesome. The collisions, yelling and crowd cheering put me right back into the moment. The difference between the Bombers team-first culture and the Ticats me-first look-at-me prima donnas showed me that we were never going to lose that game. Simoni and Williams are an outright embarrassment to Hamilton fans. And Banks? I’ve never seen a whinier excuse of a football player. Seeing him complain about getting the ball too much and taking too many hits? In the championship game?! Give me a f.ucking break. Banks is 2 for 2 crying in GC’s and it looks good on him. Smfh
  4. I went crazy with the in-the-moment grey champion t-shirts and caps... when the royal blue championship stuff appeared, I just rolled up my sleeves, clicked the mouse a bunch of times and got ‘er done... again!
  5. My mom was frantically texting the neighbours to let them know it was just her son losing his mind over the game... Seeing this team become Grey Cup Champions with my 76 year old folks is a dream come true. Thank you to the Winnipeg Football Club for an amazing season, and a legendary Grey Cup performance.
  6. But but but... Streveler’s passing isn’t at the CFL level!!! but nuthin!!! TOUCHDOWN!!!
  7. Freakin awesome! Our boys are f!ckin FIRED UP!!!
  8. Kind of a crazy coincidence both Dickenson brothers talk a nice game, yet coach some seriously dirty teams...
  9. The bizarre green bias on TSN continues ”Riders can’t capitalize on chances...” ”William Powell didn’t get enough touches” ”Roughriders hindered by bad luck as...” ”I’m sick to my stomach over it - Rider QB reflects...” “Bombers hold on as ....” ”Lack of execution ends Roughriders season” WHAT IN THE F@CKING HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!!! WHY ARE THESE THE ONLY HEADLINES FOR THE WSF?!!! Sweet baby jeebus it’s like the press room had been invaded by melonheads... just brutal, cause you know if the Riders were going to the cup, the press wouldn’t be doing all our crying on our behalf 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. Thanks Zontar! It’ll be a great game if the real Bombers show up (which I think they will). I would suggest the Ti-Cats haven’t played the Bombers at their best yet this season. The first meeting, our ball security obsessed Matt Nichols inexplicably throws three interceptions. The Bombers were in scoring position so many times only to commit a turnover. Second game, even after the opening td drive, our guys seemed flat and out of sync in the worst way. Can’t wait for next weekend!!
  11. I’ve never had more fun mocking Suitor mercilessly as he tried to explain away every Rider failure through his disgusting green goggles. So many excuses... the guy was practically apologizing on national television for CoFaj’s oblique injury 🙄
  12. 1. Collaros - this guy has the arm, the accuracy and the leadership to take us all the way. Sask was extremely well prepared for our poorly called run game. Without ZC stretching the field, I don’t know that the Bombers win. No disrespect to Nichols but there is a gutsiness to the passing game we haven’t seen in a long time. 2. Medlock - was flawless after the crappy initial kickoff. The late Sask punt return wasn’t on him. 3. Defence - they allowed more explosion plays than they did against the Stamps but the red zone/goal line stands were insanely good. HH Shayne Gauthier’s game saving tackle on the trick play Sask punt return.
  13. Late to the forum because I was busy jumping up and down and howling like a gibbon with my folks... Not sure if anyone mentioned this but it seemed like the Sask o-line’s favourite tactic against Nevis and Richardson was hands to the face! Never called once.
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