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  1. It’s a mid-season loss after a brutal schedule. They won’t use it as an excuse but it was an obvious factor. Things to fix and they will go back to work after healing up a bit. Couture can’t come back soon enough and Buck needs to figure out how to keep ZC8 in one piece. The defense needs a rest in the worst way.
  2. So this is what it feels like to lose… nope don’t like it. our guys were gassed, physically and mentally. Good job CFL.
  3. Kolankowski undersized centre not near as good as Couture… Neufeld playing with one arm… 10th game with two short weeks etc etc. the reasons are stacking up, add stale play-calling and ouch
  4. Was going to, and then figured Hamilton’s been such a train wreck at home, what the heck go Argos.
  5. Ever since Zach took over the offence, I’ve marvelled at his ability to break other teams with timely scores. Sometimes against the weak teams recently it’s maybe a combination of the grind and miscommunication where it seems like he gets greedy, but then you have him shooting the lights out in the big games of this season so far.
  6. BC and Calgary battling for best of the rest is very fair. Bombers walloped BC, on the road and on a short week. Then they went on to win two exciting and heavily contested matches vs Calgary where the Stamps had a bye week in between. Can Calgary’s D contain the BC offense? Can Calgary’s O be aggressive and effective after a stagnant performance against Ottawa? Also looking forward to that game.
  7. Al’s offence under Harris didn’t do anything last game. Davis may get a couple plays in but the turnovers and getting his receivers killed is the usual outcome.
  8. “Bad boys of the CFL” is McGuire’s simpering slurp. Cheer for the jersey, sure but have some basic personal integrity to call out when your franchise is a train wreck and classless.
  9. It’s like they wished the power rankings where the standings - oh wait Sask sucks there too
  10. Sweet jeeesus the clock stuck at 43 seconds for the last 6 minutes
  11. **** you Als and **** your noise pumping stadium and **** your ******* horn people and **** you CFL, just because
  12. Breaking news: Blue Bombers kick Rod Smith’s poutine right outta his hands
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