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  1. As Booch said, Elks putting in Sir Vincent Rogers could hurt them more. Guy hasn’t played in almost three years. Would skip the fry pan straight into the fire that is the Bomber’s d-line
  2. Suitor was especially insufferable, with it being a Bomber home game. Suitor: ”Cody Fajardo could have a great game today, because his neighbour’s dog only peed on his lawn twice last week etc etc etc” Neilsen: ”Richie Hall has had his defence dialled in all season!” Also Suitor: ”yeah they’re ok, I guess”
  3. Late to the party but I’ll also add just how much I enjoyed the game and resultant Bomber victory yesterday. Sure it’s irksome but we’re talking about a Rider home game on Labour Day weekend, so the (literal) mouth-frothing green mob always takes centre stage, and the broadcast follows suit(or). Dominant D, the effective O, and mainly-meh-but-not-ultimately-costly special teams play totally outmatched Sask. Pretenders got thrashed in their own barn and it was ******* glorious. Bombers players knew how much it cut deep. Outside of beating them in the playoffs, I can’t remember so thoroughly revelling in green tears and handwringing. I was screaming at the TV “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!!” as rider fans poured out with a minute left. The looks my wife gave me you’d think I was a vampire rolling around in a tub of green blood. Anyways can’t wait for next Saturday. Carry on!
  4. One guy who happens to be from Japan couldn’t cut it and now Speedflex has labelled them all bad. Sure Yamasaki missed a ton but at least he didn’t make a trick shot video that cut you to your core??
  5. Man I missed these… time to finally contribute: Hamilton talks big Blue Bombers just hit harder For the W
  6. Wilder jr is basically the Duron Carter of CFL running backs… ego is defeating his potential
  7. Already put him on the idgaf/ignore list… the silence is golden
  8. I respected Bowman for a long and productive career... but after hearing him repeatedly and classlessly unload on Andrew Harris as a cheater... got no time for the guy Also wanna add that the image of Hardrick about to level Bowman is 🔥
  9. Fired up the credit card for two copies. One for me and one for my folks, because that’s what a good son does.
  10. The main difference being that The Beaverton knows it’s just for laughs... whereas everyone just laughs at Derek Taylor’s straight faced green nutlicking idiocy
  11. Sorry but hard pass on Hunter. He’s good for a game-changing penalty almost weekly. Guy is a train wreck in terms of discipline.
  12. Definitely earned every dollar, enduring shitty day after shitty day...
  13. Pretty sure he was quoted as wanting to do something different, as he’d been the receivers coach for 12 straight years in Cgy. Plus it gives him another cfl level coaching position on the resume for when a coordinator job opens up. Also suspect his input on scheme and game days will be highly sought after - which might be pretty different from his (not bad just not evolving) time with the Stamps.
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