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  1. I respected Bowman for a long and productive career... but after hearing him repeatedly and classlessly unload on Andrew Harris as a cheater... got no time for the guy Also wanna add that the image of Hardrick about to level Bowman is 🔥
  2. Fired up the credit card for two copies. One for me and one for my folks, because that’s what a good son does.
  3. The main difference being that The Beaverton knows it’s just for laughs... whereas everyone just laughs at Derek Taylor’s straight faced green nutlicking idiocy
  4. Sorry but hard pass on Hunter. He’s good for a game-changing penalty almost weekly. Guy is a train wreck in terms of discipline.
  5. Definitely earned every dollar, enduring shitty day after shitty day...
  6. Pretty sure he was quoted as wanting to do something different, as he’d been the receivers coach for 12 straight years in Cgy. Plus it gives him another cfl level coaching position on the resume for when a coordinator job opens up. Also suspect his input on scheme and game days will be highly sought after - which might be pretty different from his (not bad just not evolving) time with the Stamps.
  7. I think the lucky breaks evened out in the WF... that surefire Sayles interception at the 5 yard line that tumbled into the Rider receiver’s hands was also pretty f.ucking lucky!
  8. This. Our current regime always seemed stuck in maybe-next-year territory when going head to head with the Stampeders. This year? 3-1 Bombers for the season including a brilliant WSF victory!
  9. That’s interesting - would imply that his foot/ankle injury is healing well.
  10. I think it’s more a matter them working but they just haven’t announced anything major, as opposed to lying on the couch in fur coats and a drunken stupor. Bombers won the last game of the season while most other organizations had three plus weeks to get the gears turning on their off-seasons. With the vast majority of the other coaching positions filled, I’m confident we get our front office sorted and then the player signing announcements will be flying out of the PR office.
  11. I dunno, as mentioned the Bombers are unbeaten as playoff “visitors” at IGF West... AND, kicking green @ss in their barn while taking the high road is just so damned satisfying!
  12. Don’t worry, they just released some more championship shirts, and also a GC banner, GC beer steins, GC shot glasses, and mini Grey Cups with the team logo... Kind of frustrating because I still can’t find the wage garnishment consent form on bluebombers.com -sigh-
  13. I finally got to watching both the first and second halves of the GC Wired Up feature. Having the highlights edited with field level footage was awesome. The collisions, yelling and crowd cheering put me right back into the moment. The difference between the Bombers team-first culture and the Ticats me-first look-at-me prima donnas showed me that we were never going to lose that game. Simoni and Williams are an outright embarrassment to Hamilton fans. And Banks? I’ve never seen a whinier excuse of a football player. Seeing him complain about getting the ball too much and taking too ma
  14. I went crazy with the in-the-moment grey champion t-shirts and caps... when the royal blue championship stuff appeared, I just rolled up my sleeves, clicked the mouse a bunch of times and got ‘er done... again!
  15. My mom was frantically texting the neighbours to let them know it was just her son losing his mind over the game... Seeing this team become Grey Cup Champions with my 76 year old folks is a dream come true. Thank you to the Winnipeg Football Club for an amazing season, and a legendary Grey Cup performance.
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