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  1. And just a reminder, this idiot is in charge of the health of 21.6 million people.
  2. I'm sure I heard Reilly say "Oh, crap ,I have to go back out " when Grant broke that one
  3. That's 1st place signed, sealed and delivered.
  4. I have no idea on these challenges. They seem to be flipping a coin
  5. My Lord, this defense just blows me away every friggen game.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/oct/20/donald-trump-truth-social-app-apple Trump is launching his own social media platform. Lol , and I can't stand Facebook, Maybe I will avoid this one right off the bat.
  7. Every religion has its idiots and adherents who twist the meanings to support their own twisted ideas. Most religions also have adherents who use their religion to improve their life, community and world.
  8. All that damn background noise makes it really tough to sort out reality. As near as I can tell from legit sources they are %90 that it cropped up by regular means. But there are lingering doubts and questions so the WHO wants to check it out. Which only makes sense. The trouble is it's fodder for the Covidiots and nutbars. So basicly they are saying, " it doesn't exist , it's all a lie .........But it came from a Chinese lab. " If they are going to be nuts they should at least be consistent.
  9. The Chinese government will only cooperate with the rest of the world if it benefits Chinese government. So who knows .Or maybe I should say WHO doesn't know.
  10. Brexit was a really odd affair all around. Tony Blair initiated it believing it would fail but to get him elected. Then walked away when it became serious. It seems like one of the least thought through major shifts in a country that I have ever seen. They jumped into a separation referendum without any idea what to do if it succeeded. A classic example of " careful what you ask for, you might get it " Now one of the lingering effects could be that they could lose Scotland .The place that has all the oil ( although that has a limited lifespan ) I was there right before the last independence vote. What I noticed is that most of the independence people were 50 +. Most young people wanted to stay in the UK .Their reason was often because they liked being part of a larger country ( UK ) and a part of a larger organisation ( the EU ) . Their independence party is now promising a return to the EU. There is also the start of a movement that wants to unite Scotland, Wales and Ireland into some kind of a loose federation. It's quite a mess and all in the hands of a mini-Trump.
  11. And on that subject it wasn't necessarily going to be a pick 6. He had alot of ground to cover if he had made the pick.
  12. Lol I've never been so nervous on a 23 yd field goal
  13. Not our best game but we are really on the bad end of some bad calls
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