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  1. I agree with some of your points BUT my issue is we don't have a viable alternative. It's my firm belief PP will be a disaster. Both because of his willingness to pander to the nut jobs and because I really question his ability to to be a good functioning government. I like Singh but I doubt Canadians are willing to vote him in due to his ethnicity. I think a Trudeau less Liberal party would draw alot of support. Would it be better ? Who knows.
  2. Lol, it was the 1st thought that went through my head. What the hell are they protesting ??? ( And I have a ton of dislike for Trudeau ) I guess there are a few people with bugger all to do.
  3. Like most bills that get passed in the US it has been beaten to death or worse. It's such a faulty political system. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/aug/09/us-climate-bill-fossil-fuel-harm-environment-biden Edit: I'll add this
  4. The greatest democracy in the world ! ( so they proclaim )
  5. Wow , you could just see that open up ! Game, set and match
  6. I watched an interview with Nichelle Nichols and she said she was going to quit Star Trek after the 1st year. . But apparently Martin Luther King talked her out of it. He said what she was doing in that role for black people was to important. I might be wrong but I think she was also involved in the 1st interracial kiss on tv.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/aug/02/republicans-trump-term-america-first-radical-agenda
  8. It makes you wonder. Is it Zach maturing to his full potential ? Is it the team atmosphere O'shea has created that meshes with Zachs personality ? Is it his ability to work with Buck ? All the former and a little bit more ? Whatever it is, in my mind Zach has cemented himself as one of the best we have had in Blue and Gold .
  9. This is a special, special team. Amazing!
  10. While the whole thing is disturbing but there are bits and pieces that in my opinion reek of 1936 and on in Germany. "patriotic education " , removal of anyone in the bureaucracy who doesn't fall into lock step, the Deification of Trump, just to name a few. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/jul/30/america-first-trumpism-beyond-trump
  11. To quote the late John Prine : Poor old Pluto now He never stood a chance no how When he got uninvited to The interplanetary dance Once a mighty planet there Now just an ordinary star Hanging out in Hollywood In some old funky sushi bar
  12. Chretien started his cuts after after the 1993 election if I'm not mistaken. Filmon who was already trying to make cuts went hard after the medical budget after that. I can't speak to the nurses strike as I don't remember the details on that.The 1990 provincial election was on the grounds that Filmon needed a majority to govern properly. It was certainly a controversial time. Alot of anger flying around including serious death threats to the Premier and the Health minister
  13. Quote : if you notice.... didnt happen in other Provinces. same transfer formula. whatever. filmon was great. The cuts from the Liberal Federal government affected provinces differently according to how much they relied on transfer payments. As I said before Saskatchewans answer was to close hospitals. And nowhere did anyone say Filmon was great. Just that there were causes for the provincial cuts above and beyond PC idealology.
  14. It's how Martin balanced the budget
  15. The Chretien/ Martin federal government balanced the budget. Alot of that was done by slashing transfer payments. Provinces that relied on those payments needed to adjust. Unfortunately most who did went after healthcare budgets. As I said Sasks answer was to close hospitals.
  16. Nobody ever seems to acknowledge that. Saskatchewans answer was to shut down hospitals . The Filmon government chose to take the actions they took.
  17. As I was reading this article the thought that kept crossing my mind was how Joe Rogan figured we are a communist country and have no rights because we encourage vaccines and previously required travelers from outside the country to be vaccinated. Look at your own state moron. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/jul/23/texas-republican-lawmakers-legal-threats-abortions
  18. And yet many countries including Canada continue to subsidize the oil industry. Removing them from the public teat should have been done years ago.
  19. That was alot of time left to take a knee.
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