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  1. Well in his defense, Mullinder was on the 2007 team that won the Grey Cup... so he has experienced some success.
  2. He wants a 3-peat... not a playoff loss to the Bombers!
  3. I think there's a point to be made about the Nickelodeon game played yesterday... I watched the last quarter and a half.... the game itself was not that interesting (though it did come down to the wire) but everything about the production of the game was entertaining as hell... the broadcast crew was young and exciting - Noah Eagle on PBP (never heard of him but he was good and I'm going to assume he's Ian's son) and Nate Burleson on colour (a young smart guy who knows how to relate to kids)... but the interesting part was having this young girl who is apparently a Nick star.... she knew nothing about football but was very enthusiastic and surprisingly added a lot to the broadcast... had another young kid on the side lines (he couldn't have been older than 10), who was also enthusiastic and entertaining... Obviously, I'm not saying the CFL should do a broadcast like this... but I genuinely believe more young people are going to watch a game with that kind of broadcast... the CFL/TSN (or whoever their broadcast partner will be in the future) needs to find a way to make the broadcast more entertaining
  4. the circumstances were obviously different but this play reminds me a bit of the Mike Jones on Mike Jones play from the 2019 GC... the broadcast kept saying how if Ham Jones didn't "drop the ball" it could've been a game changer... except that he didn't drop the ball... Wpg Jones knocked the ball away
  5. yeah I know the circumstances... I was making reference to the fact that his declined test (which is the proper thing to call it, not "couldn't pee") is considered equivalent to a failed test
  6. Sorry I don't have the specific link but I remember reading somewhere that it was considered a failed test... maybe I'm mistaken
  7. I agree that he can be replaced... but Stove is a special player... the middle of our D-line changed dramatically when he returned from injury... after 2019 we knew Stove was in house and ready to replace Nevis... I'm not sure (yet) if Sayles or Walker are at that level... I also agree that it's possible a team opens up their wallet for him and Walters can't (or won't) match
  8. When you test positive once (which is the equivalent to his declined test) then you get tested more... so it is believable that he has passed several times since... otherwise he would've been suspended again
  9. well isn't that convenient.... he's in Texas during 2 months of -30... only to return once the weather starts to turn 😂
  10. It's because these players are leaving mid-game and they're wearing the uniform of the team that's getting shellacked by Springfield... so they're getting on the Bombers bus to try their luck in the CFL... little do they know, these chumps wouldn't even be good enough for TCF on this squad! 😂
  11. I'm not sure what his definition of "big time" is (a large clock, perhaps)... but that TD strike to Adams in Grey Cup OT was pretty "big time" IMO
  12. The funny thing about this... is it's such a stretch for most of these players to say they were "grown" in they backyard... Jefferson: played some good ball for Sask but was "grown" in Edmonton... Collaros: played what, like 10 games for the Riders?... he was clearly grown in Toronto and Hamilton... Bryant: never played a down with them... too easy... Richie Hall: sure they can have that one... but I don't think Hall would be the difference in turning that sad sack of DBs into the elite unit we have had... Neufeld: In Sask he was a young up and comer... he clearly grew here... Hardrick: couldn't find a role in Sask or BC... again, clearly grown in Winnipeg... Antigha: barely had any impact on this team... still would've won without him... Saying these players/coach would've made the Riders back to back champs... is laughable at best... completely absurd in reality... but I guess their former players winning on other teams is the only way the Riders are going to celebrate any championships in the near future. 😂
  13. Before one of our games against the Elks this year I commented that they have a pretty solid roster... their biggest weaknesses were O-line and LB... I wouldn't be surprised if the Elks turn it around next year and are a playoff team... the bigger question is: will they have any sustained success?... With Chris Jones at the helm, my guess is no
  14. Well if you ask TSN and Rider fans, Fajardo is clutch and all he does is win... they conveniently leave out the "except in games that matter" part
  15. Well he did drive the whole field... the "almost" part can be credited to a great play by Nichols... nevertheless, the other guys and their traits mentioned in the post were objectively bad... I'll give Masoli some credit for a good game in the GC (but only b/c he lost in the end)
  16. Masoli almost drove the entire field for a Grey Cup winning TD against the best defense the league has seen in years and into heavy winds... I wouldn't lump the "Masoli clutch factor" with those other guys.
  17. This is what I always dreamed of when we were in the middle of the long drought... to find a GM and HC that would turn this team around and stay for the long haul... you never know what the future holds but I could see the Miller/Walters/Osh combo here in Winnipeg for a very long time!
  18. I feel bad for Steinhauer... that would've been a dream job for him... but this is great news for the cats and the CFL... we want good people/coaches like this in our league I believe that origin of that joke was former Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis... his nickname was "The Lawfirm" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BenJarvus_Green-Ellis
  19. Their little conversation is pretty obvious on the broadcast... the camera zooms right in on it... but I never noticed how much effect it had on the play... this team does everything great
  20. No chance TNSE touches Quenneville with a 50 ft pole... you're right, he's probably the best free agent coach out there... but I'd be willing to bet he's already coached his last ever NHL game... A name I heard that I like is Lane Lambert... if we can't get Trotz, why not get his right hand man
  21. in fairness we did get Edmonton three times last year...
  22. Dane is ready and willing to start now... no chance he comes here to be a back up... that said, if Zach has an unexpected retirement... I'd have no problem with Dane as the next guy
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