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  1. Ehlers , I would put on the trading block.All Flash ,and no finish. Connor and Laine are MUST signs.
  2. I like Chariot very much as well. Myers can go ,for all I care. Doesn't use his size enough.
  3. Do you blame him? He shouldn't even answer anything tonight......
  4. I'm assuming you mean overall team defense. Because our back end is as good ,if not better than most. I was just pondering how Huddy would do as HC.......
  5. I like Wheeler, I think he gives it his all most nights ,but there's other high profile players who sure as hell aren't.
  6. Me and you aren't in the room ,So we cant for a certainty say that. But I admit, there needs to be some tweaks made. Which will probobly happy by proxy, ergo, free agency signings ,and players leaving via....etc.
  7. Interesting leah hextall tweet.....That I found particularly disturbing ,as I have observed that over the last half of the year myself.
  8. Such doom and gloom ,you sound like my wife........ this team will be fine . You just watch.......
  9. It is a valid point though ,mate. There should be some loonies to throw at those guys should they fail down south.
  10. Merry Christmas fellow MBB'ers. And all the best in 19.
  11. Yup ,let in 2 softies IMO. But what a game ,i need a doobie lol.
  12. I guess good ole Jeff will have to search for a full time gig on Sky Sports.
  13. I started to watch it .....sorry ..just couldn't....might have appeal to some ,but not to me.
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