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  1. Trevor Harris looked very good in that game. Threw some beautiful balls. Our D line will have to bring their A game.
  2. Anybody know the status of Kyrie Wilson? How badly is he hurt?
  3. 1. Harris 2. Hecht. 3. The O line. very impressive showing.
  4. How the F!@#$%^&K can a one dimensional offence look this good? Hall is AWOL....
  5. He looks quicker.......unless I'm drunk.....nope ,not yet.:)
  6. I'm liking Gray's competitiveness. Hes only going to get better.
  7. Gonna be on our D ,for now at least.
  8. Nichols is off, hopefully just rust.
  9. You heard it here first ,that German fellow will be a regular starter in the not too distant future.
  10. I don't know about anybody else ,but I'm getting rather tired of Westie's verbal diarrhea.
  11. Ehlers , I would put on the trading block.All Flash ,and no finish. Connor and Laine are MUST signs.
  12. I like Chariot very much as well. Myers can go ,for all I care. Doesn't use his size enough.
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