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  1. Tried Firehouse Subs at Kildonan Crossing today, was amazing. Subway doesn't come close.
  2. Can they provide you with bacon????
  3. I cant wait to see what Buck has cooked up.
  4. I think D will be fast and punishing this year. I found a feed and watched a bit ,but that crew put me to sleep so I turned it off.
  5. Shoot ,just got in from work....what I miss? No way I'm reading 5000 posts lol.......
  6. IMO ,Connor should go as well. Pionk ,is a no brainer.
  7. I almost mentioned that when this thread was posted,but thought better of it. Ohhh ,the crazy **** Nate would say about Lyle.....
  8. Refs didnt lose series..................give your head a shake......
  9. I can attest first hand how good it is,and the portions are massive. Highly recommend it.
  10. And ,now i regret staying up.....Avs are simply to fast and too skilled.
  11. Eliminate screw ups like Connor just made ,I think we win this one. Helle is on point. Go Jets.
  12. All fecal matter aside ,39 could /would steal us a game ,maybe 2. Helles numbers in playoffs are pedestrian ,at best.
  13. And, 23,27 and 73 gotta get thier asses going......
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