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  1. Were 9-1. Still the best. We go to bye ,get rested and healed and come back and 3 peat.
  2. U dudes who called a Blue beatdown....this is nailbiting stuff. Als came to play. Zack is a freakin magician.
  3. IMO, this is OUR statement game ,especially now that BC ,is "the" team again.
  4. Agreed on Houston. dude should have at least 5 picks by now.
  5. 1.ZC8...hopefully not too banged up. 2. Woli....clutch grabs ,and run blocking. 3. Jeffcoat,came back with a vengeance. HH. Legs ,despite all the naysayers ,a clutch kicker.
  6. Where is that Gawdamn horn....ill snipe it from here......
  7. Please close this down ,boys . U deserve a break.
  8. Willy and 94 ,non existent..... need a big play......
  9. Bomber DB went for strip instead of tackle ,last Als TD.
  10. Seeing ZC8 leave ,was heart stopping... hes geting hammered......
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