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  1. Impossible to pick anyone in particular. Duane Ford said it best . Pure and utter domination. Been a fan for 40 years ,cant recall anything close. Maybe the 90 Cup. HH . Coaches O'shea, Pierce ,and Hall.
  2. Or ,why not start Grey at RT? Like someone mentioned here the other day , Neuf is no where near agile enough to be a tackle.
  3. 1. Brady Oliviera 2. Houston. Kid ,came to play. 3. Bailey. And he let us all know. HH. Mourtada. Hes tryin........
  4. 1. Biggie. The man is a monster. Entire D played lights out 2. Harris. 3. O line. Liked what Eli brought after 51 went down HH. Miller for that ST smackdown.
  5. Why I don't peruse MBB nearly as much as I used to.
  6. 1.D Line 2.O line .Even Suitor was impressed. 3 ZC. He was on fire. HH. Stove. What a monster in the middle.
  7. Yes, from my vantage point a foot/leg touched him.
  8. What about kick returns??????? Nelson is ,lets be honest . Horseshit.
  9. 1.Bighill. Just leads........ 2. Willie. Nuff said. 3. ZC.....the QB we been waiting for........ HH. Buck ,for making the necessary adjustments. Could give it to Lawler as well. Kids a baller.
  10. I have never wanted to punch anybody so bad............not even Rod Black....
  11. Harris should have been tossed ,period. Even Milt argees :)
  12. 1. D line 2.D line 3. D line.....pure and utter domination.....kinda feel sorry for Cody...... HH. Collaros....the X factor we been missing....
  13. I've never seen such utter domination. Even Suitor that dbag sounded somewhat impressed.
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