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  1. Alexander looks damn good back there. As does Taylor.
  2. 1.Harris. A beast running all day. 2. Defense ,hope that kinda play continues. 3.Streveler. Made some nice throws. Guys a competitor. HH. Oline.
  3. Has the question regarding Gray's "injury" been answered? I think since Neuf went in the interior hasn't been as strong.
  4. Win or lose, I bleed Blue and Gold.
  5. Rather judgemental are we ,mate? :D
  6. That chain wasn't the reason we **** the bed........but I agree ,its stupid.
  7. Yeah , Right after i posted that , i seen it on the news . They cant seem to get it together,
  8. Did the Liberals even retain party status?
  9. I wonder if that's who Osh called a pseudo reporter LMAO. And hes not wrong.
  10. !@#$%^&*()((&^%$#$#@@@ What a choke job by that front 7.
  11. We play the Als twice ,coming up though......
  12. You think Kinew has a hope? But I agree with you.......
  13. Big Willie........that is ALL!
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