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  1. Big Willie........that is ALL!
  2. 1. Harris,personal accomplishment aside ,guy gives his all 2. Sayles,what a player. Nuff said 3. Big Willie. HH. O line, pass pro ,run blocking was outstanding.
  3. I was thinking ,with all the flies around ,how many he swallowed tonight. Sorta feel sorry for him.
  4. Why the hell is he doing an all West game? I guess I'll have to mute TSN and put up with that delay.
  5. Love it ,my end of town .Also one going up in Portage, La Prairie that is.
  6. Please don't say Rod Black is doing the pbp........:(
  7. I'm going ,just to partake of that bad boy......
  8. Is it just me ,or has Bighill not looked like his old self since his return from injury?
  9. Crap, And I had company so couldnt watch. But I love these threads , almost gives me the play by play ,without Rod Blacks vitriol.
  10. ST's Grant. Man, he's got wheels. Sayles. What a game ,all over the field. Harris. What else is new. Can't imagine our O without him.
  11. Doesn't overly concern me. We have No 2 to fill in. We all know what worries us the most ...
  12. I think Kongbo is more than capable/ready to fill in there. Dude is a hell of specimen. Almost have a man crush.....
  13. Just read BLM might be ready to go.......?
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