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  1. I'm a gonna go with Ricky Ray, guy was like a Timex, took a lickin and kept on tickin. Also a class act off the field.
  2. Yup, I was there at that game that day. And his 100 some yard catch with no time left against The Shmoes. Can still here Cuthbert losing his ****.
  3. Got the alert on my phone whilst headed to Plap. Damn near drove into the ditch i was so pumped. Get that secondary shored up ,we back for the Cup baby. Kyle is gettin er done.
  4. Is it a done deal? Or conjecture? Haven't seen anything official.....
  5. I thought RC's area of expertise was offense? What am I missing/not getting here?
  6. Anybody seen the new Rambo ,yet? I think its the best one yet.......
  7. Nice ,better than Friesens drivel in the Sun.
  8. Merry Christmas guys,and gals. And lets hope for a repeat of 19 , as in another championship. Go Blue!!!
  9. Oh, she cheered as loudly as me when we won. For her its over though ,on to the Jets now. I'll prolly watch it a few more times ,lol
  10. I've rewatched the game in its entirety twice now ,wife thinks I'm nuts lol. But for all the accolades going to the DL ,I think Mike Jones at corner had a game for the ages. Took cry baby Banks out of game ,literally and figuratively.
  11. Love goose brain.....been a long time since I had any though. Chicken feet? Gross.....
  12. I think I'd stay within, And promote Buck. He's been studying under Lapo for a number of years now. Id love to see what he can do. Just my opinion.
  13. Who else is out there? I think Buck could make it work. Wish Lapo all the best.
  14. Read this morning that Strev has zero interest in even testing free agency. Amazing what a winning culture does.....
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