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  1. Such doom and gloom ,you sound like my wife........ this team will be fine . You just watch.......
  2. Piggy 1

    Free Agent Frenzy

    It is a valid point though ,mate. There should be some loonies to throw at those guys should they fail down south.
  3. Piggy 1

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas fellow MBB'ers. And all the best in 19.
  4. Piggy 1

    Game 33 : Lightning Strikes

    Yup ,let in 2 softies IMO. But what a game ,i need a doobie lol.
  5. Piggy 1

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    I guess good ole Jeff will have to search for a full time gig on Sky Sports.
  6. Piggy 1

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Reinbold and Washington done in BC?
  7. Piggy 1

    The TV Thread

    I started to watch it .....sorry ..just couldn't....might have appeal to some ,but not to me.
  8. Piggy 1

    Restaurant thread

    My girls love LILCeasar's . Personally I think its cardboard with sauce on it. Best pizza ,frozen or otherwise is at Save on Foods.
  9. Piggy 1

    game thread grey cup

    Watched the game at a buddies. Not a classic fer damn sure. We kept switching to the Packers/Vikings game. Bo Levi in the NFL? I highly doubt it....
  10. Piggy 1

    Grey Cup Pick 'Ems

    I missed that ...hmmmmmm. Why would they?
  11. Piggy 1

    Needs for next year

    Yeah, its starting to sound like the Muamba "sweepstakes".
  12. Piggy 1

    Needs for next year

    Correct me if I'm wrong , I read somewhere that Walters did indicate that he will throw at Biggie what ever it takes to resign him . But Now, it seems he wants to move back to BC ,as his family is still there. But IMO, resigning him is the top priority.
  13. Piggy 1

    Needs for next year

    I sure as **** hope not....
  14. Piggy 1

    It was a good rookie season for me

    True ,but it still hurts........
  15. Piggy 1

    Grey Cup - predictions

    Ottawa by 6.