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  1. Okay now I'm starting to get a little worried about Harris
  2. Big drop in active cases today, close to 400, now to clear out the icu's
  3. As of yesterday the U.S. is seeing 1000 new cases everyday, that number will trend upward for a while
  4. Appleton is a very good player but can be easily replaced, DeMelo is worth more to the Jets atm, Chevy still needs to shore up the D
  5. Head of the Tokyo Olympics has put is out there that they may cancel the games if there is a massive spike in cases in the coming days
  6. Reading this makes me believe even more that they will take Appleton before DeMelo
  7. Fauci was way to nice he should of called him an idiot
  8. What do you give a guy who has everything that earth has to offer .......................space of course
  9. I'm thinking that the Jets are thinking and or maybe know that the Krackheads are going to take Appleton
  10. ..................and their PM went into isolation.
  11. There is rich and then there's this guy, good luck to him tomorrow
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