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  1. Don't know him, never talked to him, ask Rudy Colludy
  2. Republicans will rue the day they heard the name Lev Parnas, more documents coming tonight
  3. This guy looks like he couldn't go up a flight of stairs without dropping dead
  4. Kellyanne says she does not know this Lev dude
  5. Arizona Senator McSalley called CNN reporter Manu Raju a "Liberal Hack" when he tried to ask her a question, he should of known better than to ask a republican a question since he doesn't work for the Trump News Network
  6. This Lev Parnas has quite the tale to tell, he also called Trump what everyone has called him
  7. He led his life to the beat of a different drummer so to speak, this one hits me hard
  8. According to Mr. Adderall (Trumpidiot) American's should check their 409 K's.......................I wonder what they'll find 😂
  9. Trump's sniffles were out of control at his presser today
  10. Sorry to interrupt your McD's cadet bonespurs but your genius is needed in the situation room.
  11. Putin sits back and watches as the American idiot destabilize's the world, Iran going to go full nuclear and the Saudi's will want it and then all hell will break loose
  12. Killing the Iranian General does nothing to protect Americans, he has people in place that will carry out any plans that may or may not of been in place, Trump sees his polls numbers dropping he has been impeached and pressure on the Senate will make proceedings not go as smoothly as his enablers think it will.
  13. Belichek being upset that one of his former coaches was using one of his tactics near the end of the game has fun to watch.
  14. 2 really good games today, tomorrow should be the same
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