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  1. The Emperor wants parades, accolades and apparently thank you's from dead people.
  2. How about a Beto,Kamala ticket, young slightly progressive Democrats, both very likable and well spoken
  3. Devin Nunes is suing twitter and some accounts because they were mean to him
  4. Trump spent the weekend by serious rage tweeting, he is lashing out at everyone, aside of the Muller report, they are coming after him from all different angles
  5. How can a lawyer come out of a courtroom and flat out liar about what happened inside, there has to be repercussion's.
  6. Surprise surprise the former acting AG outs himself as a Trump stooge, and a liar
  7. Democrats need to get the best candidate to go up against Trump, who ever it is has a tonne of ammo and will need to get dirty, as for impeachment put that on the backburner and fry the lot of them after Trump et al are thrown out of the White House.
  8. The President gives his daughter and son in law a top security clearance over objections, my question would be "what was the cause of concern that sent up red flags in terms of their security clearance"
  9. Trump should be held responsible from the first day he announced he would run for the Republican nomination again this is a guy who wanted to know if he could pardon himself on top of claiming that his tax returns were being audited which is false, add that his son in law wanted to set up a back channel to the Russians on top of all the mistakes and omissions he made on his sf-86 security form. Smoke = Fire
  10. Old Trump forgot about the tape of him and Cohen talking about the payments as for Hannity at this point he is a Trump rube and it wont end well for him
  11. Nobody’s watching, nobody cares, nobody’s listening. hot mic quote from former nfl'er Rod Woodson in studio
  12. Wouldn't hold my breath waiting to see the Mueller report, once the new AG gets the report he will probably hold it for as long as possible if it is damming against Trump and then after pressure will give his interpretation of the report, that's when the real fun will begin.
  13. Roger Stones judge should revoke his bail and throw him in jail where people who think they are smarter than everyone else get the royal treatment.
  14. If Americans are not scared or worried about Steven Miller they should be, that guy is flat out evil.
  15. Nothing like a nice breaky during a national emergency
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