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  1. Avenatti fooled a lot a people myself included in the end he is just another scummy and greedy lawyer, having said that everything he said about Trump still holds water.
  2. Guess that's why they brought in 2 tackles, Foketi was here for a few years you think the media would of figured out that only 1 numbered 57 out of 2 was on the field and wondered who it was.
  3. No big loss as far as I'm concerned, if the Bombers are going with 3 Canadian linemen then that's another year for Foketi on the practice roster, and Thompkins was probably not going to make the make team anyways.
  4. The Count is all kinds of crazy
  5. Trumps new go to, "I'm not crazy you're crazy, I did not commit treason you did", it's only a matter a time when he will try to direct someone to arrest and throw an adversary in jail.
  6. This would be a great "accomplishment" but he can't spell that either.
  7. For a guy who said that he would not play golf as POTUS because he would be to busy running the country he sure has cost the American taxpayer a whole lot of money paying golf, 100m and counting.
  8. Remember Trump didn't need any help and has the greatest memory of all time.
  9. The days will get darker and darker for Trump and his family, Duetsche Bank and many of Trump's cronies.
  10. Make no mistake the O line will be the deciding factor on what this team does in both the running and passing game, if they fill the holes left by Goosen and Chung and they can jell quickly the Bombers have more than enough weapons to feed the scoreboard, I have no worries about the D and ST's.
  11. Turtle may say "case closed" but it's far from that, the Flynn story today proves that.
  12. The world gets sadder every day
  13. If Warren does win the nominations I don't think that Trump will be circling behind her like a lech like he did to Clinton during the debates, she would probably decked him, and that would be must see tv.
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