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  1. Toronto FC are the main tenants at BMO, the Argos crawled over there when the Blue Jays told them to take a hike. I can see recall the first Argo game there when TSN was gushing what a great move it was and the place would be packed with tailgaters and younger people would flood to the games because the area was reinventing itself.
  2. Not this year, there really isn't any openings on this team especially with the 3 former Kings coming to the club. No surprises so far, but really wanted to see DD get a preseason game though
  3. Ultra rich don't spend their own money, Jacksonville in the NFL is asking for 1 billion to renovate and Khan is stupid rich. Oh if you don't give us the money we might move. Apparently the folks in Jacksonville don't seem to care if they move
  4. You forgot Toronto FC which out draws the Argos pretty significantly. As for NFL football in Toronto you need a owner who would have to pony up a significant expansion fee or buy a team for some ungodly number. Then you need to build a state of the art football stadium which by the time they might get considered might cost 5B.
  5. People in Toronto have the best team in the league, current Grey Cup Champs and they still get peanuts for attendance. Perhaps they still think of the CFL as inferior and long for an NFL team. Unfortunately it looks like the NFL has no interest in Toronto as they have shifted their sights across the pond to the UK and Germany and now are looking at Spain and Brazil to house some games.
  6. Sometimes you have to wonder what the hell a qb is seeing in front on him
  7. 7 minutes left in the third quarter, you don't need to go for it at that point
  8. Powell acted like he was the second coming last week, 1 pass 1 pick six
  9. Some Qb's in this league just drag games down, we got two guys who should be planning their post careers in this one
  10. Couldn't the Als have gotten a bigger sign on the sidelines, Stamps moving the ball on their first possession McCheese needs glasses
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