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  1. bustamente


    Well the Oilers trotted out pretty well their whole team tonight against a team filled 3/4 full of AHL players and the final score represented that, Oilers need a second line and better defensive play or they wont may the playoffs again, as for the Jets maybe Dano has maybe figured it out, Niku needs work but he is real close Stanley Poolman Vesalaine are not ready yet, Cormie know he is Moose bound, Lemieux and Roslovic played well.
  2. bustamente

    US Politics

    Whether they get the FBI to investigate or not, or she doesn't show up on Monday in person the Republican Senators are going to ram this nomination through, nothing the Democrats can do to stop them unless some Republican Senators vote against him and even though some of them are saying the right things they will in all probability vote for confirmation, it's up to the American people to hold them accountable, but really I don't have much faith in them either look at the slime in the oval office.
  3. bustamente

    Around The NHL 2018/2019

    Wonder if they are freaking out in Edmonton like some here were after Morrissey singed his bridge contract.
  4. bustamente

    US Politics

    Kavanaugh denies the event ever happened and claims he does not know this person, well this could be an interesting week if the woman in question testifies
  5. bustamente


    This helps with the Salary Cap for next year, but make no mistake if Morrissey keeps an upward trend in his play he will get paid and paid big.
  6. bustamente


    Morrissey sign 2 year contract
  7. bustamente

    RedBlacks @ Riders

    Yes sir, they gave up almost 500 yds tonight.
  8. bustamente

    RedBlacks @ Riders

    Collaros pays off again, nice pass dummy
  9. bustamente

    RedBlacks @ Riders

    4 stripes says it all
  10. bustamente

    RedBlacks @ Riders

    The call from the league took some time to get to the ref .................let the flags fly
  11. bustamente

    RedBlacks @ Riders

    Well colour me surprised
  12. bustamente

    RedBlacks @ Riders

    Nice tackle Gainey, why does TSN keep saying how great the Riders D is .......................they are not playing us and no they aren't that great
  13. bustamente

    RedBlacks @ Riders

    Their has been some nasty play in that game and even though USC is ranked the Longhorns are tough at home