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  1. Lets see if the SCOTUS is bought and paid for as Trump as for them to intervene
  2. If it gets Holm out of the line up and injects a better player win win
  3. The grift must not be going so well do Trump sues CNN for 470m plus.
  4. Putin would have the world believe that he is a liberator and that the ungrateful Ukrainians should not fight back. It has not worked out well for Putin but he will never admit defeat even if it kills the very last young male in his country
  5. Weather, availability of certain people probably had some part in the decision to have it done in the preseason.
  6. Bombers are in a position in the standings that players that could play don't have to and the Bombers keep on winning, next man up has really worked for them. Playoff roster should see most back and that could be frightening for opponents.
  7. I'm not surprised that there are so many mindless people in the States, and apparently neither are the hucksters that are spreading lies and conspiracy theories laughing all the way to the bank. Trump set up the template proving any moron could easily pick your pocket clean and keep coming back for more
  8. TSN hypes Maier so much but he needs a lot of work
  9. Lawler makes a great catch but it might cost him the rest of the year not that the Elks are going anywhere
  10. I think for now and the future management made the right call with Brady O
  11. I don't have a vote but if I did I know who I wouldn't for, a former mayor who quit on the city, Klein who just gives me ew vibes and Motkaluk who I just don't like
  12. Lapo was on borrowed time, he should never be considered HC material again, keep him far away from the Bombers
  13. I'm just waiting for the riders to re sign Fajardo, aka another wasted year.
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