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  1. Can't be surprised that the counts are going up, it's all around us and people are still traveling NEW Last updated: April 20, 2021 Public health officials advise that one new death in a person with COVID -19 have been reported today: a female in her 90s from Prairie Mountain Health region and linked to the outbreak at Russell Health Centre. The current five-day COVID-19 test positivity rate is six per cent provincially and 6.3 per cent in Winnipeg. As of 9:30 a.m. today, 211 new cases of the virus have been identified. However, eight cases have been removed due
  2. Closing arguments today in the Floyd case, I see quick verdict of guilty followed by quick appeal by the defense so that we can do this all over again
  3. It sounds like people are taking advantage of the new criteria, good get as many jabs as possible into arms as fast as possible
  4. Got a nice little bump in pay, good for him he serves his role well and we are real strong done the middle for years to come
  5. First guilty plea in the Capitol riot, and it's a name familiar to me, Jon Schaffer founder of the metal band Iced Earth who will now be released as he has entered a cooperation agreement with the Government. Truthfully one of my favs growing up an in the 20 plus year clip he is the rhythm guitar player, of note the lead singer left the band and became a cop in Delaware. ..............and him today
  6. I keep waiting for the hammer to hit Manitoba hard like many other parts of Canada but so far the numbers are more than manageable, may this continue and we keep on getting more and more people their first shots and it's possible we will never see another lockdown.
  7. Today's mass shooting brought to you by Fed Ex.
  8. The Brazilian variant in now in the Province with 1 case from the Interlake region
  9. Fox News wants the right to spread false information and not be libel for what come afterwards, Republicans want to suppress voters and be a minority ruling party, police want to kill people and not be held accountable that's a hell of a country they got down south
  10. Getting your first dose doesn't mean you wont contract the virus but helps with the severity if you get it and in most circumstances will keep you out of the hospital, you need that second dose to get you to being pretty well immune.
  11. When you watch and listen to Biden you realize what an A hole and POS that Trump was and is
  12. Unfortunately more restrictions are a coming it's the go to move for them, but lets not let the Governments off the hook for being woefully unprepared at the beginning of the pandemic, during the pandemic and now with the slow roll out of vaccines, thinking the people will do the right thing in terms of restriction is something only fools believe in.
  13. TSN /SN talking heads should be ashamed on how they pander to the Leafs but that's what the eyeballs in Southern Ontario want to hear and if they don't like what they say they will turn them off and those companies will lose revenue
  14. Cash flow must of been down, line up the rubes and fleece them
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