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  1. Doesn't the Emperor have something more important to do than have a rally every month, stroking his ego has gotten out of hand, maybe with so much free time he should learn how to spell.. You are right one of these days at one of these rallies he will say that if you are brown or black and don't love America you should be taken out and one of those whack jobs in attendance will take what he said literally.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if at tonight rally Trump's goes after the "squad" and tells the crowd that these 4 women hate America and they should be thrown out of the country and on cue the moron's in attendance will start a "kick them out " chant.
  3. Linemen was running a pass pattern like he was looking for a sack of cash from the heaven's
  4. Correct call giving up 2, the 4th quarter for the Bombers has been incredibly underwhelming.
  5. Stats tell a different story to a game that the Argos were never in
  6. 4th quarter has been the battle of the 2 and outs
  7. Fenner prominent on the game film on that drive and not in a good way
  8. Nichols wanted back in MOS said nah we okay we okay
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