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  1. Demelo LBI Stanley UBI Beaulieu 9 lives
  2. Not my taste in music, politician and being an an anti vaxxer seals the deal
  3. Walters whittling down his shopping list, might be able to put his feet up when free agency actually starts
  4. Adult diapers futures going thru the roof
  5. Dead of winter, Bighill signs and I'm feeling warmer ZC signs and it's like come on melt snow and lets this show on the road
  6. It sure seems that when America needed a President, Trump decided he would rather cheer on his terrorists and in all probability wanted a blood bath and at the capitol on 1/6 and if they got their hands on Pence or any high ranking Democrats and actually killed them that would of been a bonus.
  7. SCOTUS will not block Trump documents from being released.
  8. Sounds like many Covid positive unvaccinated dummies are calling health professionals looking for the drug that treats Covid made by Pfizer, but they don't want the vaccine made by Pfizer, truly they are the dumbest people on the planet
  9. When your to toxic for Roger Stone you are in trouble
  10. I'm lining his pockets by keeping my home warm
  11. Well I guess Trump will be our President when the US invades Canada 🤣, seriously this world especially North America has been infected by stupidity and social media is a big backer of these imbeciles.
  12. Ah what's 20 deaths over the weekend............................FREEDUMS, and all of you unvaccinated dummies in the icu's hurry up to the promised land we got more of your kind waiting
  13. Conservatives are going to be dismantled after the next election, other 2 parties are garbage too so not much hope for a proactive and forward thinking direction for the province in the coming years
  14. MLK day in the States and they are going to spend the whole day talking about why the Republicans don't want voting rights
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