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  1. Trump needs to get out in front of the debate and what better way than to throw some red meat out to his base, it's going to be funny to see the idiot flapping his gums and no sound coming out
  2. Every accusation is a confession, one day Trump will have to pay the piper, what a wretched human being
  3. Well this could be jaw dropping
  4. This pandemic has taught me two things about human beings in general, you can't fix stupid and you can't change the mind of an idiot, so for my own piece of mind I don't bother anymore
  5. Even though Trump doesn't care Covid is still taking lives and cases are exploding across the States and of course there is always a tweet
  6. Wonder what the local governments will do when militia members show up at polling stations on election day dressed as toy soldiers, maybe that will wake up Americans to where they actually live.
  7. Well the closing of some establishments starts today we should see the result in 7-10 days in terms of cases, people need to wear masks properly and keep contact with as few people as possible, hopeful that we will see a downturn soon. North Dakota has joined us in terms of having the most cases per capita in the States.
  8. Biden's son Hunter is by no means an angel but the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree with half scoops
  9. Somebody is going to get so fired
  10. Those are some baggy pants, well you have to hide the depends some how, hey they are pretty long to, hides the 2 inch lifts, oh he dances like a spazzzzzzzz.
  11. I don't think the 49ers want any part of that contract extension that he signed before the season started
  12. Hold on to power at any cost, even violence is justified, America needs to look at itself in the mirror and have a good look at what it has turned into, just so much hate and dividedness and the ring leader lives in the WH.
  13. They might need to clean house in terms of management, they just signed Cousins to an extension, but it looks like they will have a high pick so draft the best available QB and then draft o line, they were close at one time but that window has closed
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