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  1. I think Baltimore realized yesterday that they have a superstar RB that can't throw the ball very well, oh and their centre sucks
  2. Stupid people get stupid lawyers
  3. HHS Azar quits before he gets fired
  4. Dumbest of dumb yet they have all of America of edge
  5. I would not, but others much smarter than me saw what was being planned in terms of having a rally on the 6th and summoning all patriots and what was said at the rally confirmed what was going to happen.
  6. I don't think anyone is listening to him atm and pretty sure that are mechanisms to keep him in check for the next 5 days. They again I could be wrong
  7. So Trump is going to leave in the morning of the 20th so he doesn't have to ask Biden for the use of Air Force One, is anyone really surprised. Pence on the other hand phone Vice President elect Harris for the first time and offered her congratulations and offer the help with the transition
  8. That's quite the job that Walters et al have done this off season winning and atmosphere goes a long way
  9. I think if the tpr continues to fall and the hospitals continue to release patients then the Code Red Restrictions will be lifted in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas next Friday, I don't think that restaurants will be allowed for dine in just yet but some other businesses will be allowed to reopen with distancing and limits
  10. Now here is a guy who kicks ass and takes names, better run Mo
  11. I think that since he has been waived he can go straight to the taxi squad and or Moose
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