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  1. Is Hamilton going to piss this game away Ti Cats get the ball back on a technicality and score
  2. Marcus Sayles is now a Rider, BLM just torched him
  3. Let see if BLM is cooked and how long they stick with him.
  4. Well at least TSN stopped with the 54,000 are watching this game, clearly anyone with eyes can see this is not even close to being true
  5. I'm guessing many left after 50 cent cause there are a lot of empty seats in the upper bowl, money is money I guess
  6. Gonna be a huge crowd tonight and TSN is sure playing it up, my only question would be what musical act is the owner bringing in for the second home game.
  7. Can the Elks have a better outcome against the Als then the Bombers did, if they do if wont be in front of that many customers
  8. This team needs a lot of work but it's a long season and as they say it's not how you start but rather how you finish
  9. He has this year and in all probability next year no questions asked if he wants to be here
  10. As bad as the Bombers have played calling the game when they are moving the ball would suck even more
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