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  1. To be fair the dead kids will be forgotten by then and something else will take over the news cycle, stupid Americans
  2. The ex cop in the Buffalo was armed and hit the killer twice, unfortunately for him the killer had body armour on and he became a target. Republicans will never do anything about gun violence but the Democrats hold the Presidency the House and Senate and they have done nothing
  3. 19 children and 2 teachers and still they will do nothing all the while getting up in front of the camera's and spouting that old tired line.......thoughts and prayers.
  4. They want the old wild west back in America, everyone packing and killing each other while the rich hole up in their gated communities laughing all the way to the bank.
  5. Politicians on their soap boxes serving up the same old song and dance and nothing will ever change, most want more guns in schools, malls on the streets and they really don't care if the peasants kill each other. Gov. Abbott proclaimed that he wanted Texas to have the most guns of all the states and today he sits their with his smug face and stupid grin telling people that he is so sorry when he is the root cause.
  6. Thoughts and prayers given by people who don't give a **** and continue to allow this to happen
  7. Extremely and I can't stress this enough, extremely disappointed in the players. Not going to point fingers cause as a union they all bare responsibility for voting against a very fair offer
  8. To some racism is a badge of honour either that or America has some real stupid elected leaders. Probably both
  9. Elon Musk has been a dirty naughty boy
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