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  1. Well at least him and Ben can now sing all the songs again, The Cars had some great tunes
  2. I'm surprised Suitor didn't tell us it was another sell out.
  3. Well of course they can't block him ............he jumped the snap
  4. Suitor's colour just perked up ....................wonder why
  5. Als are going to have to score 6 on one of these drives
  6. Is that Dickenson yelling like an idiot on those punt returns
  7. who dat 12 guy for the Als making that catch
  8. Laine going to train with a team in Switzerland is all part of the game.
  10. He had bigger hits but for me this was his best song by far.
  11. Correct Trumpidiot and have your job threatened
  12. Really enjoy what Streveler brought to the game today, Augustine has also impressed me, the line played better today and in the first quarter the D was outstanding, this game was over at halftime.
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