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  1. Sooner or later you would think that the Attorney General has to get involved, not sure he wants to go down this road in terms of the ex president.
  2. Trump started banging off the walls when this commercial started playing this weekend
  3. It's become fashionable to be a criminal in the open in the States and nothing will happen to you, even if arrested these people will tie everything in the courts until a friendly government takes over and makes everything disappear.
  4. Suitor is well on the way to wetting himself, sad for most of the game but has perked up all of a sudden
  5. Bo Levi's passes are putrid, almost like he is throwing it to the db
  6. Hey guys don't let that guy get to you, pay no mind to the crap that comes out of his mouth and he will disappear like they all do
  7. Beaten and bruised now Augustine rips them apart
  8. It may be 23-0 but the D is playing like it's 0-0
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