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  1. You when you meet someone for the first time and the first thing they have to say is " I will never lie to you" you know that they just did I
  2. Throw the eye candy out there and let here lie thru her teeth
  3. Trump and his brood will loot the WH then set fire to it, in all seriousness this election will be the biggest shiate show the world has ever seen.
  4. Is this next to Trump the most punchable face in politics, Turtle, Cocaine Mitch, Moscow Mitch, and now Rich Mitch
  5. Watch Trump purse his lips and preen today as he signs a worthless executive order while people continue to die and he does nothing, poster child for being a bully dishing it out but the moment somebody punches him in the mouth he runs away crying, both on twitter and his press conferences
  6. Something Trump could never be
  7. How many women have accused Trump of sexual abuse, Morning Joe every week till the election should have 1 of them on every week to tell their story in detail, after the first week Trump will stop tweeting about Scarborough
  8. Big talk from the biggest baby on the planet, don't think he has the power to do anything about it, but if he does how long before he starts jailing journalists, maybe some of his Saudi friends could help him out
  9. There have been reports than as many as 10 Senate seats could flip Democrat, even if Trump steals the election he will be neutered by the new Senate and still Democratic House and eventually removed
  10. He must be just bouncing of the walls in the WH as Miller and Jared chase after him with a straight jacket
  11. As hard as it is to believe the head honchos at Twitter are scared of Trump, or they are his biggest backers
  12. You would think that Bettman could afford a better camera 😀, long way to go for hockey to resume but the Bundesliga has had no problems yet, fingers crossed
  13. Didn't take her long to become a POS
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