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  1. Trump repeats himself over and over and over thinking if he keep repeating his crap people will believe him. Trump in full attack mode
  2. Yup, Trump loses Florida and he is done, New York, Washington, and California won't vote for him, and he has probably lost Michigan, so he attacks their Governors, except for Cuomo because even Trump is not that stupid
  3. Dr. Fauci claims that ii's possible a 100,000 plus could die from Covid 19 in the States, that's a lot of deaths from a hoax.
  4. The hoax is going to kill thousands and thousands in the States and Trump needs to be held accountable for his mismanagement and piss poor leadership, never has anyone taken up so much oxygen and given so little in return, again today more empty promises
  5. He has been everything the moron president is not....................impressive
  6. Was only a matter of time before she fell under his control
  7. No to be outdone by hospital personnel, Ivanka is ready to cash in
  8. Trump cronies now sending out cease and desist letters for ads claiming Trump did not say what he said on tape in front of people, or in tweets that were tweeted, if the Democrats can't defeat this foot in mouth fool they should disband the party
  9. Next 2 -3 weeks should be very telling in terms of social distancing, more new cases followed by a plateau and regression would be the best case scenario, if the cases continue to rise a month from now social distancing is not working, doesn't mean we should stop though
  10. No money for Trump and his family and their failed hotels, golf courses and pretty well everything that they have touched, that's gotta burn.
  11. Russia in all probability are fudging their numbers but Putin knows the truth
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