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  1. Well they will try to recover what every it was from the ocean, the Americans will say it was, the Chinese will say it wasn't and it will be all forgotten in a couple of weeks
  2. Brave Air force pilot George Santos hailed a hero for shooting down the Chinese spy balloon
  3. To my knowledge I have not gotten Covid, and am booked for my 3rd booster in the middle of the month, do I have to probably not but at this point I don't want to tempt faith
  4. He had that coin ready last year yet choose to come back, guys like him need to be in the spot light for all the world to see.
  5. I'm guessing Brady thought teams were going to line up and throw money at him and he has found out that nobody wants the qb who played and was not very good this past season
  6. That Oscar nominated George Santos to you all
  7. Speaking of actors you would think that this is what happening here but it's not, some of these people are legit crazy
  8. Pleading the fifth for me, I'm innocent, not for thee your guilty..............Donald J Trump
  9. ...............and of course Trump never really never pays the full amount or ever for lawyers and now is busy throwing darts on who he should sue, this suit will be another loss for a loser
  10. I'm sure Woodward and his publisher have everything in order, Trump on the other hand has soon to be wife number 4 telling everyone how bright he is while he is chewing on crayons.
  11. Trumps says he has more lawyers than mobster Capone, someone should tell him that's not something to brag about
  12. Sounds like George Santos or whatever he is calling himself this week time as a Congressman will be coming to an end in the near future. The Republicans have no more use for him and he is been investigated. He should quit and move to Brazil, hey wait a minute
  13. Nowhere near the size that his mind thinks he is getting
  14. Another Trump inquiry and he is starting to do rallies again, with the same old hits
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