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  1. If you think talking to the coach is awkward, wait until they start trying out different holders!
  2. The Free Press says he opted back in to his contract.
  3. They still think highly enough of him to keep him on the 53 man roster. Most teams are only keeping 2 QB's rostered.
  4. Strevy has been 3rd string all season. McCoy has only gone in for two run plays prior to today though.
  5. Correct. Stuart Klassen owns Morfit and is re-opening under White Lion athletics which he co-owns. They seems to be scrubbing his name from the White Lion website but the interwebs doesn't forget.
  6. That was me the entire game for the most part. Couldn't even finish a beer. The wife knew better than to try to talk to me. She was glad to have another couple with us at the game! 😂
  7. I think they just wanted to take a bit off his plate. His punting (which he has had some struggles with) was regressing when he took over from Crapinga. Having another kicker just lets him focus on one thing for now.
  8. I saw something on Twitter last night saying Crapinga was no longer with the team but it was from fan, not a legit source. Crapigna did go home when he was put on the 6 game so even if he did rejoin the team, he'd be subject to quarantine I would assume.
  9. If a dump truck from Saskatchewan pulls up to my house... I'm not thinking it's money inside! 💩
  10. Newest Canadian fighter to be signed to the UFC is Mike Malott - brother of Manitoba Moose Jeff Malott. They named dropped the Jets a couple times during fight on Dana White's Contender Series tonight.
  11. No love for Kamau Peterson or Kito Poblah?
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