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  1. There are lots. Like Frosty said, do a google search because where you live (or work) will determine where you'd want to try. I've used a couple over the last few years (one in Transcona & one in Winnipeg Square) that I would have no issues recommending to people - both were quick, very reasonably priced, and most importantly - quality work.
  2. bigg jay


    They better fine these dumb f**ks. They traveled to the US and Alberta where they were in contact with a person confirmed to have Covid. They should have been self isolating regardless of whether or not they were symptomatic (which they clearly were). Even if they weren't in that position, if you are sick or showing signs of sickness, stay the f**k home! Two strikes is enough for a fine in my books.
  3. bigg jay


    Counter-punch from another church... https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/arts-and-life/life/faith/petition-to-open-places-of-worship-a-terrible-idea-cleric-says-571370282.html
  4. To the surprise of absolutely nobody: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/manitoba-government-public-sector-wage-freeze-1.5608713
  5. If he was so concerned, why wait until the end of the season? He could easily quit now... is it because he's not very good and is using this as an excuse to bow out?
  6. bigg jay


    I'd love to see that info as well because the official numbers tell a much different story: Confirmed cases of COVID-19 On First Nations reserves in provinces, as of June 9, ISC is aware of: 237 confirmed positive COVID-19 22 hospitalizations 206 recovered cases 6 deaths Case numbers per region: British Columbia: 43 Alberta: 53 Saskatchewan: 54 Ontario: 52 Quebec: 35 https://www.sac-isc.gc.ca/eng/1581964230816/1581964277298
  7. bigg jay


    So I hear you're good to start running shows again. CWE got the green light today and will be live again as of this Friday. I understand Danny put forth a very compelling argument and he was able to convince government officials to give them the go ahead. I'm sure Goldstein's experience dealing with the government was a tremendous help in getting this done.
  8. bigg jay


    It's going to be a long time before buffet style restaurants will be allowed so this might be the new normal for Mongo's. They had to try something though. The Mongo's meatwall is an art form that will be lost to Covid-19 unfortunately!
  9. bigg jay


    It won't be as we remember it though... now you'll fill out a ticket with your desired ingredients and they'll fill your bowl. One of the things I loved about Mongo's was the customization and being able to tweak things as I went along... not sure how their new model will work for people like me but they're doing what they need to I guess. I'll try it but I'm keeping my expectations low. Kenaston opens tomorrow, with Regent & Polo Park opening with phase 3 (so around June 21st).
  10. TBF, I did say "a complete shill". Bob definitely has blue-tinted glasses on but he at least tries to be balanced. The absolutely bat-s**t crazy stuff that comes from Rod & company is on a whole other level.
  11. I get that he's being paid to do a job but Knuckles has proven that you can do that job without being a complete shill.
  12. I don't want Rod P. or Rod P. junior calling games... Taylor from 2 years ago would have been fine but since taking the job in Regina, he's gone full 4-Stripe. No thank you!
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