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  1. Not comparing them as players. Simply showing that the NFL doesn't wait for a certain time of year to look for new talent.
  2. Yet Rourke, Kian Schaffer-Baker, Julian Good-Jones & Jevon Cottoy have all gotten NFL interest once their season was done. Why hasn't Schoen? I have no clue but I do agree that they'll call eventually. I'd be shocked (and delighted) if they didn't.
  3. I get they wanted a polar bear connect but the Sea? In Winnipeg?
  4. The list of things they are missing is fairly long (HC, GM, common sense, bars of soap, a 5th stripe, etc) so talking about successful teams is all they can do.
  5. Walby definitely did pharmaceutical sales in the Interlake area. He used to joke about how many different baby mommas he had to pay.at the time.
  6. People need to save some of these tweets for when he inevitably has to back pedal. I'd hate for him to scrub his feed and we lose all this comedic gold.
  7. This. The offense hasn't really been an issue all year and Sunday was the worst possible time for a dud. Lots of blame to go around on that side of the ball (except for maybe Brady). Lack of protection from the O-Line, some questionable play calling, poor throws, poor route running... it all added up and cost us in the end.
  8. Haven't tested positive for COVID but came home with the Grey Cup flu and it's been kicking my ass the last few days. Feeling half-way decent today though so maybe my body just needed time to get rid of the Sask stink. My wife had contracted COVID this past summer when she went to visit a friend in Humboldt and now I got this from Regina so moral of the story? It's best just to stay the **** out of Saskatchewan (not that anyone should have needed reminding of this).
  9. It wasn't my first time in the Toilet Bowl but this was my first time in upper deck. How terrible & cramped the seats were (especially when everyone is all bundled up) stood out to me immediately. It's definitely one of the best stadiums in the CFL but it's not better than IGF (IMO).
  10. Nope, it was just another loss for the home team at Mosaic, you should be used to that by now. Things will go back to normal next season when we're back in the visitors locker room.
  11. Yup, lots of individual plays from all facets of the game that could have made a huge difference in the outcome. Team loss.
  12. Can confirm. Not my biggest gripe about how the event was run through since that has happened here as well.
  13. Calgary has not seemed to have any issues keeping their coaches for years on end. They get little promotions here and there but for the most part they are in the same role. Killam & Monson have been there 13 years and Delmonaco has been there 9.
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