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  1. It's already there and has been for a few weeks. You probably wouldn't notice it from the stands unless you looked for it though (as I did during the Calgary game).
  2. Afaik, the only thing they've mentioned is that they will crack down on password sharing. I'm guessing that will be similar to Crave, where you can only have 5 devices registered to an account. It doesn't stop account sharing but it does limit it.
  3. Was like that for me too but recently exodus has been really good again.
  4. Agreed. We'll probably ditch netflix as well. If something comes out that we really want to see, we'll just figure out another way to watch.
  5. $8.99 per month or $89 for the year. https://www.google.com/amp/s/variety.com/2019/digital/news/disney-plus-launch-canada-netherlands-australia-new-zealand-1203305784/amp/
  6. Is it too early to start talking about McGuire? Asking for a friend...
  7. The game or the thread? 😂
  8. I wouldn't give the Bombers credit for Grant since he was on Hamilton's neg list not ours. They do get credit for snagging him when the Ticats cut him in camp though.
  9. That brings back some memories. We had a Hunky Bill's perogy maker when I was little.
  10. Not happy with his playing time I guess?
  11. This is a legit possibility since PHIA has previously stopped injury information from being shared with the public, in other sports. A number of universities in the States also limit what they can divulge without the athletes consent due to HIPAA.
  12. He was paired up with Cody so AEW might already have an inside track. Cain has a few more shows booked with AAA so sticking with them is also an option for him.
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