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  1. He recently confirmed the ending will be the same for both the show & the books. I know a lot of people who have trouble with the books (same with Tolkien stuff), and I always recommend they try the audiobook versions if they can.
  2. Haha hearing about a sex scene might be a bit jarring seeing how young she was at that point in the series.
  3. When I heard the opponent, I was underwhelmed. It felt like an easy pick and maybe they were hoping they would have had someone else signed by now. Then I watched that promo vid! So well done, I went from zero interest to really looking forward to it.
  4. If/when that happens, life in general will be much more enjoyable!
  5. Montreal has been terrible no matter what they did though.
  6. It could be that Snoke wasn't wounded as much as his body was distorted by the sheer power that was being transferred into him. In the Star Wars EU, Palpatine moved his essence into cloned bodies but the power of the dark side was so strong that the bodies broke down at an accelerated rate so he had to keep moving from clone to clone. Could be something similar with Snoke.
  7. Not a bad idea to float the idea out there and see what kind of offers you get. Certain GM's out there might be looking to move back into the 1st round after some terrible trades (hello Kavis!). If they want to make another terrible trade or two in exchange for one or both of our picks, I'm sure Kyle will be willing to listen.
  8. My 1st thought about palpatine was that Rey has another vision and that's where we hear him laughing.
  9. When it will be available in Canada is my question.
  10. This might not be a chain, but it's run by Eatz Enterprises, the same company that owns Moxies so they know what they are doing. I doubt it will take them long to get things going once the doors open.
  11. Maybe not so quick if you look at the similar case with the Huawei exec in Canada. She was arrested December on behalf of the US and she's still in Canadian custody (and will be for the foreseable future).
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