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  1. Pretty sure MOAB is referring to the fact that Richie has had his own health issues over the last few years.
  2. On Twitter, I've seen Bridge & Lulay thrown out there as possibilities. Durant would be the only other guy I could think of.
  3. Lots of shots fired in that promo, I popped for "we're not NEXT, we're NOW".
  4. Have you seen some of the things that have been said about Nichols or (to a lesser extent) Steveler on here?
  5. It's the only thing he can still do somewhat effectively. He certainly didn't do much else in Edmonton. James Neal, on the other hand, is fitting in quite well with his new team. It's still early but the Oilers are definitely winning that trade right now.
  6. bigg jay


    Would have preferred this 15 years ago but still gonna watch!
  7. Hall still isn't back from dealing with his family issue so you might get your wish. It's addition by subtraction in my mind.
  8. It's amazing how far Franklin's stock has fallen... from a star QB in waiting to being worth less in trade value than a guy who can't last more than a few snaps.
  9. That thought popped into my head when I saw they made an offer for him... the flipside is losing to Sask with Collaros behind center (for as long as that would last). They have enough stuff to yap about already so no thanks to taking Rider trash off the scrap heap..
  10. He took a stick from Taylor Hall. The fans were going nuts because they thought it came from a Jet and should have been a penalty. The stick got him bad enough that they were pulling fibreglass out of his gums.
  11. When Chamblin was hired Dunk had this to say, so they might also be paying for Trestman as well which would make it even more difficult for them to lure MOS away.
  12. They can just go ahead and cancel my season tickets if they would even contemplate this. I don't want to see him back in any capacity next season, never mind giving him a promotion!
  13. Truthfully, he's probably a better fit (right now anyway) with the WWE, in my opinion. The angle with Brock writes itself and neither guy is expected to put on a technical masterpiece.
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