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  1. For the royal treatment you get if you wear enough gold?
  2. Maybe in their experience but I would put money on them being in the minority. I've been working in this system for over 15 years and this is by far the most chaotic I have ever seen it. It's not so much what they are trying to do but how they are going about doing it. Their plans (or lack their of) seem to go out the window all the time. This seems to be the thought process: "Things aren't going as well as we thought they would? Ok, f**k it, let's double down by not only sticking with the plans that aren't working but speeding up the timeline for those changes, That should fix things... or least get the changes in place by election time so the fallout won't be truly felt until after the votes are in".
  3. He already showed last week that he's more mobile than last season. It's never going to be something teams really have to plan around though.
  4. But what about MOS wearing shorts? For me it's no different than DC's hat. If it starts affecting wins and losses, then I'll care, but until then, to each their own.
  5. Their entire o line looks like trash tonight.
  6. After reading this thread, I'm off to the Oak!
  7. If you're referring to Davis, he was found by Calgary.
  8. I'm not sure why this is being asked in a Ottawa/Sask thread but yes, the ex-Bomber is playing SAM for Edmonton. He signed with them last season and then briefly retired. Played with them in the pre-season game here but only made their PR coming out of camp.
  9. Hopefully he's smart enough not to go after Charlie Roberts as RB coach.... as much as Charlie would enjoy it, that city is not a good fit for him!
  10. 1 - Hecht. 2 picks and removing Carter as a factor in the game. 2 - Harris and the O-line. For a new group, that some here said would be a step down from previous years, they opened some big holes and Harris took full advantage. Nastiness doesn't seem to be lacking either. 3 Exume. Looked very good on ST when it looked like that could be an area of concern. HH - Woli with the 2 Td's
  11. The way he was rolling around, he looked like a fighter trying to get up after being KO'd.
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