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  1. bigg jay


    Yeah I don't think anyone believed he changed who he was... maybe more hoping that he finally smartened up a little bit. That clearly hasn't happened and at this point probably never will.
  2. bigg jay


    And a week later the same guy is saying H1N1 was a cakewalk compared to this. This situation is changing so rapidly, that 3 weeks is a lifetime ago. https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/special/coronavirus/public-has-power-in-fight-against-covid-19-568785772.html
  3. bigg jay


    Very possible, but even travel itself isn't a guarantee that a test gets done.
  4. bigg jay


    Stupid f**king people would rather lie & risk ending up in hospital & spreading disease (or worse) than admit to travelling somewhere and having to self-quarantine for a couple weeks.
  5. I watched it on Crave but there are versions of part 2 on youtube (not as good quality as part 1 though - at least as of last night). They talk about the tribute & go more into possible causes in part 2 so I won't go into it yet until people have had a chance to watch.
  6. Just watched the Vice documentary on Chris and Nancy Benoit... whew that was emotional. Very well done and a must watch for wrestling fans. Lots of stuff on Eddie in the 1st half, which is also pretty heartbreaking. My respect for Jericho is on a whole other level now.
  7. Was in section S, row 2 for that game. Bonkers is right... longest ovation I can ever remember.
  8. He's definitely still there and no he is not taking covid seriously enough. It's not a pandemic in his expert opinion and he's not going to abide by any quarantine rules because he's all about living in the moment. 🙄 He says he's lost over a thousand followers and two sponsorships already and that's just from Winnipeg.
  9. bigg jay


    Here's a new resource Manitobans can use if they are in need of some help during this period. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/brian-pallister-covid-19-online-tool-1.5506948
  10. Working from home at the moment. I'm in the middle of jumping from one project/department to another though so I'll have to go into the office at least once (probably twice) over the next couple weeks to clean out my desk and return some equipment. Back to the home office after that for the next while.
  11. Until GC, this was my favorite moment I was able to see live. Didn't think anything would ever beat it... I was wrong!
  12. bigg jay


    Story on CFL ref Al Bradbury & his wife: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-couple-cruise-ship-costa-luminosa-1.5501160
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