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  1. Going by his social media, he didn't seem to be hurt. He was getting looks from the arena league & the XFL but it doesn't look like anything panned out.
  2. He was in camp with us last year... made it through both pre-season games before getting cut. Some people in the media (I want to say Hamilton?) thought he would get scooped up by another club. He's got one of those hard luck stories that you can't help but root for the guy.
  3. Looks like the Bombers are bringing Boynton back for another look.
  4. Coaches are getting fired for that sort of thing these days...
  5. I wouldn't even consider him a Calgary product, he was barely there. They signed him in Feb 2015 and then released him in training camp a few months later... zero regular season games played.
  6. This is my biggest issue with Arbuckle. Having said that, Calgary does have a proven track record of producing quality QB's. Arbuckle also started more games this season than Franklin did over 3 seasons in Edmonton so I would say he's more proven as a QB.
  7. Masoli's health could factor into this as Hamilton apparently doesn't think he'll be ready come training camp. If he starts the season on the IR, he still gets paid & they save some cap space. They can worry about playing time once he's healthy.
  8. It's the Als... those are both legit possibilities! Apparently McManus took himself out of the running for the GM job. It's not a good sign when multiple candidates decide to pull out rather than try to tackle that tire fire. They had another 2 flat out decline an interview.
  9. I don't blame him. If other teams are willing to release guys to pursue NFL opportunities, why hasn't Calgary let him go?
  10. I think the Bauming thing is already done (and was blown out of proportion). Someone asked him on Twitter if there was any truth to the rumors that he was being blacklisted by the players and he just laughed and say no.
  11. And they are all very happy about it. I wonder if a non-compete was part of the deal.
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