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  1. If that's the kind of guy he is, he could have easily packed his bags & went home towards the end of the season when he was a healthy scratch. Not only did he not do that, he was one of the biggest cheerleaders on the sidelines. I would argue that Nelson would be a bigger risk considering he spent most of 2018 on the retired list before deciding to come back late in the season.
  2. Yes but Wayne Gretzky is in the commercials so that apparently gives them a pass.
  3. He was injured twice last season (late May & then mid-July) and the 2nd time it kept him out for the year.
  4. Potentially adding Archer, Cage, Kross and Harper would definitely change the AEW roster. Would make for some interesting "heavyweight" matches.
  5. That's not being thrown under the bus at all and it wasn't the club who went to the media. Being thrown under the bus would be Walters holding a press conference and saying something like "due to his game manager status and being injury-prone, we've decided to cut ties with Matt Nichols and focus on signing a real QB... Zach Collaros". The reality is that once they made the choice that they want to bring Collaros back, they had 3 options with Nichols: A) Give him a heads up so he can start making other plans B) say nothing and leave him twisting in the wind C) give him false hope that he'll be back as QB1. They chose the most professional and respectful route available to them.
  6. Pretty sure Arbuckle gets a say in that... He was in Ottawa for the past few days but left without a deal which could mean he intends to see what he's worth on the open market.
  7. bigg jay


    My concern with that plan would be that we probably don't see it happen for a long time. Conor has only fought twice in the last 3 years so at that pace we wouldn't see a rematch until about 2026, and that's assuming he wins those in between fights. I agree he would most likely do better the next time around but it's just such a bad match for him style-wise (tbf Khabib is a bad match for just about everyone).
  8. bigg jay


    I'd also rather see Khabib vs GSP but I have no real desire to see Khabib/Conor 2. I think that one goes down the exact same way as the 1st fight. GSP/Conor might be a more competitive match up... GSP has (had?) the wrestling but he doesn't really maul you on the ground the way Khabib does. My top 3 (in no particular order) would be: GSP/Khabib Tony/Khabib Nate/Khabib
  9. bigg jay


    GSP could be an option now for Conor. Dana was skeptical about Conor at 170 but says he has no doubts after this past weekend. The UFC is also trying to figure out the best card to bring back to Montreal since they haven't been there in 5 years... that would be one of the 2 fights (GSP/Khabib would be the other) that would guarantee a sell-out.
  10. bigg jay


    It's not like they adhere to any standards when it comes to title fights, it's all about money...Romero & Aldo are both getting title fights despite being on 2 fight losing streaks. Rumour is that Usman might be "hurt" so they're looking at an interim title fight between Conor & Masvidal (aka this fight will bring in more money than Usman vs anybody would).
  11. bigg jay


    Agreed. Shoulder strikes are rare to begin with nevermind being effective like that.
  12. According to the WWE, we can start planning the next parade too.
  13. One of the few I can think of that would be a fit for the role without it being a disappointment.
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