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  1. Never been jealous of a Ti-cat fan before... Ticats expect 3,000 fans at Sunday practice - CFL.ca
  2. Out since the beginning of camp & still a week from getting back on the field according to Tait's latest Quick Hits article. I hope he can get/stay healthy so the club can really know if he can still play.
  3. If the team was high on him, it might be one of those "go home, heal up and we'll see what happens" kind of thing.
  4. I've seen a small sample of the issues with the vaccine records and that does not surprise me one bit. Between system errors and the huge data entry backlog, mb health has a very big hole to dig out of.
  5. Darren Cameron has mentioned a few times that the team is working on getting this resolved.
  6. Pre-sale for season ticket holders starts on the 16th according to an email from the club.
  7. I take it as a troll job on the Riders (and I approve of his message).
  8. Borders were only closed for non-essential travel. Immigration (assuming that's what he did since they have a family together and bought a house) was not stopped though the numbers are way down compared to pre-pandemic years.
  9. NFL teams have the facilities and money to accommodate those extra hoops though. I'm sure Adams would also like to have the same salary cap as the NFL but that's not going to happen either.
  10. Double dosed! If anyone needs me, I'll be at IGF waiting for the season to start.
  11. It's not available on my FireTV (yet) but it works well enough on the Amazon Silk browser my TV has. I set it to desktop mode and I'm good to go.
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