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  1. I don’t think it has, and that should not be lost in the Reilly news.
  2. An absolute shame he had to go out like he did in BC. My favourite non-Bomber player in the league and just an electric player to watch.
  3. I’m not saying it’s likely, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Obviously, we’ve had players leave before and we will again.
  4. I could see it. He’s a young guy with no ties. Makes sense for him to maximize his value while he can. We’ve seen it with Chungh. Our OL is so sought after that teams overpay for our pieces.
  5. I'm reading the thread on riderfans now and the whole thing reads as the Bombers are doing great and they don't know how they're going to catch up. It's weird how people pick individual posts from a thread and try to pass it off as the general feeling of a fanbase.
  6. more than what I wanted to pay, but kind of what the expectation was.
  7. A couple of former Riders gushing over our signings and culture. https://twitter.com/lucmull95/status/1484184435067174913?s=20
  8. I can't see Strev coming back to Winnipeg if we have ZC on the roster (as much as I'd love to see him back). There will probably be better opportunities out there for him.
  9. Never had any doubt about Biggie coming back, just a matter of how much he signed for and what the ripple effect will be.
  10. I don’t believe in their ability at this point in their careers either. And both come with off the field issues. Strev at least has his physical gifts and will rally guys around him.
  11. I do not believe Strev is a #1 guy and don't believe he can transform himself into a successful passer. I would still prefer him to any other option on the market should Collaros leave.
  12. I would sign him ahead of the other options I see out there. And then you are scouting hard for the 'next' guy.
  13. I mean, he's the highest paid OL in the league.... we're not exactly getting a discount.
  14. But wasn't the cap 5.25 in 2019? 600k is an outrageous number if the cap is 5M.
  15. The idea that Collaros wants to be here because we are the best place for him and the idea that Collaros wants to old out for every dollar we are willing to give him are not mutually exclusive. We got half the posters arguing that Zach was damaged goods before we saved him and we have the best OL to prootect him. The other half saying that Zach needs to be the highest paid in the league. Both things can be true. The fact is that QBs are (by far) the highest paid players and Zach is currently performing like the best QB in the league. The former mega-contracts of Reilly, Mitchell, and Harris have all been reworked or torn up completely. ZC will more than likely be the highest paid player in the league when all is said and done.
  16. Obviously it depends on the game, but I ca't count the amount of times I've yelled at the TV when the refs are just sitting there on the field, all the time in world, before finally getting into position and starting the clock. I hate it.. Make it 30 seconds instead of 40, but one of my main complaints about the CFL is time between plays. I would love if we added play clock rules that aren't dependant on the refs to whistle it in.
  17. I have to 100% disagree with this. The CFL is much, much worse. Their play clock starts immediately. We have to wait for the refs to blow it in. I see way too much standing around in-between games whie the refs have a chat when the ball should be placed and the clock ticking.
  18. I feel like this argument is an outdated one from someone who doesn't watch NFL. This isn't the 90's where they just feed the ball to the RB anymore. It is a passing league that absolutely has exciting 4th quarters. There was a new renaissance just this past season that saw teams going for 2 after TDs as well as making increased gambles on 4th down. There are absolutely things that we could take from that league that would benefit us (4 downs not being one of them).
  19. Of course not - that's why they cherry-picked one age group to share which included fans and non-fans. It's irrelevant information.
  20. You can argue the effectivess of their solutions, but they're obviously trying. Live music, diversity campaigns, investments in youth sports, players in the community.
  21. Nothing in there is shocking - the same problems we've been fighting for decades. Some of these numbers are cherry picked to sound shocking but don't really mean anything.
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