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  1. You're not wrong. But they ask about a lot of players and its time for them to ask about Oliveria again. Probably too busy trying to find Foketi on the depth chart.
  2. I somewhat blame the media. They need to make a point of asking.
  3. Wouldn’t be the first player the bombers wouldn’t admit was gonna be out for the season.
  4. He's just really green as a passer. He's making a lot of mistakes and those things are about learning through pain a little bit. Has to learn how to put the ball where only your guy can catch it on some of these endzone passes. I expect he will make fewer mistakes as he gets more in game reps.
  5. It actually seems pretty impossible because for Winnipeg and Calgary to end up tied would require a split and a BC win against Calgary. The best chance Winnipeg has is to win out and have the Riders lose two games. Either way. Winnipeg can get a home playoff game if they win out. The most ideal scenario right now that is somewhat realistic is to win out against Calgary. At least we wouldn't have to win a playoff game in Calgary to make it to the cup.
  6. Not when it comes to a 3 way tie. A three way tie i believe comes down to wins and losses against both other teams. In order to see a 3 way tie happen Winnipeg would need to win both against the stamps. So Winnipeg's record vs Calgary/Sask would be 4 and 2. Sask's record vs Calgary/Winnipeg would be 2 and 3 and Calgary's record would be 2 and 3.
  7. What extra annoying is that the riders now get to play their final three games against teams with nothing to play for. The mike Reilly injury really hurt the bombers chances of first here. Keep in mind if it ended in a 3 way tie Winnipeg would win the tiebreaker but that would require the riders to lose 2 out of their last three. If mike stayed healthy and beat the Eskimos it would have been more realistic.
  8. It is what it is. Typically we win our Regina based games in the playoffs!
  9. The schedule makers basically gifted riders first place. I think things would had been different if we got two riders games in Winnipeg and one in Regina.
  10. Problem with rider fans is if you don’t find them they will find you.
  11. Whatever happened to BVD? He'd fit in with this grouping as well.
  12. In the meantime. We need to kind of rush Collaras a long. He's not going to learn enough just by being in the filmroom and taking second string reps. He should have a small package of plays for the first Calgary game and then give him full starter's reps in the second Calgary game. The plan can be to go back to Streveler in the playoffs but at least that make Collaras and potential option in the playoffs to come off the bench or have some sort of two qb system. It also gives Streveler two weeks to rest so that when he plays in the playoffs he can be healthy and they can unleash him as a major part of the running attack. I feel like he was injured in the Montreal game and hasn't looked as fast since. Either that or they haven't designed as many creative run plays for him since learning that Nichols was out for the season.
  13. The compounding factor is that Matt Nichols isn't getting any younger and has had injuries in the past three season. This year we completely lost his services, last year he lost his mobility when he came back and the year before he was cobbled together and actually played pretty good in the playoffs with the injuries he had. However, he's gotten older the injuries have started to hamper his play more and more. With some potential other options out there this offseason we need to explore a trade for early negotiating right to Arbuckle or Masoli and if not Masoli than i think Evans will be traded as he demands starters pay and Masoli will demand IMO Bo level bucks this offseason. We need to be aggressive this offseason and not take the old mindset we've always taken that is we are simply satisfied to have mediocre level quarterbacking. The timing has never been better to be a bit more cut throat.
  14. I viewed O'Shea's comments about not making any moves at the deadline as similar to Murphy's comments about how much interest there was in his players. Murphy is like the used car salesmen who is overhyping what he's selling and O'Shea is the guy proving beyond any doubt that he's willing to walk away from the deal if the price doesn't come down.
  15. Wow.. I imagine there will be a bidding war for his services if that's the case. I thought he had extended. We better be prepared to make the necessary adjustments to get an elite qb on the cap for next season.
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