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  1. Pretty sure his wife won't be getting CTE working in one market or another. I'm not convinced we want Collaras back given all the options. I just think if Winnipeg wants him back and goes after him aggressively that he would do it.
  2. I can't for the life of me see why Toronto wouldn't be going all in on the guy. He put up great numbers on a bad team and he can take a hit. He's a pure pocket passer so i think he could do quite well in a tandem with Streveler and not break the bank so we can continue to have an elite team around the qb's.
  3. That's three teams and you've got Collaras, Nichols, MBT, Masoli (potentially), and Arbuckle. The wild card is Streveler. And Winnipeg is really well positioned because they are by far the best situation to put a qb into. After what Zach with minimal time to get up to speed is a testament to him and the group around him. Any QB to hit the free agent market would love the opportunity to play in Winnipeg. For a guy like Arbuckle you could go to a weaker organization and end up blowing your career.
  4. I’d peg that as similar injury risks but Collaros when healthy is the vastly superior Quarterback and he’s won the grey cup for us and that adds a lot. Only way I wouldn’t bring either of these guys back would be if I was confident that Streveler can and will take his passing game to the next level. If not I would go for bethel Thompson or arbuckle to try and last the season with Streveler also playing a lot.
  5. Especially impressive when you look at all the losses. Assuming Couture that would make 3 young Canadian starters lost in the last 3 years and still plenty of depth in that area.
  6. i dont think his pass block is there yet. Even without being on an island this area was a work in progress.
  7. Its good that Neufeld is back. It makes our young guys come to camp with the mentality that they will have to fight for a starting job. Right now I think that Gray has an uphill battle to start ahead of Desjarlais.
  8. Im sure he will. But its still going to be a downgrade from actually doing it yourself. If that worked just as well he would have been doing it already as OC.
  9. The other factor might be what they are willing to accept. I could see Kongbo being willing to take a deal with no signing bonus and eventually a practice roster role to start the season and develop for a period of time. Whereas I don't see Jefferson going down without a significant signing bonus and in a scenario where he has a good chance of at least being on the active roster. Kongbo far more likely to sign in NFL IMO. Jefferson had NFL interest last year but had some high demands because he didn't want to just be a training camp body.
  10. Did anyone else watch the monday nighter? Couldn't help but notice that Blue Bomber neg lister Greg Ward was getting pretty good volume in the game. He's the guy we got from the Stamps in exchange for DE Patrick Choudja. Ward has been seen as a raw athlete who is a developmental project for the Eagles but with all the injuries he's been getting playing time. He definitely runs a nice post route and has speed. He dropped a fairly difficult touchdown pass when he was distracted by a defensive back who jumped in and may have bumped his head slightly. He looks like a pretty good CFL prospect should he not take his career a step further in the NFL.
  11. He still doesn't seem to exude confidence the way O'Shea does. Whether it is true or not Joe Mack stated that he already had concerns with Lapo's leadership abilities even when they went to the Grey Cup. After that season several players had voiced concerns about it according to Mack. But because they went to the Grey Cup they decided they had to stick with him. He's a very good offensive co-ordinator but I'm not sold on him being the leader of a team. It's one thing to get respect in the offensive co-ordinator position when they got to respect him or they will hear about it from Mike O'Shea. Its another thing to be the top dog yourself and command that respect. I also think that he calls plays from the booth for a reason. He isn't as effective as an offensive co-ordinator when he is wearing multiple hats and is calling plays from the sidelines.
  12. Yeah.. BC is a good situation for him. They struggled last season. He gets to go into a situation with a top CFL passer and if he can turn things around he will look good for a head coaching job in a couple years.
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