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  1. I'm going to take it as a sign that our young Canadian offensive lineman are looking good if literally nobody noticed the absence of Foketi.
  2. Stamps have lost offensive lineman Brad Erdos for the season with a patella tendon tear.
  3. Guess we are going out to be starting 3 Canadians on the offensive line.
  4. https://www.bluebombers.com/2019/05/25/bombers-add-jamar-mcgloster-israel-helms/ Bombers have added two import offensive lineman and have released Frank Sutton and Evan Perrizo.
  5. https://www.esks.com/2019/05/24/injury-update-sirvincent-rogers/?fbclid=IwAR1rImV-HJzjYz5EU4UeVxUUm9bzRFfdhpAfvYdjfpCw80MJfKRXNb8vn7I Eskimos dealt a big blow here. Sir Vincent Rogers has a torn bicep and out indefinitely.
  6. Whatever happened to rookie camp stud Matt Hazel?
  7. Don't see that lasting unless we pick up Chris Ackie.
  8. So you’re saying our corners were struggling? This is what I don’t like about training camp.
  9. I’m not going to just take a player reps word for it. Unions know how to unify the players a get them to stop thinking about their own finances. Whether the league actually pulled a fast one or whether this was just a language issue as a result of rushing through negotiations at the last minute we probably will never know. However, I’m glad the players held strong and the owners held strong. Without that we probably wouldn’t have a deal yet and with all the changes to rosters due to the global stuff and the import veteran perk it was essential to get these things sorted out before the season started.
  10. Well imagine a scenario though where we are starting Jake Thomas and he comes out of the game with a minor injury and Drake Nevis goes in. How eager will Bombers coaching staff be to re-insert Thomas back into the game?
  11. The imports who qualify won't be the issue.. Its whether or not the Canadian starter is actually injured that's gonna be a problem. There's already issues where teams will fake injuries to get the bombers out of their hurry up offense. Now you can fake an injury to get another american starter.
  12. Doesn't really surprise me. This seems like a rule that is destined to be taken advantage of by crafty teams. How exactly they plan to prevent teams from having a Canadian player go down to an "injury" when they aren't really injured is going to be key. How badly injured to they need to be? I would think that at the very least when an import vet comes in for an injured Canadian that player should not be allowed to re-enter the game and needs to miss the next game at the very least.
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