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  1. That's would benefit the bombers given the wear and tear factor on Andrew Harris and the number of games Collaros is typically good for.
  2. This could really be the straw that broke the camels back in terms of the xfl.
  3. Same situation now as he had in Toronto after Ray went down. SJ Green to throw to but no quarterback. Some things never change with Marc Trestman.
  4. Who moves to slotback Darvin or Drew?
  5. It's more than that. There is what he did in pre-season and in practice that led the coaching staff to keep him over Bennett even when Bennett seemed to have a great training camp. The last young QB this coaching staff believed in is now in the NFL on a 100k signing bonus. Winnipeg are the Grey Cup champs and I'm at the point where I'm willing to trust the GM and the coaching staff to make these evaluations. Calgary is an organization that I trust even more at this point in terms of evaluating young QB's who would be able to handle the opportunities to start in the future. They were able to evaluate starting material in a backup role with Arbuckle and Bo Levi Mitchell before him. In order to have long term viability our organization can't rely solely on picking up loose change at the quarterback position from other teams.
  6. To me McGuire has a similar skillset to Colloras and Im glad that he's going to be learning under him this year rather than Matt Nichols. We want our QB's to aspire to be more than a game manager.
  7. I guess at this point we should just wait for Bryon Bennet to be made available and then he can come in and be the number 3 QB and play special teams and maybe do some Streveler package type stuff. With Fajardo, Franklin, and Harker I don't see him making the Riders right now.
  8. Its probably gapped up a bit this year because the league re-worked their agreement with TSN and the players have it worked into the collective bargaining agreement that they get a certain percentage of any new tv revenues.
  9. Basically... Its something that will need to be figured out over time. But right now its like the league will offer the global players jobs just not good jobs. Very difficult for global's to win starting jobs when competing against so many americans.
  10. Lapo continues to follow the mike O’Shea formula. Now he’s adding Winnipeg native running backs.
  11. I’m expecting the Ticats to go back with Canadian running backs again next year. This move surprises me
  12. He'd want to know where Charleston Hughes is at all times when on the road.
  13. Maybe he signs with the Riders then?
  14. Darren Cameron officially reported Winnipeg has signed Josh Johnson to a one year deal.
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