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  1. That new corner looks pretty good too. He did give up that touchdown but honestly his coverage on the play was pretty solid. Just maybe mistimed his jump a little bit but I think he's a keeper.
  2. Im viewing Crapinga as a stop gap. I believe that Sergio Castillo and Lirim Hajrullahu have yet to secure contracts as training camp bodies. If one or both of them are still available once the NFL season starts i think we will try and bring one in. Brett Maher is also available after being waived in March by the Cardinals.
  3. I was sitting on that side of the field and it looked like the ref was shielded.
  4. Very impressed with "Our Bombers" last night. It was so amazing to be at the game after all that's gone on the last couple years. Winnipeg was more ready for the season than Hamilton was. I think that our rookie DB's handled themselves quite well and will only get better. Hamilton was out of sync where as Winnipeg was able to use their tried and true running attack to dominate the game. Hamilton will be much more difficult to face later on in the season. But based on this game Winnipeg deserves to be number 1 on all CFL power rankings. Defending Grey Cup champs and Hamilton is supposed to be better than us based on the so called experts. We dominated them!
  5. I like Copp. But bolstering our D is more important and Im looking forward to seeing Perfetti in action! "Although Schmidt is left-handed, prior to arriving in Vancouver he typically played on the right side. Normally, right-handed blueliners play on the right side, while left-handed defenders play on the left side. He thrives when doing the opposite." From Google
  6. Ain't gonna be easy to fit everyone into the salary cap and fill out the holes in thier roster. Potentially Copp gets traded to get some draft capitol back. We might end up just lining up two defenseman at a time on the left side.
  7. I'll be there to see it. Looking forward like you wouldn't believe
  8. I would love to see that. Not sure Maurice has it in him.
  9. But for this season i imagine the pairings will be Morrisey/Demalo, Dillon/Pionk, Stanley/Free Agent. Im hoping we can get Hamonic on a hometown discount.
  10. Found this old article but its great to know he's comfortable playing on both sides. https://thehockeywriters.com/san-jose-sharks-brenden-dillon-versatile-defense/ “A little bit, there’s pluses and minus to both. I think when you’re coming back defensively, and a guy has a step on your right side being a lefty, the stick is a foot or two further in front. Hopefully, you don’t put yourself in that situation, but if you’re on the left side, you have to reach across your body to get stick-on-stick. For me, I’m comfortable playing either side.”
  11. I thought for sure there would be bigger money out there for him. Nice depth piece.
  12. I wonder if there would be an interest in Naman Roosevelt who was released by the Als but would have familiarity with Collaros.
  13. We always seem to have a good player fall to us. I have high hopes for this guy. I know we all like Canadians but I like drafting Americans who are going to college. You end up getting more out of thier entry level deals imo. They are more physically ready for the nhl when you sign them playing in college rather than in the juniors. Say what you want about Chevy he has assembled an amazing scouting staff and with Perfetti and Lucius in the system there is plenty of optimism for the future of our top 6 as guys like Wheeler age out.
  14. Id love to see Alex Suber develop a scheme to stop this guy when we play ottawa. wait? We don't play ottawa
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