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  1. So much for the argument that Trump was wacky to renegotiate nafta on the precipice of Canada being a national security threat.
  2. I would think it might lead to fewer CFL only fans and more CFL/NFL fans in Canada.
  3. Its nice though to see veteran players standing up for rookies. You should listen to how Chris Walby was treated by vets as a rookie. A lot has changed.
  4. Its a very unfortunate situation for the finances of my individuals and owners as well. When it comes to rookie compensation we need to understand also that 8 out 9 of them will be making at least one playoff check because it sounds like this proposal is based on an expanded playoffs. It will suck for rookies no doubt. However, many rookies in the past have been willing to come home with nothing and just sit on the practice roster in hopes of getting an opportunity in the future and I don't think there will be a max exodus of rookies should this proposal go through. Those who don't want to co
  5. This is a NHL rumor but could have pretty big implications on the CFL. No idea if there is any legitamacy to this reports but it talks about how the NHL is considering permanantly starting the season later to avoid having to compete against the NBA. https://www.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/rumor-nhl-looking-at-making-permanent-changes-to-the-regular-season?ref=sidebar This is something that could really benefit the CFL down the stretch and into the playoffs and the Grey Cup her in Canada.
  6. I just feel like we have bigger things to worry about than who’s gonna he calling the games if we actually have a season.
  7. I’d take that over someone who has no idea how football works like Rod Black.
  8. The CFL has now asked the Spring League for a proposal. Can anyone wrap your brains around what exactly the Spring League is proposing? Their message on what exactly they are offering the CFL has been convoluted.
  9. Not wrong. Truely, not overwhelming health care services is what it is all about at this point. The social distancing strategy may very well increase the long term infection rate because that will give the virus time to mutate into other forms. But if you get so many people with the virus at one time you are unable to save the 20% that you can save by using ventilators. Delaying the spread also gives you time to test medications that can potentially lower death rate as well. I think 5 years from now if we could go back we will likely have done something different. I understand why they don't w
  10. The death rate is much lower than 2%. This was confirmed recently with antibody testing in New York which showed that over 20% of New Yorkers had the virus already. Most of whom showed no signs of it. The reporting on deaths is also slanted towards the scarier side of reality. Its still bad and should be taken seriously. But actual death rates is going to be at most 0.5%. The media simply doesn't want to have an honest conversation about what's going on because anytime somebody states that its maybe not as bad is it is being made out to be there will be people who decided to neglect social d
  11. The bombers would struggle through this time but certainly they would not go under. Teams like Edmonton, Saskatchewan, and Winnipeg would be able to survive with the stabilization funds they have. However, the rest of the league is going to have trouble surviving.
  12. Can we make it to the end of a draft without drafting an offensive lineman?
  13. Perhaps he’s this year’s Eli!
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