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  1. That’s a big if. This team is structured to win despite not getting much from the wh position. If the riders are winning with Fajardo, the Ticats with Evans, and the Als with Adams.... Winnipeg gonna be just fine with Streveler.
  2. The way I’m reading it is that Nichols won’t be back at least for 5 or 6 week however for Glenn to turn it down it was likely a situation where he knew Nichols would be back and Glenn wouldn’t have the chance to lead the team. Either that or his job would have just been insurance in case Streveler gets injured.
  3. Winnipeg finally surpasses Calgary and we are gonna panic?
  4. If Nichols is done for the season I would fully expect that he’s no longer going to be our starting quarterback. To me this was a make or break year for him. He needs to get it done this season.
  5. Welcome here.. Just curious what your main gripes are with the NFL. I mean there's quite a few potential candidates in my mind
  6. A box of tape was traded for 3 jock straps.
  7. I heard that Jeff Knox Jr. had been released today. Where did you hear about JSK?
  8. Has Glenn been contacted by the ticats yet?
  9. Grant had pretty good results in pre-season for the ticats. 1 punt return for 14 yards and 5 kickoff returns for 120 yards. Lets hope he kept his playbook.
  10. If the guy is still in shape.. I feel like Crockett already left enough puke on our turf last night
  11. If Demski is out for any period of time here we are going to bring in another Canadian receiver. I wonder if Dylan Schrot will be brought back again. More lives than a cat that guy!
  12. Any word on Lucky Whitehead's injury.. It looked like a collarbone to me. Chris Matthews might have a role again pretty quickly if Whitehead is out.
  13. Yeah and the previous game he didn't get that many touches but a lot of what Winnipeg was doing fed off all the extra attention he was receiving.
  14. Whitehead has become too valuable as a starting receiver to handle all the return duties as well.
  15. I don’t see JJ doing all that well in this style of offense. I don’t think he makes his reads quick enough. I’d send the best early and often and see how he handles it.
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