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  1. By the sounds of it its something would be by iffy to happen in time for their second season. The problem these days is that its all about player safety. Coaches in the NFL don't like how few reps players get in practice. But the idea of having players play in extra games during the offseason would likely pose a push back from a players safety standpoint.
  2. Probably the only reason he signed in the AAF was because he could get a shot at playing DB. I imagine that he believes his only NFL pathway is at DB. I would hope he's prepared to move on from that at this point.
  3. I would imagine not a whole lot will come of it unless they create a new ratio for players who come from outside North America. If that happens then I could see there being the potential to grow a television market overseas and in Mexico.
  4. In terms of offseason bonuses it’s something that i think can be viewed more than one way. We have to keep in mind that this is a negotiation. If you’re buying a car do you give the dealership 5 grand up front that they get to keep regardless of whether you end up purchasing a vehicle? The money that’s being paid in these bonuses is for playing in the upcoming season. So what happens if the season is lost due to the labor dispute? Do the players then pay back the unearned money? As Darian Durant proved the owners would have no recourse in recovery the unearned funds.
  5. CFL has more bargaining power than most league's. The main advantage is that the players aren't already millionaires. They rely on the money to make ends meat. Players don't want to see a lockout any more than owners do. These are players who are under contract. They decided against the sure money of the AAF to stay in this league. They would really miss out now if there was a lost season.
  6. I don't think anybody is expecting it to happen suddenly. However, it's logical that if things get to the point where players have a real opportunity to come to the CFL and play that they would want to best prepare their players for the tranistion. Its kind of pointless to play American rules when there is no real opportunity to make the jump to the NFL.
  7. This would explain why the XFL is a year behind.
  8. He might be an alright GM by now. His main problem in Winnipeg is he had been away from the league for too long. If he's learned from his mistakes he was pretty good at finding talent south of the line.
  9. I was thinking that Charles Nelson and Wolotarsky might be the slots.
  10. The problem will again be that Demski has the other slot/runningback hybrid position locked down. We need to keep upgrading our Canadian talent so we can find way to get talented young players into the line regardless of position.
  11. I’ve been saying for a while that just becuase a player gets cut from the AAF doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a good cfl player. The cfl is filled with guys who got cut from another cfl team and then finally got their opportunity and produced. Even though the overall talent in the aaf is limited it’s a different game. I believe that players in the aaf get assigned to teams based on where they went to college. If he didn’t fit the scheme of one coach he gets cut. Doesn’t mean that he’s not a good football player.
  12. I should have been more clear. Accuracy is more important. What I was trying to suggest was that relative to the American game arm strength matter more in the Canadian game than the America game due to the width of the field.
  13. In the Canadian game its a bit more important. You need a strong arm to go the ball to the far side of the field. Arm strength is not all about the long ball.
  14. I would expect the xfl to be the final nail in this leagues coffin. I wouldn’t expect the talent to get better next season. They will likely lose some of the top talent to the nfl and if I’m looking for a football job at that time of year I’m going to sign in the league that was has deeper pockets and where there are zero incumbents to beat out. Plus the xfl will be paying qbs considerably more than the aaf.
  15. It really seems like the Riders want to emulate the bombers. Micah Johnson may also have been brought in because he was such a bomber killer last season. More of a run stopper than a pass rusher though. Not sure how much he helps them vs Calgary, Edmonton and B.C. for my money I’d rather have Jefferson.
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