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  1. Yeah. So whatever we do we should not cause the whole thing to collapse by getting rid of the ratio.
  2. Maybe the XFL thing is all just a ploy to get money from the government. Canadian Ametuer football is scared of the merger. Maybe now the government will step in and help the CFL for the sake of amateur sports in Canada.
  3. According the Arash Madani the Government is currently in discussion with the CFL over some sort of financing. Im not sure exactly what is supposed to be communicated to the CFLPA. Typically once the owners have something to present the players association they do. But i haven't heard of a situation where owners have brought in the PA for every pitch the make to the bank or some rich guy in order to secure finances required to run a season in any sports league.
  4. Given the potential xfl cfl merger should we be focusing on players who can help us this season over players with the highest long term ceiling?
  5. I wonder if Ricky Collins would have a change of heart if some real money was thrown at him.
  6. Im hoping we leave the door open for him to return if the league gets its act together.
  7. hajrullahu wouldn't sign a contract where he was just pushing a kid. If Maher has no other options maybe he would.
  8. i hope so. my concern is that society will be more paranoid than before and a segment of society doesn't ever go out as much as they used to.
  9. I wouldn't have a problem with it so long as every penny was used to invest in alternative energy.
  10. Its a little different then that situation. They were having 40 to 50k fans per game.
  11. I think when we bring XFL 2.0 up we have to consider the pandemic in the equation. I believe that XFL 2.0 would have lasted multiple seasons had it not been for the pandemic. Vince McMahon was using his personal money and was prepared to spend for multiple seasons to try and turn it into something that was profitable. But with the Pandemic they ended up having to cut the season short with no guarantee of when they would be able to resume playing football again. At the same time Vince's core business was also in trouble due to the pandemic and Vince McMahon wisely decided to pull the plug. It
  12. They don't call the shots if they don't own the league and its teams. I don't view this as the XFL group purchasing the CFL to do with what they want. I view it similar to the time the CFL was given/lent money from the NFL. There will also be a partnership where the CFL teams maintain control over their organization and the ability to exit the partnership if requests are made that are not to their liking.
  13. The XFL 2.0 was founded on the idea of serious football with tweaks to make the game more exciting. They want a differentiated experience from the NFL. Oliver Luck even talked about moving to a wider field in the future. The XFL would want this. Neither league would be coming into this from a position of strength. How many stable franchises does the XFL have. Maybe 1? There is a reason why these non-NFL american football leagues don't work. Its because there isn't much interest in something that is just a minor league version of the NFL. You need to design the game to take advantage of the
  14. The only part of that that I disagree with is i think they would do something with the size of the field. They might settle on 57-60 yards wide and when you drop from 12 players per team to 11 there would be similar space out there as you see now in a cfl game. There is no way that it's basically NFL football with forward motion behind the line of scrimmage. Im calling that now. At the very least it has to be sold to fans of both styles of football as a fair compromise.
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