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  1. Owen Too. Owen is back home where he belongs.
  2. There's one play that Bishop made that totally sticks in my mind. Can't remember who we were playing but Bishop walks up behind center and gets ready to call signals. The defence must have been trash talking because he pauses briefly, looks at them and holds up 7 fingers. He then starts the play, drops back and throws a beauty pass to one of our receivers who takes it in for the TD. One of the commentators says "Who does he think he is? Babe Ruth?"
  3. If the RBs can isolate a receiver on Edem that shouldn't be a problem.
  4. So it's only good for Riderfans, eh?
  5. We're Number 1: https://www.cfl.ca/2019/06/18/nissan-titan-power-rankings-justifying-hype/?hootPostID=3e35ddfabcb510f3b5c9a04c9ef6fa63
  6. How many games has Reilly had where he's thrown more interceptions than TDs? Not what I'd call 'picking apart'.
  7. Greetings from Iqaluit, where I'm visiting my younger son. My older son is based in Mary River Mine so I expect that makes him the northernmost Bomber fan in the country.
  8. Sportswriters from across the country favour the Bombers: https://www.cfl.ca/2019/06/11/cfl-unveils-results-2019-cfl-media-poll/?utm_source=dlvr.it
  9. Simonise is interesting to follow. Most of his actual tweets are about football but 90% of the time that he turns up on my timeline, it's because he's retweeted a tweet from some rather attractive young black lady who's showing off at being a rather attractive young black lady. Interesting 😉.
  10. If you don't have access to Facebook, you should follow Russ Hobson on Twitter:
  11. Of course. I was expecting it when I made the post. 😉
  12. Sheesh. I only realized just now that you get reputation points for people laughing at you.
  13. As did Wolitarsky. Wish I could post a vid of Woli doing that air guitar celi.
  14. Lawler also made a whole bunch of very good catches towards the end of practice today. I think we could see him with the starting O on Friday.
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