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  1. She was a US helicopter pilot in the Iraq war and lost both her legs in combat.
  2. Bobby Dobbs, Calgary's Coach from 1961-64. He was such a **** head that Bud Grant wouldn't shake hands with him. And I stopped buying Fudgicles when I noticed that they were made in Calgary (I was quite young at the time.)
  3. Well he's still got Fox:
  4. Odd that in the above article the CBC doesn't mention Canada's role in helping to develop the AD5-nCoV vaccine: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/what-we-know-about-the-potential-coronavirus-vaccine-about-to-be-tested-on-canadians-1.4955799
  5. Seems like there's a big concert coming up tonight. First I've heard of it:
  6. On this forum select "Reply to this post". Then in another tab, on the tweet you want to post, you'll see a button with an arrow pointing upwards in its bottom right-hand corner. Click on it and select "Copy link to tweet". Back here in the reply window, click in the 'Quote' marks and paste the link you just copied into the quote box. Finally select "Post as plain text instead" and it should work.
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