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  1. Fred C Dobbs

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Re Murphy's exit; I agree.
  2. Fred C Dobbs

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    I have to agree with you. After Googling I could find no further reference to this story.
  3. Fred C Dobbs

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    We need to know more about this:
  4. Fred C Dobbs

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    The T-shirts have arrived: The black ones are $30 and the blue ones are $20.
  5. Fred C Dobbs

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    Only a matter of time.
  6. Fred C Dobbs

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    That's Carol Barrott, the Bombers Ticketing and Fan Services Manager. No way she made those t-shirts.
  7. Fred C Dobbs

    Bombers Free Agent List

    There should be an option to "Totally agree".
  8. Fred C Dobbs

    Bombers Free Agent List

    Not to forget George "the Fossil" Blanda, the oldest guy to play professional football until Bob Cameron broke his record.
  9. Fred C Dobbs

    This Regime

    Saw this on Twitter yesterday: I'm willing to be patient for at least another year.
  10. Fred C Dobbs

    Bombers Free Agent List

    https://www.tsn.ca/radio/winnipeg-1290/blue-bombers-flush-with-free-agents-1.1212395 Thanks to Darren Bauming for breaking down the Bombers roster: Quarterback: Matt Nichols – signed through 2020 Chris Streveler – signed through 2019 Bryan Bennett – free agent Running Back: Andrew Harris* – signed through 2020 Kienan LaFrance* – free agent Timothy Flanders – free agent Johnny Augustine* – free agent Receiver: Darvin Adams – signed through 2019 Weston Dressler – free agent Nic Demski* – free agent Drew Wolitarsky* – signed through 2019 Kenbrell Thompkins – signed through 2019 Ryan Lankford – free agent Charles Nelson – signed through 2019 Corey Washington – signed through 2019 Rashaun Simonise* – signed through 2020 Daniel Petermann* – signed through 2019 Kenny Lawler – free agent Offensive Line: Stanley Bryant – free agent Patrick Neufeld* – signed through 2019 Matthias Goossen* – free agent Sukh Chungh* – free agent Jermarcus Hardrick – free agent Manase Foketi – signed through 2019 Michael Couture* – free agent Geoff Gray* – signed through 2020 Cody Speller* – signed through 2020 Qadr Spooner* – free agent Special Teams: Justin Medlock – free agent Chad Rempel* – free agent Mike Miller* – free agent John Rush* – free agent Shayne Gauthier* – free agent Frederic Plessius* – free agent Thomas Miles* – free agent Abu Conteh* – signed through 2019 Jeff Hecht* – free agent Brendan Morgan* – free agent Frank Renaud* – free agent Jacob Firlotte* – free agent Derek Jones* – signed through 2019 Jesse Briggs* – free agent Defensive Line: Jackson Jeffcoat – free agent Craig Roh – signed through 2019 Tristan Okpalaugo – free agent Drake Nevis – free agent Brandin Bryant – signed through 2019 Jake Thomas* – free agent Trent Corney* – free agent Gerald Rivers – free agent Patrick Choudja – free agent Linebacker: Adam Bighill – free agent Jovan Santos-Knox – free agent Ian Wild – free agent Kyrie Wilson – free agent Defensive Back: Taylor Loffler – free agent Chris Randle – signed through 2019 Marcus Sayles – signed through 2019 Kevin Fogg – free agent Brandon Alexander – free agent Anthony Gaitor – signed through 2019 Chandler Fenner – signed through 2019 Maurice Leggett – free agent Chris Humes – signed through 2019 Tyneil Cooper – free agent
  11. Fred C Dobbs

    Movin' on to take on the Calgary Stampeders!!!!

    Ed Tait reports that both Thompkins and Santos-Knox have been moved to the 1 game injured list: https://www.bluebombers.com/2018/11/17/game-preview-west-final/
  12. Fred C Dobbs

    Movin' on to take on the Calgary Stampeders!!!!

    Gauthier's in too. I hope he's in top form. Before he got injured he was on pace to break the record for special teams tackles and we didn't look so good last week in that area.
  13. Fred C Dobbs

    Movin' on to take on the Calgary Stampeders!!!!

    Don't know why but the Stamps just tweeted some pictures from the 1965 Western Conference finals. Not only did we win that 3 game series but also there was one very notable play: Kenny Ploen passes to Ken Nielsen for a 109 yd TD, the longest pass reception in CFL playoff history.
  14. Fred C Dobbs

    Random Death Notice 2018

    Well you know what they say: "If you can remember the 60's, you weren't there." 😉