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  1. Great for Alford, too bad about Lucky not to be a BB. all I’ve seen about a National is that the guy has to be a Canadian citizen at the time of signing their first CFL contract or practice agreement, and some other definitions further defined here: https://cfldb.ca/glossary/rosters/ I couldn’t pass a test on the designations at this point.
  2. Sounds like he didn’t want to play too badly. Interesting story.
  3. Very possible you know this as a fact. Without question he has done exceptionally well after football, a legislator and a sport authority. So if his ask was a “I’ll take this or I'm walk”, then he gets the boot, it seems he avoided a whole lot of hurt, and potential brain injuries. It’s not the last time a player has chosen health over football.
  4. One reason to go with the other. and here it’s says he’s an “A” https://www.argonauts.ca/roster/ like you say Yet, and here it’s says he’s an “N”. https://www.footballdb.com/teams/cfl/toronto-argonauts/roster And yup he’s born in France and went to Laval.
  5. If it’s the same guy, he went into politics. Was n the NFL before coming here. He’s in Politics in Maryland and has a side gig doing football analysis with ESPN. With a resume such as that, maybe he didn’t need the beatings from football. Good stats though.
  6. Further more, Jay Walker wore number 8 as a QB for the blue. Apparently he threw for four td passes in 2 games. There are a couple kickers that are free agents in the event Castillo isn’t available. Big Bede (an acronym that suits the BB) and Lauther.
  7. I guess Bell was weally weally scared of the beer snake. makes me pine for the hinterlands…. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1264913903541568
  8. This afternoon the analyst on the FCS division 1 football Championship game mentions…”the first time I ever saw a cup snake was at Winnipeg -home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers”. The mention was because the NDSU fans were building a beer snake as the team had just scored their fifth TD to take the lead 35 - 0 over Montana State. Don’t know the analyst and can’t find his name.
  9. Great stuff getting the core squad back together. What free agent might be inclined to join? Lucky #7! THAT would help the O be even more dynamic! Wishful thinking but man o man.
  10. Well you decide what it is. Because you haven’t yet. yet, I’m learning that some folks defend dope like it’s life. That’s new to me.
  11. Still can’t make yer mind up eh? oh, You hate old people, too.
  12. Seems like you can’t make up your mind whether it’s racist or not.
  13. You slept with Chris Jones when he was coach of Saskatchewan.
  14. Argue against legislation. You might be entitled to argue in the right circumstance. There’s people here that aren’t agreeing with you. You can ignore them if you want. The stoners in the league don’t care what it’s called. They just want the blunt passed.
  15. Actually you were doing pretty good explaining prior to this latest post. However, you got frustrated. Marijuana is a term used in legislation. You don’t agree and don’t have to. You don’t have to like it either. Yet, legislation uses them synonymously, that’s what matters. So your wrong when it matters. See the definitions in section 1 of the attached authority. “marihuana- means the substance referred to as Cannabis (marihuana)…” https://www.canlii.org/en/ca/laws/regu/sor-2016-230/latest/sor-2016-230.html I don’t think any player cares what they are ingesting, cannabis or marijuana. Had to get a football reference in there to somewhat stay on topic.
  16. Marijuana is a legitimate and legal form of expression. Suppressing how it’s said, when it’s said, Is an attempt to cancel people. All bullshit. There is more than enough reference in Canadian, American and British laws. Laws in effect and jurisprudence are written in English by the highest courts, to make the term Marijuana synonymous with Cannabis.
  17. Get this, not only was Dean Martin from Steubenville, Collaros dad’ first name is….Dean. It gets weirder!
  18. Saw it on TSN last weekend. Dino was born as Dino Crocetti. ANOTHER coincidence is that the Crocetti name and the Collaros name both start with a “C”. It gets even weirder after that and goes on and on. Maybe you just think you “stumbled” on a “random fact”. There are other forces at play. I’m not kidding.
  19. Taking on a blue ribbon franchise leaves only down side for a new leader. To be honest, the most ruthless executives want to take on a tire fire. Statistically, any improvement makes one look like a miracle maker. As an example, the perennially struggling 2 bit Virtucon lost its leader due to a severe freezing. 30 years later, without a narcissistic head, yet diligent No. 2, it became one of the most successful modern day turnaround stories in history. They even made movies about it! It’s a classic business school tutorial.
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