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  1. Like I said I'm no historian. Dow DID the argonauts defeat ocean giants, skeleton armies and hydras without guns? I must brush up.
  2. I know who I am. I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude
  3. Then why isn't Captain Blue a boxer? LMFAO
  4. If not, why do the Bombers employ them?
  5. Devil's advocate here.... I do believe ships had cannons... maybe even before planes had cannons (but I'm no historian)
  6. Haha can you imagine... they bring in the dude from the Arkells to do guest playcalls.. while Bob twiddles his thumbs in the corner.
  7. Between the 2 bands they have more than enough catchy hits to fill a 30 minute halftime show. I'm not displeased
  8. Lopsided beatdowns are not as exciting on TV, but being there in person it's usually a party in the stands. I could get behind a good 52-0 drubbing of the Riders
  9. 8A row 1? My wife and I were front and center front row upper deck over section S for the last several years of the old stadium. Best seats in the house for my money!
  10. I agree, Calgary and Montreal are our least favorable matchups, Saskabush is our most favorable matchup, Toronto/Hamilton are a coin toss. I'm hoping the Riders advance so that we can be the ones to end their season.
  11. Unfortunately, abstaining from our 3rd doses helps nobody, but I feel this
  12. Unvaxxed and playtime is a smoke screen perhaps? Or just too much ego to fit in one jersey
  13. Ed Tait via bluebombers.com https://www.bluebombers.com/2021/11/25/makes-bob-special/
  14. @Noeller bet you're extra glad you'll be there in person
  15. Ya that's my take on it. I think the general term 'Asian' was commonly used to describe folks in the far east, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and so on... forgetting that India and Pakistan are Asian countries populated by 'Asian' people, hence the distinction 'East-Asian'
  16. Nude mens volleyball would appeal to roughly 10% of men and that's probably it
  17. ahhh see I tune out most of what he says, my mistake
  18. - Stegall's 4 TD 200+ yards on 4 catches is a good one - Fred Reid destroying the BC D, 260 yards 10ypc
  19. Nothing like the feel of a shorn scrotum on a crisp December morn
  20. Buncha golf-clapping sissies sipping whiteclaws with their pinkies out. West Side suuuuucks 😛
  21. Assuming since everything in the US is political this is the best place to post...
  22. Are they putting it at Point Douglas or the Ex Grounds I forget
  23. Johnny Augustine picked up player of the week honors for his efforts https://press.cfl.ca/cfl-top-performers-week-16#
  24. I guess that's the thing.. would you prefer Dru Brown do it? He's the only other option with McGuire injured.
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