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  1. Evans will be the 5th QB this year making his first ever CFL start. QBs still getting beat up at staggeringly high rates in the league.
  2. https://3downnation.com/2021/09/27/redblacks-move-matt-nichols-dominique-davis-to-six-game-injured-list/ And Trevor Harris is not on the Elk roster despite being pulled off the six game IR. If we thought last week’s RedBlack-Ticat game was unwatchable………yeesh!
  3. https://www.cfl.ca/2021/09/27/steinbergs-mmqb-handing-mid-season-awards/
  4. Sorry, did not see your one from last week, thought I would take a league-wide look. Was going to process the defensive players today at some point, unless someone wants to take a crack at it. Main question - who of Jefferson, Jeffcoat, or Bighill would be the Bomber nominee, and if they chose top 3 league-wide instead of east and west division winners, would the Bombers have all 3 contenders as the finalists?
  5. That’s why Collaros would become the 5th QB and 8th overall.
  6. MOP team nominees (all full season projections are for an imagined 18 game season) BC - Lucky Whitehead edges out Michael Reilly. QBs usually get more attention here, and Reilly has some very good numbers (pro-rated over a full season, 4,782 yards, 74% completion percentage, 26-3 TD-INT ratio, and an almost video game-like 117.8 passer rating), but Lucky on pace for 92 catches, 1,710 yards, 10 TDs. Cal - Kamer Jordan takes it with the QB injury and minimal running game. On pace for a 100 catch season. Edm - James Wilder Jr. on pace for just shy of 1,500 yards on the ground. Sask - Cody Fajardo is still the straw that stirs the Riser drink, despite decent years from William Powell and Kyran Moore carrying the load with Shaq Evans out. Fajardo on pace for over 4,200 yards and a 72.3% completion rate, as well as 738 yards rushing. The 18-18 TD-INT ratio is not good though. Wpg - Quite a case could be made for any one of 3 Bomber defenders to be up for this award, given how much defence has propelled this team to the top of the standings, especially in the first 4 games while the offence found its footing. But this is almost exclusively an offensive prize, so Zach Collaros is the easy choice. Projects to 4,452 yards, 70% completion rate, 26-10 TD-INT ratio, and 105.3 passer rating. Tor - With the QBs splitting duties and no real receivers jumping off the page, give it to John White IV Ham - With all the offensive injuries, the biggest offensive threat has been returner Frankie Williams Jr. Ott - Good luck finding an MOP in this motley crew on offence, so unless a defensive player gets picked, return threat Devonte Dedman has been a lone standout for them. Mtl - William Stanback is head and shoulders above all others on the team, on pace for a league-beat 1,854 yards rushing. West nominee - Wins and losses are a factor when considering award winners, so Zach Collaros would be my nominee (funny that if Lucky Whitehead gets selected for BC, Collaros is the favourite, but if Reilly gets chosen, he might beat out Collaros since the writers look hard at stats and Reilly has better numbers across the board). East nominee - William Stanback takes this running away (pun intended). Winner - Collaros becomes the 5th Bomber QB and 8th Bomber overall to be named the league’s best. And if the league did what I wish they did and made it a top 3 nominees, multiple selections for one team allowed, then it would be Collaros, Reilly, and Whitehead as the finalists. Thoughts?
  7. So two interesting (?) uniform notes. Jets are still wearing helmet advertising decals this season, and despite the arena re-branding to Canada Life, Bell still gets the ad space on the lids.
  8. Honestly, U2 has not put anything at all of worth out since 2004, and Bono’s preaching actually detracts from their music for me, but they do know how to put on a concert. Coldplay is in the same vein. Again it is all personal choice, I don’t need edgy defiance in my band, just give me an enjoyable tune. I don’t need a band to be more than that to appeal to me. And Fully Completely was my Hip album of choice.
  9. How did you know? Actually I am the same age as Johnzo, but grunge in general never did anything for me. I did like Pearl Jam, but I didn’t get the whole “angst of a generation” vibe, and I thought the “Kurt Cobain as the troubled messiah” narrative was weird. Plus I could never understand what his lyrics were. I was more influenced by the late 80’s, and more into the top 40 stuff rather than alternative rock. U2 was obviously big for me.
  10. By coming of age, do you mean teenager? College?
  11. Enjoy your week of chanting “We’re number two, we’re number two!”
  12. Never got the fuss over this band. Personal taste I guess.
  13. You should try drinking. It keeps Do or Die calm. Might help your frustration. Better for us that the Riders won, since we have the season series against them. Puts us more in line for first in the West. And I would much rather face Fajardo than Reilly in a one game playoff scenario.
  14. Credit where credit is due, you did self-own it. And given that awful pick by Fajardo, not the worst prediction. But seen too much weird stuff in my life in the CFL to call a one score game over with more than a minute left.
  15. Good call Bear…… Never thought I’d say this about a 17 minute old post, but this did not age well.
  16. Ref was standing one foot away. Think he had a good enough view.
  17. Fajardo still telegraphing his QB sneaks. Learned nothing from the Bomber West Final goal line stand.
  18. Lucky Whitehead, Michael Reilly, the Orange shirt promotion, the defensive battle, even heard a mention or two for Schaffer-Baker.
  19. You want to blame someone, blame O’Shea for benching him late in the year, or Walters for not re-signing him.
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