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  1. I’ll pick Rourke, root for a Bomber shutout, and be out of my misery.
  2. If it worked this time that’s a big huzzah in my books. Maybe between your boisterous curses, Tracker’s voodoo rituals, and my silent incantations we can sway the football gods some more!
  3. Appreciate that, but with those abilities where the hell were you during the 29 year drought making us all suffer? Hack! 😁
  4. That is how I viewed the play exactly. That’s where an official explanation of “surviving contact” (if that is even part of the rule for possession and “down by contact”) would have been so helpful during the broadcast to determine what the review booth is looking for.
  5. That play is a lot closer for sure. I did not see definitive evidence the ball hit the turf between Banks’ knees (no obvious bounce up or change of direction - not like the turf pebbles that came up in the West Final non-catch) but it is possible, I didn’t think there was a clear angle either way, but my initial reaction was “wow, Banks did not drop it” and I saw nothing on review to make me say that was a wrong first assumption. Again, it is subjective and I think the biggest debate is of Houston is down by contact the second he hits the ground or if he is required to “survive contact” to complete the play. That kind of interpretation is what would make a ref in the TV booth a good add to provide insight. I suspect some would still say the ref was wrong since they are likely to back up the call on the field almost every time.
  6. If you are referring to the 1:05 mark in the video, just after Banks’ sock lifts up, that is Houston’s arm with white tape on it, not the football. Unless you mean a different angle, in which case I will look again.
  7. Here is the link to the video replay from TSN. Best view is at the 2:00 mark. If you can’t open the link here then go to TSN and look for the “Must See video” of the catch. His right hand and left arm are under the ball to my eye and it never hits the turf. But if I can’t convince you of that point which seems the least contentious of the whole play (which seems to be pretty clear unless you are looking for a reason to blame the refs), then there is no point in arguing the “surviving contact” portion of the play or if the top of the ball touches when Banks squeezes it between his legs. If the play is dead the moment he is down by contact, it should be an INT. If “surviving contact” is allowed to be factored in to the play, then it is properly upheld as a TD. I have not gone to referee school so I can’t speak to the nuance of the rule. In the end, I agree that a referee on the booth to explain the rules would be great, but that will hardly settle the issue. Trying to convince some fans that the refs aren’t all biased against their team and that the commentators are all rooting for the opponent of your team every time is like trying to convince the tide to stop from coming in to shore, so an explanation from on high will not convince some that it is still the wrong decision. But refs are human and for every contested TD catch there will be a contested 3rd down spot of the ball that goes for your team, but which you will explain away because it serves your interest as a fan. So we’ll all have to agree to disagree on this call, like so many others. As for the commentators rooting for Toronto, they are in the business of selling a story, selling excitement, so they will cheer on an underdog or a comeback, not because they hate your team but because they want to keep the audience engaged and invested until the clock hits zero. Again probably not a popular take for many who have expressed their consistent disdain for the TSN broadcast. But I’m pretty confident Rod Smith and Duane Ford don’t care who wins or loses, nor do the refs unless they are betting on the outcome (and I don’t think an Argo-Bomber game is seeing such action as to make it worth the effort). But fans will fan, so to each their own. And I can only speak for myself, but I suppose I have reached the age where I realize that yelling at the TV is never going to change the call, whether that makes me less of a fan or just closer to a Zen state of enlightenment is for others to decide. Namaste. https://www.tsn.ca/Must-See/video/must-see-banks-incredible-52-yard-td-grab~2477796
  8. Not getting any at home? Maybe Viagra would help. 🤣
  9. Was just about to say that dropped pick 6 by Lawson may have cost us the game. But Bede’s shank saves us……maybe. Will relax when the clock is at zeros.
  10. Toronto running the same hitch plays the Bombers are. Just better. Maybe it’s not the play call so much as it is the execution.
  11. Because with the pay raise to Collaros and keeping both Jeffs and Biggie on D we couldn’t afford everyone, and why give up on Brady O for a 35 year old who had injury issues? This was in part a “long term” move. We can more fairly judge at season’s end of Harris plays all 18 games.
  12. To my eye Banks was bobbling the ball before the hit. But they all count the same. And credit Rose for the follow through which did not allow him to re-gain control. The lateral was the real beauty part of that play.
  13. Lucky turnover but I’ll take it. And heads up play on the lateral.
  14. Ellingson has been forgotten since the first drive.
  15. They haven’t seemed to apply that standard to Oliviera yet. And he’s still starting. So does it feel like they’ve gone straight from Brady to MCCrae without really trying to give Augustine a real chance?
  16. At what point does Augustine feel screwed over? Still favouring Oliviera on the runs, now bringing in an American to handle the swing passes and sweep runs. Not sure what more Johnny A can do to earn a shot as a starter.
  17. Questionable spot (although I did not notice when the knee went down) and strange look on the measurement (I blame the camera angle for the latter) but a nice stop in any event. And I have never seen a “spot of the ball” challenge overturned.
  18. No one is begrudging the club’s actions in demoting Glass. It’s a business decision. And no one should begrudge the player if he chose to turn down a PR spot, if that’s even how it played out. The rumour mill at best gets it half right half the time But lots of blind speculation with zero facts from more than a few fans as to why Glass was ultimately cut. Does anyone have proof that he was offered a PR spot? Does anyone have concrete info as to why he was released? Not from what I’ve heard, but it hasn’t stopped some from assuming that it must be more than just a production-based decision, that there is likely a character issue at play, or that if he declined a PR spot (and a vastly reduced salary) that he isn’t a FIFO guy by hanging around so it’s OK to tell him to go straight to hell. That’s pretty classless IMO. No one knows his personal circumstance, but he’d hardly be the first player to weigh his options and decide he’s better off being released outright to pursue other employment on another team or in another line of work than sit on the sidelines making lower pay. Maybe he has a family to feed and needs a better salary, maybe another opportunity is upcoming that fits him better…..doesn’t allow fans to blindly call his character into question and kick him on the way out the door for a personal life decision he has made with zero evidence as to why because the FIFO mantra gets thrown out as the end all be all.
  19. Liegghio is 100% on field goals, kicking over 83% on all kicks, has the 3rd highest punting average and 3rd highest kickoff average (min. 4 kickoffs). Maybe hold off on the executions for at least one week?
  20. Yeah it sure can be annoying when someone talks about the same thing over and over and over.
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