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  1. Streveler doing what he did here....ripping into the line with a vengeance ...He'll be a success down there ....our loss their gain... Chris deserves everything he worked so hard for...I might even tune in a Cardinal game to see the big guy doing his thing...winning
  2. Watching and hearing about all of these 'opt outs' is so bloody disheartening...It's like the league is going through a 'death by a thousand cuts' every time you hear about one of our guys going south...Can't blame them for trying ...but crappy to follow at the same time ....I hope and believe also most of these players will return next year ...........................hopefully
  3. Negative Nellie's and Debby Downers will never be a part of Mike O's world ...and that's a for sure.....WE'LL BE BACK IN 2021 with the solid Cup winning team we have today... and you can take to the bank
  4. Said he luved it here....He could just as easily pop up back with us as anywhere in 2021, IF his plans down there don't work out
  5. The final decision was most likely made by a finance minister ...who has one foot out the door of this present govt. and the other on a banana peel...Doesn't bode well for a positive decision for the CFL....But like another poster said maybe in the final analysis this season was a shot in the dark in any event...Still hurts that we don't have backing from our fed. govt.....Other institutions seem to have an inside track as far as support......us...not so much
  6. To other companies....what like We....This govt. is a sham
  7. 47 Million for a middle eastern country Yemen, recently and nada for a football institution in this country....Guess it doesn't take much to figure out the priorities of this federal govt. and I know where my priorities will be, come election time
  8. Why can't a simple draw take place without a hitch...This guy with the balls drops the Rangers ball before he was supposed to....bringing it back up to do it properly with his finger and magically the Rangers ball comes up as the winner.... Rangers ball the only one that was mishandled...I want a redraw LOL ..(like that's gonna happen)...A lot of people are left wondering ...were there any shenanigans in the process????Call me a little skeptical but I didn't like the way that came off
  9. I think Granny has the winning hand with that bottle behind her back....the flowers aren't going to cut it...Gramps better take off
  10. Looking at all of those injuries, we can see why we had problems BUT the lackadaisical play in that series was bull$hit...Helle was sharp in the initial game but you could see the play in front of him was way below par and he eventually regressed into the players he had in front of him....A series to forget for sure and I don't know how we replace the quality D we used to have in the near future...but Chevy is going to have to address that immediately Hopefully we get lucky in the draft...A top pick would go along way in securing what we desperately need on D in a trade...Here's hopin'
  11. So we're in the Lafreniere sweepstakes early.....the only thing is this club needs more than a top pic to right the ship....Total rebuild and a few years in the hinterland looks like this teams future....Sad..when you think it wasn't too long ago we were a top dog...Big changes on the way and maybe we start with Chevy
  12. 12.5%.chance at the guy IF we're bounced.....hmmmmm but maybe the only way we would salvage something out of this lousy season....Maurice says today he wants the guys to play..'without fear' and not to 'overthink' the game tonight...I hope the hell we were doing just that from the start, and if we weren't maybe that's why...coupled with the bad spate of injuries, we're looking at the Lafreniere scenario as the only win out of all this.....
  13. After that crap that was pulled off with Schief....Byfuglien would have made Tkachuck part of the boards....Could've changed the whole complexion of this series but now it looks like we'll be packing up early and heading home...We certainly miss big Buff and this team hasn't been the same since he departed...Is there enough gumsion left in the team to pull this series out of jeopardy...We're about to find out what were made of when the chips are down
  14. Better to get right to the facts and leave people with no illusions....I'd rather have it straight up (just like my Crown Royal) ....If it comes off as negative thems the breaks
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