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  1. Well ...looking at their Cup wins compared to ours.....yes definitely the Grey Cup has been in our fair city longer ...a lot longer... AND WE AIM TO KEEP IT THAT WAY
  2. McKnight is a speedy little receiver/returner....Quick as a cat and am looking forward to seeing what he can do on our big field...Will be strong competition in the initial going this year
  3. Not a bad sched............and by the way MOAB...we have hunters....Jeffcoat on one end and Jefferson on the other....BOOM lol
  4. We have a neighbour...a church minister in fact....who's carrying on a campaign against govt. officials regarding their implementation of the covid rules and regulations...Can't believe the ignorance of this man...in fact it's bordering on criminal in my opinion....Don't get vaccinated....don't wear masks....arrest govt. officials who insist on covid regulations, is his mantra....I can't believe some of the people who actually listen and follow this guy...So this is what we have to contend with....thank goodness this idiot is in the minority but he and his ilk are out there....We have/had a lo
  5. You know by the initial writing of my post that I agreed with...'nobody is lily white'....To go on with the incident concerning Harris last year, when as far as I'm concerned, has been laid to rest. is 'cheap shotting'.....Inferring that he was like members of other clubs taking enhancing drugs is trying to cast the impression that he willingly took peds when you know damn well that has never been proven...His claim that it was an accidental consumption is believed by most...except the two local media types that dumped all over him that cost him any year end awards....I guess you are amongst t
  6. I'm going with Helle and his statment today guys....quote 'we are on the verge of a dynasty'
  7. Nobody is lily-white agreed BUT I think there's a large grey area when it comes to Andrew and the accusations that he knew he was taking 'junk' ....He has always maintained that he didn't willingly take anything to improve his game....I think he proved that in the Cup , where and when, I'm sure they put him through the wringer as far as his urine sample went...I don't think anything else needs to be said on the subject...it was all said in his being awarded MVP and MOC in the Cup...Still trying to cast aspersions not only looks like a cheap shot but also says something about the person casting
  8. Definitely agree bout' Wheels....I hate to say it but time has caught up....Perreault ...great little hustler , when he shows up....too much up and down ....off and on.... Stanley....definitely a keeper on D ...Pionk, Morrisey definitely keep around but I'd like us to go after another big guy on D ,like Stanley who's very mobile and with a good slapper from the point.... The Kracken are in the hunt for anything resembling talent....They'll pick someone off and make it hard for other clubs on the look....I have a feeling Brossoit will be leaving...We're set with Helle but after that
  9. Out with a whimper....certainly not a bang.....After Schief was put away by the league for the Habs. it was all downhill...Yes...GoAvalanche....crush em
  10. Comes with two spares....one large and one small.......however they take up most of the interior....Giddy Up and keep rollin'
  11. If the guy is operating at 60 percent because of injury....then yeah he has an excuse...I would question the viability of leaving him in the lineup....It's not on Dubois anyway with regard to our effort in this series so far....It's our piss poor play..................cept for Helle
  12. Dubois has been a disappointment up till now.....Would we be faring any better with Laine in the lineup??....I remember Patrik went missing when we were eliminated by Cal. last year....Which brings me to this little nugget from last year....Schief was put out of that series against the Flames last year by Tkachuk, on a dirty hit against the boards that left Mark writhing on the ice....Did he even get a penalty on the play (never mind suspension)...This league has lost a lot of credibility as far as I'm concerned...It seems it was okay to knock one of our stars out of the playoffs last year, on
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