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  1. When you couple that with Reilly's big contract, and a few other salaries like Elimimian's...something has to give??
  2. It's too bad that Dress couldn't be added to our coaching ranks in some capacity....With the new regs. and limits on coaching staff that would be out the window....Bad timing...I guess the yahoos over there in greenland will now be chomping at the bit, to have him retire a green guy and add him to their hall of shame
  3. I can feel my arteries closing just looking at the thing....After all of the Big Boys I ate in my youth... I think that one would be the final fat finale...
  4. Trestman to coach in the XFL..according to Dunk of 3rd down......Another coach who it seems has avoided Sask.....Probably a good move
  5. Looked like a game earlier in the year against T.O. in torrana, when they had the game won and gave it to the Leafs in the last minute allowing two goals....This club has problems and I doubt the addition of Hayes is going to do it...Really needed to add a high end defender....The Jets are taking on water badly and before they slip away, they better find a way to plug the holes
  6. The kid looks like he has some great potential...Quick ...elusive and good hands...He's going to be tough competition for our current rbs.....Harris excluded....In fact he reminds me a lot of Andrew in his early days...Nice find
  7. ...ooops..you're right...but even so the conditional is based on if we win the Cup this year....Certainly want to win the CUP....BUT if we don't
  8. Hayes for Lemieux and a conditional....we win that one...We needed that big centre and Hayes fills the bill...He says he'll be in the line-up against the Wild
  9. If you seen 'No Country for Old Men'.....I can see where you could get a little antsy picking up cash in the desert..lol
  10. That's a little more like it......Two slumps done away with ...never winning in Vegas (no not the casinos) and Laine's break out...Glad that's behind us...I hope you're right J Con that this game will open the flood gates for Laine...he seems to like scoring in bunches...Keep er going Jets
  11. Exactly....sometimes you have to pay when you make a big splash in fa..this is one of those times...There will be interest in Soli and I bet Biggie made a call for a reunification tilt with us...There's no way Hervey let's him walk for nothing...That presents the trade scenario and the question what will a team be prepared to give up for him....hmmmmmm....No draft pics please Kyle unless they're late rounders
  12. Definitely a ratio changer BUT I don't like this guys injury history....Sat out a whole season down there and then comes up lame after he returns???Maybe a spate of bad luck.... He could also be worth the risk....we'll see if Kyle shows any interest
  13. What effect does uncertainty play in the way the Jets are performing?....or not performing may be closer the truth....Pitiful effort against another bottom tier club and I sure didn't see a playoff contender on Maurice's bench...What a joke Laine is right now....weak play...looks uninterested and is a liability on the ice right now....Does he think he's going to be dealt?....There needs to be some sort of reckoning going on in this dressing room before the slide becomes an avalanche...There's clearly something wrong....and if it's waiting for the club to make a trade Chevy better pull the trigger quick cuz this team is slipping away...I think it all was expressed very well by Helle when he smashed his goal stick to smithereens ...Pathetic performance by the club
  14. I think Jefferson looked at our roster...in particular our D and saw Bighill and Jeffcoat....thought he'd fit right in and went for it...Regina was bringing up the rear ,and looking at their roster as it stood when he signed with us, it became a no-brainer...I'm going to enjoy the hell out of the games we have with them this year, when Big Willie puts the screws to those green chumps...Can't wait
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