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  1. Chevy prepping for next year.......
  2. Is Derrel Walker still on the planet......not a whisper from his agent...himself or no digging media type....I say he has left the planet and taken his agent with him....
  3. Don't know if O'Shea is a lifer but sure as heck Pierce is...He luv's it here and is definitely a permanent fixture....California ...what's that lol Of course it helps that his wife is from the Peg .....Man that sure looks like some good fishin'
  4. So what does that make us.....???.....What a '****' article
  5. NO not 'blocked'...but his forum name does start with 'B'
  6. If you'd have been following closely you should know??
  7. Who said what....you mean the take on Dressler and Tasker
  8. Tasker seems like another Dressler.....Great 'little' receivers' but I think we're looking for a little more size....Tasker has a few miles left I would imagine but not the right fit..We can stop looking in any event as we are supposedly (rumour) going to announce Walker on Monday...I hope the poster is right and he is quite credible
  9. Geez it was tuff doing that scene....a lot of salt peter involved
  10. OH NO ....not the fax signing....we were burnt on that one a long time ago lol
  11. I'd be very surprised if we aren't going to announce Walker is in the fold,shortly..Lions are out with those two signings and if they aren't I want to know where all of the cash is going to come from to sign Walker..Cripes they spent 200K on Micah Johnson alone...never mind the rest of their fa acquisitions....BUT we'll wait for Walker's decision.............patiently.....tick tick tick
  12. Heh heh.....sorry I had to throw my ol heart throb in there...especially with riders as part of the conversation...Yeah Jill in her prime was a looker
  13. Maybe they thought they were still in the 'true north strong and free' Even here that looks like 'bootleg' stuff BUT I think the penalty would most likely be a little lighter...Dumb move in any event
  14. 3rd.Down says Burnham and Walker would be the best duo in the league IF leo's signed him....What ??no luv for Adams and Walker...The spin masters are at it but it's not taking away from the fact, I believe we're the front runners...Has to end soon AND as far as fa' goes and it's ranking...I think the glaring move was made by the the guys in saskabush when they had to beg back a third rate O line guy by the name of Jill St. John...Riders are BLOWING big time
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