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  1. Geez I miss this guy.....not as a former Argo owner but as a comic and his style of comedy....Not enough John Candy's around anymore
  2. which brings us to....'what is the dif. between an arse kisser and a brown noser.....answer ..'depth perception'.....I know I know....that would be a verbal cheap shot lol
  3. Thanks for the clips on Mourtada....impressive .... hope his know how will rub off a little on Leggs
  4. Can't quite pick up our player's name on his jersey after that 'sucker punch' by Johnson...Think it's time to be like Gordie Howe did back in the day....take a players number and 'ask a few questions' on their next meeting..What a cheap shot by a chap shot artist
  5. Has anyone got a clip of Mourtada place kicking ....or any film on him period????
  6. Dickenson playing a little reverse psychology ....sometimes that works.....sometimes it can blow up in your face....I like coaches who are straight up but denigrating your own squad would be bottom of my list ...It might give some players an inferiority/ insecurity complex
  7. Suitor is a rider hack.....It's so obvious and he slips up from time to time in the broadcast exposing his bias....I think he still thinks he's a rider db .....Message to Suits.....get off of the rider wagon and maybe consider giving the homer telecasts a miss.....your rider underwear is showing
  8. After watching that film bit....I really think he might have been the best back we ever had....No taking anything away from our present guy Andrew...but pound for pound he has to be ranked close to the best this league has ever seen.....How soon we forget ....but watching Charlie cut it up field and making the opposition look silly, just brought back all of those thrilling moments he gave us
  9. You're only miffed at Charlie cuz he made Glenn reach for that ball, Roberts let slip out of his grasp, and the T.O. player jumped on it and Glenn's arm.... and we know the rest ...Probably cost us the Cup BUT I've thought about that play for a very long time, and I'm willing to cut Blink a little slack...Glenn was also part of that muffed play ...bad result for both of them and the Bomber faithful ...We were so close and 'boom' ...it was gone...A lot of us were down on Charlie at the time....and I was one of them ... However time gives us a dif. look, I find
  10. Leo Lewis ....Roberts......Harris.........some of the best talent ever to wear BluenGold and we've had some good ones.....Don't know why Roberts ended up the way he did...He sure gave us a 100 percent on the field ....lot of thrills ....His private life...not so thrilling...Though not football, Derek Sanderson (NHL) reminded me a lot of Blink....All the talent in the world and ended up essentially 'bums'
  11. Bighill/Jefferson....gotta be an MOP there Lawler/Demski.....crucial catches ....these guys just get it done Zack.....since he's come here MVP as far as I'm, concerned
  12. What I saw was 'championship' written all over this team.....Riders crawled out of here and in my mind have fallen to their rightful place as pretender.....BUT we'll still get the media b.s. how the Bombers don't quite look like Cup repeaters ...We're beginning to make those non-believers look like idiots
  13. Yes I did know Jim wanted to call it quits, probably motivated by that devastating tackle out of bounds by esks., Rollie (dirty) Miles, that separated his shoulder....Van Pelt was fantastic the year he showed up here....in fact took Ploen's job as no 1 qb.....something Grant had a hard time with cuz Kenny was also a top end qb.....Van Pelt ran with it though and proved to be a talented winner....Smart and a pin point passer doesn't come along that often BUT it did and Grant made the right decision....We lost a good one when he decided to call it quits....
  14. Flutie was a Heisman trophy winner ....a very rare breed to ever come and play the three down game....The NFL said he was too small to ever be anything in their league....While he finally ended up back there he sure lit up our league and proved that their assessment of him, in his early days, was out to lunch....Glad he played here and certainly gave the CFL a lot of recognition......Two of my favourite qb's to ever play in the CFL....Tom Clements and Flutie.......(besides Ploen of course and a forgotten guy by the name of Jim Van Pelt)
  15. .....Al who.....I could go with 'loose as goose' that would be pretty ballsy
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