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  1. we're certainly going to need some 'guzu' on the coast......what crapped out scheduling...
  2. There's one in every class......but that guy was the most belligerent bastage ever
  3. Watson was given the heave-ho for something he said to someone on the Als. staff...apparently....Not a performance issue BUT would he pass the sniff test here
  4. I think our D will carry us BUT we need a receiver that can stretch the field.....I have never heard or seen for that matter, any report on Agudosi ...the tall drink of water....on his speed after catch ....He was hurt in tc and the reports were kind of vague on his game....Can he stretch the field ....does he have the elusiveness we're looking for???...Might be an interesting addition next game ???
  5. You just know that little upstart qb. is going to pick on Wilson's vacated spot.....What a time for him to go down (but really there isn't any time that's good when you lose that caliber of player) ...Next man up and pray
  6. I just about choked on my coffee on that first line do or die..... And when did we start playing the yankee national anthem at the start of our games....I really started to laugh when I saw a couple of Canadians with their hand over their heart.....For cripes sake ...is this still Canada
  7. The football gods giveth and they taketh away....Argos won one when the Als. kicker shanked one....even up I suppose BUT we did just enough to win the game....I don't like 'just enough' from this club
  8. .....shitty and uneasy......It's kind of perplexing because we can see there's a problem and just can't put it down to one particular part of our game.....just a whole bunch of little things....Short week till the next game....we better get on it
  9. Just squeaked that one out....I sure as hell don't like winning on a one point miss by the other guy....This team is better than that but something has to change on offence.....They seem to have flashes of last year on O but can't sustain a drive that is amounting to points....I hope we're better than we were in T.O. ,when we go to the coast.....we're gonna have to be
  10. Let's face it....we don't have an Andrew anymore....Having said that our running game is definitely bogged down because of???Play calling....maybe.....talent is still there...just not the big holes Harris had to run through and no push.....Receivers are getting open and the talent is there.....just don't have that deep guy and it's really noticeable now that Demski is out......I'm sure we'll figure it out as the season moves on ....
  11. turd down says all of the Argo players want to beat us for Andrew Harris.....hmmmmmm....those fightin' words.....Take NO prisoners
  12. Never was that impressed with Glass all that much.....never thought he was great in Mont. and never impressed me here...He was fair to middelin' as far as I was concerned....Next
  13. Whoever the next coach is it's going to look like we picked up the 'booby prize' after Trotz...trotted off...Tocchet is an interesting candidate......but will interesting cut it.....Rangers interested in Pierre Luc according to sources????hmmmm if we end with a bag of peanuts for him, then it will have come full circle, and the Laine acquisition will have gone 'poof' and may as well have never happened...I don't trust the management of this club anymore
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