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  1. New ownership can't come soon enough by the look of that -non-crowd in the Big Empty......pitiful support that has to be rebuilt or this club is in danger of going under
  2. Mind boggling...I think we need an algebraic equation and a crystal ball to get on top of this thread
  3. Pederson has green pom poms for knackers....A homer of great proportions only matched by his great big arse...Which by the way should be the title on his door ...'Great Big Arse'...Talking about cheap shots...This coming from a team he grovels to, and who had some moron beaking at our bench because of a challenge...Stuff it Pederson
  4. I hope to hell that was a Freudian slip......LOL
  5. Streveler Streveler AND the rest of the club....played one helluva game (Special cudos to Jefferson)
  6. Streveler 'runs with the bulls' and leads the pack...What a display of brute strength and determination...He was leaving the riders in his wake like bowling pins....Also threw a couple of nice strikes ....one to Augustine and Bailey just to top things off...I only see him getting better (scary good) and he could lead this team for a long time..The guy personifies tough football and the way it should be played..
  7. What about the fine that should be levied against the clown that hit Rempel.....bull$hit
  8. Is that a relative of Streve......??If so I hope he's at the banjo to rap a few green noggins
  9. Declared open season...What a dumb decision...I lose a little more faith in this league with each passing day
  10. Yeah...I used to work there but they don't need me anymore
  11. Streveler is doing just fine....His strengths are running , obviously, but also his durability and toughness...If Nichols would have taken that shot deep in our end I'm sure he'd be in the infirmary now....Streve is one tough s.o.b. and can only get better...I like where he's going and each game out he'll get better and better...Which brings me to something I noticed yesterday and a little off topic BUT did anyone notice the protection Bo Levi gets...I don't think an Edm. player got close to him all game...extreme protection...Can't say the same for our qbs....especially after witnessing the hit Chris took on our 5 yd. line....We can't let O Line errors take out another qb. or we're toast
  12. You're right ...forgot about that one....Did that arse also pull his green pom pom out when he announced that...Oh no bias on that bull$hit for sure......A hole
  13. I have rarely seen Mike O as livid as he was on that obvious cheap shot that took out Rempel....Sure as hell looked planned to me and if that's the way the riders want to play it...watch out in the banjo...Riders better be watching all angles for angry Bombers cuz even up time is around the corner..That injury to our long snapper was the most blatant non-call I've seen all year...What the hell good is the eye in the sky when they miss that kind of blatant attempt to injure...Might as well scrap it and close the eye lids on the 'eye in the sky' for good cuz they were sure blind on that one
  14. Blatant holding by the riders....The refs. either chose not to call any and let the boys play.....but then...when we were moving the ball on a couple of drives, the flag for holding on us suddenly appeared ...Total bull$hit and I hope we don't get that same crew for the banjo
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