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  1. Then who have we got to believe...the media....the league.....the law and we don't know even if they're involved...too sketchy as of now...I do know one thing IF this thing has legs Mike O won't be a happy camper
  2. I think we need to hear more and get a full accounting of the circumstances before anyone rushes to contusions ...Let's hear it from the club firstly...take it from there
  3. Put it down to quarterback envy....or in the case of this guy...'not too bright' and wouldn't know a good qb. if they had one on their roster......which they don't
  4. Man you sure can read the emotion on Matt's face....He deserved every minute of that applause....plus
  5. Jefferson....dominant Petermann....where have we been hiding this guy Harris.......heart and soul that makes this team go
  6. The most complete team Bomber fans have witnessed for quite some time....DB's were even on their game....Rose leading the way...Walby says dominate team and we just saw total domination last night...RedB's crawled out of here with tails tucked...That should send a message to any team coming to play on our turf....C;mon down to Winnipeg
  7. If Mathews is NOT among them ....where the hell is he???Something ain't right.....Cripes even Bo Levi with his injured wing is on the sidelines cheer leading his team.....Is he a part of this club or not...I don't like what I'm hearing or seeing.....
  8. Mathews=Adarius Bowman 2.....says he's ready to go and .....nada...wtf How much are we paying this guy
  9. I believe Paddy is floating somewhere out there in the ether with Foketi...So yes this is just another 'whopper' from Mikey....O'Shea luvs keeping everyone in suspense with regards to nics and scratches.....don't know why other than he's just keeping the opposition uninformed and waits as long as possible to spring one on em
  10. Looking around IG, I didn't like those fans disguised as empty seats....C'mon ...we have a winner here and if the fans won't show up for a 4 and 0 team this league is in trouble...What the hell is going on...Maybe the opposition was/is a tire fire...at least last night and that had something to do with it, BUT I've noticed in other stads. that empty look as well....hmmmmmm
  11. First of all ...excellent game and we are leaving no doubt we're the team to beat in this league ...BUT I got crucified last game cuz I said our Db's did not look great...Sure we took the foot of the gas for a bit and that's to be expected with a lead we had ...However look at the passing yardage put up by a qb, who is ...let's say...not the greatest qb. in the league....One game this is going to come back and haunt us....For now I'll enjoy the 4 and 0 start
  12. Jackson Jeffcoat Special Teams....especially Whitehead and Nelson Andrew Harris.....motor that never quits and apparently is so strong it knocks his helmet off
  13. I remember an incident when a guy who was a little tipsy ambled up to the trough beside me...He was swaying a bit and I said ...hey, what the hell are you peeing (didn't say peeing) on my shoes..he looked straight at me and said NO...i'm pissing on your pants cuz it's better than peeing in mine.... I shoved the guy (probably a rider fan)and somebody else tripped him...What a great place and fond memories
  14. That be it..........need more than a few urinal pucks to fix that baby/ then again it would be a crime to cover up those logo's
  15. I used to know a guy who got hold of the old urinal from the old stadium....It was plastered with rider logo's on the bottom...I don't know if he still has it but that would be quite an acquisition
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