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  1. CFL is going to miss the big guy and his larger than life attitude ...Condolences to the family
  2. I wish someone could come up with a clip on Leggs, that shows him pounding field goals through from 50 yds. with no problem...This kid is real good and if we're going with him I hope he can transition to the CFL game easily....The TiCats are still fuming over the fact we grabbed him in the draft.....tough for them....that's the way the old ball rolls
  3. Difference maker....YUP.....This kid Dubois is a talent
  4. Could be a real difference maker IF he can go.....go Jets
  5. It depends largely on the delivery of the various vaccine's ....Each province has it' own delivery mechanism ...and you're right Noeller....will they carry it out expeditiously or flounder around wasting time ...It has to be done right....don't get me wrong...but timing of the delivery of these shots mean lives...that's paramount...Getting us 'some' certainty out of this, with our up coming CFL season, wouldn't hurt either.....
  6. Fans in the stands for sure....but how many would make it work....Do we have to sell out or can we exist like some American teams with a smattering of fans scattered through a venue obeying the covid protocol??? Some good news today from Pfizzer, where they are stating that their vaccine doesn't have to be stored at minus 70 degrees rather more like 40 degrees....Why that matters is that it will allow for quicker disbursement of the shots because companies like Drug stores etc. can keep it in their refrigeration and issue vaccines accordingly....Big time saver which means more people will
  7. The guy is flat out fast.....starts out really quick...turns it on and then has that extra gear leaving the opposition in the dust....We called Roberts blink....night have to call this guy blurr...At 192 he's no light weight either....most likely can take the heavy hitting and keep on ticking....Like what I see ....and hope to hell we get this season going so we can get a look at this guy
  8. Beyond all of the rumours, I've still yet to hear what A back-up plan or B some official variation of the season would look like IF we can't stick with a regular season....Expecting fans to be in 'suspended anticipation' with no official facts is grating...................Hello league office....is there anyone out there??
  9. you're right ....my mistake....he was in the lineup for 2 games ....He's on this road trip but won't play against the Oilers tonight....Maurice figures it might be just day to day with the 'mechanism' problem...I hope he gets back soon....we need him
  10. by not responding the league is opening itself up for speculation that 'maybe ' the rumour has credibility....Just quash the bloody thing if there's no fact to it....Banks and now a few other players are picking up on it and it's not looking like this thing is going to go away...We don't need Ambroise to dispell it...get a league representative to address it....If that's too much bloody trouble then someone isn't doing their job
  11. I don't know if the rumour about scrapping 21' and re-upping again in 22' has any legs but obviously it must be circulating around the league....One way to end the rumour is for the league and in particular the commish to come out and call it bull$hit, before this thing has any credibility....The silence on this from the league is deafening
  12. A lot of players have down time...and a lot longer than 3 wks. and get right back at it....I'm not pushing the panic button....yet ..We haven't seen him yet in a game and maybe a lot of fans are getting frustrated....First the quarantine and now this....We could sure use the guy BUT maybe you're right and no need to worry... It could all be just bad timing...We'll see
  13. Dubois now out for an 'indeterminate' time...according to Maurice....I'm starting to wonder about his trade...Did we trade for damaged goods....😒
  14. I think most of the guys on here agree there's a lot to know....Keeping fans in the dark during this precarious time is not on....Planning for a fans involvement is never a bad thing... When you're aware of what is developing with regard to the season it keeps fans involved and informed...Changes and back-up plans would meet that criteria
  15. Whatever the plan's are (if in fact there are any) the fans should be advised of them....I know a lot depends on how these vaccinations go BUT for cripes sake list some of them (if there are any)...We saw a little bit of the 'no plan' scenario when we went to the feds. for cash with no bloody plan, and how that worked out...The least the league could do would be to keep the fans apprised about what is going on behind the scenes....We should at least expect that.....
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