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  1. The American culture boils down to this : My wants, desires and beliefs are more important than anyone elses or anything else. Including the lives of other peoples children. Any society that requires armed guards to defend their children is sick and broken.
  2. I just tested again ( 4th) and I tested positive.
  3. I guess I should have said why I was a bit shocked. 1- A total stranger said we need to shoot the PM 2- As far as I know we are not and probably can't send oil to the Ukraine 3- Neither the carbon tax or our loosely promised hope to send oil to Europe to off- set the bans on Russian oil and gas are the cause of the rise in fuel prices. 4- I thought this new idiocy of not actually looking things up or thinking things through would stay south of the border. I really dislike Trudeau. I think he is a snotty rich kid who rode his Dads name . But so what. I didn't and won't vote for him but enough people did that he was elected. That's a democracy. Lots of people on here despised Harper but the man was elected and you have to live with it. Neither are Nazis. Neither are dictators. People have to get over themselves and realise that in a democracy the desires and opinions of the individual don't matter. And in Canada we don't shoot our leaders even if they dont represent our personal opinions.Rant done lol
  4. My wife has Covid right now and tested positive. I have tons of symptoms but keep testing negative.( 3x) Now I guess I could have coincidently picked up another bug but it's not likely. I'll likely keep testing and filling their pockets with $ . As I have said before , my daughter's family mostly had Covid and she was symptomatic but if took 7 tests to get a positive.
  5. After the attempted coup, I thought America only had one last chance to pull them back from the brink dand that would be their judiciary system. But it has failed.
  6. It is getting weird/ scary. I was fuelling up a slip tank at a cardlock yesterday. A guy about my age that I didn't know pulled in to fuel his pickup and came over to talk which is normal in a small town. Dude : Getting rready to go to the field Me: If it ever dries up Dude: Boy I wonder what that will cost you when you get the bill ? Me : I don't know but it won't be cheap. And this is where the conversation went right off the wall. Dude : Well, I hate to say it ( looking around ) but someone should shoot that Trudeau Me : ( after a few shocked seconds ) You mean because of the carbon tax , because that's got nothing to do with why the fuel price rocketing up. It's just whats going on in the Ukraine and that being used as an excuse to charge more money here. Dude: Well Trudeau is sending them fuel ! ( Edit : He also said they are trying to make us drive electric cars like it was some horrible thing) At that point I gave him a whatever and got busy strapping my tank down. But I find it unnerving that a random stranger would assume it was OK to say that to me about ANY leader. The world is collectively going off its nut.
  7. I never thought the American idiocy would gain popularity in Canada. But after watching videos of what Jagmeet Singh put up with yesterday I'm worried. Its pretty impressive how cool he remains during all that. Plus I watched a few minutes of the Con. debate and made the mistake of taking a peek at the comments section. Yikes ! While I still believe this country will not slide into the abyss that the US. has it is worrisome. I don't think it's a large movement but they sure are vocal.
  8. The difference in my area was 3 or 5 miles trucking when we had rail which became about 75 miles when the rail was gone.
  9. One of the costs that is rarely thought about is what all that traffic does to our roads. My property borders the highway and there was a massive change in the amount of semis on the road once we lost our rail line. And we are generally not keeping up to the wear on the highways any more. On top of the damage and wear to roads you could add in the cost to the environment .100s of trucks vs one train.
  10. It's not that simple. I was a wheat board permit holder. I hadn't grown wheat for years because I had moved to forage and cattle. It no longer effected me but I could have voted. There were many , many older farmers renting out their land who were still permit holders. It wasn't a simple thing . If you took a poll now it would be 80 or 90 percent that are happy to be able to market wheat and barley like the rest of their crops. It came into being when wheat was king in the prairies. It no longer is. With the diversification of crops now it is very difficult for grain companies to hold farmers hostage as they just switch crops. And in a big generalisation farmers today are better educated and very savy about marketing. Yes , there was alot of ideology involved in allowing farmers to market outside the Wheat Board. But in this case it probably worked out for the better.
  11. There were alot of farmers that wanted the Wheat Board gone. Id guess about 50/50. Lots of older farmers liked it, lots of young farmers wanted the option of marketing their wheat and barley like they did the rest of their crops. I had cattle and forage so I had no skin in the game. But did it really make sense that you could grow wheat in Ontario and market it how you liked but not in Manitoba ? Did it make sense that you could grow flax or canola and market it where and how you wanted but not your wheat or barley ? Yes, the Wheat Board served a purpose , at least at one time but it was questionable by the time it was dealt with. I had neighbors who hated the Wheat Board and neighbors who hated the market being opened up. Now I rarely hear it brought up.There seems to be very few mourners. In my opinion the demise or perhaps the slow death of the Manitoba Hog board did far more damage to Manitoba family farms. It didn't get alot of press though. That was the provincial Pc's that changed the rules that brought about vertical integration. Edit : I wwould add in the rail line closures and the privatization of the farmer owned grain pools as things that did way more damage to small farms and rural communities than the demise of the Wheat board
  12. Yes and he spoke at one in Calgary where they were in attendance. But an open rally is an open rally. Any one can show up.What was spread around about the rally in Calgary was that the leader was speaking there. The truth was he tried and they wouldn't let him so he went across town and tried to hold his own rally. And let's be clear, I had no liking of Andrew Sheer My original point was that all parties use scare tactics and disinformation. If you want to call that playing both sides fine.
  13. And everyone ignores my point. There was no " hidden agenda " . Every politician uses friendly journalists to release or leak info. Press conferences had journalists of all stripes.
  14. So have I missed that the Cons have said that in the house brecause it would indeed be idiotic. But the years of Harper has a hidden agenda fit in exactly to my point. There was no hidden agenda, he was very upfront about his policies, like them or not. And that is disinformation. Just like when Trudeau was running against Andrew Sheer ( weasel that he was ) it was widely promoted that Sheer spoke at a rally with the leader of the far right yellow vesters. It was BS. It was outright disinformation. Its done by all parties unfortunately.
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