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  1. Here was my conversation with an old friend of my wife's who said she wasn't getting the vaccine. Her: "I haven't gotten the vaccine" Me: " why not ? " Her:" I just dont " Me: " But why not ? " Her: dead air, then stumbling for words and no answer. So this over weight woman ,in her late 60s had not one actual reason or answer as to why she would risk her life. She is neither religious or far right. As you said perhaps the " Darwin wave " will remove her type
  2. I think what alot of the anti-vax , anti -mask crowd don't get is the repercussions of Covid. We talked to a Physio therapist yesterday who said she is so tired of dealing with Covid patients who survived the initial infection but now have severely damaged organs etc. Some probably will never get out of the hospital.And all they had to do was get a vaccine. My son told me one of his co-workers, a fit, healthy, 30 something guy got Covid. At one point he called his parents from the hospital to say goodbye because he didn't think he would make it. He survived BUT he has severe liver damage. He came in to see the guys at work and my son said he is a shell of his former self. Just a mess. He is a partsman and isn't healthy enough to go back to work. I don't understand how people don't take it seriously.
  3. That same thought keeps creeping in my head as well when I see unmasked people indoors. But I don't like thinking that way. It's not good for my mind ,spirit and well being to feel that way. But I can't deny it is there.
  4. At the least he needed to be interrupted for being insensitive, unaware and politically stupid. I don't blame Kinew at all for not being able to sit and listen to that given current circumstances
  5. I know what I would say if an unvaccinated person asked to use my card. The first word would start with F as would many other words in every sentence.
  6. A good article summing up the swing to the Far Right at state levels from the Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jul/19/joe-biden-republicans-polarization-us-politics-texas
  7. I believe we will see it sweep through Manitoba's low vax areas as well. I am pleasantly surprised to see the provincial rate still climbing .I thought it might slow to a crawl by now. 77.4 % is really good.
  8. That's still no excuse for what Trudeau tried to do. His family had received around $ 300,000 for speaking at those events. That " charity " was about to be handed the reins on a program that involved up to $ 90 million if I recall right. The " charity " was set up so the 2 brother's couldn't be held accountable for mis- deeds yet still controlled it . They live a high end life due to that " charity ".When called before parliamentary committee like many charities have been they promptly closed up shop in Canada. THATS why people ( obviously including me) got bent. It blows my mind that the government survived that. They are huge beneficiaries of an inept opposition.
  9. There are estimates that of the 3 million Gaelic people of continental Europe the Romans killed 1 million, took another million as slaves and 1 million survived.
  10. 25 cases and TP 4.5...Wow ! It's almost as if vaccinations work !
  11. News flash Tennessee, Boys and girls have been having sex since teenagers were invented. Such an ignorant line of deduction. Covid and cancer are preferable to young people doing what young people do , discover sex. Like I said f**** me.
  12. F ### me. This is beyond comprehension.
  13. Oh I get that but what is the alternative. Allow the owners of one team to blackmail the rest ,kill a 100 year old league and join another that by all likelihood will fail ? The whole story is written to throw a shadow on the CFL. Its BS and I for one am sick and tired of hearing this crap out of Toronto.
  14. This just seems childish. You won't play the way I want so I'm leaving and starting my own game. If you can't draw 5000 people to games in a legitimate league with over 100 years of history, an exciting structure of game, Canadian rivalry and known players, how many will you draw to games in a league that is just another reincarnation of a league that is a serial failure. Its the same old Toronto is to big for the CFL mindset. It just pisses me off to tell the truth. Other than the TV money I'd like to help them through the door with a boot in the butt. In what way will any of this BS help them get more cheeks on the seats right now ? And I would suggest that's the desired effect of the storey. Good. Leave.
  15. Sometimes I just don't understand how the cops manage to do their job. That would be so tough to be on that scene and then go home and try to act like a normal husband and Dad.
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