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  1. You can't carry a sign into the Michigan Capitol building. You CAN carry an assault rifle into the Michigan Capitol building. Friggen insanity.
  2. So is TSN showing the whole 2nd round or do they shut it down regardless at 9:00
  3. I watched the Grey Cup game last night and guess what, WE WON !!! I'll never tire of watching that game.
  4. If this Pandemic has done nothing else it has shown the glaring difference in our two countries. Every time I watch the news from South of the border all I can think is " thank God Im on this side of the line ".Ever since Katrina I have been of the mind that we are watching a nation in its death throws. Violence, hate, anger, greed, an inability to pull together even in a time of crisis, a complete lack of empathy for each other. Its one of the few countries in the world that has allowed politics to take presidence over fighting the pandemic. Lots of mistakes have been made by many countries but always its been leaders TRYING to do what they think is right and best for their people. The real question for me is how far will the crumble go.
  5. Pretty serious stuff for them.Their life as they knew it is over. They have the potential to spend a good chunk of their life in that massive penal system to the south of us.
  6. If I had an account at Riderfans I'd post this. I wouldn't say anything, just let that do the talking.
  7. Strev was a entertaining football player. He had me up out of my chair cheering many times. Im glad we got to see him in Blue and Gold. I hope he makes a fortune down there.
  8. It's a new year ! Holy crap we are still the Grey Cup Champs !
  9. The biggest two signings of the year. (Or 3 years ) Everything else is flexible
  10. Lapo seemed wildly inconsistent to me. At times he seemed to deserve the offensive guru label that the press loves to stick on him. Then the next moment he seemed to be way to cute. I think the "offensive guru " tag went to his head at times.Case in point the Sask game where he seemed to be trying to turn Strevs into a dropback passer. And wouldn't quit trying. I wish him all the best though. He OCed us to a Grey Cup.Thanks Lapo !
  11. I think Winnipeg really needed this. So much negative crap lately. What a moment
  12. Ok, I'm gonna allow myself to relax and accept it. We have won.
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