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  1. So I am just not a big complainer about the media coverage of our local teams. I generally enjoy TSN, 1290, Bob's radio calls.....and so on. But that game last night was one of the worst I can remember. From the endless blathering on about that stupid burger ,chit chating on about nothing while the play was going on. The ridiculous unending stroking of Riley and his receivers. It really was like watching a Lions home broadcast.There were tons of Bombers that got mere casual comments that had outstanding games.That broadcast distracted from the game instead of enhancing the experience. Shame on TSN.
  2. Give them a break , their team got scored on
  3. Woo hoo! The start of the year that we win it all !!
  4. I grew up a half hour from Winkler and it was the butt of alot of jokes when I was young.I worked there for a couple of years after high school. Now it has become the economic center of the area. If you haven't been there for a few years ,you wouldn't recognise it.. ( But down deep it's still Winkler. ) By the way do you know what the definition of a paradox is ? Two ducks flying over winkler. ( you have to know the accent )
  5. I just wanted to thank everyone for the camp reports. It's really appreciated.
  6. Thats such good news. This is one leauge that straight up cant afford a work stoppage. Woo Hoo !
  7. That's what I was thinking.How do you send a key part of management off loaded to the hilt with info about your FA plans.I am glad they said no.
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