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  1. And the bombers win the turnover battle again!!!
  2. You may be right. But like honestly he should have been making adjustments after his first miss. That's just unacceptable to miss 3 attempts in almost the exact same fashion
  3. To be fair...it's 8... We got the rouge on his first miss.
  4. His green tie has choked all remaining supply of oxygen to his melon head.
  5. How the **** are these damn receivers so wide open????
  6. Suitor now is president of the Cornelius fanboy club. And sweet pick 6 by the Blue!!
  7. Can anyone find a FG kicker for the bombers? They should hold open tryouts next week.
  8. Omfg what shitty tackling there.. nice adjustments D.
  9. That interception in the endzone gave the Elks life.
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