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  1. Might have helped Winnipeg when Andrew Harris was playing earlier in his days he might have been a Blue Bomber from the start of his career. Although the Salary Cap does keep teams competitive so why bring this rule in?
  2. Haha. The "almost" is the icing on the cake. Bighill signing, this comment have made my day!
  3. I don't think it's that simple as others have pointed out, but I mean obviously I would keep Bighill. That's assuming BIghill and his family want to stay in Winnipeg. I think Bighill wants to play here, but he has stated that the decision will be made based on what's best for his family. Randle is a great corner and keeping him in the fold obviously would have been good for us and it'll be tough to be playing against him . 100% agree . I get that this is a business, and the amount of free agents we have is staggering and we'll need $$$ to keep the players that are deemed the core. So I 'm betting there will be another shockwave coming to the blue n gold fan base.
  4. It's wishful thinking , but there may be a small chance we could resign him for cheaper. or is that against the CFL CBA?
  5. That really sucks about Randle. I really hope we don't regret releasing him.
  6. Bang on. LaPo's playcalling was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too conservative for this game. The defence played their butts off and i think because they kept it close it made LaPo stubbornly stick to a game plan that clearly wasn't working. Nichols was too quick to throw away the ball too. We needed to stretch out their d. The old saying comes to mind "The passing game can open up the running game". It's so maddening that this game was there for the taking and we should be talking about how the Bombers can be beat the RedBlacks. Instead we're stuck on another year on the longest Grey Cup drought in the league.
  7. Hopefully they come out flying on Tuesday. Get the stink of today's game out.
  8. I said the same thing to my buddy when watching the game, "where was this all year?" . I was listening to TSN 1290 on the way to work, and Westwood brought up an interesting point. The defence has only allowed 1 offensive TD in the last 3 games. NOw it's a bit misleading considering we played Sask and Montreal before hand, but to do it against Reilly, perhaps there is something brewing here. All that being said, I don't believe, nor do I hope, this is enough to save Richie Hall's job. At any rate, I'm glad we are tied with the Schmoes and the Leos and actually are in a much better position to get into the post season.
  9. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this.
  10. Edmonton looks very beatable right now... but they are playing at home. I'm worried about Harris, Demski and Bighill missing that game. I guess for ratio reasons, if Harris can't go, LaFrance is the next man up. I would personally rather see Flanders . That being said, we need the W, no matter who is playing.
  11. Every game is a must win. The good news is that Edmonton looks beatable.
  12. What a dumb call by Jones. Shoulda kicked the fg.
  13. We gotta take this one game at a time, with the personnel that we have. The reality is that the Bombers do control their own destiny. We start stringing some W's and we can go into the playoffs with a bit of confidence. I hope the boys used the bye week to their advantage. Annnnnddddd.... I still think Nichols can rebound (my medication hasn't worn off completely yet)
  14. All these names are being dropped... not all ex players make good coaches. Secondly, guys like Steinhauer have to want to come here. Just like you have to lure players, you've got to lure coaches too. I get that we are all frustrated with us not having a championship caliber team for that past 30 years. It speaks volumes to the passion of this fanbase, which i am a proud member of. The reality is you can't just expect to throw various names out and say this group of coaches will lead us to the promised land. I can certainly appreciate the imagination that you guys have, but the reality is you have to make incremental changes. Cleaning house has left this franchise a mess for years. We need stability. But I agree that we do need some new coaching. The talent on the field is being mishandled . BUt these coaches don't jsut fall out of the sky. You need a replacement first. Just my .02
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