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  1. Damn. Although I think Augustine will be fine in his place. Not sure how this affects the ratio.
  2. I wouldn't touch Drew Willy with a 10ft pole. Bridge on the other hand could be interesting. Neither of them are better than Streveler, but we do need a 3rd qb in case something happens to Strev and McGuire gets the "Deer in headlights" syndrome. Anyways the media will continue to speculate until we have confirmation from the Blue Bombers what the injury actually is. My guess is that it's a separated shoulder and that's at least 4-6 weeks. Hope Strev is ready.
  3. Well all you armchairs wanted streveler. Wish granted.
  4. I think they are selling bibs with the Walby burger. You can buy one for your problem...
  5. Exactly. Although I believe many of us are frustrated and want to see our Grey Cup drought end asap.
  6. After that pitiful performance against the Argos and the TiCats, I'm expecting a fire to be lit under their collective @$$! The defence needs to start playing defence. Cover the flats, actually make a STOP on a 2nd and long for a change. In other words, BE MENTALLY STRONG AND PREPARED. The offence and LaPo needs to establish the run game early and don't stray from it. Start throwing deep balls to our highest paid receiver, and mix it up with play action. I could care less if Nichols throws for 200 yds or 400 yds. Don't turn the ball over and stop playing scared. #ForTheW
  7. Yep like I said earlier, that fumble was the turning point in the game IMO. We likely score 6 at that point. Props to Harris for shouldering the blame though.
  8. Fair enough...my point (and the radios) was that it was very suspicious how quickly things were handled. Kim Murphy seemed like he was ready to signal first down before the chains were fully set. Again something doesn't add up. There's no way that was a first down. But it's CFL officiating at its finest.
  9. They were talking about this on TSN radio this morning. Everything about that sequence was rushed. It clearly looked short on TV. Nevis was shocked they called it a first down. The radio guys were saying that MOS should have challenged... Even if he lost it it could have stemmed the momentum the Argos were gaining. Tsn radio was speculating the call was rushed was because of the double header. The CFL wanted this game over quickly so the focus shifts to the ticats - riders game. Let the conspiracy theories begin!
  10. Jefferson *Harris Can't think of a 3rd. Secondary was atrocious. *Harris fumble was costly.
  11. I hate to rag on Harris cuz he had a monster game....but that first half fumble really turned the tide. We had a chance to step on their throats and it kept them in the game. So infuriating the defence was. Bighill looked lost.
  12. MOS keeps out Matthews for some unknown reason. Give Nichols as many friggen weapons on the field . Adams, Matthews will cause headaches for every defence and will open up others.
  13. There was 1 standout... Jefferson . But the d stood out for all the wrong reason.
  14. Two games in a row Nichols doesn't look settled. He rushed too many throws tonight. And once the Argos clued in and shutdown Harris they had this game. And the defence was atrocious. Too many 2nd and long palys given up. Again torched for over 300 yds in the air.
  15. I had a feeling Nichols was going to have another off game. The offence completely disappeared in the 2nd half. It has all season. It was glossed over by lopsided victories , but should be a major concern now.
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