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  1. I'm not so sure I agree... with the departure of Chris Cuthbert ... they need new play by play guys. Anyways CFL season is a go! Am pumped to watch the Bombers defend their grey cup!
  2. Hey whatever reason people need to get vaccinated is fine by me. There's a lot of doubters out there and anti-vaxxers who are going off how they feel rather than the science. Everyone needs a little different motivation... and if the end result is them getting vaccinated, then we are good to go!
  3. According to Capfriendly Demelo has a no trade clause and thus he must be protected in accordance with expansion draft rules
  4. So both Button and LeBrun roasted Schiefele for his comments on the suspension. Button was "profoundly disappointed" . As much as I like Button, I believe they both are wrong about Schiefele. Ondrej Palat delivered a deliberate elbow to Brett Pesce the other night and all he got was 2 minute minor. That is way more dangerous and a deliberate attempt to injure. Yet "Player Safety" did nothing and LeBrun and Button say nothing about it. If you watch the TSN clip of Button, you can tell he's reading from a script of some sort too.. makes me wonder if he was told to tow the NHL line.
  5. I am pumped to watch Blue Bomber ball. Hopefully y'all get vaccinated so I can watch with you in the stands at IGF! #forthew
  6. It's a one shot game and we have had no offensive pressure in the 3rd.
  7. 1 shot in 7 min of play.... Come on guys...wake the hell up
  8. The calls do feel 1 sided. That penalty on Ehlers is bs, Gallagher ran interference well after the Ehlers dumped the puck. Do we call Player safety now? Even the CBC panel doesn't like the call.
  9. This is completely inexcusable to show up this flat in the most important game of the year. Montreal is a good team but my God the Jets are making them look like 2008-2009 Penguins. Something needs to change. Have we forgotten to play hockey. This is flat out embarassing and no wonder why no one wants to come play for this sad sack team.
  10. Ffs. Another god damn carless okay at the ******* Blue line!
  11. The silver lining! I'm pretty much resigned to the Jets playing their last game tonight. We're now in next year territory. Very disappointed in this teams lack of effort. Maybe they'll surprise me, and force Game 5.
  12. Dubois cross checked someone afterwards. Of.course the non call on Habs cuz Carey Price.
  13. Dubois in the box after Carey Price hits him from behind while in front of the net.
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