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  1. It's all the arm chair GMs and TSN fearmongering that led to the speculation that Laine wanted out of Winnipeg. Remember that all this talk started when Craig Button put him on the tradebait board. Chevy never really addressed the topic either, and people took that as an indication that he was actively shopping him. I do believe there was some talk between Chevy and other teams on Laine, but I think Chevy intended to hang on to Laine unless there was a huge piece coming back the other way.
  2. Jets still have some cap issues. Depending on what happens with Little, there are still a bunch of RFA's to resign. We may not have the dollars to get a big impact defenseman that is missing from this club.
  3. The sounds of it are that they are just ironing out the draft picks being swapped. I believe the Jets are taking all the cap hit as well. The rumour is that Vegas is going hard after Pieterangelo so they are clearing cap space to offer around 9M-10M to him.
  4. TSN suggesting that Statsny could return to Winnipeg from Vegas. Would you want him back? It's a good stop gap, especially given the uncertainty of Little returning to the line up. Plus Perfetti could learn from Schiefele and Stastny would be a boon to his development. If this rumour holds any weight, who could we part with?
  5. Stunned beyond words. My favourite Jets 1.0 player. So sad to hear of this. I will always remember the key faceoff he took to help Canada win the 87 Canada Cup. RIP Dale.
  6. What a weak call on Kulikov... Jets need a pp and will not do anything on the pk.
  7. Bieksa analysis nailed it on the head. Nobody is stepping up and hitting. And Freidman is already resigned that the Jets are done.
  8. Refs haven't called nearly as many penalties tonight as they have the previous 3
  9. That pp gave Cgy tonnes of momentum. We're looking tired. And explain to me how that hit on kconn is not a hit from behind?
  10. Wtf!!!!!!! How the hell does that happen??? Make them scratch and claw for everything? What a friggen joke!
  11. Wow. The Jets have no net presence. Talbot seeing everything. Flames content to keep.them.outsude. they have the lead.
  12. It's the same problems that plagued them all year. Sure we don't take a lot of penalties, but our PK sucks. Then our second periods all year have been dreadful. Two ugly things have been exposed this series. We can't score our way out of trouble. I have 0 confidence that they can bounce back and win. On top of this we have no more grit on this team. Byfuglien would dish out the big hits. All we have left is Lowry and he can't do it all This team used be big and physical. Now we're just soft.
  13. My gawd the injuries. The series is over.
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