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  1. Even the backup is playing like trash. 2 goals he's directly responsible for. At least break the goose egg
  2. What's more worrying is that there's no offensive power in 2 out of the last 4 games. The next 3 are against the Leafs. I dislike the Leafs but you cannot fall asleep on them.
  3. Brossy just let in a softie. 5-0. I don't know how Maurice can justify leaving Beaulieu on the ice. He's -4 tonight and that's legitimate terrible positioning.
  4. Down 3-0. Wake the hell up. No pressure. 3 shots in the 2nd. Just awful. And Gallagher wide open infront of the net. 4-0. Wtf.
  5. Redemption for PLD. He struggled with the puck tonight including a couple giveaways. 2 pts in the bank and MTL again on Saturday.
  6. Well that was an awful period. The pp goal against and the Jets stopped skating. Now tied going into the 3rd. They better wake up.
  7. Perry that shithead a couple pot shots on Bucky.
  8. Woo. No back to back losses again. We leapfrog Edmonton for 2nd place with 2 games in hand. Next up Montreal.
  9. Fair enough. I'm not trying imply I'm one of those guys that want him gone. He's winning. If that means Schiefele is on the 4th line then that's what we'll get.
  10. Apple's draws first blood. Much better start. Ehlers lucky that turnover didn't lead to a goal against. And of course Van gets a good bounce to tie the game.
  11. Mind thinking faster than my typing. In my head it made sense. I'll clarify that Maurice can seemingly do anything and his job is safe while they keep winning
  12. I wonder what it's going to take for Maurice to get fired at this point. The Jets are winning. I'm not advocating for Maurice's dismissal, just pointing out that the Winnipeg brass appears quite content to keep Maurice especially since we are winning only only 1 pt out of second place. The defence pairings will stay the same as long as the starters are healthy and we're in the playoff hunt.
  13. 12 shots in two periods is flat.out pathetic. After that Montreal game on Saturday I knew we were in for this dud. Just play for tomorrow I guess. Vancouver is nothing special but tonight they got all the bounces.
  14. How do we keep giving up these lame duck goals. Constantly playing from behind cannot be a successful plan. Cuz the refs need to ease on the whistles. And of course the bs call on Pionk leads to another goal against. 3-0 .
  15. A win with less than 20 shots. Wow. 4 game winning streak!
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