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  1. This still irritates me. CBC is saying that Banks made an incredible catch, when it should have been an INT. https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2049225283585 Honestly I think this play rattled the Bombers a bit and gave TO the confidence they needed to make it as closes as they did. We need a running game. We relied on Harris to get us the necessary yards, to have those clock eating drives. Olivera, and Augustine aren't cutting it. Our offensive playbook yesterday was terrible. We scored 6 measly points in the 2nd half and we couldn't sustain any drives. BC is going to be a tough test and we might be in for a long night Saturday.
  2. I forgot about the onside kickoff that we will likely screw up
  3. What a ******* disgrace this league reffing is. Argos should go for 2. Bomber offence is ****.
  4. They missed a hold on Jefferson but they're going to call that b******* PI??
  5. For an old and broken guy.. 33 just topped 100 yds against our D.
  6. My god.. defensive penalties extended argo drives... Cmon
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