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  1. Hellesuck is in net tonight. He's having a brutal year. This is a disastrous road trip so far. Likely come away with goose eggs this weekend.
  2. Of course the Jets lose the high stick challenge. Since when did the CFL take over NHL challenges?
  3. We won in Pittsburgh two years ago. Never say never.
  4. Scheifs just misses making it 3-0 Ovie has a wide open net.
  5. That was a really strong effort by the boys. Especially impressed with defensive effort on the 6 on 3. That was quite exciting to see them kill it off. I had a feeling if Detroit scored then, we'd be in for a wild ride. Covid screwed the lineup, but none of the guys called up looked out of place. Lowry's play to take the Red Wing out of position and give KCON the chance to shoot at the empty net was classic blue collar effort. I'm looking forward (first time this season) when the Jets next home game will be. Renewed excitement!
  6. Anyone know why Ehlers was so emotional after scoring?
  7. 14 years later it's still a problem with the CFL. The rule book is quite clear you cannot use the turf to make a catch. Yet replay officials continually baffle us. Maybe one of Ambrosie's rule changes is to allow receivers to use their feet to trap the ball on turf and call it a catch. That removes the incompetence of the booth review for those plays.
  8. A combination of both I suppose. This is the first year in 11 years as a season ticket holder that I am completely disinterested in this team.
  9. Was at the game...the atmosphere is dead. Empty seats too. Jets had their chances. Couldn't bury them.
  10. There's never a good time to resign/get fired during the NHL season. I suspect that the pressure was starting to build on him and agree with what others have a stated... resign or get fired. We needed a coaching change. On a side note, I feel bad for the human being that is Paul Maurice. Always tough to walk away/lose a job. I wish him nothing but the best going forward.
  11. What I don't understand about this schedule is why the hell do we not play every team at least twice? We only play the Ar-blows once? Makes no sense to me, considering it's a 9 team league.
  12. I went. It was a decent crowd and a lot of fun. So glad to hear Bob Irving MC the festivities. And then to hear from a few of the players and of course MOS. Was a good night. Although the temperature was dropping quite rapidly and starting to get really cold... So it's a good thing it wrapped up before 8:00.
  13. I seriously question Chevy's mindset right now. He looks at what we have on paper, and we should be playing much better than we are. So who's responsible for the players performance? I've run out of excuses to defend Maurice. I think we've hit our ceiling with him as the coach. I also know that the special teams coach is in California right now tending to his sick wife... that's noble and all... but clearly the way they are performing has been impacted. Find a coach who is here and can work with the players and fix the mistakes. Remote learning only takes you so far. When the coach is ready to return, give him back his job. Anyways they have another 3 days between games, so I expect them to stink the joint against the Caps on Friday.
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