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  1. Just no puck luck. Connor snake bitten. Ugh! Good effort but we need to start getting some points . Coming down to the wire.
  2. The pp has accounted for 1/2 our shots. Why can't we get 5 on 5 shots?
  3. And that's all she wrote. That's a terrible showing given all the energy in the building.
  4. So frustrating. Pionk takes a shot with nobody in front of the net. Just wait an extra second or two. Jets seem to want to score on the perfect shot. The compete level is there. But we're not getting any puck luck . At the rate this is going this might be 1 for the L column.
  5. No momentum from our pp. And 2 shot from NYR pp and it's 2-0. The pp is sinking this team. Got to dig in boys.
  6. Copper!!!! Huge goal! Pp clicks too. Now hold the lead fellas!!! Go Jets Go!
  7. 2 goals in 2 games. He could be heating up too . Beaulieu in another scrap.
  8. Jets look tired. Dug themselves a nice hole too. Still 40 mins of hockey but they need to fly out of the gate .
  9. Strike first and early. First shot of the game. Really sloppy play.
  10. Nothing. Bombers have him locked up through 2020. https://3downnation.com/2019/01/21/bombers-re-sign-promising-pass-rusher-jackson-jeffcoat/
  11. Jets played with lots of confidence. That giveaway by Pionk didn't deflate them. Next up The Hawks.
  12. Aside from that pitiful second period... The Jets have played another solid game. The warts are still there but it looks like they changed something since the player break. It may be too late but hey two wins in a week against St Louis... Points in last 3 straight game... There yet may be hope.
  13. What the hell happened to them? This was a perfect road game and then some brain dead plays.
  14. Oh FFS. How is it that these brain-dead plays end up costing the Jets so badly!!! Bitetto and Morissey gaffes and we lose another game on home ice!!!!!!
  15. Our pp is so awful. Why not change it up? Just blast shots from the point. Everyone and their dog knows Wheeler's gonna dish to Laine or Scheifele
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