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  1. Well he's 73. Cuthbert is 62. our own Bob Irving is 70. Yes they need new blood, but it's too bad the guys like Cuthbert aren't there to mentor the next generation. I think Bauming would be an excellent addition to the CFL broadcast spectrum.
  2. I honestly cannot believe Cuthbert left!!! He was by far my favourite play by play guy. It'll be good to hear his voice for hockey games though... I really hope he would start calling Jets games on Sportsnet. That being said, are they going to elevate Gord Miller to West games? TSN needs some better broadcasters. Maybe Brian Williams can come back into the fold.
  3. @JConare you joining the "butt-coin" industry
  4. the only fair way to do this is via winnipeg % as others have mentioned. So the Jets are likely screwed. Although the NHL did ask for building availability thru to July. So maybe they'll just delay everything.
  5. The sad thing is that I am low on TP right now, and need to pick some up. I might have a tough time finding stuff.
  6. Don't laugh. First confirmed case in Manitoba today. Head to your local Costco and stock up on TP!!!!!
  7. This definitely favors us. KFC makes it 3-2!
  8. This game eerily similar to the last one against Edmonton. Hopefully we get the needed 2 pts tonight. 20 mins to go.
  9. There we go. Evened up. Now get the go ahead!
  10. Omg Hellebyuck...stop playing the puck . Totally avoidable.
  11. Attaboy pools! Now it's a game reset! Keep up the pressure
  12. Oh FFS. Wake the hell up Jets. Ehlers just watches the coyote come into the zone. No challenge. 2-0. I wish commentators would stop finding positives and call the sloppy play for what it is. Pathetic pp too .
  13. The 4 Jets standing around watching schmaltz carry the puck would classify as ugly play
  14. Agree 100%. The positive here is that the games in hand for the other teams is disappering and they haven't made much progress against the Jets. So we're well within striking distance. And now that Lowry is back in the line up, I think he'll give this team a much needed boost in physicality. That game against the Knights was awesome. I wanna seem them dominate the Yotes tonight.
  15. Realistically... out of the next 14 games... how many wins do we think the Jets need to lock in a playoff spot. Honestly I think we need to get 20 points. We cannot afford to lose many more games.
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