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  1. Our pp needs a lot of work. The Jets were humbled by a better team.
  2. They clawed back again! Wow. Full of surprises this year. 1st game they've allowed less than 30 shots too!
  3. That last Alouettes TD though Taylor misplayed that ball and worse he dragged him into the end zone. Kid does look solid and the secondary has looked better the last 2 games. Alexander had a huge hit in the 1st half. And Hecht was crucial on stuffing that MTL punt. Both our safeties made plays today!
  4. 1. Harris. Old reliable as always 2. Jefferson - visible throughout the day. Sacks, knockdowns, pressures. Huge bounceback game after being largely irrelevant last 2 games. 3. Bomber secondary - huge pick 6 to seal the deal and held Adams Jr to under 270 yds.
  5. That's CFL incompetence at its finest. How they let that stand is ridiculous. Bighill should have wrapped him up but FFS that should have been called back.
  6. After shovelling the mountains of snow from my driveway I am pleasantly surprised how nice of a day it is outside. The blue better turn things around today. I want to see VAJ humbled today and John Bowman absolutely owned by Harris. We need to stop doing these ineffective screen passes and start passing over the middle with short slants to get the passing game going. If we win , we're back in a tie for 1st and still control our own destiny. #FORTHEW
  7. Hopefully Laine continues his torrid start and the Jets don't get outshot 2-1 . If we can start shoring up some of the defensive lapses and allow Brossoit / Hellebyuck to only stop 30 pucks a game, I think we'll be in good shape for the season. GO JETS GO!
  8. 4-1. Should be 5-1. Bucky looks solid. Close it out boys.
  9. Still waiting for the Jets to score the games first goal... They look scrambly. Still up 2-1 after 20...I'll take it
  10. 14 goals against in 3 games (1 empty better) should be a huge warning sign to any fan. We need buffs decision ASAP. It's an awful time to be a Winnipeg sports fan. Bombers are in a tailspin and the Jets are as bad as we feared... The powerplay has looked abysmal too.
  11. I genuinely like OShea as a coach. His calm demeanor is rubbing off on his players , as indicative of the discipline instilled on this team. However, this is a results driven business. The reality is 1 playoff victory in 6 years, in a 9 team league is awful. So unfortunately the axe will fall on him. Fire Hall and Lapo. We need competent coordinators.
  12. 10 quarters now where our offence has done jack ****. The O needs to score TDs to actually win games. This season is a write off as far as I am concerned. May as well audition for next year. The playoff game we've clinched is a mere formality as we'll end up being a doormat to whomever we play.
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